The real concern is for those that do not see and understand WHY this is.

What is a Trust if it is not expressed? Is that only an IMPLIED Trust? Does an IMPLIED Trust have “standing” let alone standing over and above (“Priority”) an Expressed Trust? Is an IMPLIED Trust to be taken seriously? Why, or why not? IF so, then why is it that there is a, “Maxim of Law” that states, “That which is expressed, extinguishes that which is implied?” Extinguish? Now that’s an interesting word: Another Maxim of Law along the same line states, “What is expressed renders what is implied SILENT!” Why? Is it because expression is greater than silence? Isn’t silence acquiescence? Acquiescence to what, or to whom? Pardon my course words here, but doesn’t that mean, “Shut-up Bish?” because you’re implied words are futile and destroyed when an expression is expressed to replace the implied?

But, it’s written on the heart, right? Is that a euphemism? If so, what does it mean, and how is that an expression of testimony that makes a record? Isn’t that why one expresses Trust in a Deed because that record (memorization) silences all opposition to what one said (PROMISED) is doing, has been done, or will be done, right? Who else has the right to speak contrary to that, or against that?

Isn’t the Deed then the official record of that Promise? No?! It’s still written on the heart, right? Okay, then lets do a “heartendectomy” (Is that even a word? IF not, it is now!) to verify what is actually written there. Yes, that does seem to be kind of stupid. But, how else is one to know that you will be sticking to the, Word of Promise,” that you have promised? Unless, you do not like to give your word for anything at all. Then is it possible that one may have some very serious trust issues? How then will one ever be found to be, “Trustworthy,” if they can’t, or won’t, give their word in “Trust,” to make a promise and or pledge of the gifts that they have been granted, such as Life, Liberty and their Labor? Don’t tell me that you want to do all of that via commercial contracts, because then I don’t even know what you’re doing here. But, hey! If you love commerce that much,… then by all means, have at it. I’ll just back away now.

In other words, expression defeats any implication. Why is that? Why is the priority with the expressed and not with the implied? Does this not “imply” that the Implied Trust is missing something that could make it greater? You bet your ASCII Code Character Set it does! Is this why there are always two or more witness to prove all things? What if one witness is the expression, and the 2nd witness is the doing, or carrying out of what one has expressed? How does a marriage Covenant work, if not by Trust? Are there not two witnesses that autograph as official witnesses to the facts of the Deed so created in-trust at that event? Yet, some still want to do all things through commercial contracts? HUH?!

If expression is not needed for Trust then what the heck is, “The Holy Writ” all about? IF it does not express the Trust of the Creator our Father (abba) written in those words, even through the hands of mere men, then what is it? Since the words in the Holy Writ are written by the hands of men, does that righteously nullify the legitimacy and truth of those words and its written and memorialized testimony? Perhaps the Father deemed it necessary to communicate a New and Better way when it comes to the New and Better Covenant of Love and Trust. Is that possible? If not, then why was the Comforter (Holy Spirit of Truth AS Promised) sent to teach and lead one into all understanding and meaning and purpose of the Writ/Record/Testimony means?

For some it appears, their citizenship still remains within the boundaries of the UNITED STATES as a fiduciary trustee and surety. Is this due to the lack of an expression expressing a different Will pertaining to that matter? An interesting thing to point out regarding that. Paul, who was formally Saul. A persecutor of the “Ecclesia,” (NOT CHURCH – that word wasn’t even around then). When after being arrested asked a question of the centurions (guards/police officers), “Is it lawful for you to arrest and scourge a Roman Citizen?” (paraphrased… from Acts 22:22-29). Then exactly what would be the equivalent for that “Standing” in todays “citizenship” that Paul claimed he was with 3-different-times, in 3-different ways?

Now, what would be the equivalency of this in this day-and-age? For there is NOTHING new under the sun, right? The Roman Empire had citizens. But, the Roman Empire also had slaves, as well. Some have been known to refer to the SLAVES as a 2nd class citizen. This is incorrect. For there is only one “Standing,” for citizens; not two. Those who were slaves did not have any standing nor capacity they could fulfill, at all. Just like the Citizens of the UNITED STATES; no standing and no capacity, because a slave does not have such liberty much less freedom. But, the people have been blinded by the use of the term citizen, which in this case, is used to make one think that they are something more than what they have volunteered into… slavery… as a slave of other men to pay for the bills of other men who hide themselves behind corporate cloaks.

So then, since the UNITED STATES CITIZEN is equivalent to what was a SLAVE under the Roman Empire; Rome doing business as the UNITED STATES === ROMAN EMPIRE v2.0, which is supported with the mortally wounded head that survived (Revelation 13:3-4), which kept all of the bankrupt traditions, customs and rituals of the pathetic COMMERCIAL WORLD of COMMERCE (Revelation 18) ongoing.

What’s the difference with today? How are people living differently? How are people doing things different then as things have always been done under the private copyrighted COMMERCIAL COMMERCE color-of-law statutes, codes, rules and regulations? How does doing things under the commercial terms and rules of bankruptcy honor and show thankfulness for the delivery made to bring relief to all mankind from that folly? How does electing to remain under the rule and rules of bankruptcy of other men honor the one and only begotten and beloved Son, whom the Father appointed as, “Heir of all things?” Salvation has been delivered to all mankind by the finished work of the Redeemer, but one must accept that finished work in accordance with the Will of the Testator that died perfecting His Way, His Rule and His Judgement in Equity. IF NOT, then how will mankind ever find relief from the deceiving world of commerce? Do you think that Christ is going to return and do that work for us? How does that perspective not make Him out to be lair? Did He not through the hand of Peter declare that we have already been given everything we need for Life and Righteousness? If so, then what else has to be done other than men learning how to use what has already been done and delivered to us? Maybe mankind is the problem, not the finished work, nor the one that did that work, which no other man could ever do.

So then, why aren’t the people of aware of this? Why don’t the people see what is written in Colossians 2:11-15 and know that “Relief,” has already been given and delivered to them through the finished work that perfected equity, and made the Jubilee PERMANENT. It’s NO LONGER a once every 50-year thing! It is part of the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven forever on this earth, because it was established through the blood of the Redeemer. I don’t know how much more point-blank-blunt I can say that. The question is, how many of you will actually recognize what has just been said?

How much more encouragement does one need than to know that all commercial law (private, copyrighted, color-of-law) has already been defeated? So, what the heck if mankind waiting for? A 2nd coming? That already occurred back in AD70 just as promised….. “in that generation.” And, since a generation if 40-years, not nearly 2000 years. From the death of the Redeemer who nailed all commercial law and all other forms of law to the cross, what more has to be done? What more has to be accomplished? It is the CORPORATION CHURCHES that have willfully lied to all the people keeping them focused on a 2nd coming future event so that they do not learn the truth that we actually are, and have been, post the 2nd coming for nearly 2000-years. All corporations lie for the love of money, their god, that cannot grant salvation unto eternal life.

So, how are we not witnessing and experiencing the results of that mortally wounded head of Rev 13, still plaguing this entire Earth and all of its inhabitants with COMMERCE because, the people are not only spiritually blind. But, have also been kept spiritually blinded, not only by the CORPORATION CHURCHES, but by their own arrogance and egos thinking that they know, when in all truth, we know absolutely nothing. This does not mean that the people have an excuse, because they do not. Why? Because the Redeemer promised NOT to leave us orphans. “I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you,” John 14:18. This is a promise already delivered to us by the gift of the Holy Spirit of Truth, the only one that can teach anyone anything.

In other words, when the Redeemer finished the work that needed to be done that not only accomplished the gift of salvation for all who accept it in accordance with the Will of the Testator, but also fulfilled all promises as promised. The fact is He did not lie! Therefore, to still be awaiting a 2nd coming is to say in-fact that He did lie. Nonetheless, the people still returned to do COMMERCE. Literally, this is to make war on the one and only appointed, “Heir of all things.” (Hebrews 1:1-4) Why? Why would a people with so much given and gifted to them elect to return to participate in the folly of COMMERCE? Why have the people stopped seeking the truth from the promised Kingdom WITHIN that has already been delivered as promised (Luke 17:20-21) to each and everyone that pledges their Life, Liberty and Labor through baptism (born again, born from above, born anew creation – John 3:3-8) dying to the dead commercial world of commerce, pledging everything they are to the one who finished the work of salvation on their behalf that they could not do for themselves? For it is that finished work that gifts everyone so making that election the gift of righteousness. That gift fulfills the requirement that the Father requires of all His adopted sons, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” Ultimately each one is responsible for acting just as Eve did because, Eve was deceived (1 Tim 2:14, 2 Cor 11:3), but Adam was not, which then becomes the very same election that Adam made in the Garden of Eden (Literally the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth) that resulted in mankind being evicted from the Garden, because of his willful rebellion. So now, in these days, this is manifested in making an election to stay involved in the folly of the COMMERCIAL WORLD of COMMERCE.

But, some will still say, “Those words are written on your heart.” Really?! Well then, certainly you will not take offense to this… where’s the action that backs up the fact that it is written there? Where are the Deeds? Where’s the proof? Do Deeds PROVE Trust, or not?! Are we not to PROVE all things? (1 Thess 5:21) Or, am I an idiot for even daring to propose and question these things? If not, then what is the condition of your citizenship, right now, and why is it that way?

How are we not experiencing the very words of Revelation 18 because we have elected to join in with the folly of COMMERCE, failing to correct the record of one’s citizenship? Perhaps this is what Yahshua (Jesus, the Christ), meant when he said, “Greater things shall you do?” (John 14:12-14) I mean… why did Peter make the very bold statement that we have already been given everything we need for Life and Righteousness? So, what more do we need? Do we actually need to do something with what we have already been given?

But, IF the people/posterity/beneficiaries are still sitting on their butts (ASCII code character set) waiting for a 2nd coming to rescue them from the commercial world of commerce, because they are not doing what they can already do to manifest the truth of the facts clearly stated in Colossians 2:13-15. Then, why should the people be anything else other than volunteer surety slaves, who have ignorantly volunteered for the duties of fiduciary trustee for the benefit of other men who have taken their place as beneficiary in the earthly freehold feesimple estate?

Look, IF you are waiting for someone else to rid you of all the pearls, plagues, and paralysis of COMMERCE, when you have already been given everything you need for Life and Righteousness, then how will you ever prove that you are ready to undertake all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of administrating the gift of the earthly freehold feesimple estate in the name of your Redeemer after placing it under His feet? Will you even follow His Will in that administration? So then, will one not be rightly deemed to be no different that one who buried the talents (Matthew 25:14-30) that he was given as it has been proven with this blog that you have already been given everything you need for both Life and Righteousness? How will you prove to the contrary? Can the contrary even be proven to be true?

How are such a people saying by their inactions that they do not “Trust” in the delivery of the promises for Life and Righteousness much less the commercial color-of-law being nailed to the cross? Aren’t they saying that they do not see what they have already been given just like the wicked servant that buried what he was intrusted with? Is that not what one is doing with what they have already been given, burying it out of fear? Why? Why?! Maybe that is what is at the fulcrum point of the problem; that lack of Trust in both expression, as well as deeds. Yes, people will still say that it is written on their heart, but then for those that say that, where is the proof? In other words, in this case, I am specifically speaking of the proof in relation to citizenship the same as Paul used. So then, are you a citizen, or are you a slave? Say what you will, but do what you say. And, if you lie, you are only lying to yourself, and doing yourself harm. Remember the words of the Masters, “‘Out of your own mouth I will judge you,” (Luke 19:22).

From, Trusts written by Bogart, 6th Edition.

Can one see from this why the Maxim of Equity states, Equity will not allow a trust to fail for want (or lack) of a trustee?” Do you also see why this explains exactly why the New and Better Covenant of Love and Trust, is in-fact, a Trust? Yes, I am talking about an actual expressed trust. A Trust expressed by the Creator-Yah intended for the benefit of His one and only begotten and Beloved Son. For only through Him all that elect to forsake their own will and way in favor of the Beloved Sons Will and Way shall be blessed with the gift of righteousness resulting in eternal life.

The Father-in-Heaven as the Settlor/Trustor/Grantor of the property granted into Trust (“…all that I have is yours.” Luke 15:31) can act as the Trustee IF mankind does not mature into the needed and necessary knowledge, which is only given by the Spirit, into the servants/Trustee’s (Stewards/Executors) the Father hopes for. For only those who are willing, who elect to serve His one and only begotten Son (as their Redeemer, High Priest, and Sovereign King) whom He named and appointed the, “Heir-of-all-things.” (Heb 1:1-5)

Notice the question in verse 5 of Hebrews 1. That ain’t no small question, folks! Mankind, IF one elects to, “make their call and election sure,” (2Pet 1:10-11) can become an “Adopted Son,” of the Father-in-Heaven. Did you notice that the angels cannot become adopted sons? But, mankind can…IF, one choses correctly and wisely to follow the Will and Way of the Sovereign King, and yes this does mean that one must abandoned their own will and way in order to prove that their heart is true to doing and living this. Do you see this?

Do you see this as perhaps part of the reason why a 1/3 of the Angels rebelled against the Creator-Yah? (Eph 1:5-6, “He predestined us for adoption as His sons through Yahshua, the Anointed, according to the good pleasure of His WILL, to the praise of His glorious grace, which He has freely given us in the Beloved One.” Can you see now why I said, “This is no small thing!?”

It IS the most ginormous thing for one’s Life that they experience on this Earth in this carnal-physical body, which, by the way, cannot inherit the Kingdom. Therefore, this is indeed thee absolute biggest decision that one can ever make during their experience of Life in this carnal-physical body of flesh, and it is why it is written, “…many are called, but few and chosen.”(Matt 22:14) Thank goodness the beloved Son, thee kinsmen Redeemer, finished His finished work that no other man could do, or will ever do. This is why the Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased, Yahshua the Anointed, “…has become a surety of a better covenant.” (Heb 7:22)

Therefore, the beloved Son in whom the Father-in-Heaven is well pleased is thee intended beneficiary of all the property the Father-in-Heaven created and placed into Trust for His Beloved Son. Will one accept that? Or, will one reject that? That’s the question that every one has to answer for the blessing of eternal life. So, once again I say, “…this ain’t no small thing.”

Mankind (both male and female) can only inherit through their acceptance of the Beloved Sons finished work, and also accepting Him as one’s Sovereign King (King of all kings). That is why He is, “…the firstborn among many brothers.” (Romans 8:29)

Inheritance for rest of the brothers (the ecclesia/ekkleasia = “the called out ones,” NOT the incorporated-CHURCH-corporations) always flows through the firstborn Son. Why? Because, the firstborn Son is always the Heir. This is the order of things concerning how inheritance works. And, it works no other way. So, if one does not see, or is even unaware of their failure to keep the 1st Covenant of Law that one IS born under; perfectly, and then confessing their guilt for NOT doing so, trusting that the Redeemer will stand in their place as their Surety to take away not only their sin/debt, but to effectively pay for the requirement of death in their place, which was accomplished by the Beloved Son’s finished work. Do you see why Trust is at the foundation of Redemption?

If not, then how can the Redeemer’s finished work as Surety… for their failure to keep the law perfectly… ever be applied to them; thereby, redeeming their Life, Liberty, Labor and Estate to be governed and administrated under the Will and Way of the Redeemer’s Will and Way; NOT one’s own will and way?

Now, do you see why one has to admit their guilt and failure to keep the 1st Covenant since all mankind has been, “Born of a woman, born under the law,” (Gal 4:1-7) so that one can be redeemed from the requirement of death under the 1st Covenant, from NOT having kept the law of the 1st Covenant, perfectly? Both Covenants are not in full effect at the same time. The 1st was fulfilled. That allowed the 2nd to be establish and ordained in it’s place. If one is stuck in the law, or stuck wanting and desiring law, then one will completely miss Equity and why Equity is greater than the law.

Now, when do you plan on starting to edify yourselves learning about Trusts, Trust Law, and especially Equity?

Are You Really, “Born Free?”

Posted: Friday, July 30, 2021 in Born Without Money

Again, if Man truly is, “Born Free,” why are all that are born, born after the condition of their Mother, and not after the condition of their Father, except for One Man? Moreover, where is the verse in the “New Covenant,” that testifies to the truth that Man is, “Born Free?” If such a verse is not in the New and Better Covenant, then is it true that Man is, “Born Free?” Or, is that just a phrase, a slogan, a jingle, that makes men free good, and causes those taught and told to perpetuate that saying for the sake of giving a hope wherein the truth speaks to something completely different?

Sorry, but this is going to be a very rough subject for some to even want to think about, because the truth of the matter is, unfortunately… not going to be well received. All of mankind has been born after the condition of their Mother ever since the incident in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and their rebellion against the Creator’s Will and Way, with the EXCEPTION of only One Man, who became the, “Last Adam.” This is why the 2nd Birth is a very necessary thing to be accomplished for all the right reasons, and a well founded understanding of why such a thing is necessary for the sake of redemption. In other words, this ain’t no small thing. It’s a whole lot bigger than any corporation church has ever taught. Why? Because, if the people knew and understood, why would they be sitting in their pews anymore?

Like it or not, agree with it or not, we are all born as slaves and the New Testament testifies to this truth, as well as the quote quoted in the meme included with this post. Again, it ain’t no small thing. The New Testament contains the Will of the Testator. That is why it is such a GINORMOUS thing. So, who can argue against that fact to overcome that fact-of-truth to prove it wrong? Who would dare to do such a thing? Is there anyone arrogant enough to even try to prove this conclusion of fact and life, wrong?

Furthermore, even after the 2nd birth of being born again, born from above, born anew creation, wherein one has their Life, Liberty and Labor PURCHASED by the blood of the one that redeems them from having to ‘pay the price’ required for NOT keeping the law of the 1st, old Covenant, under which one was born, perfectly. Why else would Love, Mercy and Grace be needed if not for that? Just for the fun of it? Really?!

So then, is mankind the owner of himself? Or, is mankind owned by its Creator? Who created you? Or, do you claim to have created yourself? In any case, is anyone of us truly, “Born free,” with the exception of the One Man that the Creator sent to redeem all creation? Why then do men submit to other men knowing that they are loved in such a fashion as to have its Creator provided for them the only gift, the ‘Gift of Righteousness,’ provided through the finished work that perfected equity, by the one and only Man who laid down His life just to save mankind from eternal separation, and from his own willful negligent arrogance? So then, again I ask… Is mankind owned? Or, did manking create himself so that men can choose their own way and will over the Way and Will of the One that created them, and gave His Life for them?

• If one is the slave of other men, unhappy are you. (Prove the contrary IF you can.)
• If one is the slave of the Creator, then happy and full of joy are you.

Lets face facts. Your a slave no matter what and there is really nothing you can do about that fact-of-life. That means that the only question left to be answered is, “Who shall you “Elect” to be a slave for?” The answer for that question is the Creator that created and loves you and died for you. Thereby proving His love by His deeds. Or, do you desire to “elect” other men (Presidents, Prime Ministers, all kinds of titles for the heads of government) that truly only want and desire the benefit of what your labor can produce for them as profits, to better line their pockets and stuff their bank accounts with? Which do you choose to “Elect?”

What do you say? Does this line up with the cannon of text of the New and Better Covenant, or not?
How can one fulfill, “…but if you can gain your freedom, take the opportunity,” if one keeps looking to the private copyrighted color-of-law commercial codes? How can one effectively accomplish this if they still voluntarily visit the courts of the commercial world and can only do their bidding by the deed of that doing? Doesn’t it seem to you that Trusts administrated in Equity (NOT commercial equity, which is only a shadow, and negative equity) defeats and overcomes the entire commercial world of the living-DEAD? Isn’t that why the SYSTEM LORDS of commercial world of commerce have used Trusts against everyone, whiling hiding the knowledge of how to use them for one’s own benefit?

Yes, the New Covenant IS a Trust… Here’s Why This IS True

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The Biggest BIG Lie Ever Told

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Can there be, “Trusting,” without “Trust?”

What is a Trust if it is not expressed? Is that only an IMPLIED Trust? Does an IMPLIED Trust have “standing” let alone standing over and above (“Priority”) an Expressed Trust? Is an IMPLIED Trust to be taken seriously? Why, or why not? IF so, then why is it that there is a, “Maxim of…

The Priesthood of Equity Is Not the inferior Priesthood of Law

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Freedom v. Liberty

COURT: Freedom v. Liberty……………. These proceeding are now in session……………. The honorable Onlashuk Shugaharra presiding.Let’s cheat by giving the answer up front. It’s all about liberty! Now, the questions. Why do so many call for, “Freedom?” Are they just simply repeating what they have heard? Are they just repeating what they have been told? Have…

The Biggest BIG Lie Ever Told

Posted: Saturday, July 17, 2021 in Born Without Money
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There have been those that have said that, “The BIG Lie,” has to do with the 2020 Election.
“No. That lie is not even close to what the biggest lie is.”

The absolute BIGGEST LIE is much more devastating than a mere election wherein voters unwisely elect to turnover the ‘Natural born’ ability and gift administrate the natural-born estate from their Creator who originally granted it through the 1st Man Adam. The Creator granted each one born of a woman (Galatians 4:1-7) the ability to chose by “election” whom they will serve. But, if you created yourself, then you are exempt from having to serve somebody. If not, and one knows that they are a created soul, then perhaps knowing about the doctrine of election may be important to you.

“Therefore, brothers, strive to make your calling and election sure. For if you practice these things you will never stumble, and you will receive a lavish reception into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ.” 2 Peter 1:10-11

IF one accepts that it is true that either serve another man, or you can serve the Creator through His Beloved Son whom He appointed and named the ‘Heir of all things,’ then the natural question is, who do you wish to work for? Whose will do you desire to be bound to by your own word of promise? Do you wish to govern self under the Will of your Creator, or do you wish to be governed under the will of other men? Those are the only two choices that everyone has, and they do have to make an election whether they know it or not. And, since silence is acquiescence, what hint does that give to one since Galatians 4:1-7 lets one know that they are born after the condition of their Mother?

So, guess what? You’re a slave no matter who you serve, whether it’s man, or it’s the Creator that created you. That’s right! The only difference is the Creator is loving, merciful and forgiving, and mankind has proven himself to very brutal in a lot of cases. After all, the Creator has said through His beloved son, “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Whereas mankind’s disposition is, “Make your bricks without straw and the same quota is still due at the end of the day.” How loving is that? You get to work overtime hours, but for half the regular pay.

Who offers you the gift of righteousness for absolutely nothing, and who offers you just a mere paycheck that barely keeps one’s head financial above the waters of the commercial world which operates upon the rule and rules of bankruptcy? Who gave one the gift of their natural-born estate? Did men do that? Or, did the Creator do that through the first man, Adam? Again, if you know yourself to be a created soul you won’t have a problem with this. However, if one does not know, or agree that they did not create themselves, then it is very possible they will have a problem with this line of reasoning.

Was it the Creators wish that one in accordance with His Will learn to govern self, as well as learn to administrate the estate they were blessed with and bequeathed the day they were born of a woman; and, not to abandoned it to a foreign power to administrate? Do you think the Creator that created you wants you to do that? That foreign power is any form of government absent the Redeemer as one’s King, who is the named beneficiary to the Estate that you administrate which when you do that, proves by action in whom one has placed their Trust thereby pledging their life, liberty and labor and accepting the appointment as Executor for the administration of the estate, to administrate it under your Kings Will and Rule as if He were doing it Himself personally. Or, is the idea of that to far beyond the possibility of reason for you? Let me ask you this. Since the estate is insolvent by default, how do you plan on resolving that insolvency? With a credit card? With gold, silver, oil, platinum, some sort of commodity? Really?! And, can you claim to own any of those things righteously because you created all of those things? You know that’s a trick question, right? How about blood? Yes, your blood. Will that bring the estate out of insolvency? Will that be acceptable for payment unto purchase? IF so, then let me ask you this. Who purchased your Life, Liberty and Labor? How was that purchase made? Again, do you have ability to purchase the estate with some form of credit that will accomplish solving its insolvency? I pretty certain your blood cannot make that kind of a payment.

Who did the Creator that created all of creation name as the, ‘Heir of all things?’ (Hebrews 1:1-4)

Are you beginning to see that the failure is the people’s mistake caused from not desiring to learn, know, and understand the truth no matter what the cost is to them personally? Where is the desire? Where is the passion? Where is the enthusiasm for this knowledge? This is why the solution is for one to, “make their call and election sure,” (2 Peter 1:10-11).

Now, how is that accomplished? This can only be accomplished after one has been born again, born from above, born anew creation (John 3:3-8). This not a mere bath in a bathtub. This is one very, very, very serious deed. The most important deed that anyone can accomplish while they are dwelling in this physical body. This deed is totally done in complete symbology of one literally being BORN again, as when they were born from their physical Mother’s womb. But, this time, it is not your physical Mother’s womb, but the womb of the, ‘Spirit of Truth.’ It only when one is born again, born from above, born anew, that one is free to make a “new election” that can separate one from the rule of men and their wicked-unrighteous traditions, customs and rituals, all the result of a commercial system that enriches the MERCHANTS, whose god is money. This cannot be accomplished any other way.

Otherwise, IF one does not accept and agree with the One Man that the Creator appointed to be Mankind’s King, and made High Priest and Judge of all Righteousness because He perfected equity, how then will the ‘Judge of all Righteousness’ see and perceive the one that does not see and understand these things? “Equity see done what ought to be done,” right, because, “One who seek equity must do equity,” right? Are these maxim’s of equity a lie, or do they hold part of the key for those that know how to ask, seek and knock? Life Eternal only comes through the Beloved Son because He is the first born among many, and His finished work, which perfected Equity, (His Way of Rule – John 13:34-35 & Romans 13:8-10) accomplished the purchase of everything including all life, liberty and labor, by his sacrificed blood, which forever more proves His love for us proving he lived what he said, “Greater love has no one that this… than he lay down his life for another.” If that is not proof, then no one can make the purchase that redeems our lives from eternal separation from that love to eternal life in that love.

How then can one be free from the rule of unrighteous men without accepting the Father’s Will carried out through His beloved Son? Are you beginning to see why this LIE of lying about the 2nd coming is a much bigger LIE than any mere election wherein men vote for another man to be there President, King, and/or Prime Minister, or whatever Title. Have you read the folly that Israel engaged, willingly engaged in by asking for another man to be their King? Take special notice of the text when it starts with, “This will be the manner of the king who will reign over you…”

It matter not whether its a king, a prime minister, or a president. It’s still a rejection of the Will of the Father to be King of the creation He created for Himself. What is even more important about this is the fact that mankind was created as an inheritance unto Himself. Now, do you see why the Creator our Father can righteously be jealous of us? Or, would one dare to reduce His desire for us to an unjust physical emotion? How could our Creators jealous ever be anything but unrighteous, and who would ever dare to make just a foolish claim? The truth of the matter simply is, we are His creation. We belong to Him and we everything we are and have to Him. Our Creator has every right to be jealous of whom we pledge ourselves to obey.

The biggest lie that I am speaking of has deceived many over the centuries. Yes, centuries! This Lie has many sitting on their butts waiting for an event that has already been fulfilled as Promised. So, this lie calls the promises the Redeemer has made lies. In other words, they are lying about Him keeping His word and in that claim, they prove themselves to be the liars. This is the very same case that is being experienced right now in the world. Those that are seeking to take and steal power through unrighteous means and method call everyone else liars for just about everything, while if one pays close attention to what they accuse others of doing, they are themselves doing that very thing, while the other who is being accused is not. Therefore, revealing who in fact truly are the liars. It’s the very same thing when it comes to the 2nd coming of the Messiah. The incorporated church corporations have outright lied to everyone teaching and preaching that event is still a future event when it has already been fulfilled? WHY? Why would anyone feel it necessary to lie about that event? What do they have to gain by telling, teaching and preaching that lie?

Think about that for a moment, and think about that in relation to the question, “Who benefits from this lie?” Do you benefit from this lie?Or, do you just agree with what you’ve been told, or have heard others repeat to you without ever having check into it for your own edification and encouragement? Isn’t that the way a lie is perpetuated… no one ever checks into it to either validate the claim, or nullify the claim?

So then, think, who would benefit from lying to the people about the 2nd coming of the Messiah, and what how do they benefit from that claim? How has that lie survived for so long? It all comes down to keeping the people blind, and especially distracted, therefore ignorant of the truth about that lie. Keep the people distracted and they will be to busy to ever know, and even worse, even want to know. If the people choose to distract themselves with the bells and whistles of the commercial world, then who is responsible now for that action of inaction to find what the truth is? Can you not see that is exactly what has been done, and has been so very effective?

Nevertheless, the people are still with the final power of choice to either allow themselves to be distracted from the truth. Or, to ignore the distraction and focus on wanting/desiring to know, understand, and live the truth no matter what the cost is to them personally. Do you desire this? Don’t kid yourself! Be real about your answer, because the answer will only have an effect on you and your life. Or, do you desire the many distractions that the commercial world offers you? (Sports, Politics, Church activities, video gaming, television, etc.) I am not saying that one should not have recreational activities. Everything must be done in moderation to bring about a healthy balance in all things.

The truth about this ginormous LIE completely upends all the commercial world, its merchants, and their poisonous leaders (Men who self appoint themselves to be king, such as the Deep State, Communists, Socialists, Fascists, Capitalists, Monarchists, etc., THE SYSTEM LORDS) who administrate this worlds commercialized, monetized and collateralized SYSTEM. The entire purpose of the commercial system is purposed to keep one trapped within the matrix of the commercial world. Do you like the thought of that? I certainly did not. This is why I have asked why are people choosing to study the private copyrighted statutes, codes, rules and regulations of the commercial world wherein no relief, no rest, and no way out can be found in those private copyrighted codes. Does it make any sense at all to look where no relief and rest can be found, and especially no escape? It seems highly illogical and very emotional to me to continue to look for a way to rescue oneself from a world that simply will not allow for that to happen, or provide a way for that to happen. Does it make any sense to you?

The solution is for one to learn what the Creator’s way out of the commercial world is, and what He has offered, and what one has to do to conform and comply to that offer, and thereby properly and righteously enter into the Trust of the Covenant He created for His beloved Son by fulfilling, “…make your call and election sure,” and in so doing, accept and receive the, “Gift of Righteousness,” which is the ONLY thing that mankind needs to make him acceptable to the Creator. That lacking quality is provided for ONLY through the finished work of the beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased.

Now, do you see the Trust? It is a Trust you know! Maybe, that is also part of the reason why the so-called ruling elite have used Trust knowledge against all the people, while withholding that same knowledge from all of the people. A Trust can only be administrated in Equity. No Trust can be righteously administrated under any kind of commercial law private or, public. It’s all about Trust and Equity, and equity is what the Redeemer delivered to all of mankind. His Equity is perfected equity because He perfected it by His sacrifice. It’s not about the Common Law, or any other form of law. If you do not know Trusts then how will you ever prove you are Trustworthy of the Trust that the Father (Grantor/Trustor/Creator) created for His one and only begotten and beloved son, in whom he is well pleased? The time is now. If you think it is tomorrow, when does tomorrow become TODAY?! So, it is NOT later, but now! All the work has already been done to bring the reality of that moment into NOW! All one has to do is accept what has already been done and do the work necessary to make that acceptance acceptable, now. No more waiting is necessary. There is no line that one has to get into; no number that one has to take. It’s now! If it is not now and you are still intent upon waiting for something that has already been done and fulfilled for you, then how can one not be calling the One who promised and fulfilled his promises a liar? How can one ever be a partaker of the offer of Eternal Life by and through Him, if one insisted on persisting that they have to see it first? For…..

Now, where is the Kingdom of Heaven if it is not within you, and will your demand to see it before you believe endear you to the Creator?

Do you see with eyes of Equity? Or, do you see with only your physical eyes and physical vision? All I can do is to encourage you to learn to see with, “Sight beyond Sight,” to see the redemption and kingdom as already delivered as promised and do what is necessary to make your call and election sure.

The ZEAL for God

Posted: Saturday, June 19, 2021 in Born Without Money

The following does not apply to anyone who claims to know that they know who the ‘Heir of all things’ is, even if they are complete unaware of how He perfected equity, and do not know how to apply doing ALL THINGS in His name.

• That’s right….. It is completely okay to continue to do all things in the LEGAL NAME that the world under the rule and rules of bankruptcy.
• That’s right….. it is completely okay to continue to walk into their the bankruptcy worship temples in your own name (LEGAL NAME).
• That’s right….. it is completely okay to continue to seek an equity that is completely inferior to the equity that He, as Redeemer, of all the world perfected by the purchase of His own blood.

Yeah! This makes a lot of sense too, because that all conforms to the Will, the Way, and the Word that said, “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who [TRUSTS-IN] Me, the works that I do he WILL DO ALSO; (Wow! What does that mean?) AND GREATER WORKS than these he will do (Oh wow again! What does that mean?), because I go to My Father. And whatever you ask in My name (NO! Whatever you ask in the LEGAL NAME, right?), that I will do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If you ask anything in My name (the LEGAL NAME – especially in a Court Room that worships MONEY, bankruptcy and debt), I will do it.”

So, refresh my memory. What is the advantage of studying the private copyrighted codes of the commercial world of commerce? Isn’t that world DEAD because it can have absolutely NOTHING to do with Substance? (That which is real) How is that pleasing to the Father your Creator through the gift of Righteousness provided by and through the Blood and finished work of His beloved Son?

So then, how does this prove one is conforming to the Will, Way, and Word of the one and only appointed ‘Heir of all things’ who took away all the sin, debt, bankruptcy and insolvency of the bankrupt world that stole everything from the appointed ‘Heir of all things?’ Since the world of the Living DEAD cannot see, touch and/or handle substance why does one think that they shall ever find Relief and Rest from that world in that worlds temples?

Are not the private copyrighted commercial codes the instructions for how to make WAR against the one and only appointed ‘Heir of all things?’ Don’t those private codes require a man to submit themselves to another man for fairness, justices, and mercy? What about forgiveness? Are not those qualities of substance? Is that even possible in a world that can have nothing to do with substance?

Have any of you that have visited one of the worship temples of the commercial world ever just asked for forgiveness for the crime (debt) that one has been accused of? IF you did, did you receive it? Why else would one be in that temple (court) other than to plead for mercy and forgiveness? Do the LORDS of that SYSTEM even offer forgiveness for the crime of the DEBT? IF not, then what the heck are you doing there?

Remind me again, why are you walking into one of those temples if there is no possibility of forgiveness, mercy and justice? And, IF one claims to be covered in the blood of the Redeemer, then why is that Temple-court not foreign to you? And, when was that ever allowed? Is “Perfected Equity,” to be mocked and laughed at? Then what does that do, if not that?

Who in the commercial world of the Living DEAD can guarantee that perfected equity can be applied to what ever your circumstances are? IF there is no one to act as the guarantor that can guarantee that then tell me again, why are you walking into one of those temple courts, or even communicating with it’s LORDS on their level of code and conduct? In other words, whose court are you standing in?

Why aren’t you standing in the Court that can and does deliver that, and bring that Courts order into a lower foreign and INFERIOR court that can only give equity by characteristic (civil equity) and cannot touch and/or deliver perfected equity of its own power and authority, because of the source of its substance?

Yes, as some have claimed, I am just completely nuts and do not know what I am talking about? Okay. So then, why aren’t you receiving delivery of Relief and Rest from the commercial courts to the point wherein they do not ever want to do business with you again, hm? Why is that thought so unreasonable to some, and impossible to others?

In other words, IF one has achieved a commercial success in the commercial world, will the SYSTEM LORDS from that world never-ever approach you again? Will the SYSTEM LORDS never-ever attempt to contract and/or force a contract upon you again, because they know that you know the Will, Way, and Word and stand under the Coverture of His perfected equity which will crush those that dare to bring any claim of DEBT before you to perform for them by paying in the blood, sweat and tears of your labor? IF that so-called success does not return that kind of a result, and the SYSTEM LORDS fear approaching you, is that really a success? So tell me, just how do you define what a success is then? But, don’t forget that some have said that I am completely nuts. So then, I might not understand YOUR definition of what a success is. So please, use small words. 😆

Maybe somebody who is giving testimony to doing those things, like walking into one of the worship temples of the Living DEAD, is screwing you over because that one is not pointing you to the source and substance that can, and does, and already has delivered, the highest Courts judgment ever to all mankind through His finished work that perfected equity.

Do you have a zeal for God? Is that zeal for God in accordance with the knowledge that He has ordained and established? Or, is that zeal for God done in compliance with attempting to push a foreign inferior courts way and will of bankruptcy, debt and insolvency upon Him and His finished work? Tell me, what do you own? What did you create? What are you the heir of? What has your blood purchased?

Do you have a zeal for God? Is that zeal for God in accordance with the knowledge that He has ordained and established? Or, is that zeal for God done in compliance with attempting to push a foreign inferior courts way and will of bankruptcy, debt and insolvency upon Him and His finished work? Tell me, what do you own? What did you create? What are you the heir of? What has your blood purchased?

So then, how is walking into an inferior temple that praises and worships debt and bankruptcy going to preserve one’s life, liberty and labor? How does that doing/deed not prove that one is fully immerse (not the baptism by immersion) and engaged in making war against the one and only appointed ‘Heir of all things’ whom the Father appointed to be the Sovereign King of all Mankind?

Oh! That’s right! You want to vote for another Man to be your President. Or, is that Prime Minister, or perhaps even a King just as ancient Israel did. Wasn’t that a foolish thing for them to do then? So then, how that still not a foolish thing to do today? Maybe the purpose of Government is not to rule, overlord and control other men. But, to serve men in the Administration of their own Estates under the Rule and Way of the Redeemer that redeemed them and purchased their estate with the sacrifice of his blood payment?

• Maybe the understanding of mankind of what Government is, is adverse to the Way and Will of the Creators knowledge of what Government is intended to be.
• Maybe Government is about serving one another and not ruling over others?
• Maybe that is what Yahshua (Jesus, the Christ) PROVED by his works that perfected equity.
• Maybe that is why it is written in the scriptures, “Let him who be great among you BE YOUR SERVANT.” Who is the greatest among all mankind? And, is not the ultimate example of that one, as a, “Servant King?”
• Is not the PROOF of this in the works that perfected equity for the gift of righteousness unto salvation? Can anyone else achieve that level of perfection?

So then, how not are all the kings that He is King of… not also “Servant kings,” (Vassal servant kings) under His Kingship as High Priest Redeemer and ‘Heir of all things?’ Could anyone possibly find another way to achieve that other than through the same equity perfecting finished work that the ultimate, “Servant King” provided for the purchase and payment made by His blood? Everyone is free to give it the old college try, don’t you know.

So, for those that have claimed that I am crazy for saying these things… you’re absolutely correct! And, you are absolutely correct that I just don’t know what I am talking about, because a double minded man is NOT unstable in ALL of their ways. And, because a man can worship two masters. So one should learn to dance with the devil in the pale moon light of the commercial world. After all, there is just no other way to accomplish these things that I speak of, yes?

So, it doesn’t matter one single bit that what I am doing is pointing in the direction of the Will, Way and Word of the one that did and already has perfected equity (substance), and can give one the gift of righteousness through the resulting substance of His finished work. No. No. No. Everything I am saying is all about me just as I have been accused! But, just in case one does not agree with that claim. What are you doing to discover what the truth is to this matter and in whom are you depending upon to show you and reveal to you what the truth is to this matter?


Posted: Wednesday, June 9, 2021 in Born Without Money

When I say, “This generation,” to what generation am I referring too?
• Am I referring to a past generation?
Am I referring to a future generation?
— or, —
• Am I referring to this current and very present moment generation?
Can it be for all three meanings? If so, then how would that not be throughly confusing?
What if it cannot be for all three, but can only be for one meaning?
So, which one is it? The past, the future, or the present?

Since Yahshua et-mashiyach, (a.k.a. Jesus, the Christ), used this exact phrase, and it is recorded at least 20-times in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke (see below), then why do the CORPORATION CHURCHES avoid defining this phrase in regards to whom it was very purposefully pointed and directed towards addressing?

Is it possible that the CORPORATION CHURCHES have a motive for hiding to whom, “…this generation…” was indeed for addressing? Does this hiding (cover-up) allow for the Church Corporations to maintain a lie holding power over people that it would not otherwise have? Most of you are aware of the current political atmosphere worldwide, yes? Governments and Corporations are slowly being recognized to be motivated to lie just about anything, and for everything, all the time. So, why are all of these CHURCHES incorporated in a corporation under those Governments if they truly are the Body of the Christ?

Perhaps there is a BIG LIE. But, truly that lie is NOT about the 2020 election, but about you not making, “…your call and election sure,” because the because the corporation churches have not taught you one thing for how to make your call and election sure. Could that actually be what is at the heart of the lie and cover-up? In other words, the coverup is about you voting for another man to be your King, President, Prime Minister. Because, it has always been about you accepting the one man that the Creator has accepted and approved to be King of ALL men. That one man (the 2nd and Last Adam) purchased all things with His blood. There is no one better for one to make their call and election sure to submit themselves to be ruled by, which also includes the administration of one’s God-given natural-born unalienable Estate.

Maybe the 2020 election is but a mere symptom of a much bigger and greater problem of the people not knowing and understanding that no one was ever intended to stand between them and their God, but the beloved Son as their Redeemer, King and High Priest. Yes, this includes all Presidents, Prime Ministers, Governors and princes of the earth. And why not? Are you not supposed to rule your own Estate? And, is your own estates rule not to be under the one that redeemed not only your Life, but also purchased your estate out of insolvency? If you have not achieved the restitution of your estate, and your estate is under the jurisdictional control of a foreign power, then how can that be pleasing and prove trustworthiness to the Creator that created you? Maybe this truly is all about YOUR ELECTION; not, the election of any other man. Maybe it is about you becoming one of the kings that the “King of kings” is King of, as a Vassal King under His Servant Kingship in His Kingdom, under His Coverture, ruling and doing all things in his Name, and in accordance with His Will and Way.

Something to consider perhaps, or not?


  1. Matthew 11:16, “But to what shall I liken this generation? It is like children sitting in the marketplaces and calling to their companions…”
  2. Matthew 12:41, “The men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, because they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed a greater than Jonah is here.”
  3. Matthew 12:42, “The queen of the South will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and indeed a greater than Solomon is here.”
  4. Matthew 12:45, “Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation.”
  5. Matthew 23:36, “Assuredly, I say to you, all these things will come upon this generation.”
  6. Matthew 24:34, “Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.”
  7. Mark 8:12, “But He sighed deeply in His spirit, and said, “Why does this generation seek a sign? Assuredly, I say to you, no sign shall be given to this generation.”
  8. Mark 8:38, “For whoever is ashamed of Me and My words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him the Son of Man also will be ashamed when He comes in the glory of His Father with the holy angels.”
  9. Mark 13:30, “Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.”
  10. Luke 7:31, “And the Lord said, “To what then shall I liken the men of this generation, and what are they like?”
  11. Luke 11:29, “Seeking a SignAnd while the crowds were thickly gathered together, He began to say, “This is an evil generation. It seeks a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of Jonah the prophet.”
  12. Luke 11:30, “For as Jonah became a sign to the Ninevites, so also the Son of Man will be to this generation.”
  13. Luke 11:31, “The queen of the South will rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation and condemn them, for she came from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and indeed a greater than Solomon is here.”
  14. Luke 11:32, “The men of Nineveh will rise up in the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah; and indeed a greater than Jonah is here.”
  15. Luke 11:50, “…that the blood of all the prophets which was shed from the foundation of the world may be required of this generation,…”
  16. Luke 11:51, “…from the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah who perished between the altar and the temple. Yes, I say to you, it shall be required of this generation.”
  17. Luke 16:8, “So the master commended the unjust steward because he had dealt shrewdly. For the sons of this world are more shrewd in their generation than the sons of light.”
  18. Luke 17:25, “But first He must suffer many things and be rejected by this generation.”
  19. Luke 21:32, “Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all things take place.”
  20. Acts 2:40, “A Vital Church GrowsAnd with many other words he testified and exhorted them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.”

See and read this blog first and the comments:
Apparently, the default URL still does not render the latest blog post. In other words, when one goes to the latest blog post should always show up. But, it’s not, and has not been working correctly. The previous blog to this one, “The Constitution is a Trust,” is still not showing up as of this post. I am at a loss trying to correct this. I am not certain what could possibly be the problem, but, I do have one suspicion. This blog post will test that suspicion. Nevertheless, that blog post still shows at the top of the “Recent Posts,” lists at the left. So, let us see what this little test reveals. 🤔😁🤓😶😳👀

Here is the comment posted by RoyalPriestHolyNation: 👀
This beginning just scratches the surface of the subject… so what’s the point of understanding The United States of America (TUSoA) Constitution as a Trust? If said Constitution established a religious society, who is the lawmaker of said society? If the Constitution established a legislature to “make laws,” then did man just create their own “god” (lord) to rule over them? Is this what Ted Weiland’s been complaining about for over a decade?

So, if we agree that this Constitution established a religious society, then it wasn’t a new covenant (“christian”) one was it? … For, does it not allow “worship” of any god one wants AFTER one obeys the “lawmaker” that this Constitution established to make the “laws” for the religious society it serves?

So what is the SINGLE, and only, reason it is important to understand the Constitution as a trust? Is it ONLY to hold Constitutor’s accountable to their oaths of allegiances under this Trust and to the authority it created? Wouldn’t such an oath to this Constitution violate the 1st and 2nd commandments of man’s creator?

What response-ability is needed, then, to restore individual liberty in relation to this American religious society and how does one identify one’s self in relation to the Constitution that established that Trust?

If the only “property” in this Trust is the right of self-governance under a Republic, then isn’t the “test” to see if one uses this right to correct one’s “election” in relation to this religious society? What kind of “office” is one going to ‘elect’ one’s self into within this religious society? (…instead of participating in elections of others over one’s self?)

Is this what people need to discover thru searching the new and better covenant (Trust) for making such a calling, and election, “sure?” One will serve either man’s creator or men. But, one will serve one way or the other. The maxim is: <strong>”God, not man, make’s the heir.” </strong> And the will of the new, better covenant does not make any man the “heir of all things,” except the one who paid the price to “purchase the world, and everything in it” with his own blood and life. Evidence of his appointment is in Acts 17:31 and the letter written to the Hebrews.

Isn’t the maxim: “Only the creator of a thing is its owner?” So does that make the creator of the land who governs the land? What right does man have in the land, since man never created any land? What if one uses the simple inheritance within TUSoA Constitution to exercise one’s right to regain true liberty upon the land thru correcting one’s own “election?” What if this election is a Trust expression with the true owner of the land, who created the land? How would that make one’s, “…calling and election sure,” and perfect one’s “rights” in relation to that land? Isn’t it time to get on with learning how to correct one’s <strong>”standing” and “capacity”</strong> upon the land so one can express a new trust with the religious society called The United States of America?

Will soon announce a private viewing of the 4 DVD series: The Legacy: US Constitution – An Estate in Trust to the Heirs of Freedom” on the RestoreThePeople Telegram Group: ….. Here is the original 5 minute introduction video to the Legacy series:

Now, once again, here is my reply post, BUT, with the rest of the reply that was not posted in that reply:
For those interested… I highly recommend viewing and reviewing, internalizing and assimilating this presentation given by Burness “Bunny” Speakman. The reason why all of the so-called Patriot Communities/Groups have missed the enforcement that works, that sets one free from their voluntary bondage, is because they have missed the fact that the Constitution is a Trust. (This is also why the CHURCH CORPORATIONS have robbed everyone of their birthright inheritance as ‘Heir’s of Freedom,’ wherein that the freedom I am speaking about is the freedom from being ruled and overlorded by other men who love money and profit than Living Souls; people.) For within a Trust itself is all the enforcement that one needs to protect their Life, Liberty and Labor from the men that would steal that from one for their own selfish benefit, at your loss. But… MOST IMPORTANTLY, one had better learn and understand why and how to use this knowledge properly and correctly, firstly. [For, knowledge can be a very dangerous tool in the hands of the wicked, but an immense blessing in the hands of the righteous.] Unfortunately, most people have avoided Trusts and the study of Trusts, or else have studied them incorrectly absent the connection of Equity for being the only way a Trust can be administrated. (By the way, I am not taking the commercial DEAD WORLD version of Equity which is an abomination.)

Most people have been distracted by some Patriot guru’s paperwork and/or stories of success. But, what of that success? How many of those success stories have been repeated with a 100% success rate? I’m sorry, but a 99% success is just not acceptable. It’s 100%, or there is something wrong with it. Furthermore, did that so-called-so-claimed success render a permanent change to the record, as well as a permanent correction of one’s, “Standing and Capacity,” which profoundly effects one’s “Status?” NO! IT DID NOT! How does one define success anyway? Is it one court victory? Here’s the question, why are you in that foreign Temple that worship money? Did one win the release of the abeyance of the Estate through that so-called-so-claimed “success?” IF not, then exactly what kind of a success are you looking for? If one does not achieve the release of the abeyance of the Estate, then again, tell us all how that is a success, and how one will never-ever have to visit one of those foreign temples again.

Not even the SPC’ers have achieved this. Why? They are actually dancing with the devil in the pale moon light of commerce just like any other moneychanging-merchant dissembler Pharisee. This is pure wickedness as it does not comply with the Will of the Testator and doing things His Way. Would one really want to engage in that form of worship to another man, under another man’s rules, and risk one’s opportunity to permanently find relief from the DEBTOR world of the Living-DEAD? I know of a couple of SPC’ers that won’t, I’m sorry to say. But, what about you? Is your love as strong as the LOVE OF MONEY is in them? You are aware that’s the only reason why they do not correct that mistake, right? The worst part about this kind of self-deception is that they do not realize is that love, which is really a lust, is going to be the source of their own judgment against themselves. No one will have to accuse them of anything. Just let them testify by the deeds of their own actions.

So, why does one want to continue to study and research the private copyrighted commercial color-of-laws that have distracted and misdirected so many, making it easily possible to keep one from actually learning what will work and bring them permanent “Relief and Rest” from the fraudulent rule and authority of other mere men who administrate the darkness of the commercial world of commerce? Isn’t it time to correct that mistake? Isn’t it past time to correct the original record and express Trust for the Estate to be governed and administrated under with a New Beneficiary named and appointed by you? (‘The Heir of all things’) Is one not aware that this is why so many have failed to find the narrow path to “Relief and Rest” from the dark commercial world’s terroristic tyranny?

Trusts can only be administrated in Equity. Equity is what the ‘Heir of all things,’ delivered to us. His finished work, which perfected equity took mankind from its death sentence under the fulfilled 1st Covenant required by the law (See letter written to the Galatians), which He fulfilled (thank goodness), into the new and better 2nd Covenant of Love and Trust, which results in eternal life; BUT, (and this is a BIG BUTT) only to the one’s that, “make their call and election sure,” in accordance with the Will of the Testator, which results in the only way entry into that Covenant is possible. WHAT?! Why would you think you can just walk into the New and Better Covenant as a Trustee of Yahshua (Christ, the Anointed) without proof of your “Trustee Acceptance” for pledging your Life, Liberty and Labor to His Will and Way? Man, think again, this is a Trust, where is your Trustee Acceptance?! Where is the memorialized record of your acceptance? If you don’t know what I am talking about, then research how one becomes a Trustee for a Trust.

So, yes, this is going to take work. WORK! In other words, it is not going to be as easy as pulling up to a McDonald’s drive-thru and ordering a Happy Meal with Extra Large Fries. 😁😳👀 No! Noo Sir! It don’t work that way! YES, the finished work for your redemption unto salvation has been done, yes! But, now it is your turn to do the work necessary to PROVE that one is trustworthy of the gift of righteousness by learning the necessary obedience, along with learning how to do all things with Trusts administrated in Equity. IT’S THE WAY KINGS DO ALL THINGS! Trust did not come from men. Trust came from the Father our Creator.

How many of you can say right now, that you know all that you need to know to accomplish that? So then, you do know and understand that this journey will take WORK! Here’s the choice one is facing. One either does all things under law, and remains under the law. Or, one graduates from being under the law, and no longer has any need to be governed by an outside source (school master, governors, Trustees) because they are spiritually mature to do all things in love, and thus fulfill all the law accomplishing, “Greater things shall you do,” as promised by the Redeemer himself. Those were his words. (John 14:12-14). Are you ready to undertake that responsibility?

Like I said, its going to take work. Or, one can elect to do nothing and remain under the school master of the Law. That’s the default. Law is for the lawless, but love is for the lawful. Why? Because the lawless cannot be trusted, and the lawful have been found to be trustworthy. That’s why all law that is lawful does not come into existence except through an Expressed Trust! Did you get that? Trust first, law afterwards, and then any law must comply with the provisions of the Trust. No law can be repugnant to the Trust from which said law is founded under. Do you get that?

So, know this. One cannot elect both law and love(Trust). For to be double minded is to be unstable in all one’s ways. Once the election is made the other choice is completely excluded from that point on. So one had better know what they are doing BEFORE they make that election sure. In short, one either pledges their life, liberty, and labor to their Redeemer-High Priest-King and inherits eternal life through Him as a result of that election and accepting of the gift of His Righteousness applied to themselves. Or, one shall remain under the law as a Surety-slave-Constitutor charged with the Fiduciary duties of Trustee to pay for the debts of other men who hide themselves behind some kind of fancy corporate cloak-Title. Is that what you really want? I certainly hope not. But, that is your decision to make. So make it in wisely.

Again, why does anyone think that they can find “Rest and Relief” from those private copyrighted commercial codes? WHY?! If one thinks that they can, then how has one not blinded themselves by that belief? That assertion is just completely insane. The world of the Living-DEAD does not want to loose their mealticket Trustees. So, why would there be a way out in those color-of-law private copyrighted codes? They are intended to keep one in bondage… for life. That’s right! So, electing to remain under any law-form, especially that of the color-of-law private copyrighted codes is in essentially one agreeing to a LIFE SENTENCE WITHOUT PAROLE, in the prison of a DEBTOR.

So, why not get real?! If one wants to overcome the commercial world of commerce, then one is most certainly going to need something GREATER than it’s color-of-law private copyrighted commercial codes to “OVERCOME,” it with, right? That’s what Trusts administrated in Equity can lead one into accomplishing. But, if one is studying the private copyrighted commercial color-of-law codes, and visiting their worship centers, then how is one ever going to overcome that DEAD world?

One can see the exit in the short cliff notes version, and summary judgement, written in Colossians 2:11-15 (specifically verses 14 & 15). One is not going to find escape (Rest & Relief) from their commercial world bondage absent the blood of Christ that bought and purchased everything, including your Life, Labor, Liberty, and Estate. If one is not willing to walk the narrow path to that solution, then one will have made their election contrary to being found worthy of self-governance of their Estate in righteous governance of the gift of eternal life through the gift of righteousness.

The C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N is a Trust!

Posted: Saturday, April 10, 2021 in Born Without Money

Yes, the Constitution is a Trust Instrument, establishing an equitable interest in, and asset management for, specific inheritable Personal Property, comprised of everything the Crown (King of England) lost in the War for Independence. The personal property in question included the lands in America and the special Rights and Privileges of the Royal and Noble families. The Body Politic could not, individually own some of the Kings Royal Prerogatives. For example: It would be foolish for me to declare war on Canada, or appoint an Embassador to Italy. On the other hand there are certain “Sovereign Privileges” which a single Sovereign should exercise. For example, you have heard it said, “The Lord must have his Revenue.” The translation for this means, “No taxes on personal wages or gains. Period.”

The State Secret that you are never supposed to know

This is the great and tremendous secret that the STATE has been hiding from the eyes of not only the American People, but from the world. What?! How so? You see, several nations have followed in the footsteps of the great American Republic utilizing its Constitution 1787 and 1791 as amended, as a templet for their own Constitution. How many of you were aware of that? So, one of the biggest Trusts ever created has been hidden right out in the open, right in front of your eyes. That should tick you off, because not knowing that the Constitution is a Trust has a devastating impact upon its Beneficiaries (Posterity) that helps to keep certain enemies in power while keeping the power of your inheritance at arms length from you. In other words, it helps to keep your own God-given earthly estate in the hands of wicked ADMINISTRATORS who continue to use the rightful inheritance of your Estate for their Benefit while keeping you in servitude to their benefit as its volunteer fiduciary-trustee-surety and constitutor. I will show you how you are heir to the Estate in Trust created by and through the expression of the Constitution as a Trust.

The truth is, the Constitution as a Trust has been hidden through the lie that the Constitution is the, “Law of the Land.” Yes, the very well known and often repeated saying, “Law of the Land,” has been put into place to keep the people blind from the fact that the Constitution is a Trust. Here’s why. What does the phrase, “Law of the Land,” mean? Have you ever even stopped to consider that? Have you ever looked that phrase up? More than likely not, and that is unfortunate because, discovery of what that phrase actually means reveals the fact that the Constitution true purpose and intent is being hidden from you. Do you think that might then prompt you to want to know and discover what that really is, and why that knowledge has been kept hidden from you? Why is that? What would someone have to gain by hiding this truth from you? It is a forgone conclusion that something being hidden is an advantage to someone, while it is a disadvantage to the one it is being hidden from. Hmm, now what could that be? So, lets get on with this discovery. First, lets take a look at the dictionary. Now, this phrase is not in my favorite dictionary, Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary. But, it is in another favorite dictionary of mine, because it has rightly earned and has been called, “the Cadillac of legal Dictionaries,” and for good reason too. Thus, we have this phrase in Ballentine’s Law Dictionary, 3rd-edition, which states as follows:

The key phrase that is the give away to the meaning of, “Law of the Land,” is, “Due process of law.” In other words, “Law of the Land,” does not mean, or refer to the Constitution. Nor, is the Constitution defined by that phrase. You see, that phrase is used to keep people focused away from the fact that the Constitution IS a Trust. It also help to keep one from ever discovering the fact that the Constitution is a Trust. How do you like being manipulated? That’s what the intention is for the use of that phrase is in relation to the Constitution. So, the intent and purpose is to focus one’s attention on law, and indirectly pointing the one focused on that phrase to make the connection that the Constitution is law. Since the Constitution is a Trust, and all law that is lawful can only come when a Trust has been established, this advantages who? This manipulation is certainly is not done with a good intent and purpose, right? “A lie of omission is still a lie,” right? Who could be responsible for such a devilish deception? The Dissemblers (Attorney class political manipulators) are mainly behind this deception. How interesting. (Dissembler: “One who dissembles; a hypocrite; one who conceals his opinions or dispositions under a false appearance.” From Noah Webster’s 1828) Do you mean these dissemblers are no different than the Pharisee’s of old, who were called out for on several occasions for their deceptive nonsense, (Woe unto you Pharisee’s/Lawyers) by Yahshua Et-mashiyach (Jesus, the Christ) the one and only appointed, ‘Heir of all things.’ Again, how interesting, yes? Moreover, how can a phrase/term that is a, “Constitutional provision,” define the Constitution itself; define the very instrument that defines that provision itself when it is defined within the Constitution itself? Think about that for a moment. Isn’t that like the newborn baby giving birth to the Mother?

One other definition for this phrase/term, “Law of the Land,” is found in Black’s Law Dictionary, 1st-edition. I also found it in Black’s 4th and 5th-editions.

Now, let me ask one question concerning this definition. To what, “General rules,” does this definition refer? Don’t assume! Don’t assume that you think you know when it clearly has not been defined. One thing that one can conclude is, anything general is not special. So, if it is not special, then it has nothing to do with Trust. (as in, “Trust Special Deposit,” which is not a general deposit abandoned into the PUBLIC.) Again, one of the reason’s why I loath the Black’s Law Dictionaries is because of the deceptive practices of manipulation in and all throughout them. There is a clear avoidance of acknowledging the Trust by the use of the term, “General rules,” absent a clear definition as to what those, “General rules,” refer too. Nevertheless, even this definition shows that, “Law of the Land,” refers to, “Due Process of Law,” not to the Constitution. But, there is also one other thing that the readers of this blog should already be aware of. Trusts are administrated in Equity; not in and under any form of Law. That’s backward! That’s the way the commercial world does things. Why? Well, how many times have I posted the definition just below? [Some people hate this definition! Nonetheless, for those offended, I offer my most sincerest apology for flaunting this very truthful definition yet once again.] The summary of this definition simply is, “Equity is before law.” Funny how Equity is what the Redeemer brought and uses to judge the world and it’s peoples. Why would you want anything different? That’s just plain insanity. So then, know also that Trusts are always before law. Since, equity is greater than law, and all law can only come into existence when a Trust has been expressed and established, first. Now, how is law actual law absent the existence of a Trust that facilitates the reason and purpose for that laws existence? There are two form’s a Trust, just as there are two form’s of Equity. Equity by and through Psalm 98:9 and Acts 17:31 is no where’s near the fraudulent form of equity (equity by characteristic) that is delivered under the commercial masters (Merchants) that administrate commerce. Do you see this? When law comes before equity, it’s backwards. That’s the way of the commercial world of commerce. Commerce is all backwards from reality and substance. If equity is not before the law, and that law is not brought into existence through a Trust, then run! You be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why? Because, one will find no relief and rest from the burden of being a surety-slave fiduciary-trustee constitutor for the benefit of paying for the debts of others. In other words, why are you still using Caesar’s stuff? Why are you still touching the things that belong to the world of the DEAD? Why are you still seeking relief and rest from a dead world that cannot deliver any substance to the living? Talk about being backwards.

The Preamble as a Trust Instrument

I don’t think many if any of us have looked upon the Preamble as a writing establishing a Trust, and if we have, the full legal meaning has never really struck home. Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary defines Trust with the following:

TRUSTnoun ( – – )
1. Confidence; a reliance or resting of the mind on the integrity, veracity, justice, friendship or other sound principle of another person.
… He that putteth his trust in the Lord shall be safe. Proverbs 29:25.
2. He or that which is the ground of confidence.
… O Lord God, thou art my trust from my youth. Psalms 71:1.
3. Charge received in confidence.
… Reward them well, if they observe their trust
4. That which is committed to one’s care. Never violate a sacred trust
5. Confident opinion of any event.
… His trust was with th’ Eternal to be deem’d
… Equal in strength.
6. Credit given without examination; as, to take opinions on trust
7. Credit on promise of payment, actual or implied; as, to take or purchase goods on trust
8. Something committed to a person’s care for use or management, and for which an account must be rendered. Every man’s talents and advantages are a trust committed to him by his Maker, and for the use or employment of which he is accountable.
9. Confidence; special reliance on supposed honesty.
10. State of him to whom something is entrusted.
… I serve him truly, that will put me in trust
11. Care; management. 1 Timothy 6:17.
12. In law, an estate, devised or granted in confidence that the devisee or grantee shall convey it, or dispose of the profits, at the will of another; an estate held for the use of another.

TRUSTverb transitive
• To place confidence in; to rely on.
• We cannot trust those who have deceived us.
• He that trusts every one without reserve, will at last be deceived.
1. To believe; to credit.
TRUST me, you look well.
2. To commit to the care of, in confidence. trust your Maker with yourself and all your concerns.
3. To venture confidently.
… Fool’d by thee, to trust thee from my side.
4. To give credit to; to sell to upon credit, or in confidence of future payment. The merchants and manufacturers trust their customers annually with goods to the value of millions.
… It is happier to be sometimes cheated, than not to trust

TRUSTverb intransitive
• To be confident of something present or future.
• I trust to come to you, and speak face to face. 2 John 1:12.
• We trust we have a good conscience. Hebrews 13:18.
1. To be credulous; to be won to confidence.
… Well, you may fear too far–
… Safer than trust too far.

To trust in, to confide in; to place confidence in; to rely on; a use frequent in the Scriptures.
TRUST in the Lord, and do good. Psalms 37:3.
• They shall be greatly ashamed that trust in graven images. Isaiah 42:17.
• To trust to, to depend on; to have confidence in; to rely on.
• The men of Israel–trusted to the liars in wait. Judges 20:36.

Do you notice how many reference to the Holy Writ (Bible) that Noah Webster uses herein this definition? Now, you know exactly why I love this dictionary, and why this is always the first dictionary that I go to for definitions. How about you? No other dictionary in the world dares to do this. Noah Webster’s work is unmatched! The work of Noah Webster is a blessing to all who make a use of this reference tool for understanding more clearly the Will of the Creator. Oh, and while we are on the subject. The Merriam Webster’s Dictionary is a fraud because the writers (manipulators) of that dictionary have tried to connect Noah Webster to Merriam Webster. Know this… that is a lie. There is absolutely no connection between Merriam Webster and Noah Webster at all. The sole purpose of the Merriam Webster dictionaries was to remove all the references to the Holy Writ. Sorry for those that are easily offended. But, the truth that of that reality shall never be manipulated, compromised, and/or altered herein these blogs to protect anyone’s ego from being wounded and/or offended on the grounds, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Do you want to be free? Then stop being offended at things that do no harm to you whatsoever. Instead, change your opinion! Change your disposition, and increase your spiritual sight to see things the way that they are; not, the way that they appear to be.

Moreover, always remember folks. When reading the Holy Writ. Remember that you are reading a Trust Instrument. YES! If you are not reading it from the standpoint of, “It’s a Trust,” then more than likely you are misunderstanding what is being conveyed through it. And, remember, every time you see the word, “Faith,” read it, “Trust.” ( – – ) So then, I encourage all of you to pray for insight to see and understand the Trust and how it works in all things. Remember, it has always been about Trust. Everything that has an account number is a Trust. It has always been about Trust and it always will be forevermore.

Again, from the Cadillac of Law Dictionaries Ballentine’s 3rd-edition:

Again, from Black’s Law, 5th-edition:
“Trust” as: “A right of property real or personal, held by one party for the benefit of another. A Confidence reposed in one person, who is termed Trustee, for the benefit of another who is called Cestui Que Trust (Beneficiary) respecting property which is held by the Trustee for the benefit of the Cestui Que Trust. Any arrangement whereby property is transferred with intention that it be administered by Trustee for another’s benefit.” You know, I do not like the legal term, “Cestui Que Trust.” Why? Because, the commercial world cannot see and/or deal with the Beneficiary/Heir. They commercial-merchant masters want to be able to steal from the Beneficiary/Heir and not have to look directly into the eyes of the Beneficiary/Heir. How childish! The commercial world can only see and deal with Trustee’s, because a Beneficiary/Heir is always a reminder to them to whom they owe a duty to as the Trustee’s that they naturally are. So, the term “Cestui Que Trust” is used in place of Beneficiary to hide the fact of this reality from themselves. Again, how childish. Moreover, it is why I have said on several different occasions, “What are you doing in their Court room, Trustee?” You can’t be the Beneficiary in one of their Temples (Courtroom) of worship. The commercial-merchant masters can only see Trustee’s and IF you are in one of their worship temples that is exactly what you are. This is why one must change and correct their Standing & Capacity first. For absent changing one’s Standing and Capacity first will result in a Status of Trustee no matter how much one jumps-and-down screaming and yelling that they are a Beneficiary. This is work that is done outside of a Statutory Court, and when done correctly, it will be the reason why one will never-ever need to enter into a Statutory commercial Court room for any reason… ANY reason! So, one had better know who their Redeemer is, and why, as well as who their Surety is and why, before they make any determinations to change and correct their Standing and Capacity, which will then render a correct, “Status.” IF your Standing and Capacity reflect that one is a Beneficiary of the original Trust, then the merchant money masters most certainly do not want to see you in their precious Courtroom temples. This is why you have to come to see and know that the Constitution is a Trust, and you are a Beneficiary to that Trust, and those who hold a Public Office, the Public Servants, not Public Officials, owe you a duty! They don’t want to be reminded of that fact-of-life.

The written history of Trusts or Uses go back to Biblical times. American laws regarding them were derived from English Law and the Restatement of Trusts. The “restatement” is simply a restatement of the English “Use” Statutes.

Does not the Constitution hold certain rights in Trust for one to use exclusively, by us?
This is property. Rights are property! Rights are corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments. The Trustees are the Legislators (All PUBLIC SERVANTS who hold an Office of Trust for the Benefit of the Beneficiaries (the Posterity). They were “granted” authority to maintain that specific Trust, and charged with going no further than the limits placed upon them. The Trustees were also granted the authority to make money to maintain the Res in proper condition. They were not granted the Authority to Change the Intent of the Original Trust, except only by written change, and the full agreement of the Beneficiaries. Do you get that? (This goes to part of the Trustees fraud committed against the Beneficiaries, and the Constitution.) That limit was clearly breached with the 14th Amendment, when one agreed to a lesser citizenship that affected the original Trust changing it into a Will that could be modified by Codicil. Did you know that? The 14th Amendment created a new Trust and Trust res. It created a new Estate, and a new citizenship for that new Estate (United States Citizen and/or Citizen of the United States). Make no mistake about this, folks. This was outright treasonous insurrection against the Constitution, but especially against the people who are the named beneficiaries to that Constitution as the “Posterity.”
(- -)

The key to restoring the republic and the restitution of one’s god-given estate starts with correcting the first mistake which allowed the government to define who and what you are for their benefit. Maxim of law: “Silence is acquiescence.” If you do not speak for yourself, then doesn’t that failure open the door for someone else to speak for you and on your behalf? If this be the case, then what rights do you have? If you do not define yourself, and correct your “Standing and Capacity” (prerequisite for correcting Status) so that the resulting status reveals that you are not who and what “ROME doing business as the UNITED STATES,” says you are, but who your father the creator says you are through the finished work of his beloved son. (More on this aspect later) Then one shall indeed remain no more than a volunteer surety-slave fiduciary trustee, who obligated themselves to pay the debts of others (corporate masters) under their wicked will, which was made possible via the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, which changed the Constitution from a Trust into a Will that could be modified by Codicils. Is this what you want to do all the days of your life? How can anyone complain about what the conditions of their life, when they have always had the power to correct and change those conditions, Dorothy? IF it is true for you that, “There’s no place like home,” then where is home for you? In addition, how does one get from here to there without correcting your mistakes, eh prodigal? You do realize that no one else will do this for you, right?! For the work of your salvation unto redemption is the only work that needed to be done for you, because no man could have accomplished that work of his own deeds and strength. So, if you do not do what you need to do to accept that gift, then… you best start learning how to play Taps. This has always been a spiritual battle, and it has always been about Trust! Trust-in the equity already made possible by our sovereign king of all kings and high priest, the ‘heir of all things.’ Go and do what one needs to do to get it done.

So then, how does one recognize the Preamble and Constitution as a Trust? First, lets look at the requisites for an Express Trust:
1. It must have a competent Settlor and Trustee.
2. It must have an ascertainable Trust Res.
3. It must show sufficiently certain beneficiaries.
4. A Trust comes into being only upon execution of an intention to create it by the parties having legal and equitable control of the subject matter of the Trust.

Does the Preamble and Constitution show a competent Settlor and define the Trustees?
Yes it does! The Settlor is established as “We the People.” And the body of the Constitution, (Articles = it’s laws) establishes the Trustees and their duties in an “OFFICE OF TRUST” under an “Oath of Office,” which is their “Trustee Acceptance” to comply with the limits and limitations so defined in the Trust. Now, notice this. When you hear either the media, or politicians, or anyone for that matter addressing themselves as “PUBLIC OFFICIALS,” know this. The PUBLIC OFFICIAL is outside of their lawful Office of Trust operating an Office of Trust only as an OFFICE OF PROFIT. This is treasonous. This means that the lawfully elected, “PUBLIC SERVANT” has unlawfully vacated their Oath and Duties in and under the Office of Trust that proceeds the OFFICE OF PROFIT as a belligerent insurrections putting the lesser Office over the greater and making the lawful Office of Trust subordinate to the lesser OFFICE OF PROFIT for their own private profit and gain. This is a criminal Trustee, folks, that can be held to account under the Oath of Office that they swore before they were eligible to hold that Public Office lawfully.

Does the Preamble and Constitution ascertain the Trust Res being passed on? (Trust res: The property of which the Trust consists.) Absolutely! “The Blessings of Liberty.” Keep in mind the founding fathers had already defined the meaning of “liberty” prior to the establishment of the Constitution. If you require someone else to tell you what your liberties are and define them for you, then YOU ARE NOT FREE! [Freedom does not mean unrestraint, nor lawlessness. (See John 13:31-35 specifically verse 34 = this is what defines the imits of one’s liberty unto freedom) To the contrary, with true freedom comes with heavy responsibilities, moral, ethical, [and especially spiritual] responsibilities. I do not condone blatant injury, disregard or disrespect for someone else or their property.] Like I have said, “Liberty must come before freedom, or one shall never be free at all!” Patrick Henry did not say, “Give me freedom, or give me death!” Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Patrick Henry knew fully well, that without liberty freedom shall never be possible.

Does the Preamble to the Constitution show sufficient, certain beneficiaries?
Absolutely! “…to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Did the founding fathers have equitable control over the subject matter discussed in the Preamble and Constitution?
Absolutely! How so? The Colonies won the war for independence. Therefore, the Colonist’s won all the qualities, attributes and characteristics of Kingship, that until that time had only resided in the King of England and/or other Kings of different countries. In other words, the King of England no longer possessed those things/liberties/rights all to himself, over the people. That is what was won in the war for independence. That is why the people now possess all of those very same things/rights/liberties too self-govern, and to govern their own Estates. Those things/liberties/rights (one could say property, corporeal and incorporeal) were no longer limited to just the English Crown in regard to the form Colonies, not fully established as a new Nation having won that liberty/right. Are you beginning to see why the American Republic is more hated than any other Nation has ever been? The Colonists righteously won all of those things/liberties/rights, which meant that the Colonists had won the right to self-govern their own lives, affairs, and estates without any interference from government. Are you beginning to see just how big a victory this was, and why the elites (Attorney’s, Politicians, and even Corporate Captains of all kinds have such an intense hatred American’s and the American Republic? John 7:7, “The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me (Christ) because I testify of it that is works are evil. (A strong reference to the hate of the Commercial masters of Commerce conducted under the administration of the Merchants.) John 15:18, “If the world hates you, you know that it hated me before it hated you.” So know this, the money-master-merchants do not like anyone that they think of as less than them to have any liberty that they have had and have hidden from the masses.

Does the Preamble state an intention for which the Instrument was created? [The cardinal rule of construction is, of course, to determine the intention of the parties, where such a creation is a bilateral matter. Colton v Colton 127 US 300.] It certainly does! “In Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, Insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

Does it show an intention to manifest?
Yes. “Do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”
In just a few words the Founding Fathers created a document of immense meaning. The State Constitutions followed this example, and especially the example of the preamble, which was set by the Pennsylvania Constitution adopted September 28th of 1776. The Pennsylvania Constitution set the example for the rest of the several States in the Union to follow. This is the preamble for that original Constitution. Notice that it is not small, and also notice that it dovetails off the Declaration of Independence, which was signed, accepted, and established, less than 3-months prior to this Constitutions ratification. READ this one! You should be aware that this is the starting point of the Republic, and what passionately inspired the Federal Constitution; the compact between the States and the United States.

So, in all truth, the Federal Constitution, which is and still is a compact between the Union of the several States and the Federal United States, followed the example set by the composers of the original Pennsylvania state Constitution. Just think, this is the first Constitution and it was only written and adopted only 3-months after the Declaration of Independence was made public on July 4th of 1776. So, the Pennsylvania state Constitution followed in the example set in the Declaration of Independence for the composing of its preamble. So, never-ever forget that the preamble is something that can be easily dismissed, and sadly, is by most readers. The preamble in and of itself is in fact a bonafide expressed Trust. This also includes for the States. So, find the original Constitution for the State you were born, and read and compare it to these two Constitutions. Then find the corporate constitutions created after the originals and see how the corporations have breached the original Trust. That’s right! They have all breached trust. All politicians are in breach of Trust for undertaking and Oath to the Constitution and then not upholding it pursuant to that Oath. Once again, that’s treasonous insurrection.

If the people, the beneficiaries, the Posterity do not assert their own identity to government, then the government will most certainly identify you, and you will not like their determination. So speak up and change your Standing and Capacity so that your Status is corrected and reflects that you are indeed a Beneficiary and not a Trustee in some one else’s Trust to serve their will and wish being at their “Beck and Call.” Believe me, you won’t be treated like a, “Pretty Woman,” as you have already experienced.

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; (It’s why I needed the Law to govern over me, and administrate the estate, while I was still absent from those duties) but, when I became a man (Spiritually Mature, Competent in the priesthood to administrate Equity and Trust, born again, born from above, born anew creation), I put away childish things.”

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:11

To bad the old WCG Religious Corporation didn’t have anyone that understood that very simple and straight forward biblical principal, much less taught that correctly, or even came close to making any connections like this to it.😳 Why? Because they were blinded by a 2nd coming future disposition of dispensationalism. A doctrine that all the corporation churches teach to keep one from seeing exactly where the Kingdom is, right now; yes, at this very moment. (Luke 17:20-21) So many have bought into this lie hook, line, and sinker, sadly, that even when they have had it with the corporation church, they still retain and stick to that very incorrect doctrine. Why? The answer to that does not really matter. What really matters is, will those that bought into that lie do whatever is necessary to learn the truth, and disregard(unlearn) that false doctrine, “…no matter what the cost is to you personally?” Isn’t the truth worthy that much to you? Make no mistake about this, folks. This is where the rubber is going to meet the road. One will either get traction, or not, based upon how much they desire to want to know the truth. It is a sad commentary to say this will probably eliminate more than 90%. After all, “Many are called, but FEW are chosen,” and, “Straight if the gate, and narrow is the way, but FEW find it.” So then, will you ever become courages enough to question what you were once taught and told(sold) was the truth….. when it was not? Do you truly want to know what the truth is? Why, or why not? What do you have to fear, except fear itself? Will the truth cause one to fear? Or, does the truth set one free to liberty that they had not had from being in bondage under the lies sold and told to one to keep one trapped in that matrix designed to keep one in a perpetual state of ignorance?

“If you were blind you would have no sin, but since you say, “You see,” your sin remains.” (John 9:41) Is this where one wants to end up? Saying that they see, but in all truth they actually do not see the “perfected equity” already delivered to them, to rescue one not only from the demand of the Law of the 1st Covenant, but especially the commercial color-of-law statues, codes, rules, and regulations? Isn’t that what Colossians 2:13-15 is all about? Isn’t that evidence enough to PROVE (1 Thessalonians 5:21) that all of those commercial color-of-laws (including the Common Law) were defeated when they were nailed to the cross in AD30? If you have a to choose between Equity and Law, which one will you choose? You are aware of the fact that you cannot have both; and, cannot commingle the two, yes?

Well, what do you say? IF you say the commercial color-of-laws were not defeated, and death along with them, then I guess you are satisfied with electing to remain under the rule and authority of another man, under the rules of bankruptcy, with an insolvent estate, instead of electing to under the rule and ruler of Equity; the one that redeemed your Life and your Estate, right? Why would one willingly choose to suffer from, “Thomas Syndrome,” as that syndrome was so very well demonstrated by the Disciple Thomas himself? Just ask yourselves one question in relation to that… “Who received the blessing, and Why?” You should be able to figure that out, yes? If one is looking at the priesthood of the Law, then they will never see Equity. John Bouvier’s quote (below) makes that fact very plain. Equity is where one finds “Rest and Relief.” One will never find “Rest and Relief” from the Law through the Law. Yet, so many of you are still looking for exactly that in the color-of-law private copyrighted commercial laws. Does that even make sense? Do you not recognize that you have to have something greater to overcome something inferior? Your experiences in this physical life under the rule and rules of bankruptcy ought to testify to you that something is wrong; very wrong with that line of thinking. Why not? You’ve lived it, right? Or, do you not give any attention to these things and just do what you are told to do, never questioning anything, and just go along to get along, so you do not upset the acceptable attitude and disposition?

This is why the New Birth must be Deeded and create not only a New Record and Statement for being Born into a New Life among the living, but also testify in whom one has pledged their Life, Liberty and Labor. It’s the only way that I know of to e effectively collapse the old IMPLIED TRUST formed under the Law, having to be constructed for the failure to express one’s intent for the record, ratified by the Birth Certificate issued for the decedent FICTION taking the place of the Beneficiary, which should be you, as an Agent for the STATE, and all of its corporate agents. Seriously, do you really like that? IF so, then it is correctly concluded that one has “elected” to remain under the control and administration of other men under the rule and rules of bankruptcy having an insolvent estate from it also not being redeemed after you have been redeemed and can prove that redemption to be fact by the mouth of two witnesses. So then, IF this be so, then I hope you love COMMERCE. That world as it is full of lack and limitation, sorrows and heavy burdens, just plain sucks. 🤮

Yes, there is something more to do. But, don’t you ever think that what one needs to do ever negates what the ‘finished work,’ finished, and especially how it ‘perfected equity.’ It simply means that one needs to respond to what was done form them by doing something with what was done for them. I am not taking about the “Cheap Grace,” malarkey that is sold and told in the corporations churches. All of those religious organizations are clueless; including and especially the offspring of former one’s. One needs to build something on that foundations in accordance with, “You have been given everything you need for Life and Righteousness.” (paraphrase of 2 Peter 1:2-4) Can you? Will you? Do you have any idea of what this means? Or, will you think that you do, convince yourself, and just return to your life as a volunteer Surety-Slave-Constitutor-Trustee for the benefit of your corporate-commercial masters (moneychangers), who hold your inheritance in abeyance, because you have yet to figure out what, “Greater things shall you do,” (John 14:12-14) means, much less put that into practical application utilizing the biblical principals of Equity. (Psalm 98:9, Acts 17:31)

~ Romans 13:8-10

Freedom v. Liberty

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COURT: Freedom v. Liberty
……………. These proceeding are now in session
……………. The honorable Onlashuk Shugaharra presiding.

Let’s cheat by giving the answer up front. It’s all about liberty! Now, the questions. Why do so many call for, “Freedom?” Are they just simply repeating what they have heard? Are they just repeating what they have been told? Have they ever questioned what they have heard, and/or what they have been told? Have you ever looked up those words in a good dictionary? By good dictionary, I am always referring to the Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary, firstly, as always, because he included how words were used in The Holy Writ. (That’s Bible for those of you in Rio Linda, CA and/or Largo, FL 🤗)

This excludes all of the Merriam Webster dictionaries, because they were concocted to exclude the how words were used in the Scriptures. Now, do you see why I have such an intense dislike for the Merriam Webster Fraud? And, make no mistake about what I am saying. The Merriam Webster Dictionary was authored to take away from the great blessing of the Noah Webster Dictionaries. Just look at how many people refer to Merriam Webster rather than Noah Webster. Really? Do they not know the difference? Perhaps a black-ops plan was put in place to aid in the stealing one’s inheritance through the misdirection of words? Naaah! That’s not possible. 😆👀😳

Nevertheless, the fore fathers were very specific in what they meant concerning the word, “Liberty.” Did you know that they had defined the word, “Liberty,” BEFORE the Constitution was even written? 👀 (Some people just hate facts. Can we get a collective, “Aweee,” for all of them? 😛 )

• 2 Corinthians 3:17,
“Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
Not freedom… but, Liberty!

• Galatians 5:1,
“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free,
and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage.”
So then, where exactly is your, “Standing?” Or, maybe I should ask, “Where are you standing, right now?” Notice that I did not ask about, “STATUS.” That’s a bunch of COMMERCIAL bunk! That’s the polite way of saying it’s 💩. As a matter of fact, I would be remiss if I did not point out that the word “STATUS” cannot be found in the Noah Webster 1828 Dictionary. 😳👀 Yes! It’s NOT there. Why is that? Anyone willing to speculate on this? 😄 🤔

Does not all standing aid in defining capacity; and, therefore the duties that one is bound to perform when one is standing in that capacity? STATUS is a made up word that amounts to nothing; EXCEPT, in the FICTIONAL commercial world of commerce. In other words, it’s for the Living-DEAD. I am reminded of the scene in the movie Shawshank Redemption wherein Elis Boyd Redding, called “Red,” was brought before his Parole Board for his parole hearing and asked, “If he felt that he has been rehabilitated.” His ultimate and final answer at his third parole hearing was a fine example for this point. See it here:

[SIDEBAR] Did you NOTICE how the last Parole Officer asked Elis Boyd Redding to sit down? He said him to, “Please sit down,” did he not? Did any of the previous other Parole Officers ask Elis Boyd Redding to sit down? Or, did they give him an order commanding him to sit down? Also, lets look at that word, “Rehabilitated,” for just a moment. REHABIL’ITATEDparticiple passive: Restored to a former rank, right privilege or capacity; reinstated. Now, since Red was still in the Shawshank Prison, had he been “restored,” to his former rank, right privilege and… GET THIS…. “Capacity,” as of that moment, the moment in which he was asked that question?

Think about it this way. IF someone else has to define your liberty for you, then are you ready to undertake all the duties, obligations, and responsibilities, of that liberty? Wasn’t “Red” ultimately seeking “LIBERTY” (not freedom) from the outside governance of the Schoolmaster,” (on steroids) Shawshank Prison? Or, do you still say that he was seeking his, “Freedom?”😢 Is it any different for one seeking liberty from the commercial world’s bankrupt traditions, customs, and rituals, in the religion that worships money in everything it does? 🤔

So then, who wants STATUS? I know of some that do, I’m sorry to say.😢 (They shall remain nameless – a fitting epitaph) But, they cannot be helped because they insist on banking their head. 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😢 (Or, um, would that be better said, “Banging?”) 😁 On the other hand, who wants, “Standing and Capacity?” Now, you know that you cannot have both, right? Don’t be double minded so as to think that you can have both at the same time. That’s a sure sign of instability. In other words, “Reckless ignorance.” That’s why you can only elect one, or the other. Yes, the Doctrine of Elections applies. In short, that doctrine simply says, “That which is included, is not excluded; likewise, that which is excluded is not included.” Simple as pie, easy as cake. 😁

So then, which one, STATUS or Standing & Capacity, results in the abundance of the Kingdom of Heaven, right here, right now, at this very moment, on this earth as it is in Heaven? Just one more question (said exactly as Lieutenant Columbo would say it). IF you don’t ever achieve true Liberty, will you truly ever be happy? That is to say, “full of joy,” as in joyful? Can you see why Patrick Henry said it, “Give me liberty, or give me death?” (Oops! That was two questions. Sorry. 😢)

• Galatians 5:13,
“For you, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love (John 13:31-35 = The Prime Directive), serve one another.”
Did you notice, “…called to liberty,” not to freedom, but liberty? Imagine that. 👀😳😳😳

Did you notice how the New Covenant text speaks of liberty, and how freedom comes through liberty; not, the other way around? Who has poisoned the minds of the people to continue thinking, saying, and shouting for freedom, when freedom is a result of, “Liberty?” Again, not the other way around. In other words, you cannot have freedom absent liberty. There is a natural order, and liberty must come first as it is the foundation that must proceed for true freedom(s) to be possible at all. Anything else is utter nonsense. Perhaps this is why the fore fathers of the American Republic took a very special interest for defining the word, “Liberty,” hm?

Now, notice in the preamble to Constitution FOR the united States of America… “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”  Did you notice that it says, “Blessings of Liberty,” not, “Blessings of Freedom?” Again, maybe Patrick Henry understood this, and that is why he said, “Give me liberty, or give me death?” Not, “Give me freedom, or give me death.” For liberty can only come from one source, and absolutely no other. 🤔  Now, what “source” would that be, and can you PROVE that? (1 Thessalonians 5:21, “…PROVE all things.”)

THEREFORE, THE JUDGEMENT OF THIS COURT IS IN FAVOR FOR “LIBERTY,” though which is the “only way” that one can ever experience true freedom.



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This post was inspired by a post made by Robin Elizabeth. Thank you Robin Elizabeth for inspiring some thoughts worth sharing in honor of, “Freely you have received, freely give.”

Perhaps this will express your frustration in a very potent way, yes? Look Down Slave Notice the lyrics. Specifically the words, “You’re a SLAVE to the law.” Yet, people will proudly say and repeat that this is a, “Nation of Laws.” Why? Where is the love in that? Why are the people still not aware that they are SLAVES under the very same form of law, which is better said, “Color-of-Law,” just the same as the protagonist Jean Valjean, in this play? Have you ever stole a loaf of bread to find out differently?

Furthermore, what was nailed to the cross/stake-of-shame? (Reference Colossians 2:14-15) Since the Anointed One (Christ) did not come to destroy the law, BUT TO FULFILL, then what exactly was nailed to the cross? What exactly was destroyed by the murder of the Redeemer of all Mankind, IF it was not the commercial statutes, codes, rules, and regulations, that make one a “prisoner of the law” under those private copyrighted ‘Color-of-Laws’ that only the ATTORNEY Class (Pharisee’s) administrate all under, as fiduciary Trustee’s for their Benefit, as well as the benefit of the STATE; a FICTION of law at best? (“Equity ignore fictions.” IF so, then what are you doing there? Know ye not that all law is 2-dimensional, but Trusts are of 3-dimensions? Which one is superior then? So, IF one cannot see why this is, then all I can do is encourage one to keep seeking until you do see it.)

Even when 24601 (Jean Valjean’s prisoner number) was released from prison, he was issued only a, “Ticket of leave.” What the HECK is that?! Jean Valjean was still considered to be a prisoner. He was still considered to be under CONTRACT… that is to say, UNDER LAW. But, he was now allowed to be on leave from where he was being quartered, and his labors absconded for the profits of others. How well does that thought sit with you? Well, that’s what the law does. (Here is a video from the 2012 motion picture that shows where and when this piece was sung… Les Miserable cut scene)

• Where is redemption in law?
• Where is justice in law?
• Where is forgiveness in law?
• Where is mercy in law?
• Where is kindness in law?
• Most of all… where is love in the law? (Where Is The Love?)
[I only have one exception to the lyrics in this song. The guidance is NOT from above… it is from WITHIN you, because that is precisely what Yahshua said (Luke 17:20-21) and promised, (“I will not leave you orphans.”) How can this be? The Spirit through the Apostle Peter inspired him to write, “For you have already been given everything you need for Life and Righteousness.” (Paraphrased from 2Peter 1:3-4).]
• Is john 13:34-35 not the Prime Directive of the new and better way to live life?
• How does the Prime Directive not FUFILL all the law that the Creator gave at Mount Sini?
• Since the Creator fulfilled all of His Law, and destroyed all of man’s commercial ‘color-of-law,’ then why continue to elect to play in the commercial game of Commerce?

Jean Valjean said, “I know the meaning of those 19-years… a SLAVE of the law.” That’s what he learned! Why haven’t all the rest of the people also learned this too? Just look a Javert response to what Jean Valjean learned… Javert answered him justifying the brutality of the law. Is that righteousness? Isn’t righteousness required by the Father our Creator to enter into Eternal Life? No wonder it is written then, “the law will not justify you,” Gal 3:11-12. In other words, no one will gain righteousness through the law. They will only gain death, because that is required by law, no matter what form the law takes.

“But that NO ONE IS JUSTIFIED BY THE LAW in the sight of God is evident, for “the just shall live by faith.” (faith = Trust NOT contracts under the law) “Yet the law is not of faith,” (Trust – because law is of CONTRACTS), but “the man who does them shall live by them.” Meaning, the one that engages in such CONTRACTS, thus placing themselves under any form of law, is bound to live by them; and, they shall die by that law too if they do not correct that mistake. For whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in heaven. (Matt 16:19, 18:18)

The Creator requires righteousness as the prerequisite (“Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”), and this is not a negotiable point. This is not the, “Cheap Grace” doctrines of the corporation CHURCHES that sell this unprovable doctrine of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The very important fact is, there is a Will involved. Someone died (actually murdered). That’s why there is a Will. The Testator of that Will gave His Life for all to give the gift of Righteousness no one else could ever perform on their own merits. This is the only gift that leads one to salvation. Therefore, the Testator of that Will is well within His Right as Creator of that Will and Covenant, to make any such requirements that He desires of those who wish to enter into that same Covenant, under the righteousness that one receives as a gift from the Redeemer’s finished work. Now, who would dare have the audacity and arrogance to argue with that point? Don’t make me laugh, because your works, I can assure you, you will not redeem yourself into perfect righteousness. Therefore, they will never-ever be as perfect as the Redeemers perfecting work is. It is the only way.

Yet, the Father through the finished work of His only begotten and beloved Son, provided that missing element securing one’s Redemption (The gift of Righteousness)… but, only to those that choose to “…make their call and election sure,” in compliance with the Will of the Testator. There isn’t any other way. Despite what Hollywood stars like Steve Harvey and/or Oprah Win(bag)frey say. They are spiritually bereft of the matter shared with you in this blog. For there is exactly only one way to receive the gift of righteousness given through the blood sacrifice finished work of the Redeemer, who perfected equity, making the Jubilee permanent for all of those who dwell in the Kingdom under the New and Better Covenant. There is no other way! In short, the Will of the Testator governs all of these things, because He is the one and only appointed, “Heir of ALL things.” (Hebrews 1:1-4) This is not my opinion. This is the Will of the Testator.

So then, why do people keep looking for redemption in law? Why have people not figured out that the law (a schoolmaster) is for slaves/children that do not self-govern, because they have not yet learned how to self-identified themselves to the governing administration? Why do so many people complain about what they have entered themselves into all of their own volition? Why do people accept their identification issued to them from a governing administration, and then when they figure out that something is wrong, they do not pursue correcting that mistake correctly?

“For IF the inheritance is of the law, it is no longer of promise; but God gave it to Abraham by promise,” (Gal 3:18). Again, the form of law matters not, because the resulting effect of ALL law is exactly the same thing… DEATH. Hello Jean Valjean! Why are you so pissed at what the law did to you? Did the law do that to you? Or, did you do that to yourself from volunteering to be UNDER law? So, why not correct that mistake, and especially the one that wronged you? Once again, the solution is a lot simpler said than done. For one must come under the very same promise made to Abraham. The exact same way that Abraham did, because it was only promised to, “Abraham and His seed.”

Who then is the King and Master, and who is the SURETY-SLAVE (with a SUR-NAME=SURETY NAME) rightly assigned the duties of constitutor and fiduciary Trustee? So, if one is going to change this, they will have to accept their responsibility for this mistake. If you do not, then how will you correct that mistake? Nobody put a gun to your head, right? For as long as one thinks/believes they were forced into slavery under the law, then they do not see things correctly, and they shall never be able to correct the mistake that they made by their own volition. Do you see what I just said, and why it is so important to see this?

Therefore, I encourage you all to cease and desist fighting (making war) against those that administrate the law against you. They did not force you to volunteer! “Equity will not aid a volunteer.” You, of your own volition, ELECTED to volunteer. Therefore, until you recognize your culpability in that mistake, correcting that mistake correctly will allude you. That is not my doing. Nor anyone else’s, either. For one either accepts responsibility for everything that one has done, or they automatically become irresponsible looking to place blame and fight everyone that they think caused them such pain. The one that does is a spiritual mess.

Yes, this is a whole lot easier said than done. Why? Because there is a spiritual aspect to ALL of this that the CORPORATION CHURCHES absolutely are unable to teach. All of those 2-dimensional corporation CHURCHES exist in fraud just as the UNITED STATES corporation was a fraud. For those of you that say differently. Where is the scripture in the Will of the Testator that gives power, authority, and/or authorization to incorporate the Body of the Anointed One, the ecclesia, into a 2-dimensional for profit corporation? Think about that. But, don’t take to long because the answer simply is, there is absolutely none! Why would the body, the bride of the Anointed one be given permission to descent into a lesser world? The good news is that the Ecclesia, the body of the called out one’s, never has ever needed a corporation to put it on the map, so-to-speak. For Equity is King and superior to all law having been before all law; thereby having priority, power and authority over all law when Equity is properly expressed through Trust. This is why Kings do all things through Trusts administrated in Equity, not under law of any kind. This is why the sovereign King of all kings, is king of all vassal kings who self-govern their Estates, under His rule and reign in His righteous kingdom.

“Look down! Look down! You’re standing in your grave.”
Answer this one question, but not for me, but for yourselves.
“Are you standing in your grave right now, or are you still digging it?” 🤔


Actually, every “Jot” and “Tittle” (Matt 5:17-20) was fulfilled just as promised, or Yahshua (Jesus, the Christ) is a liar. Right? Now, which is it going to be for you, because it cannot be both? One cannot be “lukewarm” about this either. Didn’t Yahshua say that is what he was sent to do? Do you know what every “Jot” and “Tittle” means? Perhaps a better question is, do you know what, “Fulfilled,” means? I am fairly certain that everyone knows what “Destroyed,” means. Yahshua, came to fulfill, not destroy the law, right? Why? Suffice to say, “fulfill” ≠ “destroy.” So, why fulfill and not destroy, and how are the two different? In other words, the law did not have to be destroyed, but it did have to be fulfilled in order to serve the purpose that it was intended to serve. Right? What other reason would there be to put those two words together in comparison?

Furthermore, why do so many people continue to keep trying to resurrect something that has already been “fulfilled?” In other words, why are people still trying to justify the existence of what has already been fulfilled for use in the New and Better Covenant, when the Christ, Yahshua gave the one and only Commandment that was necessary for the New and Better Covenant? Did Yahshua forget about the 10 commands of the 1st Covenant? No. But, it does appear that the creator of this meme didn’t know about the one new commandment that Yahshua gave. Where does the author of this meme even hint at it?

Have you read Hebrews chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10 to understand the purpose, the reason, and the difference between the 1st Covenant and the 2nd new and better covenant? Is it possible that “fulfillment” of the 1st Covenant had something to do with the establishment of, “A new covenant?” Is this why it is written, “He has made the first obsolete. Now what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away?” Does vanishing have something to do with fulfillment, and not destruction?

Why was it necessary for the 1st Covenant to be finished (“It is finished”), before a new covenant could be established? When Yahshua said, “It is finished,” on the cross/stake-of-shame, did those very words bring about the conclusion of the 1st Covenant and it’s law thereby causing it to fade away in that moment?

Now, IF the 1st Covenant and it’s Law has indeed vanished away, why are so many people trying to resurrect that covenants law after it was made old and obsolete? Let me put this another way: Covenant v1.0 is old and obsolete. But, Covenant v2.0, is one very serious and major upgrade, available for download and install. Now, why would one continue to use an old and obsolete app/operating-system, when the New and Better is available? The best part of the new and better operating system is the fact that it has only one Commandment. [I like to call that one commandment, “The Prime Directive.”] So, when you fulfill the Prime Directive, you fulfill all the law. The law can’t touch you! (MC Hammer would be proud of you – “Can’t Touch This.”)Sadly, I am aware of some who say, “the 10+2.” Well, that equals 12. That doesn’t add up because the 2 are a restatement of the 10, and they are both of the old-obsolete Covenant v1.0. So, why resurrect the law that can only condemn one and can never-ever be justified by? If that doesn’t get the point across in this so-called “modern world,” I don’t know what else will.

To the lovers of law. Didn’t you get the memo about the law being fulfilled? Do you not know that, “No one is justified by the law,” and that the law can only condemn you? Yes, you can still elect to be under law, but why would you do that and literally condemn yourself? The Law can never be the catalyst through which one can receive the gift of righteousness.

If one has obtained the gift of righteousness, then how have they not complied with the Will of the Creator/Testator our Father who requires nothing less than, “be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven is perfect?” Know ye not that righteousness can only be obtained one way and that bestows perfection upon the one that receives that gift through the finished work that perfected equity… which is how the Redeemer judges all people.

Again, and I know I am sounding a bit like a broken record. Why do people keep seeking to resurrect the dry bones of the law, which has already been made obsolete by its fulfillment? Sorry. I know that some of you will find these questions disturbing. To that I say, “Good!” This should be a disturbance to you. But, it is a, “good disturbance.” The kind of disturbance that keeps one awake at night. In as much as the united States of America has been referred to as a, “Nation of laws,” would it be better said to be a, “Nation of Love; a people, who cling to the Will and Way of our Creator and Father revealed to us by the example of His only begotten and beloved Son who showed us what Love is by His deeds?”

John 13:31-35, have you ever read it? Why did Yahshua say, “A new commandment I give to you?” Why a NEW one? Did Yahshua say, “I add a new commandment to the previous 10 making them 11 now?” No, certainly not! So then, why do people not see this connection; not see, the simplicity of this one commandment that is the way to fulfill all law and be pleasing to the Father?

Maybe Yahshua knew that He was sent to “Fulfill” the old 10 commandments (codicil; the Law added to the 1st Covenant promise of a Redeemer to deliver all of mankind from death) and NOT to destroy them, because He knew that all that was necessary to conclude the 1st Covenant administration of law, was to fulfill the law perfectly, which would result in “Perfect Equity,” and the very reason why we have what is written in Psalm 98:9 and Acts 17:31.

Maybe Yahshua knew that fulfillment was all that was necessary to bring the law and its 1st Covenant to a peaceful ending making null and void the judgment of the law, by the judgment of the Redeemer. For IF the judgment of the law is not death, then what else can it be? Eternal Life? Certainly not!

Now, you should know why I find this meme both repulsive and double minded. The creator of this meme does not take into consideration the new commandment given in the passage of John 13:31-35. The words being, “A New Commandment I give to you,” are key words. At the very least, for those of you still stuck in your law way of thinking, there is no longer 10 commandments, but 11 at least. How can there not be? Did Yahshua lie? So, why don’t those that think of the law include the new commandment given by Yahshua with all of the original 10 given under the 1st Covenant? 🤔

Furthermore, consider the words that the Apostle Paul to the ecclesia in Rome written in Romans 13:8-10. The meme creator reads that area under a blindfold (John 9:41). So read it and, specifically take notice of the words, “Love FULFILLS the law,” and, also take notice of the fact that only the last 5 commandments are referenced within that passage, not all 10. What?! Did Paul have a senior (Joe Biden) moment? (“You know… the thing…”) [Awkward silence – shrugs shoulders… moves on…} IF not, then why is that?!

Is it because that IF one Love’s one another, that one would never consider doing anything against these; therefore, they do not need the LAW to instruct them to NOT do them? Maybe that is why the law is liken unto a School Master as it is intended for children? Maybe that is why it was not destroyed?

Moreover, is that not saying that when one fulfills, “Love one another as I have loved you,” they will be fulfilling all the law? So then, IF one’s entire focus, intent and purpose is to, “Love one another,” then how can anyone be found guilty under the law? Has not one then graduated out from under the need for the law to continue to be their, “School Master?”

*Sigh. It really is that simple. But, it is difficult to get to this point, because, as we have all experienced in this world, is the firm foundation of lies that this world is built upon. But, that too, is part of the testing of your Trust. To bad HWA and his crew of trained clones (ministers) could not see this; could not make this connection. There might be a whole lot of people better off than they are today.

Is it possible for one to serve two masters and be found to be stable in all their ways? (Matthew 6:24) What exactly does, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues,” actually mean to you? What is the practical application that manifests the plagues it warns will be the resulting effect for continuing in the folly of her conduct? (In other words, her bankrupt traditions, customs and rituals)

Is the contract that one has unwittingly enter into with the STATE, written in blood? If so, then whose blood is it written in? Did you not pledge your labor, your life and even your love too. Yes, even your love. For the execution of that contract? In other words, how else did you obtain permission from the STATE, to use PROPERTY OF THE STATE in exchange for your pledge to the STATE in Suretyship with your own blood, sweat and tears? Since it takes blood to redeem one. How else can one obtain the use of property that does not belong to one other that by and through a pledge of their own blood?

In contrast, we have a Trust that provides coverture in love with forgiveness and eternal life through the blood of a Redeemer that is the very first RES/PROPERTY that is, “Trust Special Deposited,” into a New and Better Covenant of Love and Trust that is “Granted” by the Creator and sealed in the blood of the Redeemer, His only begotten and beloved Son in whom He is well pleased?

Isn’t that why the Redeemer is the one and only appointed, “…heir of ALL things?” Or, can you blood fulfill all the law and bring all the righteousness that the Redeemer blood brought to us? So then, whose blood seals that sacred Trust, which is a Covenant of Love and Trust having a Peace Treaty, and provisions for a wedding?

Now, why does one want to still remain under contract with the STATE using their own blood to guarantee their love, life and labor for the benefit of the STATE, for the revocable permission that will allow them to make use of STATE property? Just this one other small question. Does the contract you unwittingly made with the STATE guarantee you forgiveness, mercy, and most importantly Eternal Life? So then, IF NOT, why aren’t you bolting for the door already saying, “See ya! I’ve got another, “appointment,” that I am already late for?”

Dan presents, “you’re the trustee,” in a 4-min, 6-sec video

(defined by Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary)
INDU’CEverb transitive [Latin induco; in and duco, to lead.]

1. To lead, as by persuasion or argument; to prevail on; to incite; to influence by motives. [e.g. “The emperor could not be induced to take part in the contest.”]

2. To produce by influence. [e.g. “As this belief is absolutely necessary for all mankind, the evidence for inducing it must be of that nature as to accommodate itself to all species of men.”]

3. To produce; to bring on; to cause; as a fever induced by extreme fatigue. [e.g. “The revolution in France has induced a change of opinions and of property.”]

4. To introduce; to bring into view. [e.g. “The poet may be seen inducing his personages in the first Iliad.”]

5. To offer by way of induction or inference. [Not used.]
(COMMENT: Does the 5th definition actually imply/suggest some
(form of manipulation and/or coercion can be utilized to make one
(think wrong about the results… as in you will be the “Beneficiary,”
(when the truth is you will not be, and never can be?
Dan presents… “W H O told you Gen 3:11 The Leviathan social contract”

Is Dan actually hinting in a very subtle-coy way that the “Flat Earth” syndrome, which has infected many, and distracts many, is a lie perpetuated by the WHO? 😂 (Nice connection, yes?) “It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,” Isaiah 40:22. Now, since the circle can refer to both the orbit of the earth, and directly to the earth itself, what’s the difference? Does the earth being flat, or not, have any effect upon the finished work of salvation? Is it more important to make one’s call and election sure, by working out one’s salvation with reverence and awe, than work on what is the condition of the earth? Isn’t both the earth and its orbit circles? After that, what does it matter? Just sit back and enjoy the ride, yes? Because, I will bet the farm that you cannot control it, and I will win.

Dan presents, “Birth Certificate and the Birth Registration Statement review” Give (notice I did not say, “pay”) your close attention to what Dan says herein this video. Dan delineates, very clearly, the difference between a Statement, and a Certificate. That is important to know because, facts are determined by statements, not by certificates, which as Dan pointed out, are only extracts that are unsighted. In other words, where are the witnesses? Are not all things established by the mouth of two or more witnesses? So, can you see that you’ve been framed, and that you allowed yourself to remain in that frame? No one else forced you into this, but you allowed yourself to remain in that situation and circumstance by and through your silence.

You got framed by accusation. Guess what?! That accusation will stand true until you change it; IF ever you do. So then, that is why you affirmed and confirmed that accusation.

You see, one elected to remain silent, failing to change your address. That is to say… putting it another way, failing to change, and state for the record, wherein one has placed their Trust; NOT, changing the NAME! That accomplishes nothing to effectively change one’s relationship with Government.

What do you think a Judge take silent judicial notice of, but the original record? What does a Judge check for? Thank you for asking. A Judge is checking to see if one has ever changed the original record from the defaulted record that was established the day one was born from their Mothers womb? (Statement/Application for Live Birth) In other words, did you correct the accusation that your Mother made asINFORMANTT? And, what exactly is that accusation? Or, have you left that accusation unchanged so that the accusation still stands?

There is why your “Standing,” is made know for what it is, because one does not even know what they have been accused of by their own Mother since the day they were born. (Clue: The answer is NOT on the Birth Certificate.) Think about that for a few moments. I am talking about where you stand, and that standing is the very reason why one’s Mother accused them as Informant of the accusation made against them. Now, what could that be? So, once again, I ask you, what are you being accused of? The original record is where from one is made known (Yeah, just like “Mademan” in the la cosa nostra). But, IF one does not break the original record via correcting the accusation of that record, then where will one stand? I will only tell you this much more about that accusation. Government agents of all ranks and positions will not dare touch you IF you have ever corrected that accusation correctly. It will actually put fear into them for daring any act and/or action that goes against that correct correction. Now, for the last time. What is the accusation that needs to be corrected? Yes, I am going to leave that answer up to you. For I have given more than enough clues in all of my blogs. But, the answer should be very easy for anyone who has a relationship with their Creator, to figure out.

So then, who cares what the NAME of the Earthly Estate is. Know ye not that the NAME is of the Earthly Estate that one inherited from the 1st Adam matters not? Is it not true that to change a NAME that one still needs permission from the STATE to do that? What does that say about to whom one is bowing a knee? So, why do that? Nothing really changes. Are you beginning to see why the NAME CHANGE game is a distraction keeping one from actually changing what really does matter; starting with the heart, and where they place their trust and allegiance and why.

Are you the living soul, or are you the NAME? That is why changing the NAME is irrelevant malarkey that commercial-commerce guru’s are making what they love most from… MONEY! Unfortunately, far to many of you are an easy ‘touch’ for them. So then, make no mistake about this. These so-called commercial-commerce guru’s love money more than they love you. That should be more than enough proof. However, the glaring proof is the fact that they keep on CHARGING you for their paperwork, their conferences, their seminars, and so on and so forth, and you still keep achieving NOTHING. No change in your “STATUS,” as so many have been programmed and indoctrinated to say and repeat because, status is the wrong word.

Why don’t these commercial-commerce guru’s speak of the blood of the New and Better Covenant as the solution for changing one’s “Status,” and not just changing CONTRACTS through the NAME CHANGE GAME, continuing to use your own blood as “surety” to guarantee repayment for debts one has volunteered into? So, do you know what they prove by not doing so? They prove that they are no better than the religious corporations (yes, churches), which are also only interested in profit (their god MONEY), and not helping others in love to know and understand what will actually changes one’s “Capacity” while they sojourn upon this earth and literally change their relationship not only with all the governments (administrations) of this world; the world of the Living-DEAD, but especially with their Creator-God through His Redeemer, which absolutely has to be done first for that change to applied toward all other things.

The NAME of one’s Earthly Estate inherited through the 1st man Adam could easily be “Three Little Pigs,” and it would not matter one single bit what it has been NAMED. It is still the same thing, and the accusation of the original record still stands uncorrected. The only thing that matters is, who are you in relation to that NAME and why, and under was capacity and law is that relationship going to proceed? What really does matter is where do you live, and especially how do you live. So, do you see that IF you do not know how to speak for yourself… IF you do not know how to express your intent and trust, then that will automatically be determined for you as it was when you turned the Age of Majority, and said nothing to express those things. After all, “Silence is acquiescence,” is it not?

For such a determination is in fact, the difference between Life and Death. No pressure! It’s only a life or death decision that I am actually talking about. People make those choices all the time, right? Nevertheless, it should go without saying that IF one elects to remain silent, then one will be electing to continue to experience death in and of the world of the Living-DEAD.

After all, that is the world that one was born into from their Mother’s womb, and there is not one thing anyone can do about that ‘Fact-of-Life,’ EXCEPT to change their mind and disposition concerning that fact-of-life,… later-on, when one comes into the knowledge and understanding for why and how one being, “Born Again,” “Born from above,” “Born anew creation,” changes one’s relationship with their Creator, through the finished work of His beloved son, as Redeemer, which then directly affects one’s relationship with all the governments of men. Now, do you see why correcting one’s address and the accusation, not the NAME, corrects the mistake of not having expressed one’s will and intent when they became of the Age of Majority?

Nevertheless, “Speak now, or forever hold your peace.” As in speak, express and make it known by the memorization of the correction of the original record that your will and intent is to be in-trust and trust-in the one that created you and gave you your life, and pledge your love, life and liberty for doing all things in accordance with His Will, His Way and His Word. IF one can do this, then to that one I can and will confidently say that you will know and experience Life, and that Life will most certainly be more abundant.

A Prayer to Calm Fear

Posted: Tuesday, August 4, 2020 in Born Without Money

Abba… Father in heaven…
Your name is hallowed and sacrosanct.
Thank you for being near to my heart and near to me.
Thank you for living in me, and for living in the temple that you so neatly knitted together without hands.

Through the finished work of your beloved son, you are my kinsmen redeemer, the one and only begotten, and beloved son in whom you are well pleased.
Thank you for seeing me and listening to me, through the blood of his venerated sacrifice.

You take delight in me with gladness; and sign over me with song.
And, in your strength and eternal unending love; you calm all my fears,
I am so thankful for your strength and its covering and coverture through the covenant of love and trust, established by your hand eternally forevermore.

You gather and redeem those who have been mocked, shamed and burdened with unjust reproaches.
You restore the nameless with your name as adopted sons, co-heirs and brides with the name of the bridegroom, your beloved son.
Whatever you speak is accomplished and done.

May you bless my heart with calm when fear begins to lurk.
May I remember and never forget that you are my Creator and Savior.
For whatever comes my way today, I shall not fear because your strength is working in me through the promised Comforter to bring calm, relief and rest.

There is no need to fear.
For you are Sovereign, my Sovereign; therefore, you are in control.

Inspired by Zephaniah 3:16-20

NOTICE To All Sincere Seekers

Posted: Sunday, September 8, 2019 in Born Without Money

There has been much shared regarding the solution, and where to find the answers and why, “The Solution Cannot be Shared, and Will Not Be Shared, Until One Dies.” However, apparently, is it still impossible for many to comprehend (or even glimpse, for that matter) “The Solution,” because of a confused mind?  My case and point, reference one specific comment from a poster named “Gaz”  in a previous blog post, “The Roads of Life & Death.”  ( Reading such a post should not only turn one’s stomach, but it also reveals the struggles that many are faced with as a result of: wrong presuppositions, incorrect knowledge, erroneous beliefs, compromised by having only the legal-cult’s definitions of words, terms, precepts, and concepts regarding, “remedy,” in lieu of what only pure Equity can provide… “Relief.”

Why do you think I keep pointing to Psalm 98:9 over and over? “…for He comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world with righteousness, and the peoples with equity.” How many of you know and understand why this is so important? Why this difference is so much greater than being judged with law that is absent of equity? And why, Equity is the only way that one can obtain “Relief” from the automatic death sentence that one is currently living under as a Citizen of anyone of the many Nation-States of this bankrupt and insolvent world? I really would like to hear some thoughts about this. However, I think that most are still AWOL/UA from really recognizing the reality of their current situation and circumstances. So, I won’t hold my breath, cuz…  (LINK)

So where can one begin the correction?

It starts with one changing ones mind about what one agrees (‘believes‘ – better word “Trusts“) the solution is.  For some it started with answering a simple question: ‘What is “right?” and, ‘What is “wrong?” and, is what is missing from the presentations: i.e. the Confusion and Unraveled and webinars?

Then, to reveal this exact difficulty even more plainly, we found another teacher of “trusts” and “equity” leave his own group, because of this exact same problem. Christian Walters, who taught, “New Trust Technology,” left his own group to start, “Kingdom of God with Equity Eyes.” His presentation and reasons for doing this was the beginning of answering the above question.

Today the conversation has moved off of FAKEBOOK, and onto the platform “Minds.” there you can find the first Blogs that started laying the foundation for this new wisdom:

1. Why the 7 Liberating Arts & Sciences are only requirement for Sovereign Learning
2. to understand “Duty of Care,” and why a proper definition of law, government and justice is needed? what is equity?
4. the “test” is about to happen for “walking the ecclesia bridge” over the bankrupt traditions of church-state-money:
5. What is The Ecclesia? Is It A Church? A Cult? Is It Important?
6. What is Covenant Creation & why is it important?
7. Anti-Thought Control Dictionary
8. The Solution Cannot Be Shared, and Will Never Be Shared, UNTIL One Dies!

from there you can read more regarding:
Quick Summary of “The Lost Tools of Learning:”

…we let our young men and women go out unarmed, in a day when armour was never so necessary.  By teaching them all to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word.  By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words.  They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off or, blunt their edge or, fling them back; they are a prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects.

Then there are the Groups:
1. Hospitality Fellowship:
2. U.S.of A. v U.S., The Loss of Legal Memory of the American State:
… and of course….
3. Born in Equity:

So then, did anyone truly NOT get any, “step-by-step” instruction and/or the change of mind needed regarding where the solution is f-o-u-n-d? Or, is the problem one still knows too much such as with Gaz’s comment mentioned in the previous blog? Or, is that not so, because one is blinded to the solution one claims to be truly seeking, and/or is completely bereft of the spirit of truth (Ruach) to guide them into it?

choice is, as always, up to each and everyone:
. . . one can “elect” to be a victim and/or a snowflake,…
. . . one can “elect” to, “…make their call and election sure,” and become an overcomer…  which will it be for you? And that decision actually does start, right now!
So, are you going to become a source for, “Love one another as I have loved you?” (link) and conform to the Will of the creator-abba-father through his beloved son, or continue in bankruptcy, lack and limitation as a volunteer surety-slave of this world? Everyone has to make this choice, whether you like it or not, whether your agree with this or not. Those are the only two choices… rebellion, or obedience.

The Roads of Life & Death

Posted: Saturday, July 27, 2019 in Born Without Money

Life is like two board games.
One board game is called, “Life®.”
One board game is called, “MONOPOLY®” which shall be referred to as DEATH.

The object of the game of Life is to fulfill and live by the tantamount rule of, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

The object of the game of the Death is to, “Bankrupt all thy neighbors,” at all cost, so that you can be declared the one and only winner; superior to all others. 

One cannot play the board game of Life®,
by the rules of the board game of DEATH (Monopoly®).

Likewise, one cannot play the board game of DEATH (Monopoly®)
by the rules for the board game of Life®.
For the two board games are not only completely different, but they are both also highly incompatible.

Therefore, the rules for playing in the world of the dead game (CITIZENS of all nation-states of this Earth, no exceptions), also known as Monopoly®, are EXCLUDED from the board game of Life®. Likewise, the rules for playing the board game of Life® (Kingdom of the Messiah on this Earth as it is in Heaven, right here, right now, at this very moment) are EXCLUDED from the board game of the game of DEATH that the DEAD play everyday (MONOPOLY®). Do you perceive these things with, ‘Sight beyond Sight?‘ Perhaps you can see the practical application of these things in the Maxim of Law, “That which is included is NOT Excluded; likewise, that which is Excluded is NOT Included?” Do you see yet?

Now, for those of you who have reasoned that you can play both board games at the same time, CONGRATULATIONS! You just proved that you are with a double mind, and are very unstable in all your ways. Indeed, this is not a proud moment for you.

One can only play one game, at any given time. For no one is allow to play in both games at the same time, ever. For such shenanigan’s prevents the players from playing with all of their time, energy and effort. For one shall be dedicated to only one board game and nothing else. That is the Order of Things. That is the Rule. and no one can break that rule, ever. Else, the one attempting to play in both games, at the same time, will be torn between the two board games, and not be able to give their 100% all for one game, which one must do. Do you see how and why, “No man can serve two masters,” applies?

By default one is born as a player of the board game of Monopoly®. (Galatians 4:1-7) No one gets to choose the game they want to play as a newly born offspring. That is to say… as a New Player. The default has been determined and set, and one can only comply with it. For this Rule is not negotiable, and for good reason, cause.

However, one can change which game that they are going to continue to play… upon reaching the Age of Majority, and NEVER before that time! For one must know and must understand the ramifications of ceasing to play MONOPOLY®, and starting to play Life®. For much greater are the duties, obligations and responsibilities. Yes! That is correct. Life does not mean that will float around on a cloud all day long playing their harp.

Again, there is absolutely no negotiations for how one ceases to play MONOPOLY® and starts to play Life®. There are certain specific rules that one must comply with completely, and those rules have not changed. They will not change; furthermore, they will never change. One can count on that; one can bank on that, one can Trust on that. Those rules will always be the same, yesterday, today, and forever. Or, would your much rather continue to play MONOPOLY® wherein the rules can literally change day-to-day, week-to-week, year-to-year? So then, certain specific requirements must be met. Or, changing from the game of DEATH(MONOPOLY®) will not be allowed. Again, this is not negotiable. These rules are set by the Chief Cornerstone who is with everything right to make ALL of the Rules for BOTH games!

So then, do not deceive yourself to think for one second that one can play in the game of Life®, and also play in the bankrupt game of death, MONOPOLY®, at the same time. For there is no part of DEATH(MONOPOLY®) that will ever transfer and convert into Life® In other words, for those of you with, “Eyes to see, and ears to hear what the Spirit (Ruach) says,” one then knows that there is nothing in and of the World of Death, which one is automatically born into, and is issued a piece to play, MONOPOLY® day-in-and-day-out, that is “redeemable” and can be “converted” for use in the game of Life®. (Revelation 18:4-5; 22:15)

First, let me start by saying, No! This is does not mean, or mean to imply, the death wherein one ends up, Going to Heaven. That kind of malarkey comes from and, is taught by indoctrination to those in and of the bankrupt world of the dead. That bankrupt customary phrase, “Going to heaven,” is a bunch of frivolous gobbledygook taught to the spiritually bereft, who never question its legitimacy, or check into it for themselves for their-own good, education and edification. So, I am not talking about the so quaintly put, “Dirt-nap.”

So, take a deep breath and, have a grand sigh of relief. That ‘bankrupt custom’ is not even close to what I am saying, or implying. The fact is Revelation 18:4-5 is no joke. Look around you! You are living in the very world that suffers from failing to comply with that admonishment. Do you really like the current address that you have? Probably not, but some actually might. Nevertheless, “Coming out of her,” is not an option. It is a requirement of the Will of the Testator that is absolutely NOT negotiable.

So then, one can understand why that requirement will be met with FULL compliance, or else one is never going to be free of the bankrupt, tax-paying, fine-paying, fee-paying, pay-for-everything out of your-own pocket, world of the DEAD administration over “your” (which is really isn’t) “Life, Liberty and Property.” That’s right, your Life is not really your-own-life, or your liberty, or your property. You and I did not pay for it in full. Beside, with exactly what would give to pay for it anyway that would be deemed to valuable enough? Borrowed FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, gold bars, silver coins? Hahahahaha! Don’t make me laugh. Nevertheless, you can bank on being governed UNDER an outside source, until one does comply with the Will. No matter how long it takes. No matter what it takes. That is absolutely for certain. Oh, that also does include one’s birthright inheritance and estate, too. ({Psst!} Just an FYI again…it’s NOT really yours.) For there is ONLY one way out of the world of the DEAD. That means that the is absolutely no two ways about that one way either. Although, it is known to me that quite a number of dumb-asses do still “claim” that there is more than one way, in all the brilliance of their ignorance.

So then, let me be blunt. For those of you that are atheistic in your so-called “beLIEfs.” (which is far too many) None of the following is ever going to do you any good. No matter how hard you try to make things work for you. Or, think that you can find away around these things to make them work for you. You’re failure is as self-assured as a fly hitting the windshield of a passing car on the expressway. In short, you can only fail because you deny that you are a created soul/spirit with a loving Creator. So, nothing herein will “work” for you. Therefore, do not waste with this. Just, move along. Nothing to see here.

Again, putting things bluntly. There is nothing to see and/or read here for the godless creator-less individuals, who put themselves into the mess of this physical existence. Since you who call yourselves “Atheist” are so proud of your own power then, “…work out your own salvation…” with the powerless-powers that you think you have. And, never mind the laughter that you hear all the time in the background caused from all of the folly of your beliefs and endeavors. And, Mr. & Ms Atheist, since you are so powerful, why and/or how did you ever put yourself in such pathetic circumstance? One would think that with as much power as you CLAIM to have, would have done better than the existence that you currently have, and treated themselves better than this, hm, yes? Perhaps you do not have as much power as you dream/think yourself to have, hm?

The same goes for you Churchianity/Common-Law types too. If you cannot see how the CORPORATION-CHURCHES has aided and abetted in the corruption and destruction, (“my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” Hosea 4:6), and aided in maintaing a ‘spiritually bereft culture of people,’ then nothing within the context of these blogs, is ever going to point one in the direction out of that folly. Besides, that is not my job, purpose, intent, or function.

Oh, I am aware that some are experiencing successes in AT-LAW COURTS. And, some of those so-called ‘successes’ have been with the aid of some Maxim’s of Equity. But, that Equity is not pure. It is only by ‘characteristic.’ In other words, it is given the illusion of equity, but since it is commingled with LAW, that makes the Equity impedite. What that means, is that the success is hollow because, one has not separated themselves from the need to still be under the governing administrators. That is what this journey sojourning on the land called Earth, is all about. Until you have achieved that, you have not experienced any so-called “success” worthy of report. That means that one will be back in a AT-LAW COURT, sooner, or later. So, how many times will you and others have to repeat that lesson before you finally have had enough of playing the game of monopoly under the rule and rules of bankruptcy? How long will it take for one to desire to stop playing MONOPOLY®” and start actually playing, Life®?” I do not mean as a game either. I am not talking games here. They are just being used as an example to demonstrate the ginormous differential.

Basically, if one suffers from the indoctrination of a Religious Organization of any kind, in and of Churchianity, or even once removed…”nondenominational churchianity,” then one is actually in no better condition than the Atheist. Yes! I just did say that. This applies to both those that dwell in pews, whether weekly, bi-yearly, or whatever interval. As well as, for those that no longer are going to “Church” on any given day, but still stick to the corporations interpretations of The Holy Bible. Yes, this is blunt! I did not say…that I was NOT going to be blunt, did I? For that bluntness, I used a 2×6. Next time, I’ll be using a 2×8.

For I have encountered far to many people that THINK that they are ready to undertake this journey, but have not yet separated themselves not only from the dead and bankrupt traditions, customs and rituals, of THIS WORLD. But, especially, the dead and bankrupt indoctrination, traditions, customs, rituals, teachings and preachings of some tax-exempt corporation, that is registered with Caesar as a Certified Church. Do you get my point?That ought to give you so-called “Christians” a BIG clue right off the bat that something is severely amiss.

Really, do you actually think that the Will of the Testator, having to do with Eternal Life, can be known, understood and partaken through something that is DEAD? Who among you does not know that ALL of the Corporation Churches (Churchianity), begged Caesar/Government, another man as Agent/Principal/Assign, for a tax exempt status (IRS FORM 1023) benefit? Does that not tell you something right there?

That’s begging for a benefit from an equally created soul no different than you. What are you doing praying to another man in a corporate cloak, as if he/she/it were your Creator?Does it make any sense to pray to another man through APPLICATION if that one is just a mere man cloaked behind a CORPORATE Title? Think about it! Think about how silly it is to ask an equal for a benefit that costs you everything… in exchange for that benefit? Welcome to the primary operational tactic of the world of the DEAD. Yep, you got that government-corporation issued benefit. But, you gave up Eternal Life in its place. You got a great deal! NOT! You got a stupid deal…Esau!

Nothing DEAD can ever deliver anything to the Living! What part of that don’t you get? What part of that does not make sense? What part of that does make sense? The DEAD can never touch and/or interact with the Living. The DEAD do not have and/or experience Life, Liberty, and Property! Only the Living do through the Life that they have been give and received through the one and only True Owner.

So, how is one going to find Life, Liberty and Happiness while sitting dwelling in the pew of a corporation that is DEAD? Do you see my point? It’s a contradiction… a major contradiction of terms. The two are highly incompatible. Do you not know and understand that pews are just staging spaces, for the bodies that are deposited from the pews, directly into their caskets? What about Matthew 16:25-26 “…or whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or, what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” You don’t even own your soul (Ezekiel 18:4). Yet, some of you will laugh at this, and claim in all the brilliance of your ignorance, that you do, lol. Tell me again… how can you pay for anything, and how everything has NOT already been paid for in-full? Furthermore, tell me how does, “No man can serve two masters,” apply to this too? I am still waiting for someone to actually answer, and NOT with the frivolous ‘churchianity gobbledygook malarkey,’ or the even more pathetic patriot-sovereignty double-minded double-talk speak. I still hear silence. I still hear a lot of frivolous claims of benighted delusional grandeur.

If you sit in a pew, you are actually sitting in the… “DEAD Man’s Waiting Room.” (Take a number please!) That’s right…you’re DEAD, and proof of that is the action of merely sitting in a religious organizations pew. But, do not worry, that MONEY that you deposited into that plate as it passed by, will assure you that you are not in and of the world the DEAD. After all, “God” needs your money to do his work, right? The DEAD can have absolutely nothing to do with Life and the Living. “No one can serve two masters.” Caesar is the god of the DEAD, the Creator is the god of the Living through the Messiah. So, the world of the DEAD is purposed to keep one locked in the very same world that it administrates and has ordained authority (Romans 13:1-7) over the DEAD. That is the single priority purpose of CHURCHIANITY. How do you like your pews now?

So then, this is why one needs to be at least 10-years out of the CORPORATION 501(c)(3) CERTIFIED CHURCH and RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS (Churchianity), before they start to see things in accordance with the Will of the Testator. The time frame will differ for the rare few here and there. Nevertheless, the purpose is to allow one to come down off the false high that CHURCHIANITY indoctrinates one into in its many “pews,” that one voluntarily enters into. Furthermore, one must also have engaged in their own studies and research to prove that one has, “reached the time appointed of the father,” (Gal 4:1-2) and has “studied to show thyself approved” (Trustworthy of being appointed a Trustee in and of the abba-father’s house through et-mashiyach, 2Tim2:15 & 2Tim3:15-16) of the Will of the Testator, absent the doctrines, traditions and folly of the corporation churches. Yes, this is no small thing for the reason why one is admonished to come out of her and stop participating in her sin, (Rev 18:4-5).

From such studies one will come to see and know and why Equity overcomes law. That is to say why Equity ALWAYS prevails over law. One will also come to know and understand why the New and Better Covenant, fully and completely, displace and replaced the Old Covenant and all of its commandments. Then it is very possible that one just might come to see and know why and how the New and Better Covenant is a Trust completely separate from the Old Covenant. (A New Deal…so to speak…that is a much better deal, made, done and accomplished for a good and righteous purpose).

I am not kidding either. If one cannot see these things and learn these things from listening to the Holy Spirit (Ruach) teach them, which can be one’s ONLY guide and teacher… that guides one into all truth… then for certain these things that are written of herein, shall not gain you a thing. Nevertheless, just as I pointed out earlier, these things will be tested for…BEFORE any solution will ever be shared with anyone. I can assure you, this point, is not negotiable, for a very-very good reason, and that too shall remain hidden if one cannot prove that they have died. The secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven on this Earth, as it is in Heaven, are NOT for the dogs outside. That is a prohibition of the creator abba father himself.

And, yes, I do expect some will convince themselves that they can make it past these tests. So then, to those that dare to think of such folly, I say this unto you. Absolutely make no mistake about this. One is only fooling themselves if they should ever think that they can pull a fast one, and turn anything shared after proof of death, with the world of the DEAD, and turn any kind of profit from it. One will be risking a whole lot more than just their Eternal Life. (Hebrews 10:31) The Just live in Trust and by Trust; trust me. Breach that Trust again and there will be absolutely no returning from that error. (Hebrews 6:4-6)

Do you recall the money-changers that got their asses kicked for turning the Temple into a house of repute? (Prostitution) You would be lucky just to experience the mild spanking that they received for their mischieviousness. But, in this case, you will not. What you will earn in consequence will be much-much greater and graver than the way the money-changers were treated, receiving the consequences that they righteously earned and deserved for their folly.

Thus their endeavors were NOT profitable for them at all; besides, that would be theft. No one will make any kind of profit off of the knowledge of the kingdom established on this Earth as it is in Heaven, A.D.70, except for the Owner. Why? For the one and only appointed Heir of ALL things, is in deed and fact, the one and only true owner and beneficiary of ALL things, and he, paid for ALL things in-full. If that is not good enough for you, then take your argument up with him. Don’t even try to kill the messenger.

So then, everything else is theft, because it all belongs to him as heir, beneficiary and owner. Are you a thief? That’s the role one has been playing/acting in with the identity that the world of the DEAD gave, taught and indoctrinated you into. So what! One can still correct that mistake at any time. Yes, that is the role that one is born into. But, one does not have stay put in that role. Were you aware of that? The requirements of the Will of the Testator are not negotiable, and the Testator Will has mandated that there is a way for one to righteously enter into His no commerce, no love of money, Kingdom. Now, do you have even the slightest idea how that requirement is actually carried out?

This is why this journey is NOT about MONEY! Don’t ever thing that it is! And, do not ever think that one can take the knowledge of the solution, and turn a profit with it. Never forget the example of Simon the Sorcerer (Acts 8:9-25) who attempted to literally buy/purchase the power and authority of the Holy Spirit (Ruach) with MONEY… Simon’s foreign god. Just look at what happened to him.

For another potent example, look at what happened to Ananias, and his wife Sapphira in Acts 5:1-11. If one thinks that they can get away with lying about these things, or their motivations, they had better think again. For the only one that is fooled, is the fool that thinks he/she has fooled all others. So, now I hope you see, do not mess around with these matters. For the one doing so shall be the only one that regrets that massive mischievous decision. If one ever does think that they can accomplish fooling/lying to the Holy Spirit (Ruach) one will set into motion not only something that they cannot stop, but also something that they will very much regret more than any thing else in the world of lack and limitation. Sound ominous? This is very much intended to be, to provoke, inspire, and admonish very serious caution and thought about this very matter, and the fact that it is never-ever to be taken lightly. I trust that I have made my point…very well, yes?

So then, remember this and MARK MY WORDS… you might be able to trick some people sometimes, but you will never-ever trick, fool, or con the creator, your creator yahuwah (god)… who created you. Seriously, do you really want to risk even thinking that you can? Well, if you do, then go right on ahead. Bet the farm. But, before you do, I can tell you this much upfront without even seeing the results of the folly you have elected to engage, and what the outcome of that foolishness will be…….you lose! Even worse, you’ve already lost, even before you have begun. Only the very seriously benighted and spiritually bereft would even entertain such an incompetent and benighted idea. It is my hope that you are not that stupid.

What is hell? Where is hell? Let me share with all of you, what I have come to know about what hell is, and even where hell is, and why it even exists in the first place. Yes, you may think that you know. But, the truth is any understanding of hell that comes from the incorporated churches and their religions, is incorrect. For hell is not a place that one can go, or even be sent to. Hell is actually where one was born, and was born into. What the hell are you saying? Well, yes, I am saying this very planet that is called Earth is hell-central, and now I will show you why that is true.

Earth-hell, is the default location for all newborn babies, born in the image and after the likeness of the first-man-adam. So, one does not, “Go to hell,” because, one is already there, right now. (1Peter 3:18-20 & Matthew 10:28) Yes, I know. No one has ever said that to you before. But now, since I have broken that barrier, and you know that you already abide therein, no one can ever scare you with that lie again, can they? So then, what are you doing to do to change being born into hell by default? Anything? Anything at all? Why not? What do you have to fear since you now know that your very starting point in life actually is hell?

Perhaps now, one can learn and figure out what one need to know and understand so that there “Address,” is not in hell anymore? Perhaps this little tid-bit of knowledge puts into perspective a different understanding of why redemption by blood was necessary for the creation of a New and Better Covenant (a Covenant of Trust) replacing entirely an Old Covenant of burdensome law? What do you want to do with this knowledge now? Are you aware that the Old Covenant demanded and required death for failure to comply with all of its laws, perfectly? Think about that. One was born into a death sentence. Do think that is even fair? What if it is fair because, it was deemed necessary for the testing of one’s integrity, fortitude, fidelity, and trustworthiness? What if the way of testing for these qualities and attributes is the most fair, right and righteous way for achieving maximum success and the best possible results, for everyone being tested? Now, would you agree with the method of testing as the best way to do things? Oh, I know, you do not like being born under a death sentence. Well, read on then. You just might find out that this way is indeed the best way for accomplishing things.

Commerce. Commerce is the ongoing perpetual war that is in direct conflict with the admonishment to become a, “Peacemaker.” All commerce practiced and performed, is done for the, “Love of money,” (1 Tim 6:10) not for honoring and keeping the two greatest commandments of the New and Better Covenant (Matthew 26:24-40). The world, as it presently is, has been, and continues to be, is in a perpetual state of war with their neighbor practicing the way of commerce, for the love of money.

Since the two aforementioned commands are at the very heart and foundation of the New and Better Covenant, to be disobedient to them is to prove without a doubt, that one has reject the “Way” and “Will” of their Creator. From that rejection, it is concluded that one has accepted the way and will of mere men in its place, as that is the default that one is born under. The act of accepting that alone is deemed to be outright rebellion against the Will and Way of one’s Creator. That act justifies the reason and purpose for why one is, “Born of a woman, born UNDER the law.” (Galatians 4:4-5)

In other words, literally, yes, one is born into hell, but not without hope. Let me say that again and emphasis it, “NOT WITHOUT HOPE!” For the hope is that one will figure things out, and journey to find their way out of that hell, which is indeed the purpose for the testing of one’s trustworthiness, and for the acceptance of the redemption for one, already established “…before the foundation of the world was laid,” (Eph 1:4). Yes, I am saying that one must PROVE their acceptance, and that is not accomplished by an “Alter call” in your Sunday morning best. Acceptance is a formal, meaningful event that should never be taken lightly. The beauty of that is, one is already deemed worthy of the redemption provided. But, one prove their intent and purpose and why they are trustworthy of the birthright inheritance and estate that goes along with the acceptance of their worthiness for the mercy of that forgiveness in lieu of the having to pay for the judgment instead. This is why what is being tested herein this physical existence through carnality is the perfect place and circumstances for this testing.

“For when we were in the flesh, (who here, reading this, it still not in the flesh?) the sinful passions which were aroused by the law [that is what law does] were at work in our members to bear fruit to death.” (Romans 7:1-6) This is why, “The law was ADDED.” (Galatians 3:19-25) It’s purpose is to bring forth death resulting from the sinful passion of disobedience to the Will and Way of the Creator. So, the law was added because of transgressions, and the people are to see, learn and know through the Spirit/(Ruach), that the law will destroy them unless there is someone that will accept their judgment and penalty for them, and pay the price that is required for them. Now, all one has to do is PROVE their acceptance of that judgment in accordance with Will of the Testator, and its requirement, and prove their acceptance by deed of Trust, and how that deed conforms to the Will, and its requirements.

This is why the law is also intended to be a school master that leads one to the Messiah kinsmen redeemer (Gal 4:1-7). However, the law is also the disciplinarian for the disobedient thus the correcting rod. This is why there are blessing for obedience, and curses for disobedience listed in and of the Old Covenant. There are no such things for the New and Better Covenant, as those things are no longer necessary for those in and of the New and Better Covenant (Hebrews 7 & 8).

For as long as one remains in lawlessness, the law is necessary. This proves why one has not learned how to self-discipline/self-govern yet in accordance with the requirements of the New and Better Covenant. Law was constructed for those that do not self-govern and self-discipline. In other words, for the Law is purpose for lawless because, they need a outside source of power to govern them, as they will not do it for themselves.

You see, IF one fails to govern from within by the guidance of the Spirit(ruach), then one proves that an outside source must do that for them. In this, we find how and why non-compliant Adam-kind is to the Will of the Testator, and thus why one is in need of mercy through a kinsmen redeemer, who has performed the work of redemption on their behalf to take away the automatic judgment of those still in the image and likeness of the first-man-Adam. Yet, still, to this day, Adam-kind still want to do things his way, unfortunately. The world is full of evidence for this and all of this evidence proves exactly where hell is.

Nevertheless, if one elects to voluntarily obey the Will of the Testator, and elects to follow the Will of the Testator, then the Trust formed by the action, the Trust proved by that Deed is proven by the deed of baptism (John 3). This also proves one is trustworthy of the redemption that forever corrects the first mistake and judgment, of the first-man-Adam and, for being born in his image and after his likeness.

“You have sold yourselves for nothing, And you shall be redeemed without money.” (Isaiah 52:3) Did you NOTICE, “…without money?” Where was money involved in the creation of all things? Where was money involved in the determination of the one and only appointed heir of all things? Does one think that they cannot live without money? Is life dependent upon money? Or, is life dependent upon the redemption of the Creator through His beloved son because he is not only the redeemer, but also and especially the one and only appointed heir of all things, through which redemption is made possible by the shedding of his blood as the property/RES for a New and Better Covenant? Moreover, where is it commanded that money is even necessary at all? How, IF so, was money used in the creation story/event of Genesis 1?

Let me make this simple for everyone to understand. ALL money is debt! Why? All money is borrowed into existence by ones voluntary ‘Pledge of Trust,’ that makes one Surety to pay back that debt with usury (See Colonel Edward Mandel House’s quote to President Woodrow Wilson in 1907). So then, for the use of money, one pledges their trust as surety, and by that act and deed elects their king because one becomes subject to the will of the one providing the benefit of the use of what they have borrowed. If that does not make sense to you, then read it over and over until it does, because that is precisely what is taking and has been taking place for centuries. You may think of this as a small matter… the borrowing of money from a bank (money changers) but, the ramifications of that deed is one heck of a ginormous folly!

Why? Because, that deed makes one a slave to another man because one literally does an Esau, despising their God-given birthright inheritance and estate (Genesis 25:29-34), and it directly puts them under the indictment of 1 Samuel chapter 8 (Have you ever read that?) for volunteering their suretyship another man acting like a debtor, and setting a mere man to be and act as their king (Romans 9:13, Hebrews 11:20 & 12:16). Do you see how this causes the Creator-God much heartache? For we are His creation and He does have a right to be jealous of us. Yes, it is possible that you have read these thing, but I am most certain that you have never read them in the context of the practical application I just presented them in. The indictment 1 Sam 8 has been in full force and effect, even before that was written for your edification and admonishment.

Furthermore, since, “No one can serve two masters,” (The Creator God through the Messiah -or- MONEY issued by Caesar) then one has voluntarily elected their master and king by the deed of borrowing money and making themselves a surety-slave-constitutor for the repayment of the debt created and now owed, whether they know it, or not. Do you not see how that undoes the Suretyship of Jesus, the Christ? IF one has promised to Him their Life, Liberty and Property, and the Messiah accepts and becomes your Surety in exchange, how could one ever volunteer their suretyship again to another man? How does that act not nullify the promise of Suretyship of the Messiah as High Priest and King of all kings? Are you unaware of the many admonishments written against being Surety for another man? “He who is surety for a stranger will suffer, but one who hates being surety is secure.” “A man devoid of understanding shakes hands in a pledge, and becomes surety for his friend.” Do you see that pledging one’s suretyship is actually a Pledge of Trust? Trust is the foundation of the New and Better Covenant, which is why one’s trustworthiness is tested through the Law. Trust is the very nature and cause that establishes the relationship and binds the relationship for all eternity.

[Indeed, there is a lot said about surety/suretyship in the book of proverbs; a very equitable book, if you know what I mean. (Psalm 98:9, Acts 17:31) More than enough cause cited to encourage one to avoid entering it to suretyship, accept under their Surety, as He is become their Surety for all matters.]

That bankrupt tradition of money is for those that have chosen not to, “Make their call and election sure.” So then, where does that put hell? Hell is wherever the bankrupt traditions, customs and rituals of commerce are practiced as a way of life. Hell is where a people love money more than there creator, more than their neighbor, more than themselves. Yes, capitalism perpetuates hell on this earth, but not in Heaven. For such a bankrupt tradition proves that those engaged in that activity are still in rebellion towards the Will Way of the testator (Creator/Trustor/Grantor), the Creator-God Abba. Perhaps this contributed to the finding of fault with the Old Covenant and why a New and Better Covenant was founded with Yahshua (Jesus, the Christ) in place as High Priest and, “…surety of a better covenant.” (Hebrews 7:22)

Why do you think Jesus-the Christ turned over all of the tables of the money changers? (Matthew 21, Mark 11, John 2) For the fun of it? For the mere exercise of it? Why do you think that event precedes the event of John 3? There is a reason and purpose for why that is in that order. How about the purpose and intent of Yahshua (Jesus) for turning over the tables is defined by his own words, “He would not allow anyone to carry wares through the temple.” “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” Notice that he did not say a house of money, or a house for money, and then he condemns them saying, “But you have made it a ‘den of thieves.” The kingdom, for which the Temple is symbolic and a type for, and was where the money changers were doing their business, is NOT going to be a place for the mischieviousness of commerce, to perpetuate the love of money.

Do not for one second assume that the Pharisee’s and Scribes missed that point. They got the message alright. As a matter of fact, they got that message so well, that it scared the pants off of the Scribes and Chief Priests. So, they reacted, emotionally, childishly, as infants, by turning to one another in plot and plan to seek how they might destroy, “the Messiah;” Where is the love in that?

These Priest and Scribes are supposed to be peaceful obedient men that very well should know and understand what they were witnessing. However, their actions prove otherwise, do they not? In short, no money is allowed in the kingdom. No buying, and no selling because, it turns the temple into a den of thieves, and people into voluntary surety-slaves under another man. One should know and understand this and be confident it it… everything has already been paid for in-full by the blood of the unblemished lamb. So then, why buy/purchase it again, much less attempt to sell it and make a profit off of it? Is that deed not theft? What right do you have to buy and sell the property and resources that belongs only to the one and only appointed heir of all things? (Heb 1:1-3) Now, do you begin see why and how commerce is pure wickedness? Do you begin to see why the bankrupt deeds of commerce goes directly against the Will of the Testator having purchased all things with his blood? If you pay for something that has already been paid for once, is not the cost/fee of that payment nothing but a TAX? Are not the sons free from paying any taxes? (Matthew 17:24-27) I can’t wait for someone to argue against this point.

So then, where are we? Born in hell. Yes, all of us, but for a good purpose. For one does not have to stay in hell. No. That is a choice. For the way out of hell has been paved. However, the way out of hell is also a very strait, and vary narrow path… that many do not find, much less travel. (Matt 7:13-14 & Luke 13: 22-33) Make no mistake about this, the path is narrow for a very-very good reason. For the Creator and Father is not going to negotiate his way of life with any of us. What part of that do you not understand?

Men have always wanted, and still want to do things their own way, even after the New and Better Covenant has been fully established, men still want to do things their own way. This is why there still is an unrealistic need for money empowered by a vain imagination. This also reveals very clearly from whose mind money originated (the carnal selfish mind of men)… motivated by greed and rebellion to take and steal things/property that just simply just does not belong (ownership) to them. “Equity regards the beneficiary as the True Owner.” That is a maxim of equity. Who is the beneficiary, but the one and only appointed heir of all things (Hebrews 1:1-3), and make no mistake about this… there is Only One appointed Heir of all things/property. That is all that is needed, that is all that is necessary.

All co-heir’s inherit (Romans 8:17) through the one and only appointed heir of all things. This is a fact of life that has never-ever changed, and it will never-ever change because, it works and works very well. Nevertheless, what this means is that no one else needs to die to pay for sin=debt (same word in Hebrew), bankruptcy and disobedience against the Will and Way of the Creator.

That deed has already been done and accomplished… once for all time and eternity. Now, all that one has to do is accept that finished work in accordance with the Will of the Testator, because that is part of the strait and narrow pathway that very few find; and they must be able to prove that deed. You’re word alone is not acceptable. There must be a deed to prove the truth of that word of promise (two-witnesses); the word of promise, and the deed to memorialize the event forevermore. It is an interesting thing that, “Deeds Prove Trust,” and that trustworthiness is what is being proven by a Pledge of Trust made in a Vow of Promise just like in any marriage ceremony. Is not the Body of Christ also known as his Wife? Do you see the connection? There must be two-witnesses, one’s word, and one’s deeds, both done and both memorialized as a record forevermore. Why do you think we have a written copy of the Will of the Testator that proves the deeds done in fulfillment of the word (all the Promises) given by Word? Bet you never have thought of it that way, much less how and why Trust is connected with all of this.

The way and will of the first man Adam-kind is the way of rebellion. This is the very reason why the-first-man-Adam was kicked out of the garden of eden; literally, the kingdom established on this earth as it is in heaven. That is to say… kicked out of the abundance of the kingdom, and from then on having to work for a living for rejecting the Way and Will of the Creator that has created him. (Thus the supposed NEED for money and all the folly that flows with that ignorant rebellious choice to buy and sell things that do not even belong to you, thief).

So then, we are still born in the image and after that likeness of the first-man-Adam, to this day. However, one does not stay that way. One does have the option to reject the image and likeness of the first-man-Adam’s way, and in place of it, accept the way and will of our Creator God and Father exemplified by the second and last man Adam (1 Corinthians 15 & John 3: 1-36) This is the only way out of the world of the DEAD and its plethora bankrupt traditions, customs and rituals resulting from disobedience, commerce, money, bankruptcy, voluntary suretyship and debt. Make no mistake about this, that IS what Hell is and it is being living on this earth each and everyday.

One had absolutely no choice in the matter of being,” Born of a woman, born under the law,” in the image and after the likeness of the first-man-Adam. No one had any control over that. However, one does have a choice to be, “born again, born from above, born anew” after the image and likeness of the, “Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased. (2 Corinthians 5: 12-21, John 3:1-36) A new birth means a new life, and that life I can assure you, is Eternal. This is why one’s trustworthiness will be tested, tried and tested again, so that it can be proved, or not proved. Do you see now why Trust is a better word to used than Faith?

[Challenge to do or not to do. You decide.]
Read James 2, and every time you see the word “FAITH” replace it with the word “TRUST.” Likewise, every time you see the word “Works,” replace it with the word, “Deeds.” Now, go and read it again, and let the Spirit guide you into all knowledge. The New and Better Covenant is all about Trust. The simply way to put this is, “That’s the relationship format.” This is what is missing from the Corporate-Churches that teach blah-blah-blah, and fully impeached themselves by begging for the benefit of a tax-exempt status (IRS FORM 1023) from another man (as their god) in direct violation of the teaching, admonishment and instruction of Matthew 17:24-27. If the sons truly are free indeed from paying taxes, then why would the sons need to ever beg for a Tax-Exemption? Why would the sons be using a foreign gods money in the first place? Why would the sons use money and borrow that moneys use through suretyship, which demand and requires lawfully, that a use-fee TAX be paid for that borrowing? Do you see the contradiction? Do you why one cannot be trusted with their Birthright inheritance and estate UNTIL the matter of not worshiping two master is settled and closed? Do you see how the love of money gets everything and everyone into nothing but a bunch of trouble, headache and heartaches? AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

Those who have made their call and election sure by and through a Pledge of Trust made in a Vow of Promise, have indeed by deed, merged with the Messiah and have completely left the world of the DEAD behind. (Gal 4:21-31) These are those of the second and Last Adam. Adam is no more. There are only co-heirs as adopted sons and Trustee’s in the service of the Messiah. These are those that have no need of money. For the one and only appointed heir of all things, donated ALL of his blood (thats RES/Property) for the creation and execution of a New and Better Covenant. That RES is the Property of that Trust. And that property displaces and replaces any and all need for money (displaced and replaced the need for an Old Covenant – wherein animal sacrifices were on-going all day long.) So then, again, why pay for something/property of any kind, when it has already been paid for in-full? Is not the one and only appointed heir of all things thee one and only, “True Owner,” and “Beneficiary,” of all things/property? Remember the Maxim of Equity quoted above and especially notice and take note of the scripture references?

Is it not written in Isaiah 52:3, “You have sold yourselves for nothing, and you shall be redeemed without money.” Is this why it is written, “…so much more Yahshua (Jesus) has become a surety of a better covenant, (Hebrews 7:22)? Perhaps this is why no one needs to volunteer their suretyship to another man to borrow money from them and thus exchange their birthright inheritance and estate for nothing, just as Esau did, yes? Perhaps this is why IF one makes their call and election sure, Jesus, the Christ, has become their Surety, which in-turn means that one will no longer use their suretyship for prostitution, and get themselves kicked out of the Temple/Kingdom just like the money-changers were kicked out, for buying and selling… prostitution = commerce (nothing but a bunch of Pimps) all done for the love of money rather than love of the Creator’s will and way?

So then, where is hell? Hell is wherever one finds money and commerce being done and performed because, where there is commerce there is always war. Wherever there is money, love is waxing from the love for that money. THIS IS WHERE ONE FINDS HELL! Wherever there love is absent. So then, wherever the practice of commerce, bankruptcy, debt and suretyship for borrowing money is done and used for the creation of debt, bankruptcy, and suretyship, one is around, near and close to hell, if not directly participating in its folly.

A very interesting question is how does one PROVE the New Birth to the Administrators of the “Governing Administration” (government: to move that mountain) to prove that one is no longer in need of being administrated by and from an outside source (President Teddy Roosevelt, Jamestown Exposition opening Address, April 26 of 1907, 21 paragraph) by virtue of their Pledge of Trust made and done in a Vow of Promise… one has made Pledge/Oath to their Creator-God through the Redeemer, His beloved Son, the one and only appointed heir of all things, High Priest and King of all kings, so that one also proves beyond all doubt, that one is indeed trustworthy to manage and administrate their God-given birthright inheritance and estate, which one voluntarily placed under the feet (1Cor 15:25-27) of the King of all kings? After all, he does own it all anyway, yes? If not, then how so? Does one dare to claim that he does not, and literally ignore the fact and proof of his purchase-by-blood, and appointment as the one and only Heir of all things? This can and does mean that the one and only thing that each and everyone of us actually Own…, is our Word, and absolutely nothing else! So then, what do you think it means to the Creator-God and Father when you give that Word in Promise through a Pledge of Trust made in a Vow of Promise? Do you see how and why knowing and understanding that the New and Better Covenant is a Covenant of Trust now? Does this not also explain why and how come a new birth, proven by deeds, is absolutely necessary for the fulfill of the requirements of the Will of the Testator, to prove that one has journeyed in compliance to fulfills the requirement and obligation to ‘overcome’ this world?] Perhaps this is something to think about, or perhaps not. You decide. In the meantime, I shall remain OUTSIDE of the world of the DEAD having no need of the bankrupt traditions, customs and rituals of commerce.

The BIG Question about Citizenship

Posted: Thursday, July 11, 2019 in Born Without Money

What about, “No man can serve two masters?” How does that apply to the citizenship question? Could this actually be what is at the core of the double mindedness taught in corporate-church buildings? How can someone hold two citizenships, and be trusted, loyal, and honorable in them both? How can someone hold two citizenship and, not unstable in all their ways? For those that think/believe that duel citizenship can be done, and is possible, is it not instructed/written that one will hate the one, and love the other in Luke 16:13? What about that admonishment? Do you just dismiss that? Is this not a Maxim and Principal of the Will of the Testator? Or, can this instruction simply be set aside, or even broken at one’s will?

What about the Apostles Paul’s use of his “Roman Citizenship” that many churches teach and preach in Acts 22: 22-29? Did you even notice that in verse 25, what Paul said was, “Is it lawful for you to scourge a man who is a Roman, and uncondemned?” Did you notice that?! Did you notice that the Apostle Paul did NOT say, “Roman citizen?” I bet that point went right by you. Whooosh! Right over your head, it did.

Instead of saying, “…Roman Citizen, and uncondemned,” Paul only said, “Roman, and uncondemned.” How very interesting that the Apostle Paul would say, “Roman,” without the word citizen and/or citizenship, but instead adding to that, he said, “…and uncondemned.” Now, what is the ONLY way that anyone can be found to be, or stand uncondemned? Here’s the question, what citizenship was Paul actually referring too with the word, “…uncondemned?”

Even the Centurion only called Paul a Roman to his commander in verse-26, “Take care what you do, for this man is a Roman.” He did not add the word citizen, or citizenship either. How amazing. Then, in verse 27, even the Commander did not add the word citizen, or citizenship as well. Now, this gets a wowizers (for you Scooby fans)! The Commander asked Paul directly, “Tell me, are you a Roman?” The Commander did not ask the question to Paul, “Tell me, are you a Roman citizen?” (Does this deserve a, “Holy misspeak Batman?” Stay tuned.)

Now, some might say that this is just playing with words. But, is that really what is taking place? Those of you who are somewhat familiar with Law, know that the law MUST be precise. One might also be aware that the Apostle Paul, who was trained in the Law by the best of Israel (Ivy League Education equivalent of Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Oxford), to eventually become the Chief Priest, just like Nicodemus of John 3.

So then, Paul not only knew the law, but one could also bet the farm, he knew the law very well, and was so-so much better at understanding the Law than a few Centurion guards. In short, these guards/Centurions were out-matched by Paul’s intellect and understanding of the law. After all, if Saul had never become Paul, Saul was going to become the Chief Priest. So, he was very well learnt in the Law. Those poor guards had no idea who they were dealing with. Plus, their lack of knowledge and understanding, ran over them with the impunity of an out-of-control 400-ton freight train. (Horn of freight train sounds in the background. How’s that visual?)

The first time you see the word citizenship, it is not used by Paul, but by the Commander of the Centurions who is speaking of himself, and his own personal journey to purchase ROMAN Citizenship. Paul response to the story of his journey is GOLDEN, saying in verse 28, “But I was born a citizen.” Boom! (Nuclear Plant just went up in the background). The question that the Commander was not intelligent enough to ask Paul, right then and there was, “A citizen of what… Rome?” (said with an inquisitive inflection). They… being the Commander and the rest of his Centurions ASSUMED (BIG MISTAKE) that Paul was indeed a Roman Citizen without ever verifying that indeed was the truth. I suspect, that this is partly because all the Centurions became very worried at that moment that they had made one heck of a fatal mistake, arresting a Roman Citizen. (Yes, there were dire consequence for that mistake). In other words, they were in fear for their own lives. So then, this is why you see the guards, “…withdrawing from him,” (Psst, which way to the BACKDOOR?!) as well as the Commander in verse 29.

Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 20.36.06

Now then, take notice of who is the one that the Apostle Paul is referring to that was, “…born a citizen.” Who is it? Yes, I am asking you? Who do you think it is? Are you unfamiliar with who Paul the Apostle was BEFORE he became the Apostle Paul? If so, then read about the origin of the Apostle in Acts chapter 9.

You see, Paul was not referring to Paul, but rather to Saul, which is who he WAS born and named by his maternal Mother, not by the Creator His Father and Life Giver (Revelation 2:17). This is the one who was, “…born a citizen.” and Paul speaks of this in the past tense. There is no mistake in this. For those of you skeptics… no, Paul was not playing games with semantics, so you are dismissed. Leave now. Saul was in and of the world of the DEAD. Just like many of you are right now. Paul was a member of the Bride of Christ; therefore, among the Living. Paul did not abide in two worlds. But, many of you do think you do, even though you do not know and understand why and how you do. When Saul met Yahshua on the road to Damascus, and retreated there for 3-years to be personally taught by Yahshua. He, Saul, became Paul through a New Birth (John 3). Along with Saul’s new birth came a new name, and that name, Paul, was not a Son-of-Man, NOT Man, with a very different purpose, intent and direction for life and perspective of himself, and the world that he sojourned upon.

Now, do you see why I keep talking about being “born again,” “born from above,” “born anew?” T’aint no small thing McGee! Now do you see why “birth” has a lot to do with citizenship? Do you?! Yes! These two things are indeed connected. Just read the 14th amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It will show you this right at its beginning… how one’s birth is direct connected to citizenship.

Now, do you see the connection between citizenship and baptism? Do you see why this makes the act and deed of baptism a jurisdictional proclamation and statement. Do you see how one’s intent and purpose by election, for electing to whom one is bound to in the Trust of a Marriage Covenant? (Bound to the United States by default, bound to the Messiah as King of all kings by election) This is why when one elects to make their, “Calling and election sure,” the event and ceremony of Baptism recorded and memorialized by deed does away with one’s worldly citizenship(s), and is replaced forevermore with One Citizenship in Heaven on this Earth. Do you see and understand why this is so critical? Yes, even while one is still walking, talking, breathing, moving and  sojourning upon this Earth.

So then, do you see why and how Baptism is much more than a mere dunking and/or immersion in water? Oh yes, there is a lot more going on! For your 1st birth, you are born a citizen of the world, IN and OF the nation-state one abides by the default of the parents, in the image and after likeness of the first-man-Adam.  ALL are subject to this and do not differ. “All men are Created Equal,” yes? This is the default state for all new-born babies. No one can change this, for it simply is, “The Order of things.” However, the 2nd birth, which is when one is, born again, born from above, born anew, one is no longer a citizen of any Earthly nation-state on this Earth. For one has now by their own volition and election, become a citizen of Heaven above while on this Earth, and shall remain that way forevermore. So, make no mistake about this… this is NO SMALL THING to take lightly, or with unwanted disregard.

Since, no man can serve two masters, then one literally has elected to change their citizenship by giving up the citizenship they were born under. Perhaps one can see now why it is written, For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul?” Or, what will a man give in exchange for his soul? (Matthew 16:25-26)  Does one now begin to see how to apply this accordingly with a voluntarily election, and a pledge of trust made in a vow of promise?

So then, as I have been saying, one had better know and understand all the things that one is responsible for with this new citizenship, firstly. As in, BEFORE, they so-to-speak take the plunge of baptism by immersion because, of what it means. Would one give-up their citizenship within the United States for, lets say, Japan, or Ecuador, or Russia, or Iran, or Venezuela WITHOUT knowing and understand the ways of the culture of the nation-state they wish to be joined unto and into as a citizen? That would be ludicrous wouldn’t it? Some of you will say, “But I want to hold onto both.” Okay, so you want to be of a double mind. That is not a good choice. Never forget, to be in and of the world of the Living, “No man can serve two masters.” This is a maxim and principal. The world of the Living (Kingdom of Heaven on this Earth, as it is in Heaven) does not allow one to have dual citizenship. In other words, one cannot have one foot in the world of the DEAD, and one foot in the world of the Living. That’s unstable! Make your choice. Give up one, or be stuck by default in the world of the DEAD right where you belong.

Furthermore, one had better inform those that keep the records of the citizen’s (Birth – Death – Marriage) for these many earthly kingdoms… that ones citizenship is no longer joined to any Earthly nation-state. This is how one can be IN this world, but not OF this world.

Now, back to Paul alleged claim of Roman Citizenship, of Acts 22: 22-29. Did you notice that Paul is never directly connected together with Rome and Citizen and/or Citizenship? Citizenship and Paul and never connected together in the same context. So, how is this assumption allowed to come into existence? Paul, allows the guards to assume and presume that citizenship was what he was talking about, when he was NOT actually talking about Roman Citizenship at all. I will explain why this is with two points.

Point Number-1: Paul referred to himself as a, “… Roman, and uncondemned.” I asked the question earlier, “How can one be known to be uncondemned?” Are we to conclude that a Roman Citizen (First Class) is uncondemned? If yes, then how so? If not, then CERTAINLY NOT! Paul was speaking from his calling having, “Made his call and election sure,” (2 Peter 1:10) the deed of baptism by immersion. So then, Paul’s understanding of being uncondemned comes from that foundation, and from none other because of what his kinsmen redeemer had accomplished for him, and on his behalf. (Isaiah 52:3).

So then, the Apostle Paul, was referring to his New Birth… being, Born From Above,” “Born Anew” and born into a new Life, with Liberty, and most certainly, Happiness. This is because the deed of baptism by immersion not only, “makes one call and election sure,” (2 Peter 1:10) but, it also accepts the judgment of, “…it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment,” (Hebrews 9:27). In other words, Paul also accepted the judgment. The very judgment that the Judge judged with of Psalm 98:7 and Acts 17:31. That very judgment is paid-for-in-full by the finished work of The Messiah on his behalf, and in turn, Paul’s kinsmen redeemer becomes his Surety for all of his debts, which allows Paul to enter into the New and Better Covenant  of Trust as a member of the Messiah’s body, one of the Ekklesia. Paul is no longer bound to the Old Covenant and any of its demands and requirements.

So, did Paul lie when he said, “born a citizen?” No, he did not, because as Saul, he was. So, was Paul being deceptive, and/or only speaking half a truth? No, because his New Birth has no allegiance to anything old and left behind. Okay, then did Paul speak a half truth, wherein, “A lie of omission is still a lie?” Certainly not! He did none of these things. Paul spoke the truth, and he spoke it directly to the Guards, even if they did not understand exactly what he was saying and/or its meaning. For it is not Paul’s fault that the guards did not have, “Eyes to see and ears to hear, what the Spirit says.” (Acts 28:27) Or, knew and understood the law well enough to know and understand what Paul had said.

So, the Apostle Paul was referring to the New Birth that is described in John 3. The very same chapter where baptism is explained, and how a New Life, separate and apart from the Old DEAD one under the Old Covenant and it’s Laws condemns one. The New Birth through water, displaces the birth from one’s mother, “Born of a woman, born UNDER the law.” (Galatians 4:1-7). This is the 2nd point.

This 2nd point is bolstered by what the Apostle Paul wrote to the Ekklesia (called out one’s – NOT CHURCH) at Philippi. For if the Apostle Paul had been a proponent for, one can hold duel citizenship then, Paul would have been in direct violation of the Biblical Maxim and Principal, “No man can serve two masters.” But, he was most certainly not a proponent of violating the Will of the Testator. Not even slightly.

Philippians 3:17-21
“Brethren, join in following my example, and note those who so walk, as you have us for a pattern. For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame—who set their mind on earthly things. FOR OUR CITIZENSHIP IS IN HEAVEN, (wherein out True Name is written and registered on a White Stone, Rev 2:17) from which we also eagerly wait for the Savior, the Lord Yahuwah-ban-shuwah (Jesus, the Christ), who will transform our lowly body that it may be conformed to His glorious body, according to the working by which He is able even to subdue all things to Himself.”

In this letter to the Philippians, the Apostle Paul makes it absolutely clear where his citizenship is. This is why Paul allowed the Centurions to assume and presume what they wanted by the words that they heard. Why? Simple, to stay in honor with his word of promise given in baptism consummating agreement (Two cannot walk together unless they agree), and honor the biblical maxim and principal, “No man can serve two masters.” Therefore, no one can have and hold onto citizenship in Heaven, while claiming to be a citizen of an Earthy temporal nation-state in all the glory of its dead and bankrupt traditions, customs and ritual, ways.

So then, let me be blunt (as if I have not been already). It is insanity to think that one can have and manage duel citizenship. Yes, that does mean it is a fatal mistake. Yet, the corporation-churches teach that very malarkey from their pulpits. In short, one can only be a citizen of Life, Or, one automatically defaults to a citizen of Death as that is the way that ALL are born into this world. Born into hell. No one can change that fact-of-life. It simply is, “The Order of Things,” whether you like it or not, whether you agree with it or not. 

No one will ever have both citizenships in Life and DEATH, at the same time. That is not allowed, as that is completely unacceptable by the Will of the Testator. For such double mindedness directly violates the purpose for their even being a Will in the first place. Furthermore, it also emphasizes the purpose for why the Testator of that Will died, so that the necessity of all men could be provided for, and thus all could be saved by and through his redeeming work, as one’s kinsmen redeemer. One has to learn the proper and acceptable way to accept this great and tremendous gift. That way, will never-ever be found and/or revealed in any 501(c)(3) corporation certified Church under Caesar’s jurisdictional controls.

If the Apostle Paul would have claimed Roman citizenship he would shown himself to have been with a double mind; thus rebellious and in rebellion against his very Creator. But, the Apostle Paul did not claim Roman citizenship. Nope. He did not, because he knew better. So then, Paul knew exactly what he was doing, and he chose his words carefully. Furthermore, the Apostle Paul knew even betterr than the so-called Christian Corporation 501(c)(3) Churches of to-day, who teach and preach behind their precious IRS FORM 1023, which begged for a Tax Exempt Status… in direct violation of Matthew 17:24-27. That passage is also profusely misunderstood; and furthermore, blatantly mis-taught to the masses that park themselves in pews, and continue dwelling in benightedness. This is why so many do not know, and have come to understand the practical application of what the difference is between the STRANGER and the Son. That very same difference is the difference between the CITIZEN OF ROME/USA/CANADA/UNITED KINGDOM/WHATEVER, and the citizen of heaven, even while still sojourning on this Earth… and why the Son is free from ALL the burdens of having to make their bricks without straw.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 14.21.38

The picture above is Colonel Edward Mandel House (right) walking with then President Woodrow Wilson (left). The two men worked together to establish a world government through the League of Nations, the predecessor of the United Nations. Did you know that? More than likely not. House/Huis would go on to founding the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921. (Certainly you have heard of this exclusive group) House or Huis, as it was originally, was the author of PHILIP DRU, America Becomes Ruled by a Dictator, who throws out the Constitution and introduces reform. (Sounds like what Barack-Hussain OBAMA attempted to do). President Wilson once said, “Mr. House is my second personality. He is my independent self. His thoughts and mine are one. If I were in his place, I would do just as he suggested… if anyone thinks, he is reflecting my opinion by whatever action he takes, they are welcome to the conclusion.”

It should be noted that some people have argued against the Colonel having anything to do with saying the things of the quote posted just below these preamble paragraphs. Let me be frank, direct and pointed about this conclusion. The level of ignorance within such a claim is confounding. For all one has to do to see what was said by the Colonel, to President Woodrow Wilson, has not only come true, but still remains in full force and affect, is to see the world as it is, what it is doing, and how it is doing it. Therefore, one has to be spiritually blind to not see the evidence that is so clear to see. However, one has to want to see, that is a major part of how knowledge it imparted. So then, this is why one can only see such things with, “Sight beyond sight.” Everything that the Colonel said has completely come to pass, and if anyone denies that, then, again, let me be very blunt about this, they are willfully benighted and stupid as a result of their benightedness.

Below the direct quote of the one called, “Colonel Edward Mandel House/Huis”. Below the direct quote is an analysis of how and what the words of the Colonel were implemented and have impacted the entire commercial world of the DEAD. Read the quote first, and then read the break-down with the comments that will aid one with seeing things as they are. That is, IF one wants too. As always, no one is under any obligation to do these things.

“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel and we will hold the security interest over them forever by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions. Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government by floating liens and debt to the “registrants” [NOTICE that word – Do you really know and understand what it means?] in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call  “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

Based upon the military aspect of the occupying army (UNITED STATES),  and the orders issued to carry out the duties of collecting for the bankruptcy, (The Liber Code – General Orders 100, still in full force and effect unto this day). What Rob Ryder ( has presented recently, as well as in time’s past, most certainly puts a very different slant on the words of the one Colonel Edward Mandel House who is known to have spoken the words in bold below, to then President Woodrow Wilson. But, perhaps this “slant” if you will, can and is only recognizable and cognizable to those who can look at the world through eyes of equity, and are trustworthy, from a perception and perspective that only one can possess with a single eye. In other words, that can see with, “Sight beyond sight,” beyond the boundaries of a world trapped and incarcerated in bankruptcy for lacking the ability to cognitively and wisely express trust and intent to eternally perpetuate, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Below is how the quote of the Colonel is broken down into its application and meaning.

“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging…” — (COMMENT: know doubt this is taking about a, “Pledge of Trust,” even if one does not know and understand how such a ‘deed‘ is accomplished, (made and done). For the one it is known and accepted that even the one making a, “Pledge of Trust,” (expression) does not have to know and understand that what they have done that very deed; and further, that they have actually ‘volunteered‘ as a “registrant” which allows not only the formation of a, “Constructive Trust,” (Implied) via that pledge, but as Registrant has also literally abandoned the property that allows for that Constructive Trust to be formed. So you see. You did do this all on your own. No one forced you to act in the capacity of “Registrant” or to surrender any property, both corporeal and/or incorporeal, to someone else. Yes, you did that all on your own, and unless you agree that the cause of all this is you, you don’t have a prayer to correct that mistake. So, what are you going to do to correct that mistake? I will bet the farm that out of all the people to read this, that MAYBE a dozen of you, MAYBE, at the most, will have any idea of what these things mean.

Yes, that is intended to be intimidating, especially for the unscrupulous types, like certain Canadian’s (“KM”) who openly engage in prevarication’s to support a weak character within a vain-imagination, which manifests itself in a failed attempt to justify their belligerent hostile attitude, reliant upon a spiritually weak and bereft heart. For such a thing has failure written all over it. Not because I say so, but because of the door one has opened by their own failings.

Look folks, the poor example of [MR. KM] is why one is still remains a surety-slave-constitutor. Furthermore, one will remain in that capacity for quite sometime because, one is spiritually benighted and infantile. This is why, everything that has been done to you, for you, and even against you, has happened because of you, and whether you like it or not, whether you agree with this or not, all of those things were done righteously, and in accordance with one’s belligerent hostile approach and misperceptions.)

By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda (volunteer to be obedient slaves), which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency, (sureties, who volunteer through the capacity of Registrant to back debtor securities with their own personal estate).

Every American will be forced to register (again, “register=volunteer: in the capacity as registrant” – do you know the difference – to play the role of the ‘registrant’ and abandon the property of their estate, real, corporeal and incorporeal, to a PUBLIC REGISTRAR to REGISTER in and of the PUBLIC – Do you see yet? Or, do you wish to stubbornly remain blind as MR. KM does, who thinks that he can find another way to take back, by force, his birthright, inheritance and estate?) or suffer being unable to work (one opts for such a deed, in place of producing the deeds that prove one is trustworthy of their birthright inheritance and estate, and in no need of being administrated from an outside source) and earn a living, (because, life does not come through a Kinsmen Redeemer  and Savior but, through debt-based fiat currency, right? Is MONEY the source of Life, Liberty and Property for you? Or, is Life, Liberty and Property can only be found and obtained through the one who paid for it all with his blood? That is the question, is it not? Isaiah 52:3).

They will be our chattel (sheep readied for the slaughter; not knowing and understanding the nature of their life, liberty and property and from whence it comes. Do you say you are a created soul, or do you say that you created your own soul?), and we will hold the security interest over them forever (unlawful conversion from Life into DEATH authorized by and through the Registrant, who voluntary pledged their suretyship to support the debt of a debtor-dead world under the rule and rules of bankruptcy. Now, do you see why Galatians 4:1-7 is written in the fashion that it is?; as a result of that failure, one is out of the kingdom by their own choice, by their own election. Yes, I am talking about the kingdom established on this Earth as it is in Heaven, in A.D. 70. Established with the sign of the destruction of Temple at Jerusalem, (“No longer dwells in temples made with hands,” a.k.a. church-buildings are obsolete) given to announce and/or give Notice, for those of you still buried in the world of the DEAD, to everyone (no exceptions), that the way out of the world of the DEAD, the strait and narrow path out of the world of the DEAD, is very clear and very narrow. Why? For it is the only way that one can leave the world of the DEAD, righteously. For there is NO other way! Or, would one rather say in hell, by and through all the brilliance of ones ignorance, and utterly fail to know and understand trust, equity and the New and Better Covenant that their creator-yahuwah-abba-father’s expressed in His Will secured by the blood of His one and only Son; His is provision and great gift through the finished work of the high priestly king of kings, et-mashiyach), by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions, (deemed debtors forever by their voluntary choice instead of electing to, “make their call and election sure.” But, the good news is that one can still correct the original mistake at any time, and return as the prodigal son returns. Or not, which is just plain stupid.)

Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading (birth application/statement of live birth – the original that no one can get at vital statics) to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, (debtor-slaves) forever to remain economic slaves through taxation (violation of Matthew 17v24-27), secured by their pledges (Matthew 6v24 & Luke 16v13).

They will be stripped of their rights (no clothes/robes, perhaps why the prodigal son was brought a robe on his return) and given a commercial value (worthlessness) designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser (resulting from the infection of churchianity, a formidable dis-ease to overcome, but nevertheless, is done), for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans (chief of arrogance and pride) and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability (they can still lie if one that expresses trust does not also comply with, “forgive us as we forgive our neighbors).

After all, this is the only logical way to fund government (a bankrupt world does have need a bankrupt currency), by floating liens and debt to the “registrants” [notice REGISTRANTS meaning NOT the one who registers, do you get that?] in the form of benefits and privileges (giving more creditability to the fact that, “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” in the world of the dead).

This will inevitably reap to us huge profits (indebtedness by the suretship) beyond our wildest expectations (plantation earth) and leave every American a contributor to this fraud (join the dark-side of the force in the bliss if brilliant ignorance) which we will call  “Social Insurance.”

Without realizing it, every American will insure (not assure in their new and better surety on their behalf to love one another as I have loved you) us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant (surety-slave volunteer, rendering the aid from equity impudent as equity will not aid a volunteer because not man can be double-minded and serve two masters, one with debt, and without debt), however begrudgingly (this is why they are so many Colosseum (Arenas – wherein so many CHRISTIANS are put to death allowing themselves to be distracted from the pain of their slavery)).

The people will become helpless (aaand how!) and without any hope for their redemption (the people do not even recognize their kinsmen redeemer, they know of him, but they do not know him) and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.” (this is more accurately a plot against the creator yahuwah and his appointed heir and redeemer et-mashiyach)

======= [Concluding COMMENT and Thoughts, proceed very carefully] ===========

The entirety of this issue comes down to one thing; Life and Death; the Living and the DEAD. Who do you think is the true heir? How can an heir inherit if the heir is dead, hm One that is UNDER law, is DEAD. One that is free from all of the burdens of law, is self-governing, BUT, not separate from the source from which their Life comes. This is why one shall never be separate and apart from the World of the DEAD… UNTIL… knows and understands the difference between the two of them. Many of you do not! Nevertheless, many that think that they know, do not know that they do not know, that they just simply don’t know. How shall they ever enter into Life, Liberty and experience the Pursuit of Happiness? They are attempting to take the kingdom by force. They want to do it their way, and not in-accordance with the Will of the Testator (Grantor/Creator/Trustor) that created everything, including them, and His automatic power and authority to appoint His Heir. Do you have any idea how ignorant that is? Do you have any idea how belligerent that is? Does one really want to be known to be the Creation that dared to tell its Creator what He should do with the creation that He created? How far away do you want to be standing to that created-creature when the lighting incinerates… no, no, vaporizes and fries his a$$?

What will it take for one to recognize, acknowledge and accept that one is a created spirit/soul/individual, who was purposed with a purpose that honors the creation in accordance with the Will of the one that Created everything? So, let me make this very plain and very simple right now. IF you call yourself an atheist. IF you call yourself an agnostic. Or, if you call yourself anything than other that what the Creator-Yahuwah created you to be and are…… GET LOST! (That’s actually ironic, because one is already lost from not knowing their Creator) By virtue of that folly, and extreme denial of benightedness, you have no inheritance. You have indeed abandoned it, and you have no chance of getting it back while you bath is such willful negligent ignorance, and I will not have you around here. In short, you deny your kinsmen redeemer and you will be considered to be a, “…dog outside of the kingdom,” and a dog just like every other animal will never-ever be, or have a chance to be a co-heir of eternal life. I don’t think I need to be more plain than that.

Any one who going to follow the Will of the Testator to Eternal Life, will not do so being double-minded. They will only accomplish said thing being of a single mind, with a single eye, UNDER the one and only High Priest and King of kings. There is NO other way out of the World of the DEAD. Why do you think the High Priest and King of kings was and is the one and only appointed heir of ALL things? (Hebrews 1:1-3) Why do you think you can only be an adopted son and by virtue of that a co-heir with the one and only appointed heir of all things? Do you think Life will come to you from any other source? Don’t be so benighted! You, just as I, are created creatures of the creator. The difference… the only difference is, is one under the law (Old Covenant), which demands DEATH. Or, is one under grace/equity (New and Better Covenant), wherein mercy, kindness, forgiveness are rewarded to the Trustworthy for following the Will (Trust) of the Creator by Pledge of Trust and accomplishing the things He has stipulated in accordance with his Will? The solution folks, can NOT be shared until one can prove they are DEAD; and I DO NOT MEAN a trip to heaven either. Get your heads out of the CORPORATION CHURCHES misguided doctrines, traditions and customs, of misinformation and disinformation.

All the traditions, customs and rituals of THIS WORLD are completely bankrupt, especially the one’s taught in ALL of the corporation churches; no exceptions. That means, that everything one has earned, learned and/or accomplished IN THIS WORLD of the DEAD, is not only completely worthless, but is also entirely wrong when one considers the great difference of THE WORLD of the DEAD, which is destined to be completely dismantled, in comparison to the world of the Living eternally, which are the only people who can ever have Life, Liberty and Property. That means that everything of THIS WORLD absolutely will never-ever transfer over into the kingdom of heaven on this earth as it is in heaven. Do you see what I am saying? Do you see why I make the clear delineation between the two worlds? One for those living in trust from equity; and, one for those under the law and death. This should not take any more explanation.

Simply put, one being in and of the World of the DEAD cannot and does not have Life, even though one lives, moves and has blood that flows. The life that one experiences in the world of the DEAD is temporal, unless one can Prove they are trustworthy of their birthright inheritance and estate. If one can, then the life that they now live, is most certainly destined to be Eternal. But, as it is written, the DEAD know nothing. This is why the DEAD cannot be harmed, and can never-ever be hurt. You wonder why you keep losing in those AT LAW courts. That judge is not wearing a black robe for it’s pretty looks. That judge is presiding over the DEAD. The DEAD that cannot be harmed by his/her administration. The judge knows this, and that is why all principals and judges take silent judicial notice if see if one has proven their trustworthiness. How could something that is DEAD ever be injured in any way? The DEAD have no rights, period. And, if one accepts the so-called rights, which are actually privileges, from another man, then all the more reason why one is in fact the Infant Decedent volunteer surety-slave constitutor that is still in need of being governed and administrated by and outside source, just as form President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said in his opening address of the Jamestown Exposition, April 26 of 1907, 21st paragraph. One that has read my blog ought to be very familiar with this quote. A quote that I quote often for the great lesson that it reveals.

So then, as long as one remains in and of the World of the DEAD, one cannot have a righteous claim for any rights. Nor are the complaints of the DEAD ever valid, or ever heard. The only way out of that mess, that folly, is to remove one’s self from the world of the DEAD, and move in to the world of the Living by the only acceptable way that has been authorized by the maker of the Will and New Covenant. There IS no other way whether one like this or nor, whether one agrees with this or not.

For one is born in and of the world of the dead by their Mother’s womb. This is the default that no can change, or challenge, or even disagree with, because it is a simple fact of life. Anyone attempting to disagree with this in deemed insane and incompetent, and that determination is rightly so. Therefore, one shall remain in that world, until one proves that one is without the needs of the administrators of the world of the DEAD, and thus is no longer in conflict with, “No one can serve two masters.” For one to accomplish this, all one need do is follow the command to, “make one’s call and election sure,” and there is only one way to accomplish that.

One last point, attempting to overcome the laws of the World of the DEAD with said same laws of the World of the DEAD, is just completely futile, not to mention completely wrong. For IF one is going to “overcome” anything, then one needs something GREATER than what it is the so-called obstacle, to overcome the obstacle with. The means, method, and tools for that overcoming have already been provided for one who desires to make their call and election sure. This is something that none of us could ever have done and accomplished of our own strength, knowledge and wisdom. So, it was done for those accepting the Will of the Testator and electing to voluntarily comply with its authority, and the authority of the one and only appointed heir of that Will.

In short, one cannot ever overcome law with law. It is just that simple to understand. It is completely silly and even asinine to think that one can overcome the law with the law.  However, many do think this (like MR. KM of Canada), and many have adapted to this asinine thinking, like his buddy SD. Yet, they keep experiencing failure after failure as they are never free from the jurisdictional authorities who have ordained authority over all those IN and OF the World of the DEAD.

Yes, there is a so-called “victory” here, and even a so-called “victory” there in the corporate world and its AT LAW courts. But, just how much of a so-called “victory” is it when the victor is still counted to be IN and OF the PUBLIC needing to be administrated from an outside source? These so-called victories have never-ever found the door to the way out of the commercial jurisdiction of men ruling over other men under the rule and rules of bankruptcy. That is what is called a HOLLOW victory, as it does not bring everlasting relief from the burdens of the law. Meaning, one even having a so-called victory, still has to make their bricks without straw, with the same quota requirement. Some victory that is. And, IF a so-called victory actually is a victory, how come it cannot be repeated ad infinitum? Again, some victory that is.

Therefore, such victories are actually failures because, one never accomplished moving out of the World of the DEAD and into the world of the Living, to be eternally separate and apart from the World of the DEAD and all of its bankrupt and dead traditions, customs and rituals. Therefore, until that deed is accomplished and Deeded, the only accomplishments there are, is failure. Why? Because NONE of those accomplishments are worth a thing in the world of the living.

So then, no matter how many so-called victories one may think they have obtained in the World of the DEAD’s courts, or with it’s Agents/Principals, unless is no longer deemed to be a surety-slave, there IS no eternal victory. Those so-called victories are all temporal, meaningless, and hollow. For IF you actually were apart and separate from the World of the DEAD, the agents and principals of the World of the DEAD would never-ever bother with you again. They would be forbidden to touch you much less tempt you to even enter into contract with them.

You would figure after so many years of the so-called “Patriot-Guru’s” teaching, preaching, and persuading so many to PAY for their seminars and/or useless paperwork, that a few people would become aware of just how futile searching for a solution of any kind, in and under law, is a failure right from the get-go. But no, many of you still keep looking; still keep searching; still keep finding empty failures. Okay, that’s you’re choice.

Nevertheless, when you have finally had enough of the failures, and see the patriot communities that only see through a glass darkly, and can see that one is just seeing the holding-cell no differently than the corporation-churches, and you really want to dedicate yourself to the, “Strait and narrow path,” then perhaps this one thing that I can share, will help one find the way to that eternal success, but not and never-ever through me.

The solution canNOT be shared until one dies, and has proof of that death, burial and resurrection. Yes! That’s right! But, DO NOT interpret this in a literal since because, IF you do, you will be waaay off the mark. That should encourage one or two of you to think and ponder these things that have been written herein, differently.  Yes, this does mean that there are limits to what can be shared with anyone that is still in and of the PUBLIC… the World of the DEAD and that LIMIT will NOT be BREACHED!

Always remember, “No one can serve two masters.” One is not going to be given the, “Keys to the Kingdom,” while they are still have ‘Pledged in Trust’ their suretyship to the kings of this EARTH under bankruptcy and death; to the kings of THIS WORLD and their godless commerce; to the kings of bankruptcy, debt, commerce, money, state, and church. For ALL of these traditions, customs and rituals result in death, and require one to be administrated from the outside source, never from within.

Oh, and by the way. Church ≠ Ekklesia, not even close. There is a big, huge, ginormous difference between these two words, and corporate-churchianity has outright LIED to those that sit-in-pews about the truth of this differential. That should piss you off. But, what should piss you off even more is the fact that you were not more discerning to ask the question(s) that would have exposed this truth to you long before you even read this paragraph. You see, that is why I started with, you are the source for the problems that you have experienced. Therefore, you are either going to accept that, and do what is necessary to change that, or you can continue to suffer the consequences of the ignorant. For such a decision affect only you, and does not affect me. You are the only source of your folly. No one else is. One can either continue in that folly, or one can accept responsibility for that folly and determine to change from that folly forevermore.

More importantly, a co-heir with et-mashiyach, the messiah (Christ = wrong name/title used for keeping the christians in a perpetual state of confusion, which has been working very well) is with, “Eternal Life.” This is where Eternal Life comes. This is why that only by and through Him and his redemptive work as one’s kinsmen redeemer, and by what he did and accomplish alone, can one enter into Eternal Life as a Co-Heir! Such a blessing can and will only have full force and effect AFTER one has made their call and election sure with a Pledge of Trust in a Vow of Promise of their Life, Liberty and Property under the feet of the one and only true Owner, Beneficiary and appointed Heir of all things. Therefore, until one is in agreement with these things. Nothing more can be shared. Hopefully, one or two of you understand exactly why this must be so.

Equity and Its Priority Over Law

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The following article is a fine example for why I have been saying, “…equity always prevails.” IF one is looking to the law to overcome law with, that is just plain silly. I have attempted to point out the futility of this with the question, “Can SATAN overcome SATAN?” In other words, “Can one overcome law with law?” Certainly not! The greatest reason for this is because law is absent of equity, and what one wants is relief from the law, not remedy IN the law, because that means one is still under law, as well as under the governing tutors and administrators of the law. If one is really ready to give up all of things of THIS WORLD that will include all of its rules, laws, statutes, codes, and regulations as well. That means that one is not studying those things to find the solution for any matter, no matter what he matter is about. For one needs greater than the law to overcome the law with. That’s where Equity comes into the picture. One also needs to learn and know why and how equity is greater than the law, and then how to put that knowledge and understanding to effective use. Yes, it is a completely different perspective, but it is the only perspective that will free one from the burden of the law.

Here is the article given as an example for how one is wasting their time in the world of the dead, attempting to solve the problems one faces with the laws of the world of the dead. Such benightedness will only keep one trapped in the world of the dead, instead of being able to find out how one can finally give the order, “Let the dead bury the dead.”

“Anchorage Police Department determined that “it is not a crime” to violate one’s Copyright trade-name/trademark and contract for unauthorized use of said Copyrighted private property.
They also determined that “Identity Theft” report of the Federal Trade Commission, (Report # 101963940), concerning this issue “is not a crime”.

This is breach of contract – a violation of “Contract Clause” Article 1 sec. 10 in the constitution that they are mandated by law to “support and defend”.

I accept the Anchorage Police Department’s willful and knowing act of treason against the people in violation of the supreme law of the land.

Proof in writing of their lawlessness – a criminal cabal.
“I am just protecting my masters while they continue to commit crimes. It is my job.”

(This is directly in regards to the criminal central banking cabal.)

(Reference Police Report number: T18012868 – for Military Criminal Investigation agents. I have additional proof of treason as well. You already know how to contact me.)

If you do not want to be exposed for the criminal cartel that you are, stop committing breaches of the peace/acts of war against private unarmed civilians.”

Who cares about what the world of the dead is doing? Know ye not that everything done in the world of the dead is done in all the foolish folly of benightedness? So then, why be concerned with the mischievous shenanigan’s of the world of the dead? IF one is more interested in the world of the dead, then one cannot be interested in learning what equity is, much less conforming to it, and complying with the Will that brought forth its administration. In other words, if one thinks that they can commingle the ways of the world of the dead, with the Way of the world of the living, they are sadly mistaken, and very sadly still incompetent.

There are a lot of people who claim that know what equity is, and how equity works. Indeed, they are aware of equity, but they are only aware of, ‘Equity by Characteristic,” not, ‘Equity by Nature.” Yes, there is a huge difference between the two. This differential is ginormous in the practical application of pure unadulterated equity verses, law that is absent of equity. Law has a form of equity, but law also administrates over equity, and that is not equity by nature, but by characteristic only.

The above complaint filed by the author is proof of the short coming of law that is absent of equity. Including the Constitution. After all, the Constitution is a CHARTER OF BANKRUPTCY. Since law oversees a bankruptcy, then can such a law be overcome with another law? Can SATAN cast out SATAN? Certainly not! For all law is absent of equity, and law that is why law can only use a form of equity ‘Equity by Characteristic,’ not, ‘Equity by Nature,” wherein just as the maxim of equity states, “Equity ignores fictions,” and, “Equity remedies errors.” That remedy is what brings relief.

So then, what is the difference? ‘Equity by Nature’ is not commingled and/or administrated under law of any form. Law has the unique ability of being interpreted any way one want to interpreted law. Whereas such mischieviousness is never-ever allowed to happen with pure unadulterated Equity by Nature. This is why, “Equity is a correction of law, where too general, in the part in which it is defective.” When is law defective? When it is be misconstrued, misinterpreted and misused. How often does that happen? Furthermore, “Equity is a certain correction applied to law,” and, “Equity is the correction of the law generally enacted in the part where it is deficient,” this is why, “Equity prevents mischief.”

Since these maxim’s of equity clearly indicate the superiority of equity to take priority over law, then why would one want to have anything to do with the law? Is this not why John Bouvier writes that, “The law is nothing without equity and equity is everything. even without the law?” Does not this quote also express the superiority of pure unadulterated equity by nature, along with it’s priority over law? It most certainly does.

You see, the maxim of equity, “Equity follows the law,” does not mean what one thinks it means upon a first reading of the maxim. For there are many who foolishly make the mistake of saying that this maxim of equity means that the law is greater than equity, when in fact, it means exactly the opposite.

First one should know that this maxim of equity operates ONLY within a very narrow scope. Therefore, to raise this maxim of equity to something that it is not, is not only an unconscionable error, but also a easily perceptible error, as this maxim cannot be taken as a general principle because of its narrow scope.

Why is that?

Throughout all of its jurisprudence, equity, instead of following the law, either ignores it openly, or completely disregards and opposes law because, all law is inferior and equity is with the priority. In other words, there is no law present or that can remain present when equity is present because, all law is inferior to equity. This is why, “Equity delights to do justice and not by halves,” and, “Equity will take jurisdiction to avoid a multiplicity of suits.” In other words, when equity is brought into a matter, the first thing it does is prevents mischief just as the maxim of equity states by putting and end to the requirements of law to confuse and confound a matter wherein the reason for the matter is so obscured that it will take multiple court hearings before the actual matter can be heard. Do you think this does not advantage the attorney’s and the Judge sitting on the bench? The more time, the more MONEY/DEBT it is to them, is it not?

That is why equity can do what the law cannot do. Equity can stand alone to produce, justice, mercy, fairness, kindness, forgiveness. BUT LAW DOES NOT DO THIS! For all law is rigid and inflexible requiring a demand for punishment when found to have been violated. In other words, no forgiveness, no mercy, no fairness, no kindness. Is that what one wants? This is why I keep attempting to encourage people to see and become familiar with this difference. It is ginormous! For it is the difference between what so many have been fooled with, “Equity by Characteristic,” and pure unadulterated, “Equity by Nature.”

If one is looking for relief through the law, one can experience a form of that relief under the law, but he underlying problem that caused the problem in the first place is NOT extinguished. This is why so many have been faced with having to go to court over and over and over for years, especially in the area of home foreclosures. The underlying problem of the law has not been overcome with Equity as

So then, “Equity follows the law,” means that where the law has failed to provide and bring relief from the requirements of law, equity provides that relief because, equity it is greater than the law. But, if the people want the law, their constitutions, their statutes, code, rules and regulations, then the greatest relief that equity can bring cannot be provided to extinguish the matter and settle all accounts, thus restoring the peace, and making all involved whole. That of course is the blood of christ. Yes, I did just say that.

Ultimately, what this all comes down to is, the blood of Christ cannot be applied to one who seeks relief from law if they voluntarily submit too the many jurisdictions of law administrated by men. Is that what you want? In other words, the law is for the disobedient because, one seeks relief from law under the rule of another man behind a corporate veil (Judge/Attorney). That is why law is absent of equity in the first place. It will not, and cannot bring relief from the law. In other words, the law cannot dismiss the law from having jurisdiction for any matter. Only pure unadulterated equity can do that. You see, the purpose for the law is to chase one back into pure unadulterated equity. That is why the law was brought forth in the first place. Therefore, law is actually not for an evil purpose but, for a very good purpose, which is why the Apostle Paul said that, “…the law is good.” Now, do you see purpose behind why law is good?

This is also why law is administrated by other men, and Christ is ‘The One’ that brings an administration of equity (Psalm 98:9; Acts 17:31). For men are charged with the rule and overlordship of other men with law absent of equity as their king and god. This is the purpose of the first and old covenant, which every nation-states still operates under because the people in said nation-state have not become wise to what pure unadulterated equity is. This is why the law is there. It fills that void until one returns to their senses, competence and reasonability. This is why it is written that, “Christ is the end of the law.” It corrects the mistake of electing a man to be one’s king and thus the law to be one’s ruler, overseer and administrator. This is why it is written, “Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father. Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world. But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, ‘born of a woman, born under the law,’ to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.” (Galatians 4:1-5) Now, is this beginning to make more sense to you, dear reader?

The law can never-ever provide for, or accept, a mandate for the special and sacred use of the blood of Christ to “take away” the charges (sin) of law; any law! But, pure unadulterated Equity by Nature can. One only needs to prove that their, “Eye is single,” and not of a, “Double mind,” by making their call and election sure doing the “Deeds” that need to be done in accordance with the New Covenant of Trust thereby PROVING the genuine of their disposition and heart.

This is why it is written, “You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men.” In other words, if one has been released from the law and the very heavy burden it lays upon men (make your bricks without straw), then do not go back under the law, or ever again seek remedy in the law, or relief from the law, because that does mean that one never truly left the jurisdiction of the law, and as a result of that, has proven that one still needs to be under governors and tutors and all of the requirements of law, the worst of which is the requirement of death. For when one is living under law, and under the rules and rulership of bankruptcy, is that not death because, one cannot be permitted to experience abundance? Do you see why this is necessary?

In other words, seeking relief from law absent of applying the blood of Christ who, “…having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, (that’s the law) which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross,” (Col 2:14) is not only impossible to do, it is also an act of willful mischieviousness as, no one can find relief from law, by law, and while under law.


The Humble Heart and Mind

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Due To Technical Difficulties…

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Well folks, what can I tell y’all? About two months ago WordPress informed that my account had been compromised. I giggled about the prospect of that because, well, you know, everything that I write about is so vitally important to, “National Security.” Yes, I am being sarcastic for those of you in Rio-Linda California, and LARGO, FL. You see, those people need a little push in understanding what is really being said because, well, let’s just say, “There not to quick.” Pure unadulterated Equity escapes them.

Nevertheless, I sent a message back to WordPress and told them that IF the account had been compromised that the Trustee(s) on Duty failed to do their Duty, and thus failed to protect the interest, content and property of the Beneficiary. By the way, you are aware that, “Equity considers the Beneficiary to be the True Owner,” and that, “Equity considers done what ought to be done,” are you not? Sure you are! For the Trustee(s) should not need to be reminded of their duties, yes?

Now, the Grantor opened the Account for the Benefit of the Beneficiary, not the benefit of the Trustee’s. WordPress is not the intended Beneficiary. This email is from the intended Beneficiary. So then, it is very safe to say that WordPress, including all of its principals, agents and assigns, are not the Beneficiaries. Why? WordPress has never contributed to the CONTENT posted in and on the BORN IN EQUITY blog. Certainly, you already aware of that truth, yes?

Since no WordPress Trustee’s have produced any content and property for the BORN IN EQUITY blog, but are the duly appointed Trustee of the content, property and interest of the Beneficiary, by the Deed of having accepted the LEGAL TITLE,  I really do not think that a Court of Chancery will look to kindly upon the Trustee failing to perform their lawful duties, or even Breaching the Trust. That is not to say that you have Breached the Trust. However, daring to give the excuse that the account was compromised, but it was not your fault, certainly does not make the Trustee appear to be in compliance with the lawful duties AS Trustee. One might find it necessary to question the competence of the Trustee if this happens again.

So then, in short, I don’t care where, when, how, why, or who is the cause of the problem, or where it originated. WordPress principals, agents and assigns are the Trustee’s, and AS Trustee’s are charged with the duty to protect the interest, property and content of the Beneficiary. You are NOT charged with the ability to MAKE EXCUSES FOR YOUR FAILURE TO DO SO, OR TO PLACE BLAME for any failure to do so. I don’t care who is to blame. I just want the matter fixed, settled, and closed!

Nevertheless, I am certain that this problem can be resolved and what ever damage there may be to the content, interest and property of the Beneficiary can be undone and restored, yes? I Trust that you have all that you need to perform those duties and to restore the content, property and interest of the Beneficiary. But, IF I am mistaken, I do Trust that you will let me know as soon as possible.

Perhaps this would the right time and right place for a yabadabadoo?
How about a “Yeah,” or perhaps a, “Yippee?”
Oh well, I tried. {Shrugs shoulders}

I have several new blogs and I would like to review all of them before I release them. I have 7-drafts herein and another 16 in Open Office. I do not know how many of them will make the cut. But, there is a good chance that at least 15 to 20 of them will. As some blogs may inspire other blogs, and some comments can also inspire other blogs. Heck, at this rate, it is possible that I could never catch-up. GULP! {Sweating bullets}

Well, I can say that I will not release them all at once. Thank goodness for the small things in life! I thought about it as dangerous as that may sound. I even thought it would be funny to do that. But, the more reasonable side of me said, “Nah,” lets not do that.

I think when I am ready to start the release, it will probably be one release done once a week. Or, maybe, one release done every two-weeks. We will just have to see how that goes because, at a two-week spread, that is nearly a years worth of posts, and it could end up being 30, or 40 posts. I even has several MEME’s of my own creation that I want to post. That’ll be fun!

What is really neat is that I can automate the release of the blogs at certain specific intervals. So, even a once a week release can take up to four to five months, and that is only if I do not write anything else. Oh for pizza sake! Like that’s gonna happen! {facepalm} I can’t believe I am even considering this. Maybe, I should just say forget and scrap the whole thing. That thought has crossed my mind more than once. Well, we will just have to see how all of this works out.

The Ancient System of Pledging

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Colonel Edward Mandel House revealed that the American people would be, “…required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging.”
Now, if this Ancient System of Pledging could be used against the people after one was, “Born of a Woman, born UNDER the law,” (meaning a new born offspring of slaves is still a slave), for pledging their, “Life, liberty and (property) pursuit of happiness,” (See John Locke) to government through REGISTRATION, which is another way of saying ABANDONED, or to abandoned property (in other words, electing another man as their King in place of their Creator, 1 Sam 8).
Could that very same Ancient System of Pledging be used to proclaim by Deed to whom one has pledged their, “Life, liberty and (property) pursuit of happiness,” too overturn and effectively rebut all presumptions correcting the mistake that caused presumption to be used in place of expressing such a Will (TRUST) at the time one reached the age of majority, and thereby correcting the mistake that the parents made wherein they should have expressed a trust upon one’s day of nativity?
Could such a deed be used as proof to show that one is now and forever, “Born from above,” born of fire for pledging their Life and Liberty and Happiness to their Creator through the One that redeemed them without money?
What religious organization has ever explained how to effectively present how one needs to respond for that gift… honorable… and in the manner that has just been presented to honorably please the Giver of that bestowed gift?
More importantly, who would ever dare have the audacity to counter such a deed and do so without trespass and trespassing the prohibition against involuntary servitude?
The doorway (gate) to self-governance can ONLY be found through the ministry of reconciliation, upon a firm and unwavering foundation that the Word of the Promise has been completely fulfilled, and there is nothing more to do, other than for each one to respond to it in reply.

“Equity will not complete an imperfect gift.” The gift itself is not, nor shall it ever be, in a state of imperfection. However, by the lack of reply, by the lack of acceptance, by the lack of a deed by the receiver of that gift leaves the gift for that one awaiting it being made perfect through acceptance. Does one get what I am saying?

In all boldness and even dogmatism, there is NO other way for one to be found to be ready for self-governance.


A while back, I created and shared the above meme.

Just last night, I discovered that another poster on FACEBOOK® who had posted this meme to her FACEBOOK® page, which is a very nice and kind act and deed. One of the comments posted about this meme is as follows:

“If whomever wrote this would understand what is Jobbery, they’d have a better understanding,”  posted by Joe BUCK.  My reply of that criticism is somewhat shorter than the longer version post herein below.


• Corruption among public officials.
• (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the practice of making private profit out of a public office; corruption or graft
• the carrying on of public or official business for the sake of improper private gain.
• gobs; small pieces of work collectively.

Jobbery has nothing to do with the “Ultimate Gift,” for such a doing is of the traditions of men, and thus has nothing to do with with the return of a wayward soul found to be pleasing in the Creator-God sight complying with His Will as a, “Peacemaker.”

Preterism (foundation)
Equity (that which FULFILLS and thus takes away the law and its penalty)
Trust (expresses one’s allegiance)
“The Ultimate Gift.”
(The return of the once prodigal son in compliance with the Will of the Testator and thereby conforming to the mind and heart of the anointed, as all Co-Heir’s are required to by the Will of the Testator, just the same as the appointed Heir of ALL things was subjected. This is how one is released from edict for being governed by other men through the outside source of the governing-administrations of men. Once one has been found to be “trustworthy” of the Ultimate Gift, then it will be recognized and accepted by the administrations of men that is can indeed Self-Govern from with from being in Christ.

This is why “MAN,” (both male and female) who is, “Born of a woman, born under the law,” absent of pure unadulterated Equity (the Administration of the First and Highest Estate of Heaven above) is the subject of another man as their king.

For the failure (mistake) of expressing one’s Trust fails to make one’s, “Call and election sure.” To express wherein one has indeed placed their trust by their-own volition, voluntarily, is to effectively elect their Creator-God and Father through the finished work of the beloved Son AS their King and God. This is how one is found to be “trustworthy” of the worthiness one was bestowed with the day they were born of water through the canal of their Mother. Israel made the very same mistake and that is memorialized in 1 Samuel 8.

The very same problem still exists even unto today. This condition, state, and status is the default and no one has ever been exempt from it. However, one is intended to learn what they need to do and appropriately correct the mistake of allowing another man to be their king by default. This is how one ascends and transfigures from being mere MAN, unto becoming a Son of Man. This is how one comes out of her, and being under the jurisdiction of the Old Covenant and into the New Covenant of Trust, as the New Covenant IS in fact, a Trust!

For there are three is there not? These three are one, are they not? Creator-Most-High-God-Abba-Father as Creator-Grantor-Settlor-Trustor. The first of the firstfruits, the Beloved Son in who the Father is well pleased, as thee appointed Heir and Beneficiary of ALL things, who is the Redeemer of all mankind and of all creation. (“For all things have been created by Him and are for Him”). Those of mankind who ascend and transfigure to become Sons of Man, as bondservant-Trustees intrusted with stewardship AS embassadors for Christ, and Royal Priest of the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek.

Yes, this does indicate a lot of duties, obligations and responsibilities. But, what else is a TRUSTED wife? Is she not a Trustee who has been intrusted with the Trust of Her Husband? Or, is the clay going to tell the potter He’s made a mistake and doesn’t know what he is doing? (Roman 9: 14-21 — Good luck with that. Let me know how that works out for ya.) Indeed, these three are One IN TRUST, IN Christ, and IN the Father. Who would dare to say that they are not? What part of a Trust does one not recognize and understand here? Why can one not see the Trust that it is?

However, the most important question for this line of thought is, “What is the proper and correct way to Express such a Trust so that all the kings and princes of THIS WORLD know not to touch one of the anointed, and how does one properly and correctly prepare for such a separation?” Have you ever consider that thought? Or, is one just reliant upon the corporation church for salvation and the manifestation of their inheritance? Know ye not that a church has not been, nor ever shall be of the ecclesia? One should know and be fully are of that very-very important difference. If not, then why does one not know and understand this difference? Such a difference is massively critical! So then, what part can a church (religious organization) have with one’s redemption, salvation and inheritance since it is IN and OF THIS WORLD of the dead? Do not the dead know nothing? Have you ever hear of that saying? So then, how can the dead be an Heir of anything, much less a co-Heir with the appointed Heir of ALL things?

Church = administrated all under the old covenant AS a dead entity CORPORATION in and of the PUBLIC, the COMMON, and the PROFANE. There is no Life in such an Entity for it perpetuates debtors, sureties and trustee’s to voluntarily be responsible for debts they have no business ever being involved with, much less touch.

Ecclesia = the very “‘Body Politic’ / ‘Wife’ of Christ,” is private, sacred, and very special, is administrated with pure unadulterated equity and not law that no one can ever be justified by as PUBLIC DEBTORS are adjudged; therefore, because the body of Christ is IN and OF the Living having Life is Eternal it is forever blessed and a private, sacred and very special possession as anointed and judged by the Testator of the Will. What part of being a possession of the Creator-God could one possibly not like and still remain to be seen and known as reasonable and sane?

With such a special distinction one has a hedge around them announcing by credential that all men are forbidden to govern and administration this private-special and sacred one, under the rule of bankruptcy, as well as touching them in any way, shape, or form. For the one co-heir WITH the appointed Heir of all things is bound to a higher Master and Order than any statutory jurisdiction that mankind has ever come up with including that of the common law which is just as absent of equity as all of the statutory codes, rules, and regulations.

Now, why would anyone attempt to separate themselves from the administration of men using the very rules, laws, regulations, statutes, codes, acts, treaties, and the like, that are conceived, created and issued from the world of the dead?

Let me put this another way, since all the laws of men are absent of equity, and thus administrate only matters of THIS WORLD, the world of the dead, then how could anyone ever use said laws to free themselves from the world of the dead and on into Life?

Would that not be an impossibility?

How can one who is IN and OF the world of the dead, use the things IN and OF the world of the dead, and limited by same, to remove themselves from the world of the dead?

Does it seem more plausible to use something that is NOT of the world of the dead to accomplish that?

One last thought for your consideration. Can anyone here breath life into a dead CORPS three days past?  If you can, you might very well be the Creator-God. But, what if you cannot? Now what? In whom are you going to place your Trust and how are you going to make that an official record to use to prove that one is ready to be released from administration of the world of the dead? Do you see folks that the expression of Trust is one of the biggest keys missing from their understanding of Redemption unto salvation that the corporation churches never-ever touch? Now, why is that?

Jobbery has everything to do with the world of the dead and all infant-decedents, “Born of a woman, born under the law.” For if one never learns how to, “Come out of her,” (Her = the traditions, customs and rituals of Babylon, Egypt and Rome) one is destined to remain under the rules of bankruptcy, administrated by governments of men without recourse for redress and relief. This folks… simply is, “The Order of Things,” and it is completely non-negotiable by the edict of the Testator of the Will. So, do not get mad, or be mad at me. I am not the Testator of the Will. Take all your grievances to the Testator. You tell Him what you think He has done wrong, or how He has wronged you. And, if you can speak about that experience, let us know how that works out for you.

Consider Romans 13:1-7 (especially verses 3 and 4)
1. Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God.
2. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.
3. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same.
4. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.
5. Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake.
6. For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God’s ministers attending continually to this very thing.
7. Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.

concerning the matter in his opening speech at the Jamestown Exposition given April 26 of 1907, 21st paragraph:

“As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within. A sovereign can not make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober under standing and a sane and steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest.”

Now, since it is true that, “No man can serve two masters,” then IF one is only going to serve their Creator-God the Most High Abba-Father (the one who created and gives one their inheritance) through His One and Only Appointed Heir of ALL things, as a Joint Heir/Co-Heir WITH the appointed Heir, then why would one trouble themselves the on going shenanigans of an administration that is foreign to them? (NOTICE: it is foreign, but not alien. For ALL start out under that foreign jurisdiction, “Born of a woman, born under the law.” That law being completely ABSENT of equity.)

Yes, that administration, which is called a “government,” is in fact ORDAINED by the Creator-God to do exactly what it is doing. Therefore, such an administration is in fact a part of the One Government doing its designed and ordained duty to aid in the correction of the wayward prodigal sons for the purpose of helping one to find, know and understand exactly why repentance is necessary, and how by and through such a Deed, one will reunite one not only with the Creator-God and Father, but also with their Birthright inheritance and Estate.

So then, I shall offer this for your consider, IF one so wills to even consider. How can any opposition to the governing administration set in place by the very Creator-God (Romans 13:1-2) as a resulting Trust for the hostile deeds of mankind engaging in the belligerent acts of buying and selling LEGAL TITLES, be righteously opposed, and the one so doing be found to be pleasing in the sight of the one that granted them their, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” not to mention their inheritance and estate?

I know, that’s a ginormous question. Well, the answer for it is just as ginormous and even bigger than ginormous.

Does it not now seem very foolish to be in opposition to the governing-administrations of men as the result of such a deed is in fact a stumbling block between one and their inheritance and estate? Can one now see why just peacefully leaving by the closing of all PUBLIC ACCOUNTS with that governing administration will result in one no longer being touched by that which is common and profane?

Now, since it is One Government, but two administration of that One Government, is it WISE to be directly opposed to the One Government which is upon the shoulders of the Prince of Peace, the very one and only appointed Heir of ALL things? Why would one risk their birthright inheritance and estate for such an unconscionable deed when ‘The Way’ of the Peacemaker settles all matters of a PUBLIC type?

For there IS no other way for one to be returned unto Self-Governance, as their is no only way for one’s Birthright Inheritance and the Estate to be returned them. For it is an ESTATE, and as an estate it was created by a Will and intended to be bequeathed to the heir when the heir COMPLIES with all the requirements of the Will, and not before.

One can witness the entire thread here @

Preterism, Equity, and Trust!

Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 in Born Without Money
Preterism + Equity + Trust = THESE THREE ARE ONE! Trust is the only way to express that which Equity fulfilled completely; thus, taking away all the heavy burdens of mankind nevermore having to be under rules of bankruptcy as incompetent-decedents. For such a thing is the result (Resulting Trust) for being without the necessary knowledge and understanding of what the Parousia accomplished for them. For such knowledge can lead one to the, “…gate at the end of the strait and narrow path…” and from there as a “bondservant” involved directly in putting and end to the war (commerce – buying and selling of LEGAL TITLE just like the moneychangers were doing in the Temple) that resulted in mankind being kicked from the Garden of the First and Highest Estate that is still in perpetual abundance, and shall always be in perpetuity. Nothing can change that, for it is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yes, that does mean that very Kingdom is present, right here, right now, at this very moment, but only for those with, “Eyes to see and ears to hear.”

When one agrees that the Word of Promise as given, has been kept, (“…has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us…”) and fulfilled accordingly leaving NOTHING undone. Then one knows not only who the appointed Heir of ALL things is of a New and Better “Trust” called a Covenant and/or Covenant of Trust, but also and especially who is rightfully and righteously the one and only beneficiary… as, “Equity regards the beneficiary as the true owner.” To quote a certain motion picture, “There can only be one!” Who claims to be beneficiary and attempts to make a profit off of that claim in and of the statutory commercial world under the rules of bankruptcy?

In other words, who dares to trespass on the appointment of the Heir and Beneficiary of All things for their-own personal private profit and gain? If this be the case, then how does such an act and deed reveal that one is trustworthy of the full return of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and Estate? If one is engaged in such deeds, does one truly, “Know thyself,” and thus also know who they are in relation to thee appointed Heir of all things, who redeemed them WITHOUT money, as well as why and how that DEED connects them to their God-given Estate? IF one is engaged in deeds/notes/securities/bonds of a bankrupt nature appointing themselves as beneficiary, then how does that show that one knows and understands what Kingdom Banking is all about, and what it accomplishes? One here can only hope that so-so many in the many-many patriot-sovereignty and/or freeman groups are NOT making claims of this very kind of outlandish nature which, in-turn glorifies only themselves, and not the one who redeemed them WITHOUT money. What is interesting to note is the fact that none-of-those who have engaged in such DEEDS have had their God-given Estate returned them. For a DEED is not of Kingdom Banking. Now, at the risk of sounding redundant, why is that?

So then, let this Author make one heck of a very-very bold, and even dogmatic statement… there is ONLY one way one will ever experience the return of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate, and be granted and recognized to be the source of money, no longer needing to use and/or borrow it from any other source, and end up becoming a surety for that very ill-advised debt, as a volunteer slave of men, and even worse literally electing a man as their king and god. I should not have to expound on the depth of this trespass and violation. For this very unconscionable act and deed is what is at the core of the war against the Will and Way of the Creator-God and Father as Grantor and Testator of a New and BETTER Covenant of Trust. For, “…narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Consider for a moment the underlying message of the motion picture, “The Ultimate Gift.” The Estate is given and gifted through the Will of a Testator. The Grandfather, one, Howard “Red” Stevens as Testator, bequeaths to his appointed heir and Grandson (Maxim: “Heir of one of law, Son is one of nature), Jason Stevens as Beneficiary, the bulk of the Estate over and above Howard “Red” Stevens first born, and second born sons. There is a catch. Jason Stevens had to complete 12 tests/trials/gifts to the satisfaction of the Executor of the Testators Will/Trust, a one MR. HAMILTON, Esq. (That’s Attorney-AT-Law for those of you in LARGO, FL, ROFLOL!) Does that thought make you sick to your stomach? Does that curl your toenails? Why?! It really should not! WHY?! Because, it actually reveals a clue for what one might need to consider doing, or not. (But, I do not know what I am talking about either… so go away!) Hm, lets see… could the Executor of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and Estate actually be a government official(s) who occupies an Office within said government? —– Nah! Never mind! That is not even possible. So, just forget I even mentioned it, and go about your business in commerce.  NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLK! By the way, there is a supersized happy meal waiting for you at McDonalds!

Consider the ramifications of Jason Stevens appointment as Heir over and above his two Uncles. How do you think they liked that? They are the first and second born sons of Howard “Red” Stevens. Nonetheless, even though they received a “little” something from Dad, they were PASSedOVER for the more desirable Grandson… IF the Grandson would undertake the lessons/gifts/trials that the Grandfather desired for him to learn and thus prove himself TRUSTWORTHY of the bulk of the inheritance.

Now, how many times is there record in The Holy Bible wherein the firstborn son was passed over in favor of the second born son as the desired Heir? Does, “That He pleases, that He does,” come to mind? If such a thing does not inspire one to consider the return of one’s Estate and how it is accomplished very seriously, as well as what is necessary to comply with in accordance with the Will of the Testator who gives and gifts the inheritance in the first place, then why would one even think that they could accomplish the great and tremendous deed of its return? No-matter-what, agree with this or not, like this or not, the Testator of a Will is the One who Grants and Estate to His appointed Heir and Beneficiary, and is with the authority, power and right not only to demand of the Heir, but also to require of the Heir, and well as the Co-Heirs, what they will comply with to be found to be “Trustworthy” (pleasing) BEFORE receiving the full inheritance through the appointed Heir of ALL things.

So then, to be bold and even dogmatic again, it is required for One to recognize, acknowledge and accept the appointed Heir of all things as their Redeemer, or one can absolutely forget being a co-heir WITH the appointed Heir of all things. For it is the duty of the One and Only appointed Heir of all things (The first of the firstfruits) to distribute the inheritance to all of the rest of the Co-Heirs. Now, who would be so stupid to contest the Will of the Testator and claim to be the Beneficiary? By the way, how shall one prove that?


IF one claims to be the Heir and Beneficiary to their God-given Estate then how is one going to righteously express eschatological fulfillment of all the law and the prophets via TRUST without lying, as well as for the sake of gratitude, as well as for the honor to pledge one’s, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” for being found to be worthy of such a gift in the first place, even though the rebellion resulting from playing in commerce (Trading, Buying, Selling LEGAL TITLES) deserves death, which is why all who are playing in commerce are doing so through DEAD ENTITIES/CORPS. (The World of the Dead… the THIS WORLD that is spoken of in, “If my Kingdom were of THIS WORLD my people would fight.” THIS WORLD = a world of the dead, a world of the LIVING-DEAD, who are under rules of bankruptcy and administrated by an outside source, thereby experiencing lack and limitation due to the curse of remaining in ignorance as a belligerent hostile playing commercial games with the rest of the DEAD. Is that blunt enough? Far to many people think that “THIS WORLD” applies to Terra-Fir-ma/Planet Earth. Well, to be blunt… NO! It does not! Why would The Master teach one to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven? Because, it was fun to do?! Come on! He did not literally mean this Earth did he? Okay, so then, why would it be written that, “Heaven is my Throne, and the Earth my footstool,” if Earth is not to be converted and transformed from its current debtor-surety traditions, customs and rituals in to, “Paradise Restore,” right here, right now, at this very moment?

What exactly is the, “Dominion” that the Creator-God gave to mankind but passed-over to the Son-of-Man? Could Man be the firstborn son that was passed over in lieu of the 2nd born Son-of-man? Is that why the Son-of-man, the 2nd Adam is the appointed Heir of ALL things, and not the first man ADAM? Is that why, “All in ADAM DIE,” but, “ALL in Christ are made alive?” Is that the difference between the world of the dead (THIS WORLD) and the world of the living?

Is one paying attention to right here, right now, at this very moment….. on this Earth… or, is one distracted by potential events so they do not focus on what one needs to be doing right now? How well is the conversion of all things on Earth from bankruptcy and into abundance working out? Is there something wrong with Earth? Or, is there something wrong with those who dwell on the Earth? Have those on Earth gotten the message for why one needs to complete the delivery of the ultimate gift? How come so many Estates still appear to be in need of having its abandonment cured and thus prove that they know and understand what, “Equity will not complete an imperfect gift,” requires of them to DO?! Yes, the gift has been given AS PROMISED. However, how can its delivery be complete if there isn’t an expression that recognizes, acknowledges and accepts it? Have you ever given a gift that you were not thanked for at the very least? Is it not considered to be rude at the least to not acknowledge a gift given to one? So then, how can there be any Trust between the Creator and Grantor of the gift, as well as with the Heir and Beneficiary who gave himself AS The Ultimate Gift, and the Bondservant/Trustee’s/Co-Heirs of the gift, if there isn’t a deed of acceptance made by one’s own hand that completes the gift, thus making it PERFECT? How much more plain does one have to be in expounding upon this? How else is one going move on with the gift of redemption resulting in them being found to be worthy of being redeemed WITHOUT money, even though they were, “…born of a woman, born under the law?” How else is one going to ascend and transfiguring from being found “worthy” and  into being found to be “trustworthy,” if one does not know and understand why and how one needs to express their Trust? Is one beginning to see why, “That which is expressed extinguishes that which is implied?” Is not silence acquiescence? From such silence, is that not one way for how an implied/constructive Trust is formed? Is this not how men are deemed to be available to be under the rule and administration of other men, under rules of bankruptcy?

Is not, “That which is expressed extinguishes that which is implied,” how one seeks to be found to be trustworthy of self-governance? How else is one going to prove that they have returned to competency and are no longer in need of being governed by an outside source? Who shall express the trust? No one else can do this “deed” for anyone else. Such a “deed” is strictly a soloist act. For each one has been given the Ultimate Gift directly for their own folly. So, one can can either correct the mistake that caused them to experience death and, “Make their call and election sure,” or not and continue in, “Equity will not complete an imperfect (abandoned) gift.” IF so, then one can only be under the law, and thus, subject of another man as their king, administrated under rules of bankruptcy. For all laws governing and administrating commerce are ALL absent of equity. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Yes, even the famed, and in some cases desired, common law, is of bankruptcy as it is absent of equity. Equity is the key component that fulfills law and where one who was formally under the law ascends too that displaces the need and requirement of law to govern over one.

The only way that one leaves the administration and rule of men over men under law absent of equity, justice, fairness and mercy, which constitutes all of the rules of bankruptcy is through an expression of Trust. (In whom do you trust and serve with your Life?) Make no mistake about this. Trust requires an expression of Trust if one is going to dissolve an implied and/or constructive trust to correct the mistake of allowing an implied/constructive trust to be formed because of one failure to express the Trust in the first place. Moreover, and IF one is without an expression of where one has lodged their trust, then one is deemed to be without knowledge and understanding of this very important fact-of-life, and thus is also known to be without a King and Master. This means that one is fit to be a slave. As a slave, one shall endure all of the heavy burdens of other men who were intended to be, and were naturally created to be, their equal. In other words, ruled over by another man, and the man is not even the appointed Heir. Just how easy do you think that will be? If one does not know what that would be like, then read 1 Samuel chapter 8. That chapter show exactly how it will be.

President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt attempted to warn the American people of the impending results of their folly saying, “…it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. (Note: there is ONLY ONE WAY that one is recognized to be with the ability to Self Governing) If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within.” Wow! He even gives a great big hint of what the solution to being governed by an outside source, such at the UNITED STATES, is. Imagine that! What did Teddy Roosevelt know and understand about the matter? And, what did the American people NOT know and understand about the matter?

“Men can never escaped being governed.”  This is a fact of life that many will have a very-very-very difficult time with. Nevertheless, without an expression of Trust, by that very inaction one literally abandons themselves out on the open seas of the commercial world of dead. This is how all have found themselves to be under the rules and administration of the commercial (dead) world of commerce buying and selling legal titles, which rightfully belong ONLY to the appointed Heir and beneficiary, who by default of His appointment as Heir of ALL things, is with the One and ONLY Pure Title for ALL things.

Since one cannot be both dead and with life at the same time, one therefore is known to not know how they have been redeemed from being in and of the world of the dead and bankrupt. How else could that be made known if has never expressed, and has no record of said expression of Trust, in the One that redeemed them from bankrupt world of the dead? Like this or not, agree with this or not, the fact is that every single Judge/Magistrate/Justice takes SILENT JUDICIAL NOTICE of this. For until one learns how to express Trust and thus knows WHY one needs to express Trust to redeem debt of “property” back into the “things,” as all property once was originally, which ALL belongs to the appointed Heir of ALL things… one can only be deemed to be a beligerant hostile making war with commerce in and under bankruptcy as a debtor, suffering from a vain imagination attempt for making personal private profit and gain stealing from the appointed Heir of ALL things, and not making peace as a meek peacemaker and bondservant to eliminate debt and thus eliminate commerce as well as the world of the dead.
All “Members,” of a, “Political Party,” are, “Members,” (not citizens) of a private group. In other words, a private society, such as the two-distinct private societies at the City of Washington in the District of Columbia, which is why the District of Columbia is not a STATE. It has NO United States citizenship for those in and of a private society in that District.
So then, if one chooses to make a peace treaty with a private society how does that help the PUBLIC, where all the debt is, where are the sureties are being administrated, where the true war is being perpetuated daily by and through the GRAND-TRADITION of men passed along unto each generation… that is the CHIEF-TRADITION of all LEGAL SOCIETIES……(drum-roll please)….. C-O-M-M-E-R-C-E?
Is not commerce, the buying and selling of LEGAL TITLES (PUBLIC) administrated under the rules of bankruptcy for a LEGAL SOCIETY (PUBLIC), ultimately the real war perpetuating mankind’s rebellion against its Creator? So then, is not Commerce ultimately the , “Quite Weapon for Silent War,” that makes war against mankind’s very Creator-God and His appointed Heir of all things? How does this figure into the commerce game? How does this figure into settling all matters of debt, charges, taxes, fines, fees, etc., etc.?
Why is mankind buying, fighting over and selling LEGAL TITLES any how? Is not the LEGAL TITLE the result of a bifurcation of a once pure unadulterated Equity Title that belongs only to the Beneficiary as Equity considers the Beneficiary the true owner? Is mankind that one true owner? Is there not only One appointed Heir and Beneficiary of all things? Is the maxim of law, “God, not man, makes the heir,” untrue? If so, then why did it become a MAXIM?
• How is the bifurcation of that one pure Equity Title that belongs to the appointed Heir and Beneficiary of all things, NOT AN ACT OF WAR?
• If it was not mankind that started this war, then who started it?
• Why are we here?
• Why was mankind evicted from the abundance of the First and Highest Estate to experience a fleshly existence in bankruptcy, lack and limitation?
• Was the bifurcation of the One Pure Equity Title not an outright theft of stealing things from the Heir of all things that deemed this fleshly experience necessary?
• How is the unlawful conversion of “things” into “PROPERTY” to engage in the LEGAL SOCIETY TRADITION of buying and selling (commerce) not outright theft?
• How is that not an act of war?
• Truly I ask you, is commerce not the fulcrum point of what repentance is all about; and, that when done in accordance with the Will of the Creator shows competency for self-governance and thus shifts the one doing so from the world of bankruptcy, back into the world of abundance?
• So then, exactly WHY did the Master/Jesus/Yahuwah-shua turn over the tables of the moneychangers if it were not for the fact that buying and selling shall never-ever be accepted behavior of the private members of the private society of the Body of Christ?
If one can see this, and how this is the war that is the cause of mankind being evicted from the Garden of the First and Highest of Eden, then is this not the war that needs to “Cease and Desist” before one can and will be recognized as Co-Heir WITH the appointed Heir of ALL things, to be in and of THEE private society, greater than all other private societies, as a Member of the Body of the Christ? (I tell you the truth the members of Congress would be jealous of one having such a membership. For their private-societies do not have, nor can ever have… any distinction as Co-Heir with the appointed Heir of all things).
Is not this war conquered and overcome by changing one’s mind firstly… by rejecting all of the TRADITIONS, CUSTOMS, and RITUAL OBLIGATIONS of men that perpetuates in perpetuity COMMERCE? (The ultimate Quite Weapon for Silent War) After all of this, perhaps I should have asked firstly, do you even think it possible that COMMERCE… and, to engage in all of its activities, traditions, and customs, is making war?
If not, then go back and enjoy that tradition. One is very much at liberty to do so. However, enjoy that tradition with this one final thought, …

“How come the, “Love of Money,” which is the main device/tool/standard that anchors all of commerce, is the ROOT of all EVIL, and if one loves money, and/or makes love FOR money… in the many facets that commerce offers, then how can one love anything else, much less keep the two-greatest commandment of the New Covenant of Trust, without revealing that they are with a double mind that automatically nullifies them from being recognized AS Co-Heir with the appointed Heir of ALL things?”



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Is there a difference between “Citizenship” and “Membership?”
If one commingles the two, then why bother? For all things would end up in the very same place no matter the condition, or its beginnings. But, what if the two different words do indeed have two different meanings? What if those meanings can and do honor the difference between that which is PUBLIC and that which is Private? Would such knowledge and understanding be worth something to you? I should certainly hope so.
So then, if there is a difference, then would it not behoove one and all to discover and uncover what the difference is, why it is, and how to delineate and separate one from the other?
Is it not men that offer citizenship one unto another?
Is it not men that offer different levels and types of citizenship?
Is it not men that offer the so-called, “Right of Self-determination?”
What happens when one accepts rights (revocable privileges) offered by men?
If one is going to operate in and from their God-given unalienable right(s), that is to say rights that men could never-ever give, nor even offer to them, then how can one accept rights (revocable privileges) from men and then be known to NOT be of a double mind?

Is not one who is double minded deemed to be unstable for good reason?
Is this perhaps why it is well accepted that, “No man can serve two masters?”
If one agrees that they are the created being that the entire creation groans for… then does the Creator of that created being offer to one citizenship or membership?
Membership in what?
Membership at what cost?
Membership with what requirements?
Membership with what benefits?
Membership with what strings attached, if any?
Citizenship in what?
Citizenship at what cost?
Citizenship with what requirements?
Citizenship with what benefits?
Citizenship with what strings attached, if any?
Which one of the two offers true LIBERTY?
Can men, do men, offer to other men true LIBERTY?
Can men, do men, offer to other men the liberty of Self-Governance?
What if the liberty of Self-Governance is NOT within the purview and authority of men to offer one unto another?
What if the Creator is the only one that can offer his Creations the Liberty of Self-Governance upon compliance with Membership, firstly?
Have you ever considered that Citizenship offered before Membership has devastating consequences because, a member is to be accepted as an equal, and that honors, “Equity see done what ought to be done?”
Have you ever considered that Membership offered firstly, explains and trains what the new member is to know and understand before said member can knowingly enter into citizenship properly?
Are you a member of your family first?
Or, are you a citizen of your family first, before being a member?
Are you a citizen of the United States firstly, or are you a member of the Surname Family first? Which came first, the chicken, or the egg? Which came first, the STATE, or the family? Did the STATE have anything to do with the decision that Mom and Dad made to procreate? Or, did Mom and Dad make that decision taking their own counsel without the STATE? By whose authority do two consenting adults in a Covenant of Trust relationship of Holy Matrimony have the authority to procreate?  The answer to this question will go a long way to answer the question, “Who do you say you are?”
Does it appear to you that there is in fact a natural order to this matter; and therefore, a natural progression that if one “so-to-speak” puts the cart before the before the horse firstly, misses out on something very important… even more-so, to a great deal?
All I can do is admonish one to tread very carefully whenever and wherever men make an offer to you, especially through the fictional world of the STATE. For there is always a cost to one’s natural-born liberty, and that will involve the administration of one’s personal-private God-given Estate from an outside source.


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There always has been only one government and there still is only one government right here, right now, at this very moment, and shall be that way… forever! (This confuses the heck out of the Prodigal-Belligerent-Sons). However, because of the rebellion of mankind against the Will and Way of the Creator-God of the First and Highest Estate, it became necessary for a second administration of that one government to discipline, chasten and disciple those whom the Creator-God loves and wishes to come into agreement with what I like to call, THE PRIME DIRECTIVE of the New Covenant, “Love one another as I have loved you,” which is carried out in the two greatest commandments to, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and all your mind,” and the second is like unto it, “To love your neighbor as yourself.” Because of this HOPE, there is in deed and fact, only One Government, but Two Administrations of that One Government to accomplish the fulfillment of that hope.

One administration of the One Government is for the “Prodigal Sons,” who are still yet acting as belligerent hostiles who have yet to make their “call and election sure,” by proclaiming where they have established and settled their Trust. In other words, they are still LUKEWARM having not yet expressed the intentions of their heart, mind and soul. Most are unaware that such a “deed” is indeed necessary. For it is concluded by most that thanks is enough just to be sprinkled, dunked and/or doused with a fire-hose. But, what if something more on the part of the one baptized is necessary for entry into Coverture? Do not two that are betrothed to one another make vows (promises) to each other? Is this not a deed being done?

Is it not a mistake to consider the importance of the MEMORIALIZING of a deed done, even just for the creation of a record of that deed? Is it not that important? If it is not that important, then why take a wedding picture and/or a plethora of wedding photograph’s on the wedding day? Why have a reception for all of the wedding guests, much less undertake vows in their presents, if it is not that important? Is not the wedding reception itself also considered to be a memorization event of remembrance? Or, is it just more prudent and acceptable to do baptism (Enter into a Covenant of Trust in Holy Matrimony) the fast-food McDonald’s way, or the Burger King, “Have it YOUR WAY,” way of… just throw me into the pool and the deed is done…right? Do you want fries with that happy meal? Do you want that SUPERSIZED?!

Should not the entry into a Covenant of Trust with the appointed Heir of all things be taken much more seriously and soberly than as the typical corporate religious organizations tradition of, “Wham… Bam… Thank you Ma’am?” Does the corporate religious organization custom of baptism truly complete the intended compliance for one entering into Coverture with the appointed Heir of ALL things? After one has made a pledge and vow accepting what one could not do for themselves, but was done for them by the Redeemer who redeemed them WITHOUT money, and is become, “Born From Above” (baptized – a NEW birth… born of Spirit – one’s TRUE date of Nativity), does it make sense for one to sit on their butt in a pew on any given corporate worship day and make the word, “Lazy,” jealous of how easy it is going to be for one from then on? Does that honorably reciprocate one’s pledge and vow of promise as bondservant to the Husbandmen? Or, does, “Come out of her my people, stop participating in her sin,” have something to do with what is required to be done for the wife (Co-Heir’s) of the appointed Heir of all things?

Does one really believe that all one has to do is just accept, and there is nothing else for one to do, but now wait for a second coming that shall never-ever come with observation? What exactly does one hope to see with their eyes that has not already been given to them and can only been seen and discerned with Eyes of Equity? (Thank you Christian Walters) What if the second coming is waiting on you to do something to prove you mean what you say, and you say what you mean? Do not, “Actions speak louder than words?” Should one’s words match their deeds? Should not actions of significance then be Deeded? What if the second coming is earmarked properly by a deed for a deed done that is done by deed? Indeed.

When one receives a gift, do they not thank the giver of that gift for the giving of the gift given to them? Is this deed often done with the words, “Thank you?” However, far less often, unfortunately, such a deed is done with that thanks being EXPRESSED in the form of writing. Such as with a card, or a note, or perhaps even a holographic letter, expressing their grateful thanks and appreciation for the honor of being given the gift and receiving such a precious gift. Question…could not this expression of thanks also be considered a, “Deed?” Indeed.

Tis a good deed to give a gift, yes indeed.
Tis a good deed to be thankful for that gift, yes indeed.
Tis also most honorable and effective to match that gracious gifting with written words of thankfulness that match words articulated expressing such an attitude-of-gratitude, is it not?

Is not one’s Word the ONLY thing one truly owns? Should not thy word match thy deeds to validate not only that Word but also the Trustworthiness of their Word as given? Actions do speak louder than words do, do they not? Then, what if one’s actions has no deeds? If faith without works is dead, then how can it not be that Trust without Deeds is dead? Many a one is given and hath spoken in BELIEF and BELIEVE in/on Christ, but where is the Deed that matches the Word given? Where is the deed that matches that validates the Trust enter into? How is such a thing to be memorialized thus affirming that a Covenant of Trust in agreement exists? Can one enter into Trust without being in agreement? Did not the Creator-God give His Word in Promise first and then also match His Word by Deed? If one does something for another, how is the other supposed to respond honorable to that doing; to that deed done so that their Word honor’s the promise of the Word given in Trust and Hope?

For there is but only One administration for the…Adopted Beloved Sons in whom the Creator-God and Father is well pleased by and through the Deed of the Beloved Son AS Redeemer of all THINGS without money, AS the Appointed Heir of ALL things, and Husbandmen of the Body of Co-Heirs in Christ, and High Priest Forever of the Royal Priests of the Order of Melchizedek. What deed do you have that expresses what one has pledged in a vow of promise for the sake of thankfulness, the opportunity to enter into Coverture WITH the appointed Heir of ALL things? For, “Two cannot walk together UNLESS THEY AGREE,” yes?

How is such an agreement memorialized, and how can that agreement be trusted to be true and faithful? If one gives their Word of Promise and backs it up with both Act and Deed, is it not incumbent up all others that recognize, acknowledge and accept that to do likewise, and in so doing, follow the example given? What other way is one going to PROVE that they are no longer going to be IN and OF the world under the rules of bankruptcy (PUBLIC); and therefore, in need of being administrated from an outside source? How else can one PROVE that they are indeed ready to undertake all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of an adopted beloved son to the kings and princes of the earth if one has no DEEDS to back up their word? Indeed.

For one has already been found to be worthy of being given everything one needs for life and godliness; the question is, how is one to show gracious gratefulness and honor for that Ultimate Gift bestowed upon them BEFORE the foundation of this world administrated under the rules of bankruptcy began? Could it be that one who has been found to be worthy because of a work done for them that they could not do for themselves would properly and honorably return that honor by being found to be TRUSTWORTHY in the worthiness they have been GRANTED? Hm, is this why a Grantee has to appear? For how can there by a Grant without an intended Grantee?


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I have grown very fond of Subrogation. Indeed it is a very powerful tool having a very powerful meaning and practical application. Especially, when it is used to correct the mistake for volunteering as surety to pay the debts of others that one never should have volunteered for in the first place. Does that sound like the same mistake that the Disciple Peter made in Matthew 17? Well, it is! Did you also notice that even though Peter made this same mistake, he was able to find and receive forgiveness for that mistake and do what was required of him so that “relief” could be granted unto him through the instructions given to him to settle, close, and extinguish the matter (account) peacefully? Yes! Peter actually had to do something. SHOCK! Well, so much for the “Cheap Grace,” doctrine that the 501c3 CORPORATION CHURCHES sell, tell, preach and teach. What makes anyone think that it would be any differently to-day? Don’t be silly!
Now, bring in jubilee (Luke 4:14-21 continuing through to verse 30; notice specifically verses 18 and 19, “…he has anointed me to proclaim deliverance to the captives and recovery of the sight to the blind (John 9:41), to release the oppressed, TO PROCLAIM THE ACCEPTABLE YEAR OF THE LORD’S FAVOR.”), which has been made a permanent condition of the New and Better Covenant. Yes! I did say, p-e-r-m-a-n-e-n-t. In other words, it is not an OLD COVENANT only, every 50-year tradition, as some with grave misunderstandings are of the custom of of thinking. No sir! It is not any more! This very moment, recorded here, actually is the launching point, the announcement, the notice, the statement, the proclamation of His Kingdom to be established on this Earth as it is in Heaven. This is no small thing, folks. It is ginormous! Why? Because, the 501c3 CORPORATION CHURCHES still teach and preach that this event is future, but it is not! We are now future of that established and kept promise, or else one can only be saying that Yahshua is a liar.  
How can this be? Because, it has been made permanent by the blood sacrifice of the Redeemer of all mankind. Again… p-e-r-m-a-n-e-n-t! But, only for special few(Matt 7:14, 20:16, 22:14, 1 Cor 1:26 = the ecclesia; not the CHURCH) specific the one’s that comply with the Will of the Testator. Sorry folks, but the “Cheap Grace,” doctrinal policy of, “Unconditional love,” is not a provision provided in the Will of the Testator. The “Cheap Grace” doctrine is a selling point of the CORPORATION CHURCHES that want you to sit in their pews, stinking up the joint, keeping their donation plates full, so they can laugh and mock you for not reading the Bible yourselves so you will come to know just how enormous the lie is that they are selling. Why are you’re buying lies with donations from your labor, and not pledging your labor to your Redeemers Kingdom, doing His Will?

In short, mankind is the created. The Father is the Creator. He has a Will. He created us for a purpose. He explains Himself and His Will in the Testimony of His beloved Son, and requires all who enter into His Covenant to comply with His Will. Therefore, His Will is not negotiable! Yes, it actually is, mandatory! That is, if you want eternal life. After all, someone died to secure not only your Life, but also your Soul. Sorry, if you do not like that. But, as I said, mankind is the created. So, if you do not like this, then answer this. When does the created get to tell its Creator what it will do, or be, and force the Creator to comply with the created’s Will? Don’t be silly about this. This is very-very serious. So, the Father’s love is in fact conditional, and justified as the Life that was murdered (given) to secure your life for all eternity, is all the explanation that one needs to see and understand why that is. Resistance is futile! The Will of the Testator is locked in place forever.

Now, because of the Will, this is why DEBT can no longer exist for those that enter into the New and Better Covenant, for those few who “make their call and election sure,” (2 Peter 1:10-11). Why? The Redeemer took away (“Nailed to the cross” Colossians 2:13-15) all the commercial statues, codes, rules, and regulations; the private copyrighted Color-of-Laws that administrates commerce and, ‘the way of debtor,’ under the rule and rules of bankruptcy, (“…the handwriting of requirements that was against us…”) which allows for debts to be charged against one’s earthly estate, while it remains in abeyance for not having identified oneself to the governing-administration, to accept that private property as Grantee/Beneficiary from and through one’s earthly bloodline father/parents. Instead, the people ignorantly allow government to identify them as a Trustee for their benefit to perform the fiduciary duties of Surety to guarantee the repayment of the debts charged against that estate, when they should be beneficiary of that so they can properly place that estate under the feet of their Redeemer, naming Him as its Beneficiary because of His Suretyship, which now pays for everything forevermore for that private property, to which you are the exclusive Trustee for (“…the worker is worthy his wage…” 1 Tim 5:18 & Luke 10:7), to serve only Him through those things, the named beneficiary and bridegroom the, ‘Heir of all things.’ In other words, you will pledge living life His way, or you will not be one of His many Trustee’s for all matters for the estate, much less manage and administrate all matters in His name.

But, most of all, those color-of-laws allowed one to volunteer (CONTRACT) to pay those debts with their labor as surety to guarantee the repayment contract(s) filling their pockets just as Colonel Edward Mandel House said. “This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call  “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly.” If that doesn’t make your stomach sink, making you angry. I don’t know what else will, because we have all been played. But most importantly, we did play, so we volunteered to be played, just as the Colonel said. But, we can all be thankful for the irrefutable truth that a mistake can be corrected at any time. The arrogance of this man to think that their plans would never be figured out, and that they could deny all of this, was the achilles heal of their own blindness. For Trust unlocks and takes apart all of these plans, as the wicked servants hold a public office, they are in Breach of Trust, and that can and will result in a “Strict Foreclosure,” of their own personal estate and all assets for that breach. So, it was just plain stupid to think that they could get away with this forever. But, they did, and their own arrogance blinded them from seeing that.

Folks, this matter has already been settled by the Redeemer! “You have sold yourselves for nothing, and you shall be redeemed without money.” (Isaiah 52:3) Why? “For you know that it was not with perishable things such as silver or gold that you were redeemed from the empty way of life (The commercial way of living life) you inherited from your forefathers,” (1 Peter 1:18). Why? “…you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.” Are you beginning to see why, “Cheap Grace,” is a lie, and why there is a Will that must be complied with? In other words, do not volunteer again to be surety to pay the debts of another man. In other words, since the commercial world of commerce requires this, then how can one ever be truly free from that world if they are still playing the commercial game of that world? So then, if you are using your labor to pay for debts, then how can you glorify your Creator/God with your body?

So, all one has to do, is to learn how to put what has already been done into full force and effect. In other words, make the jubilee permanent. IF you don’t, then who will? Government? Don’t be so silly. This is what is meant by, “Greater things shall you do.” (John 14:12-14) IF not, then what are those greater things? In other words, we have been given the foundation that established the New and Better Covenant. Now, it is up to us to build upon that foundation in accordance with the Will of the Testator. Therefore, make no mistake about this, folks. That is going to be a lot of work. So, if you do not like work, then stop right here, right now, from reading this post any farther. You should not be wasting your time with such frivolous matters anyhow, because building upon the foundation that the finished work established is not to be take lightly, nor with a careless-carefree disregard for the importance of doing this work. This is why it is written, “He gave Himself for us to redeem us from all lawlessness and to purify for Himself a people for His own possession, zealous for good deeds.” (Titus 2:14 – deeds = works; likewise, works = deeds) Why? Because it has all been paid for, and purchased, by the one man that kept all the law perfectly with His own blood. So then, all one has to do now is prove one’s fidelity to that one man as their King (the 2nd and Last Adam) with Deeds (Deeds prove Trust) recognizing Him to be one’s kinsmen Redeemer, further recognizing Him to be the one and only appointed ‘Heir of all things,’ by the Creator Himself; thereby pledging ones Life, Labor, and Liberty, too Him out of grateful thankfulness for His finished work that perfected equity. Now, one can extinguish all claims of debt made against the earthly estate to find relief from that burden through the only thing that can pay for debt(s). Why any longer be under the volunteer slavery as a debtor in fraud, supporting the fraud, and the fictions that make people think what is fraudulent as real? “You have sold yourselves for nothing, and you shall be redeemed WITHOUT money.”

All of the previous sets up what subrogation truly is all about, and how it should be used. But, subrogation should never-ever be used to ESCAPE the responsibility of one’s own word of promise when they have voluntarily obligated themselves to perform a specific duty for another, even if that agreement was made by mistake. Sometimes keeping our word can hurt. For keeping thy word is a very-very important lesson that is being learned as everyone sojourns upon the surface of this planet. For the keeping of one’s word is the foundation of Trust; and, when it comes down to the conclusion of all things, one’s Word is truly the only thing that one owns.

02 - One's Word truly is the only thing one owns

As the example given in Scripture shows, “Go and pay for both you and I,” for when the Disciple Peter oops-ed, “Having a zeal for God, but not according to knowledge.” In other words, when Peter volunteered to be surety for a debt-obligation. He had no business volunteering for that duty in the first place, because he was obligated to other duties that had priority over such inferior duties. How so? Well, specifically because the Kings of the Earth do not take and/or charge tribute (taxes) from Sons (Adopted Sons who have pledged their labor to the one the “APPOINTED” Heir of ALL “Things,”) but, they do charge and take tribute from STRANGERS. So, guess what, if one has volunteered to perform that kind of duty the same as the Disciple Peter did, then one clearly is known to be in and of the capacity of, “STRANGER.” What else could be said of one for volunteering for that duty?

But, even though Peter made a mistake volunteering for that obligation, he was still instructed to KEEP HIS WORD by Yahshua himself. (“So they be not offended,” …)Why? Because, the only thing that one truly does own, is their Word. Thus, one’s Word is the most precious thing that one owns. And so, Peter was admonished to go and do what was necessary to settle, close, and extinguish the account so that the Tax/Tribute collectors would not seek any further fiduciary duties from him. As a result of the need for correcting this mistake, Peter would NOT be allowed to re-enter into the house with the rest of the Disciples while he remained under an obligation to Caesar to enjoy the evening meal of both fellowship and peace with The Master. For all commerce is WAR. And, said war is conducted with MONEY making all involved DEBTORS, sureties and STRANGERS to the Will and Way of the Creator’s House, the First and Highest Estate.

This is the results of that mistake, and the resulting correction is in honor with the Biblical Principal and Maxim, “No man can serve two masters,” and, the Maxim of Equity, “Equity will not aid a volunteer,” and, “Equity considers done what ought to be done.”

Therefore, Peter was forbidden to enter into the House because, Yahshua [JESUS] stood in the doorway, literally blocking him from entering into the house with the rest of the disciples.  UNTIL Peter had performed the obligation necessary to EXECUTE and thereby extinguish and dissolve the CONTRACT he had mistakenly entered into with Caesar, he belonged to Caesar.

Unfortunately, the Biblical Principal of, “No man can serve two masters,” is very little understood in this manner. If more people did actually understand its practical application for living in to-day’s so-called modern world, there would be a lot less “STRANGERS” present, and many more “Adopted Sons in whom the Father is well pleased,” from whom the kings of the Earth are FORBIDDEN from touching and taking tribute from.
So now, can you see why the Disciple Peter could not enter into the house UNTIL his “master” Caesar was completely out of the picture? Do you also see how the biblical principal of, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways,” applies to this situation? One can either love money and serve its masters, or one can Love their Creator-God and Father and ALL of His creation, pledging their life, liberty and labor to serve Him. There is no, “LUKEWARM” standing for this. There is either HOT, or COLD. For absolutely NO ONE can do both at the same time without seriously indicting themselves to be certifiably nuts.
So then, in light of doing the same thing as Peter had to do to settle the matter, and following the example set, perhaps a Bill of Exchange created out of the paper they used to present the presentment of DEBT to the DEBTOR will honorably extinguish the CONTRACT dissolving the pledge made in mistake. After all, do not the debt collectors seek gold and/or silver as payment? (It’s symbolic for the pledge of your loyalty and labor) Is there not a form of “PAPERGOLD,” that can be used in these so-called modern times that will do the same thing as did the gold coin found in the fishes mouth at the river side that will settle, close, and extinguish (Execute – execution is of the Old Covenant, operation is of the New Covenant) the matter of voluntary suretyship to its resolution?

Now, shifting gears a bit, why is sin a debt and debt a sin? How are the two connected? Are they even connected? When one pledges themselves as surety and thus has volunteered to be a DEBTOR for a DEBT that is NOT their own while one has a personal Surety for their-own debts/sins, then how does such an act and deed honor thee Surety that took away their-own sin/debt? Is one not obligated to their Surety that took away their sin and debt, firstly in all, “Things?” So then, why go out looking for more debt especially since one cannot take it away? The last time I checked ALL money was debt. And, as far as I know, that fact-of-life has never changed. So, ALL money still is DEBT, and do not think that fact-of-life is ever going to change. So all one can do is deal with it by finding RELIEF unto REST from a foundation that does not have them going in circles inside of a world functioning under the rule and rules of bankruptcy. If you want to play under Rules of Bankruptcy don’t you ever expect to find your way out from under them, from within them.

So then, as all of Commerce (MONOPOLY) functions on MONEY, and that MONEY is borrowed into existence automatically making one obligated to pay that DEBT back as DEBTOR, SURETY, CONSTITUTOR, and worst of all, STRANGER. Why do so many people keep seeking Relief and Rest from the craziness of the crazy world of commerce wherein the commercial statutes, codes, rules, and regulations, that govern that world, are in fact being EXECUTED under the Rules of Bankruptcy? Can you see the insanity of that?

You have heard it said, insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. But, in this case, that insanity is made known by those looking for “Relief” from debt in the very place where it can never be found. How could debt relief be found under the rule and rules of the debtor world? That is the quintessential definition for, “absolutely impossible.” It’s a debtor world! Those that administrate it are only interested in the creation of more debt, and the repayment of those debts. (Remember the quote from Colonel Edward Mandel House cited above?) When one has lost something, do you keep returning to the same places to look for it over and over again? Why? So then, since the origin of one’s birthright inheritance and estate is FROM Equity, then why does one continue to seek for it’s return under the Rules of Bankruptcy? Does that even make any sense? A world under the rule and rules of bankruptcy is not even on par with a world that has absolutely no debt. So, the debtor world cannot touch anything that is not in and of debt. Yes, yes. I am aware that there are those who are so very proud of their precious Secured Party Creditorstatus.” But, I say unto you that the Secured Party Creditor is in and of the debtors world. That very title is granted from under the bankruptcy color-of-laws. Why would an Adopted Son want to have anything to do with that? Therefore, a so-called granted titled Secured Party Creditor DOES NOT have any thing to do with the appointed, ‘Heir of all things,’ especially doing all things in accordance with His Will. A Secured Party Creditor does all things in their own NAME issued and granted with the permission of the STATE; not, the name of the one who paid for all debt and redemption with His blood. For there is absolutely NO PROVISION for a Secured Party Creditor in the Will of the One who MAKES the Heir. After all, what can a Secured Party Creditor own other than debt? Debt that they help to create monetize, fractionalize, and even collateralize. So, sure the SYSTEM and its LORDS love’s them, because they are helping keep them in business. This unconscionable action only shows hate, and not love, toward all others to whom they have passed on all debts for failing to not settle, close, and extinguishing debts by the only thing that does pay. Furthermore, it is most unfortunate that those who have bowed a knee to the SYSTEM to receive such title from the SYSTEM and it’s LORD’s actually think that they are doing something good. This is actually proof of their own self-deception, which perpetuates the arrogance of their mindset and heart in the reality of the illusion from their own grave misunderstandings.

Therefore, contrary to the opinion of some there is no place in eternity the Security Party Creditor. For the Security Party Creditor is not, nor is recognized AS theHeir of the Decedent Estate, much less recognized AS an Adopted Son with the one and only Appointed Heir of ALL things.Yes, the two are NOT connected. No, the Secured Party Creditor is nothing more than just another, Flattering Title,” of men that is deeply involved in commerce and the commercial world of the dead, pledged to play the game of MONOPOLY® by the rules of the wicked, with all of the rest of the PERSONS according to all their rules and color-of-law private copyrighted codes, all absent of equity, which are designed to contain those electing to play in that unconscionable game be administrated by the appointed governors and tutors under the rule and rules of bankruptcy. Contrary to the opinion of the Secured Party Creditor, this is not a status that any one wants to be known for. It is a badge of hate and dishonor for failure to, Love one another as I have loved you,” (John 13:31-35). It is the only thing it can be, because love would require that they serve one another to the point of even giving their life, just as the King of all kings did do. This is not a requirement, nor a duty of the Secured Party Creditor.

So, the literal game of MONOPOLY® must be administrated under the Rules of Bankruptcy, which only results in MORE debt. For it cannot do anything else but make and perpetuate debt. So, it baffles me a bit when I hear people complaining about not having enough money. Because, what they are actually saying is that they do not have enough debt. Really?! I would think that one has had their fill of debt, bankruptcy, lack and limitation. But, that’s just me. Or, how about those that dream of how they can get more DEBT, er, um, I mean MONEY? Does winning the lottery come to mind? W-H-Y?! How does winning-debt notes, or getting more debt notes not a complete violation of all that is relational and realistic? Isn’t the wanting of more MONEY/DEBT of pure insanity? I base this conclusion solely upon the very simple fact-of-life that one was, “Born Without Money.” (Humph, now, where did that come from?)

Did the Creator-God who has created everything create creation without money? Or, did He borrow the money needed from the Universal Bankers? Even more importantly, were you not REDEEMED WITHOUT MONEY? Well?! So then, how does the act and deed of wanting to play with MONEY not DISHONOR what has already been done by the Surety of a New and Better Covenant to take away all of one’s sin-debt? Did you just get what I am pointing out? The focus of MONEY as a need, and/or even as a necessity means that one LOVES Money more than their Creator, and if one does not love their Creator firstly, what chance does one have for loving His creation according to His Will and Way? Would you want to bet the farm on the odds of that for even being possible? “No, just a mortgage will be fine.” *Sigh! {facepalmed to the floor bouncing off of it}

In other words, volunteering to pay the debt of another, when one does not have too in the first place, is actually an act of war against the Will and Way of the Most High Eternal-Creator-God that EXPRESSES NO TRUST, AND NO LOVE.  Moreover, why is this so unconscionable? Because, it literally adds more to the duty of the Surety that has ALREADY done His duty, and taken away all of the debtor-sin as their PERSONAL Surety. One is literally asking and/or requiring that the Surety pay even more of what He paid. How is this not asking one’s Surety to die again? Do you see how this nullifies the redemption of being, “Redeemed without money?” That is why to play in the game of MONOPOLY® literally is an act of rebellion. It can be seen no other way. So then, why would anyone want to be involved with money ever again, especially knowing and understanding that, “Money is the root of all evil?” 

Now, are you beginning to see why the Disciple Peter could not be allowed to enter in with the rest of the disciples in Fellowship and Rest? Peter had to go make love to money to pay the debt he unwisely volunteered to pay. So then, do you see how Peter dishonored himself and the finished work by volunteering for an unnecessary obligation of Suretyship As STRANGER? Are you also beginning to see the connection of this to what is taking place each and everyday in the commercial world of commerce, wherein one volunteers to be the STRANGER from whom the Kings of the Earth take Tribute?

One of the reasons why I use Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary first when researching words and their meaning is because Noah Webster leans heavily on the connection of words to Scripture, which is, “Thee AUTHORITATIVE Source” from whence the foundation of Equity is become known. In every way, Equity is superior to law, no matter what the form of law, as Equity is the SOURCE of ALL Law.

01 - Subrogation Defintion from Webster's 1828
To get to the Equity of this definition one is going to have to know WHO will stand in their place, and as a result of that standing, they can then stand in the other’s place WITH all of their Rights. Now, who comes to mind that is Thee Absolute BEST “person” (not the word that I would use) that one could claim to be standing in their place and thereby validate authoritatively with the authority of Scripture that they are WITH ALL of the Rights and Liberty of Christ?

Could it be that only the one who acts in the capacity of Co-Heir WITH the APPOINTED Heir of ALL “Things,” is with all of the Rights of “thee” Surety, especially the Right of redeeming PROPERTY back into “Things.” Indeed, if one does do this properly and correctly according to the Will and Way, which is according to the Maxim of Law, “God, not man, makes the Heir,” one’s claims to be recognized, honored and not trespassed against by any of the administrators of all things PUBLIC administrating the very PUBLIC game of MONOPOLY®?

Perhaps the demand for lawful money, which IS STILL A DEMAND FOR DEBT, because ALL Money is DEBT, is actually a demand that still allows for the presumption of the implied Trust to continue to exist, as the inaction of correcting the mistake of allowing the implied Trust to remain is evidence that one is willing to remain a debtor and surety for unnecessary debts continuing to play the game of MONOPOLY®. There is only one solution for this, and it is expressed very well in the Maxim of Law, “That which is Expressed EXTINGUISHES that which is implied.”

So then, I ask you, is it true for you that ALL who were REDEEMED, are in fact REDEEMED WITHOUT MONEY? (Perhaps this is why one is, “BORN WITHOUT MONEY,” hm?) Is there a clue in this for how one is expected to act as Co-Heir so that one is found to be counted among thee Adopted Son? The Maxim of Law does emphatically state, “Heir is one of law, Son is one of Nature.” Did not that redemption take away all the DEBTOR-SIN by purchasing it with a currency HIGHER than Gold, or Silver, and higher than Gold or Silver could ever hope to be?
Speaking for myself, I am not going to deny My Lord’s suretyship on my behalf by obligating myself to be a surety for someone else’s debt, because that would nullify His suretyship for me. However, I can and will act as Surety ONLY for my God-given private Estate, and only to fulfill the need for the creation of the “Credit” (not money) needed to provide and maintain its Operation (not execution) IN and FROM Equity. How about you?

Those who make war against “The System of Government” (herein after, The System) and/or its Administrators, ultimately are making war upon themselves. Did you know that ALL commerce is war? Why do you think The Master turned over the tables of the money changers who were conducting commerce in the Temple? If what they were doing was of peace and righteousness, do you think he would have bothered them? (Matthew 21:12-17, Mark 11:15-18, John 2:14-16) What do you think this symbolizes? And how, if at all, is this connected to one being revested with one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate?
11| Mt 21v17, Mark 11v17 & John 2v14-16

What else could the money changers have been doing other than commerce?  Folks, buying and selling goes against the biblical principal of, 12 | Freely you have Received, Freely Give - Matt 10v8It is known to this Author that there are those that have taken what they have been given freely, and by TRUST agreement, agreeing NOT TO SELL what they have learned; and yet, they have violated their Word of Promise in agreement and have taken what they have been given freely, and sold it for profit. How is this not a dishonorable act and deed? How does this not violate the agreement one has entered into, pledging in Trust, to return the graciousness of receiving freely the gift, for giving freely with it? To be given anything freely, and then go and sell that free gift profit is not only an act of pure selfishness, but it is also an act of war upon the Giver of that Gift. For action such as that goes directly against The Way for living Life in peace. Selling what has been given to give with, dishonors not only the gift, but also the Giver of that gift. Are you beginning to see how thru such a despicable act and deed of COMMERCE, it is an act of war? Unfortunately, commerce is the way of life for the prodigal sons, and since it goes directly against “The Will” of the Father something had to be done to teach the consequences for such folly. And, so, you have the journey of the prodigal sons.

So then, commerce is outright rebellion against the Giver who appointed the Heir to receive all things freely, and thereby give with all things received, freely. Does the turning over the tables of the money changers give a very strong clue that such traditions as buying and selling are not allowed by the Giver in the Kingdom? It certainly does look that way. Why else would such a strong action be used to demonstrate this message? The Money Changer were literally chased out with a Cat O’ Nine Tails. Do you have any idea how brutal a weapon that is? ( So then, how is one involved in the violation of this principal and thereby supporting a world that is drowning in commerce? Do you think that this has anything to do with the constant and consistent problems that mankind continually faces for going against The Will and The Way of its Creator? You know, there just might be a connection.

If one uses money that is borrowed from a private corporation, and does not create what they need for their use with their own private estate, using LIMITED suretyship to back it up, then how are they not volunteering to be another man’s servant and slave, and not being a bondservant for Christ? Is it possible for one to serve two masters? So then, when borrowing and using money from a private corporation’s estate, such as the Federal Reserve Bank, how is this not an act of war resulting from ones failure, and/or outright rejection, to use what one has been given to create with, what they need to take care of all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of one’s private estate? If one has been given a gift to do these things with, but has, by mistake, abandoned that gift, does this not open the door of opportunity for the Money Changers to walk through and set up their tables? Are you beginning to see how commerce is the way that leads one into bondage, and thereby nullifies one’s freedom to command and administrate their own God-given birthright inheritance and estate according to The Will and The Way of the Most High Creator God and Father? Perhaps this could be a connection, yes?

Whenever money is issued from another estate for public and/or private use, that money is automatically issued as debt to the one borrowing it. Since it is a biblical principal that,
13 | No Man Can Serve Two Masters - Luke 16:13
…why would anyone bind themselves in voluntary servitude to a master foreign to one’s Creator? Perhaps this is why it is known that all money is debt, yes?
09| In Debt We TrustUnless one creates their own CREDIT with the gift and blessing the Creator has bestowed upon you of your own birthright inheritance and estate, how is the money you make a use of not debt to you? So then, why borrow and become a debtor and surety when one can create? Or, do you say that only the Money Changers/Bankers can create money and/or credit, and that you cannot, even with the Gift that the Most High God has bestowed unto you. Tell something, where is the Equity in that conclusion? Let me put this another way. Why agree with, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal,” if one thinks that only the Money Changers/Bankers can create credit/money? Do you really think that the Father has left the Sons bereft of the ability to take care of the needs of their family and estate under self-governance? Moreover, is it wise to volunteer to become DEBTOR and SURETY for an unnecessary debt by the bond ones Word (Matthew 16:19), sealing one in BOND-AGE and VOLUNTARY SUBJECTION under another man? How does that act and deed support and perpetuate being equal? Why even consider volunteering to be dependent upon other men for what one needs to self-govern and administrate their own God-given private estate? It can only end up being a disaster. Just look at the world all around you. It’s a wonderful disaster, yes?
01 | Matthew 16v19 and 18v18
So then, if one is volunteering to serve another master, then how have they not voluntarily ELECTED bondage, or should I say slavery, over self-governance? (Matthew 18:18) What possible reason, if there is one at all, can be competent enough to explain such an unwise deed? Is the abandonment of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate the central cause for all the problems known to-day, as well as the past, and on into the future? Is the failure to accept the Ultimate Gift of the Creator actually a rejection of the, “Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven?” If so, then what is at the core of the reason why mankind abandoned his first love of the First and Highest Estate in the first place? How is such an act and deed not of total and complete insanity? Look around you…how well is mankind doing, doing things by his own way and will? Are you ready to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge yet, or are you just going to keep giving yourself multiple face-palms everyday?

Folks, voluntary servitude is still allowed by law. It has never been outlawed and abolished. Why? Because, there is a choice to be made, and that choice is in fact an ELECTION between self-governance and irresponsibility leading one into bondage, or should I say being governed and administrated by an outside source, verses the God-given power and authority self-governance from one’s God-given inside source. The outside source of administration is the role that the governments of mankind fulfill no matter what their political platform is, or what form and style it operates under. Contrary to some thoughts, such governance is absolutely necessary as there are still many who have not yet reached a sufficient understanding of what it will take for one to be self-governing. It is my hope that with the authorship of this blog, I am shining a light in that direction. So now, the question is, which form of governance do you really want? Do I even have to ask this question? YES, I do! For it is one of most important questions that one can answer for the sake of their own,
14 | Life LIberty and the Pusuit of HappinessFor IF this question is left unanswered, then an automatic answer is deemed for governance from an outside source. A warning message was delivered to the American peoples telling them that was going to happen in a very eloquently delivered speech by one of America’s former Chief Executive Officers, President Teddy Roosevelt.

054 | Roosevelt's Jamestown Opening SpeechPerhaps now, one can see why The System has to exist, even though many hate what it is, what it does, and why it has to do what it does. Still, that hatred does not nullify the need for it. Nor does it nullify its purpose and reason for being absolutely necessary. Such government organization will always exist in one form, or another, UNTIL mankind no longer neglects the duties, obligations and responsibilities of self-governance. So then, do you see how we are the cause, and how we can also be the solution, as so well articulated by President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt? Do see the difference between one who self-governs, and one who has to be governed?

Agree with this or not, like this, or not, the banking system actually aids in the testing of one to give an answer as to whose Will and Way one is following. In other words, it tests one to, “Make their call and election sure,” or not.
02 | 2 PETER 1v10-11 (MiniSIZED)
Ultimately, this tests two very simple things. What do you truly love, and where do you lodge your Trust? Do you love your Creator God and Father, or do you love money, “The root of all evil,” more?
52 | LOVE OF MONEY - 1Tim6v10.pngThere is no middle ground for the answer to this testing question. So then, where have you lodged your Trust? In Money and Mankind, or in the Most High Creator God the Eternal and His Will and Way? For to be recognized to be a Co-Heir with the Heir of ALL things, their can be only one answer. Otherwise, why is one seeking to be revested with a birthright inheritance and estate that one does not believe has an ultimate Giver that has gifted it to them? Certainly one does not expect that mankind will bestow a birthright inheritance and estate upon them, given that men love to overlord other men, yes?
53 | KILL THE HEIR - Luke 20v13-16
So then, to the one who thinks of the The System and the Federal Reserve Bank as an enemy, how is it that you have not become an enemy yourself by that declaration? Is it possible for one to escape the declarations, acts and deeds that they are known for? Better yet, is this what a “Peacemaker” is known for? Are the Sons and Heirs of God in Christ (“The Heir of ALL things” – Hebrews 1:2) known to make war of any kind and/or form, much less declare to be an enemy of another? Or, are the Sons always motivated to settle for peace because, that is in accordance with The Will (Equity) of the Father?
06 | The APPOINTED Heir of ALL things (Hebrews 1-1-4)
So, for the one that no longer has any need of the Federal Reserve Bank and/or the many services that they provide through various sub-corporations, the Federal Reserve Bank will just fade away into non-existence How so? Because, one will have learned how to stay in Equity, and use their own private estate to serve the needs of their family and Estate, and to take care of all responsibilities pertaining to family and estate, without having to borrow from any other estate, and from that mistake, volunteer to become surety and debtor unnecessarily, as well as, and especially, against Scripture.
When one is found to no longer be borrowing money for anything and thus no longer volunteering to be surety for another man’s debt, and therefore become a slave to another man, but then is able to use a limited suretyship and their Estate to create what is needed for their own private estate…then, this is how one makes the Federal Reserve System fade away…peacefully. Moreover, this also is how one makes the Old Covenant administration of outside governance fade away as well along with its Priesthood of Attorneys of the Order of Aaron. When one is no longer in need of outside governance, it will be because they have willingly entered into the New and Better Covenant of Trust with a far superior Surety of the Order of Melchizedek.
07 | Hebrews 7v20-28
Notice, “…by so much more Jesus has become a surety of a better covenant.” This is how one will, “Make their call and election sure.” The Sons of God in Christ have absolutely no need to borrow money from the money changers/bankers that sell the private credit of their private estate at interest. Make no mistake about these arrogant-egotistical pious-pukers, they are fully engaged in USURY and the perpetuation of it as it makes slaves of men! For to borrow from them and make a use of their private credit is to be involved in their fraud and thus tacitly support usury. This why Colonel Edward Mandel House (Huis) said that the people would be contributors to the very fraud that would not only enrich them, but make them economic slaves.
058 | QUOTE - Colonel Edward Mandel House
To support usury and suretyship for debts of another is a rejection of The Will and The Way of the Most High Creator God and the birthright inheritance and estate He has blessed one with the day one was born.
15 | USURY - Psalm 15v5
So then, attempting to prosecute a war against The System and/or Federal Reserve Bank is not the cure that will result in peace. Such ignorance of this fact perpetuates a continuance of the Public Trust, and those IN and OF the PUBLIC, of being administrated under the rules of bankruptcy. War happens because of bankruptcy on many levels, not just financial. In short, war, no matter the form, will not solve anything and return peace as an everlasting result! Think about it. War only ends up making one an enemy and does not truly result in peace. Since when has there ever been an everlasting peace on the surface of this Earth after a war has been concluded, and a so-called peace treaty signed and sealed in agreement? One thing has been proven absolutely for sure throughout the history of Mankind…men do not know the way of peace. In addition, and just as important, the law absent equity will never-ever result in peace of any substantial and significant kind, because it OMITS that which is needed to bring about and ensure an everlasting peace…equality, justice, mercy, forgiveness and righteousness. All law alone and absent equity has none of these qualities, for law absent equity is in fact negative equity. Therefore, even the law of a so-called peace treaty is just worthless as it is formed without Equity.
070 | The law is incomplete at its best without Equity

So then, the one who makes war, and is not a Peacemaker, and is in fact correctly deemed to be a belligerent hostile to that whichever they make war against. That in turn perpetuates and exacerbates the problem, as all war is a reflection of the FIRST rebellion against The Will and The Way of the Most High Creator God and Father. That rebellion continues even unto this day, unfortunately. Why do you think the world is in the ungodly mess that it is in? That’s just the way things are, right? Really? If one has not yet been revested with their God-given birthright inheritance and estate then the first war has not been settled as one has not yet accepted the Peace that has in fact been offered. This is why that war, the first war, is the only war that matters. For when one settles for peace and ACCEPTS THE PEACE THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN OFFERED, then one will become known to be a Peacemaker. From then on, all war shall cease and desist for the Peacemaker.

16 | Swords into Plowshares - Isaiah 2-4
Commerce is the primary form of war that all of mankind is engaged in. Commerce is also the primary religion of ALL the world, no exceptions, that all worship at the altars of when engaging in buying and selling, knowingly and/or unknowingly. This folly comes as the result of an arrogant egotistical pride of wanting to OWN things that one has never needed to own.
17 | All that I have is yours - Luke 15v31 (MiniMEME)
All the evidence of this on going war of commerce is all around us everyday. Mankind has not yet left the old man of war behind to show that he knows the difference between the first man Adam, who fell as a Prodigal Son being of the flesh and war-like, to become the second Adam, a Living Spirit as the Beloved Son, the Son of Man, born from above, a peacemaker having the Mind of Christ, knowing that one is Co-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek able to self-govern, and an Ambassador for Christ representing the Heir of ALL things wherever they are, and wherever they may go. This is the one who is no longer of the traditions of men; no longer in and of the world of the dead operating under the rules of bankruptcy for the folly of conducting commerce. A world drowning in commerce is only pleasing to the eyesight of men, as in that world of folly, all things are for profit and gain at the loss of others, which is why such things are of the world wherein the flesh profits nothing.
18 | The Flesh Profits Nothing - John 6v63
I cannot emphasis this enough that ALL forms of war are deemed to be against The Will of the Father and The Way of the First and Highest Estate. For this cause, instruction and lessons were deemed to be need to teach mankind how to conform to Christ, the Heir of all things, as Co-Heirs. (Galatians 4:1-7) Therefore, all governments of men function by the ordination of God to aid in carrying out this purpose. I will show how and where this is a bit later. For now, just know that the governments of men are ordained for the purpose of teaching and training the children of God in the way that they should go, and why it is so, so, so, important for them to seek peace, and to pursue it earnestly.
46 | Seek Peace Earnestly - Psalm 34v14

Many claim that governments of men are evil and wicked. Indeed, there are government agents that do abuse their office and power. However, look in the mirror. Is not government a reflection of the people? If one does not like what they see in government, then perhaps it is the people that should change so there is a change in the government. Is not the government populated by the very same people? What do you think the reason is for the symbol of a reflecting pool in every government city of power? Do you really believe in coincidence?

Commerce, war, is in fact a prosecution of war against The Way of the First and Highest Estate. For commerce is a rebellion that is postured itself against The Way of the First and Highest Estate, and how it is governed without money. Nonetheless, the need to teach The Way of the Peacemaker was authorized through the giving of law in a form that would get the point across even to the most stubborn of mankind. In other words, law was given in a negative equity form to accomplish this purpose. Or, as I like to say it, “LAW ABSENT EQUITY.” You are already familiar with negative equity as it always employs what one cannot do, or imposes some kind of restraint and/or limit upon one’s liberty to be self-governing, as in, “Thou shalt not.” Through the negative it was purposed that mankind would learn the righteous way to go, as the negative is riddled with curses for both right and wrong doing. That is what happens when one is involved with a rebellion. However, the way of Peace does not have any kind handicap as that. It only has blessings upon blessings.

Now, in conjunction with this, there are two covenants of trust; Old and New. Contrary to many beliefs, both are still in full force and effect. So, there are also two administrations of governance, one of pure Equity for the self-governing, the other of Law Absent Equity for the those of folly and foolishness. However, this does not mean that there are two governments. No, there is STILL only One Government over All, but two administrations, one of reconciliation, and one of peace and self-governance. The Government for both administrations is on the shoulders of the Heir of ALL things. (Ah, can you hear the choir singing this in Handel’s Messiah? I can! Been there, done that. As a matter of fact, I’ve been on both side of the baton for this master choral work).
47 | GOVENMENT ON HIS SHOULDERS - Isaiah 9v6One Trust/Covenant is administrated of law absent equity, and the other Trust/Covenant is the administration of Equity, where law is not needed as it has been fulfilled, and Equity can stand upon its own, without law. Equity is the “law” if you will of the First and Highest Estate. This is why is it said that, “Equity is King, and the maxims are its essences.” Since mankind abandoned the first and highest estate wanting to do things his own way, the Most High Creator God in His wisdom and forgiveness, deemed it necessary and merciful to give mankind a chance to experience what life would be like outside of the Kingdom with the rest of the dogs and sorcerers.
54 | DOGS AND SORCERERS OUTSIDE OF THE KINGDOM - Rev22v15Therefore, this physical existence was commissioned for the testing of one’s faith, and it shall continue until one has made their final decision as to which Will and Way they elect to follow.

It was never the preferred purpose and Intent for government to administrate and overlord one’s private life and private estate. To administrate the private lives and estates of the people goes well beyond the original scope and intent of what government was designed to be in the first place, which was to serve the people, “Let him who be great among you be your servant.”

Government in its true form, was never intended to rule over the people, but to serve the people in service to their needs, along with the duties they are commissioned to perform in the many Public Offices that they only occupy. Rule over one’s life and liberty has always been intended to come from the inside. However, if one abandons this post, this responsibility, then rule shall come from an outside source just as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said it would. (See previous quote above from Jamestown Exposition Speech given April 26, of 1907).

So then, because of the folly of mankind acting in rebellion against The Will (Equity) and The Way (Trust), the administrators of earthly government do have a God-given power and authority to do whatever is necessary to maintain the integrity of “The System of Government” against all belligerent hostiles. (See: General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code, Articles 31-39, which, by the way, is still in full force and effect.

Now, some of you may not like this, or even agree with this. But, if one has to be disciplined for acts and/or actions of rebellion against The System, there is no doubt it is because of an ignorance and/or incompetence stemming from a lack of understanding for HOW to settle a matter peacefully. This is one of the most important things the Most High Creator God and Father is looking for because, such a path of action indicates change in ones heart and mind. ( This means that true reason why one is being disciplined for rebellion against the Most High Creator, and contrary to a lot of opinions, once again, is actually motivated by compassion to instruct the Children of the Most High God in the way that they should go.
49 | The Lord Disciplines Whom He Loves - Pro 3v11-12 &amp; Heb 12v5-6So then, the consequences for such indiscretions and folly, are issued in the form of various punishments by government officials. These punishments are in fact authorized by the Most High Creator God and Father Himself for the sake of the correction of the Prodigal Sons.
50 | Resistance Will Be Punished - Rom 13v2Again, all such rebellion ultimately is against the Most High Creator God and Father as it does not conform to His Will and His Way. If you do not like this, or do not agree with this, then all I have to say about that is, your argument is with the Most High God, and not with me. For it simply is the way things are, and in that, you and I have no power, or even say-so to oppose, rebuke, or change it. Therefore, one can only accept it, and enjoy the ride, or not, and thereby create for themselves their own living hell.

Everyone who has been born was in fact, “Born of a woman UNDER the Law.” (Galatians 4:4) This is the law-form that is administrated absent Equity. This is the default condition for all mankind, no exceptions. Were you aware that, “The law is nothing without Equity, and Equity is everything, even without the law?”
21 | The Law Is Nothing Without Equity.jpg
So then, if one does not learn how to bring in Equity, The Will of the Father, to bring balance for the sake of justice, fairness, and righteousness, then the law shall remain unbalanced in its negative form. Perhaps this is why so many people have claimed to have been railroaded by the Courts. They are after all, Courts of Law, are they not? Where’s the Equity in a Court of Law going to come from? Is it possible that one may be in the wrong Court if it is a Court of Law absent Equity and one wishes to follow the Will and Way of the Creator and Father? Did you know that you needed to bring Equity into a matter in order for Equity to take its natural superior position and jurisdiction? How else is a matter going to be settled peacefully if not IN Equity? By the law absent equity? Certainly Not! For the law alone and absent equity can result in no justice, righteousness and peace. So, as the old lady once said in the Wendy’s commercial from some time ago, “Where the beef?” 
08 | Wheres the Beef - Wheres the Equity
But, in this case, “Where’s the Equity?!” Isn’t she really asking, “Hey! Where’s the fairness in this?” So then, I ask you, “Where is the Equity going to come from if you do not bring it into the matter,” as a peacemaker, Co-Heir, Royal Priest and Ambassador for Christ? Is not the Beloved Son FROM Equity? Are not the Courts of the Law absent any form of fairness/equity? So then, we do now know who is in fact responsible for making sure that a Court, any Court, is fair and equitable, do we not?

So then, take a quick moment and consider how well Courts of Law and justice has worked throughout history. Go ahead! Take a quick moment. Have you ever considered that the law absent equity is the cause of so much injustice in those so-called Courts of Justice? Have you ever considered that injustice is allowed to take place because of your lack of knowledge and understanding of Equity? Yes, you are being taken advantage of, but whose fault is that really? If it is not your fault, then whose is it, and can you justifiably prove such a claim with honor, and in honor? Do you recall what Teddy Roosevelt said about this? “A Sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures. A Sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him.” Would that be worth something to you to consider? How about this thought as well. Why are all the Judges of Courts of Law lower than the Supreme Court titled/called as, “Judge,” but at the Supreme Court level they are called/titled, “Justice?” Things that make you go, hm.

Have you ever considered why one who is under the law is deemed to be under a curse? Perhaps this is why the law absent equity is, a curse, hm, yes?
23 | The Law is a Curse - Gal 3v10-13.jpgSo then, for all of you who are on the bandwagon of, “The Law, The Law, The Law,” and/or this is a, “Nation of laws,” do you have any idea of what it is that you really are saying, much less what you are asking for, hm? Tell me, you who have bound yourself to the law, do you not know that you have bound yourselves to a curse as it is impossible to be found righteous and receive justice and equality through the law? Do you really want the law alone and absent Equity, or are you just repeating what you heard someone else say, like a Teacher/Professor, or Pastor/Priest, or Politician/Pharisee, or some Patriot-for-Profit-Guru? Would this be worthy of your time to consider?

Perhaps this is why so many do not know and understand how it is that one IS NOT justified by the law, but by faith, hm? (Galatians 3:11) So, take a moment and consider this for those of you who seek to be justified by the law. You know who you are; you probably charge money for your seminars and/or so-called private conference calls. Have you not fallen short of fulfilling ALL the requirements of the law? Or, do you claim to be keeping the law the best that you can? Now be honest! Perhaps this is why the law is ONLY to be a tutor that brings one to into their God-given birthright inheritance and estate AS a Co-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things.
51 | You Are Son and Heir - Gal 3v24-25 , Gal 4v1-2, Rom 8v16-17
In a little bit, I will show how faith is connected into how one is justified, and why it is the ONLY thing that will please the Most High Creator God and Father.

The authority of all of the governments of men to administrate all of those who have not elected to return to self-governance under of the first and highest estate, the first-love which mankind abandoned, is in fact ORDAINED of the Most High Creator God and Father in the following:
19 | ROMANS 13v1-7.jpg

One can disagree with this all that they want to. However, the real question is, how will they prove that this is not so and how will they prove that this is not exactly what has been going on? One can even argue, fuss and fight, against this, but again, how is this not the authority for governments of men to do what they are doing? One can even dare to claim that God does not exist at all if that is what they want to do; further saying, that governments can only govern by the consent of the people. Well, this true, but, it still does not change the fact that government is ORDAINED of God.

On another aspect of this, if one says that God does not exist, and all of this does not matter, or make any sense, or whatever excuse they want to make up, then how are you going to righteously claim to be an Heir according to The Will? How are you going to inherit your birthright, if it not given to you by someone else? Well, you say, “That’s easy, there is no such Will.” Okay, if that is what you say and believe, then you do not have any inheritance at all. For how can one inherit without a Will that appoints and proclaims who the Heir is, and to whom all property in The Will is to be bequeathed too? Far to many are now claiming that there is no God, and many of them are seeking revestment of the Estate through some patriot/sovereignty/freeman paperwork. HA! Nothing can be more benighted and silly than the reasoning behind that can of folly to find an excuse to receive one’s birthright without a Giver and a Will to go with it. You have no birthright inheritance without someone to appoint and recognize you to be the Heir, and its just plain insanity to think otherwise. One could not be more benighted than to be in this state-of-mind thinking that they can somehow find away to inherit without conforming to The Will of the One who makes the Heir. Did you know that is a MAXIM OF LAW?
23 | God makes the heir
Those of you who say, “There is no God,” how are you going to inherit now, hm? This is a MAXIM OF LAW, which means it has been challenged and challenged over and over, and every time it has been challenged it has stood firm and solid against those who have dared to oppose it. In other words, to oppose a maxim of law is not only a self-impeachment, but also a declaration of incurable insanity.
24 | Only God makes the Will, not man

So then, ALL childish and spiritually immature complaints and/or arguments will not change the fact-of-life that the governments of men (All of them, no exceptions) are following this mandate of authority given unto them, and they are doing the duties that they were commissioned to do. However, a more important question is, are you doing the duties that you are supposed to do for your estate, or is it still abandoned thereby forcing the government to those duties for you?

So then, if the people DO NOT LIKE the government that they have, and the way the government is administrating their estates and lives, then it is the people that need to change firstly, so that government will correctly reflect that change, and the people being worthy of an honorable and righteous government will receive the government that they deserve. For there is no escaping this fact-of-life…..ALL GOVERNMENT IS A REFLECTION OF THE PEOPLE! That means you do in fact have the government that you do deserve whether you like this fact-of-life, or not, whether you disagree with this, or not. Arguing about this will not change it. The people either become the change that they want to see, or they will automatically suffer the consequences for electing to act like slaves.

The ONLY solution to being administrated by the administrators of the governments of men is found in the following:
20 | ROMANS 13v8-10
Folks, I’ve got some GREAT news for you! That is, if one was not already aware of this fact-of-life. Exactly, how was the fulfillment of law accomplished? Have you ever pondered this question for yourself, outside of all of the influences of the corporation-certified-churches doctrines and traditions?
21 | Matthew 5v17 (MiniMEME).jpg
Most have elected to accept what churchianity teaches and preaches saying that how this was accomplished was by The Master keeping the law perfectly, never-ever breaking any one of them, and that was how the law was fulfilled. For the most part, one can say it is true The Master never did break the law. However, there is more to the story which churchianity has omitted concerning HOW The Master accomplished this deed. (No surprise there. Yes, that is a strong rebuke, but not as strong as I am going to get later on.) So then, if the claim of keeping the law perfectly is completely true and tells the entire story, then why is faith required at all if by keeping the law one can be justified thru the law? Furthermore, an even greater question is, why is it written that no one has ever justified by the law, but by faith? Have you ever felt that there is something missing in the context of the story for how the law was fulfilled? I did! Which is why I went looking for answers to this question, and many others. An interesting thing happens when one asks questions of this nature that challenges the doctrines and traditions of men. Pastors/Priests, Ministers/Preachers, Elders/Teachers, would not answer. Instead they would return a rebuke of some kind for me for daring to ask the questions that I dared to ask. Now, if you want to peek someone’s interest, then avoid answering obvious questions that have an obvious answer.
22 | NO ONE JUSTIFIED BY THE LAW - Galatians 2v16.jpgWow! This clearly indicates that keeping the law is worthless as there is no justification that shall come by that performance, even if it is done perfectly. Perhaps this part of the, “Curse of the law,” because, keeping the law is not what the Most High Creator God and Father is looking for in His Beloved Sons? So then, how was The Master able to accomplish fulfilling the law since the law itself cannot provide any justification? How about thru Equity? Yes, thru Equity, The Way (Trust) of the First and Highest Estate that mankind abandoned for residence in and of this lower estate under a law-form absent equity.
24 | How long to discover Equity is Missing.pngFor if the law could justify one all by itself, then why would faith be necessary at all? Perhaps this is also why the law that one was born under is absent equity. Think about it! There is so much focus on “Law and Order” (Not to be confused with the television series by the same name) that people have never stopped to consider the possibility that the law, in and of itself, absent equity, equals a curse, as the law alone can render a curse.
23 | The Law is a Curse - Gal 3v10-13Therefore, the purpose of the law is bring one from out from under the bindings of the law absent equity, and of their own volition elect to be under Equity as, “Equity is King,” because it is the Administration of the First and Highest Estate. In other words, negative equity, Law, such as in the form of the 10 commandment of the Old Covenant, was purposed to be a, “Governor and Tutor,” (Galatians 4:1-7) …
25 | Galatians 4v1-526 | Galatians 4v6-7…to teach mankind what life is like outside of Equity. That is to say, outside of the administration and rule of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is administrated IN Equity. For the Most High Creator God and Father does not judge the people with law absent equity, but with Equity!
28 | JUDGE THE PEOPLE WITH EQUITY - Psalm 9v8 &amp; 98v9
This is part of the gospel message, (The Good News – not to be confused with the Magazine Publication by the same name), that is not taught and preached in the corporation-certified-churches, because Churchianity is limited to teaching only the elementary principals of Christ, and that is it! They can teach and preach nothing of Equity. For if they did, their pews would become empty, and eventually their for-profit corporation, dissolved.
27 | Hebews 6v1-2

It was thru this great accomplishment that allowed for every jot and tittle of the law to pass away, and opened the door wide open for Equity, The Will of the Father, to be the paramount and tantamount way one lives their life! (Matthew 5:17-20) Christ, the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, revealed to mankind that which nullified the harsh penalty and curse of the law, Equity. By living his life FROM Equity he kept the law perfectly, because he not only was FROM Equity, but he also did all things according to Equity; therefore, IN Equity. That is what fulfilled the law and allow it to pass away. This is what pleases the Most High Creator God and Father. To be from Equity and to live Equity results in equality, justice, forgiveness, mercy, fairness, righteousness, and compassion, whenever and wherever it is needed, and for whatever what one is doing.

So then, if one truly desires to be self-governing, and free to do the greater things that one will do when they are in and from Equity,
29 | Greater Things Shall You Do - John 14v12…and no longer found to be lacking in Equity, and because of that lack, being in need of being administrated by an outside source, just as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt pointed out. For if one is still abiding in this form of benightedness, then they are bound to all the requirements of the statutes, codes, rules and regulations of men, as the election to ascend into Equity has not yet taken away the rule of men by their so-called laws.
31 | THE LAW DONE AWAY WITH ONLY IN CHRIST - Colossians 2v13-15For until one reaches the time appointed of the Father and elects of their own volition to follow The Will and The Way of the Father, one will be bound to the requirements of negative equity, which is the law absent, stripped, and bereft, of equity. So then, do you see how one cannot escape being governed one way or the other just as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said? Therefore, I say unto you the choice boils down simply to this, “Do you want to be self-governing, or, do you want someone else to govern you?” If self-governing is elected, then one has much to learn, but has to start with much unlearning.

Now, in connection with all of this, and how Equity works, and why it works the way that it does, consider for example the story of the woman taken in adultery.
32 | The Woman Taken in Adultery - John 8v1-8
Did anyone of her accusers throw a stone? Why? What “triggered” their “Court of Consciousness,” not to condemn her? Was it because none of them knew and understood the Equity that The Master brought in to settle the matter? So then, how was it that they were convicted of their own hearts not to cast a stone? Perhaps it was because equity was written upon their hearts, even if they had not yet recognized it?
33 | God's Covenant with Israel - Hebrew 8v10-12Yes, none of them knew and understood how to apply the maxims of equity, “Equity delights in equality,” and, “Equity delights to do justice not by the halves,” and, “Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak or fraud.” Nevertheless, their own hearts could not condemn the woman taken in adultery (With Whom? Does it not take two to tango? Where was the other involved? Could it have been one of the Pharisee’s?), as that act would have condemned themselves, and that would not honor equality that equity delights in. Can you see how these maxim’s applied to that situation and dissolved the injustice that was being sought through the LAW OF MOSES? A law-form, by the way, that is negative equity. Can you also see that with whatever was written on the ground, no doubt dealing IN Equity, caused those who were ready to stone the woman taken in adultery, to reconsider the consequences of that deed to themselves? What if The Master simply wrote on the ground, “Hey! Where’s the other dude?” “Bring the other dude, and then we can proceed.” Think about it. If the other dude was one of the Pharisee’s, which I highly suspect, the Pharisee’s where NEVER going present him as, “The other dude.” CNN would have a filed day with that kind of smut.

Do you think that if it is needed for Equity to be brought into a Statutory Court of Law it would have the same affect? What do you think that was in the middle of the Temple if it was not Court? Was it not a STATUTORY proceeding under the Law of Moses as presented by the Pharisee’s UNTIL The Master brought in Equity? Perhaps the door open to the statutory law side does need to be closed and sealed BEFORE the door to Equity can be open in order to preserve the peace and not commingle the two, hm, yes?
34 | The DOOR that God Opens no man shuts - Rev 3v7-8For Equity is SUPERIOR to the Law in every way, shape and form. This is why Equity can stand alone and be right, honorable and just, and the law can never stand alone and be right, honorable and just. For law can be twisted and turned to suit anyone, or anybodies purpose, or idolatry. Need I point out the leaven of the Pharisee’s that even after proof of how the former blind man (John 9) sights was restored they still expelled him from the Temple.
35 | The Former Blind Man Kicked Out of the Temple - John 9v34Pure law without Equity can easily be adulterated and commingled with any personal agenda leaving only a path of unjust destruction in its wake. Do you see this?

When one is, “Born of a woman under the law,” (Gal 4:4) they are born as a Prodigal Son by default. (Luke 15:11-32) This is not to condemn the Prodigal Sons. Nor is it meant to be a perpetual state of living life unless the Prodigal Son does nothing to change their mind about the Life that they are living, and “The Way” and “Will” that they are living their Life under. This is how life can be an experience of one curse after another, and this is part of the lesson that the Most High Creator God wants us to learn and understand.

36 | The Parable of the Prodigal Son - Luke 15v11-32
Therefore, I say unto ye that the Prime Directive for the Prodigal Son is,
38 | SEEK the KINGDOM WITHIN First - Matt 6v33
For it is known that the Prodigal Son has yet to realize, acknowledge, and accept, that the Most High God has in deed already kept the Word of His Promise,
39 | BEEN GIVEN EVERYTHING FOR LIFE AND GODLINESS - 2 Peter 1v3-4This is where some have heard me say this, “You’ve been given everything you need for Life and Godliness.” For as The Master proclaimed,
40 | The Kingdom of God WITHIN - Luke 17v21This very proclamation means that one has indeed already been given EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING that was promised by the Word of the Most High Creator God and Father. This is the Word of Promise fulfilled, and this promise you have full possession of right here, right now, at this very moment! IF one does NOT agree with this, or, even dares to flat out deny the fulfillment of this promise, then one is saying that the Most High Creator God and Father has not kept the Word of His Promise. What else is one saying other than the Most High God is a liar? Now, do you really want to say that?

This is why Faith is the ONLY way that One will come to KNOW that the promise of the Most High’s Word, is true. For it is written that, “Faith is the only thing that please God,” (Hebrews 11:6) and, since Faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN, because it is executed by the Act of one TRUSTING in the Word of a Promise given, then no other evidence need be given for the one trusting in the word of that promise. In other words, the Promise/Word is all one will get and nothing else. The only way one will know that the Promise has been kept is for them to come into KNOWING by experience what was promised has indeed been given. There is no other way for one’s faith to be validated. Again, because…
37 | FAITH IS the evidence of things NOT SEEN - Heb 11v1So then, if you are waiting to see the Kingdom of God with eyes of
OBSERVATION, then one still rightly is in need of being administrated by one of the many governments of men, as they have not yet ascended into acceptance of what they have already been given, ultimately pledging their trust in that promise, and accepting all duties, obligations and responsibility of Self-Governance for the undertaking of that acceptance. This is only possible when one accepts that they are in fact, right now at this very moment, a Co-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things. How else can one be righteously revested with their God-given birthright inheritance and estate, hm? If one says that they ARE NOT an Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, then what inheritance does one have? An inheritance from men? Don’t kid yourself! For one to inherit, one must be an heir, and if one is an heir, there must be a will one has to conform too, or else one is not an heir. I have another blog in draft wherein I will show HOW this is so, and exact why the Creator of a Will does have the right, power and authority to require of the Heir anything He wants.

Once one has discovered, acknowledge and accepted that the Kingdom of God truly is already given and within them per the Word of Promise, and they are no longer waiting for a Second Coming Return Future Event, as Churchianity teaches and preaches it. Then they will know and understand what The Master meant when he said,
41 | OBSERVATION - Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary Defintion
When one comes into this realization, and one is no longer looking outside of themselves for what is already within them, they will indeed have they have the power and authority to manifest that Kingdom of God, “On this Earth, as it is in Heaven.” For this is the intent of The Will. Then, when this recognition and acceptance takes place, THE PRIME DIRECTIVE NOW CHANGES from having to seek the Kingdom of God within first. For indeed the Prodigal Son has RETURNED and can no longer be presumed to be dead, or, “DEAD BEYOND THE SEA,” as some have been known to call it. This is what is intended to be the fulfillment of the desire of the Creator and Father through the PROMISE of the Second Coming Return of the Beloved Son in Whom He is Well Pleased. It happens with you and IN you. This will not happen anywhere OUTSIDE of you.
43 | This Is My Beloved Son - Matthew 3v17

This is when the Prodigal Son is no longer, prodigal, or, “One that expends money extravagantly or without necessity; one that is profuse or lavish; a waster; a spendthrift.” Did that word, “Spendthrift” catch your eye? It did mine. Perhaps this is why the Trust one’s Estate is being held in is called a, “Spendthrift Trust.” Were you aware of that? Now, do you find that interesting? Yes, they actually do call it a, “Spendthrift Trust.” I cannot speak for you, but I for one do not believe in coincidences. So, there is no accident in that Trust being called a Spendthrift Trust. Or, should I call it a, “Prodigal Trust?”

So then, because of a change in heart and mind the prodigal son is no longer prodigal, but IS BECOME a, “Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased.” Now, the Prime Directive becomes, “Love One Another As I Have Loved You.”
44 | Love One Another As I Have Loved You - John 13v34 &amp; 15v12
Notice that this is the New Commandment that was given. Something new displaces something old. As the Beloved Son is new, so also the Prodigal Son is old. The New Commandment goes hand-in-hand with a New Covenant of Trust, and that New Covenant displaces the Old Covenant of Trust and all of its commandments formed of negative equity to teach and tutor mankind to desire pure Equity.

Now, the Prime Directive is carried out by the Two Greatest Commandments to, “Love the Lord your God with all your Hearth Mind and Soul,” and the second is like unto it, “To love your neighbor as yourself.” Only the Beloved Son in Whom the Father is Well Please can keep and do this according to The Will (Equity) and The Way (Trust) of the Most High Creator and Father.
45 | The Two Greatest Commandments - Matt 22v36-40Now you know the truth concerning the return of the prodigal son and how it fits right into the second coming return of the Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased. Thus, you have the journey of the prodigal son ending when the prodigal son is no prodigal, and elects of his own free will and volition to ascend into his expected and anticipated God-given birthright inheritance and estate, as a Beloved Son. When one journey ends, a new one beings. And so, a new volume starting with a new chapter, begins. The end?
The Prodigal Son Returns

======= EPILOGUE =======


Corporate-Christianity, or as I, and a few others like to call it, “Churchianity,” because it is ultimately under Vatican control, has failed miserably! For churchianity has only taught the pew-dwellers (membership of all the various “Congregations” of denominations and/or non-denominations) only HALF of the Gospel message. That is to say, your corporate Title 26, 501(c)(3) and/or 508(c)(1)(a) certified church has only delivered HALF of the GOOD NEWS message and not ALL of it! (Gospel means GOOD NEWS). In this blog, I delivered the rest of the good news message of how the law was fulfilled and where the Kingdom of God IS right now at this moment. Corporate-Christianity does not teach and/or preach anything like this at all. As a matter of fact they avoid it as if it were a plague because they are afraid if the people knew and understood the truth, they would no longer have any power over them, and that is exactly what would happen.

Brethren, “A lie of omission is still a lie,” and by only preaching and teaching HALF of the Good News, corporate-churchianty has in fact, OUTRIGHT LIED! They have only taught the pew-dwellers about the need for one to change their mind (REPENT), and not the need for one to recognize, acknowledge and accept the gift of the promise ALREADY FULFILLED and given to the Heir of all things. This also includes ALL Co-Heirs who have accepted that the Word of the Promise has been kept just as PROMISED! Only a Co-Heir who has pledged their, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” to the Heir of ALL things will know and understand this and why it absolutely has to be this Way, as there is ONLY One Way and that is to make one’s calling and elections sure by electing to follow and live The Will, which is express in Equity by its Maxims, and The Way, which is of Trust, for Trust allows the Covenant to be SEALED in honor and perpetuity.


  1. Nothing about the true nature of why repentance is necessary in the first place other than to appease an angry god.
  2. Nothing about the rebellion, accompanying the abandoning of the First and Highest Estate and its Covenant.
  3. Nothing about Equity at all and what it is in its pure form as the administration of Trust.
  4. Nothing about Equity & contrasting it with Law absent Equity & how the law of men is in a negative equity form.
  5. Nothing about how the law absent equity is a curse for it cannot be kept because proving a negative is impossible.
  6. Nothing about how pure Equity fulfills the law and releases one from the curse of the law absent equity.
  7. Only mere belief is taught, “Believe and you shall be saved,” and that is all that one has to do, which leads to the violation of the maxim of equity that states, “Equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber oan their rights.”
  8. Nothing about trust is taught as Trust and Trust Law is administrated from Equity.
  9. Nothing about what it means to be a Co-Heir is WITH the Heir of ALL things.
  10. Nothing about what it means to be a Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, Self-governing one’s Estate by the Way and Will of the Father IN Equity.
  11. Nothing about what it means to be an Ambassador for Christ, and doing ALL things in the name above all names, as His Name the Name all things are to be done by and thru.
  12. Nothing about the duties, obligations and responsibilities that one automatically undertakes upon acceptance of one’s birthright inheritance and estate.
  13. Nothing about the fact that everyone does have a birthright inheritance and estate bequeathed to them through their parents the day they were born by the Most High Creator God and Father.
  14. Nothing about the enemy that wants to kill the heir so they can steal from the inheritance as Qualified Heirs.
  15. Nothing about if one is an Heir, then there is in fact a WILL, and the Heir must conform to that Will.
  16. Nothing about already being given everything one needs for life and godliness the day one was born.
  17. Nothing about the KINGDOM OF GOD WITHIN right here, right now, at this very moment.



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04 | Detective Columbo Questions v4

What if the original Birth Certificate, (Statement of Live Birth and/or Application of Live Birth) is a Deed?  What if from that Deed all other TITLE’S proceed?  (Social Security, Driver’s License, Medical Cards, Bank Cards, etc., etc.)  What if all of these titles are mere trustee titles for a foreign trust?  So then, again, what if the ORIGINAL RECORD created by Mom and/or Dad is a Deed? What is one supposed to do with a Deed? Have ye ever considered this line of thought?

05 | Deed Defintion Webster 1828

The Maxim of Equity clearly states, “Equity will not complete an imperfect gift.”  Is it possible a certain specific deed need be done in connection with the Original Deed that acknowledge the fact that you recognize how your deed(s) is connected to your God-given birthright inheritance and estate?  What deed, if any, has been done in relation to that Deed?  Is it possible that the inheritance that is connected to that Original Deed has certain specific requirements that MUST be conformed too so that the potential Heir can truly make an honorable and righteous (Equitable) claim to be the Lawful Heir in Equity?

06 | Heir Maxims of Law

What if you never acknowledged that original record as a Deed?  What happens to a Deed that is never acknowledged?  Is it not considered abandoned?  Is it possible that a lack of deed is in fact connected to a lack of faith?  Is it true that one is known by their deeds?  What honorable deeds has one done in relation to the Original Deed, if any?  Were those deeds done by the law absent equity, or were they done IN Equity?  If the Original Deed is never acknowledge, and the giver of the gift connected to that Deed is never accepted, along with all duties, obligations and responsibilities, then what is the difference between Esau and the one not accepting that Original Deed according to the Will of its Creator?

“God makes the Heir, not man,” yes?

Well…..yes, or no?  For attempting to, “Sit on the fence,” if you will, is automatically construed to be a, “No,” answer given. I can boldly assure you that there is no middle ground for this question, and one’s inheritance does indeed hang in the balance of its answer.
07 | Let you yes be YES and no be NO
So, I ask again, does the Creator and Father make the Heir, or not?  Is this not a MAXIM OF LAW, or does one dispute this?  Moreover, who in their right lucent stable mind would dare to challenge a maxim?  So then, let me put this another way. Since the Creator and Father is the one who gives the gift of inheritance, who would dare to say to Him that His requirements for acknowledgement and acceptance are unrighteous, or even unfair?  Are you aware that some have? Are you one that has?

08 | MAXIM defined Websters 1828

If one wants to be a co-heir with the heir of all things, then how is one going to become that if they have never acknowledge and accepted the Original Record by correcting the original mistake that record shows that one was born fatherless?  [See:  Who in their right mind would say that they like and agree with the stigma of the original record showing that one is fatherless, revealing that they agree that they are a bastard? Yes, such a thing is not to kind to of another.  Nevertheless, this is part of the core issue that does need to be corrected…..that is if you see and understand why it is important to do so. Or, do you actually like having the Pope as your Father? Like it or not, agree with this or not, this the default record when one is, “Born of a woman under the law.” Perhaps this explains party why the law, and being under it, is a curse?

09 | Matt 23v9 Call no man on Earth Father

But, let us suppose for a moment that original record is never acknowledged and accepted IN Equity.  Is this possibly why the Pope claims the Title of, “Holy Father,” as by that claim he is declaring that he is the father for all of the fatherless, no exceptions?  Is that true for you?  Have you allowed for this presumption to stand?  Are you a bastard that belongs under the jurisdictional controls of the Pope, or do you say, “No, my Father is in Heaven, and not on Earth?”

Okay, so let us say for a moment that you do disagree with this presumption.  Does the original record match your words?  Are you aware that a statutory court judge of any rank, takes silent judicial notice of what this record proclaims?  If that record is not corrected, then I can indeed tell one emphatically that judge knows who your daddy is, and what he does.

10 | Who is your Daddy and what does he do

So then, who can righteously claim that they were not born of a woman under the law?  Does that distinction not make all prodigal sons UNTIL one changes their mind about the many-many traditions of men that are anti-equity; and, they elect to consciously change their mind to conform to the Will of the Father, and not to the ways of the world, and the reasonable expectations the Creator and Father expects of his Beloved Sons and Heirs IN Christ from Equity?

The Prodigal Son Returns

Being revested with one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate can only be accomplished IN Equity.  For the Heir that the Father and Creator expects is FROM Equity, and that only makes sense because, God makes the Heir, and maxim’s of Equity summarize the Will to be conformed too.  Therefore, the Father and Creator, the giver of the inheritance one wishes to be revested with, righteously requires of the Heir that the Heir not be from and/or under any form of law.  Now, do you see why I keep saying,

05 | The law absent equity is incomplete at its best v2
And, also why I keep quoting Bouvier’s,

001 | Equity Is Everything Even WITHOUT the Law

For the one that truly desires freedom and liberty, must also desire all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of self-governance which ONLY comes from Equity, by one who is IN Equity. This too must also be accepted and accented into as well.  There are no exceptions!

In other words, “Come out of her my people and stop participating in,” Babylon doing business as the Roman Catholic Church through, the Pope AS Vicar of Christ, which means, “IN PLACE OF CHRIST,” as a mere Qualified Heir (Poser); not, the Lawful Heir (Genuine), doing business under Roman Civil Statutes and Codes AS the United States and/or through every single government of men no matter what the name of said, Country, Nation, Corporation is, and/or the form of government it is administrating the prodigal sons with. All governments of men support and perpetuate commerce, and all commerce is war.  Perhaps this will explain why the United States is called a, “Military Industrial Complex,” because, it’s way, is not the way of making and keep the peace.  Therefore, it is not The Way of the Peacemaker.

That is correct, since all commerce is war, commerce is opposed to peace.  This is why the law, in all of its forms, was ADDED… was added to govern those making (involved IN) that war!  It was added because of Equity being abandoned in lieu of commercial ventures IN commerce for the attainment of personal wealth, even though one is not the true owner.  Again, this is why law WAS ADDED!  To assume to be the owner of anything outside of the accepted duties, obligations and responsibilities of Equity, is the act of a belligerent hostile who is trying to take the Kingdom of God by force.

What is the point of all of this?  One can never be a true owner of anything, with all the rights of the Heir, without being recognized to be a Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things.  To assume and/or conclude otherwise, is a transgression, and the law was added because of such transgressions; because, this transgression takes one directly into commerce; and, commerce is not The Way of Equity, but the way of war, dis-ease, famine and pestilence.  These horses are all riding right NOW because, mankind will not cease and desist from making war with commerce.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

As such, administration from an outside source for those involved in commerce is mandatory for all involved.
054 | Roosevelt's Jamestown Opening Speech

The transgression of abandonment of The Way of Equity, is why the law, no matter the form, is a curse.  Can one actually keep the law composed of over 80-million statues in over 3-million books of law deposited in the Library of Congress?  So then, why do some still pursue that great and tremendous gift of being revested with their inheritance, given in Equity, and will only be revested when one is IN and From Equity, through some foreign law form totally and completely absent of Equity?  Does that even make any since?

If one is private, and is not to commingle the public with the private; and, if the law is of the public, and equity is of the private, then why would one ever be found to be in a Court of Law without bringing their own Court of Equity? The understanding of things public and things private and how not to trespass and/or commingling them is tantamount to being revested with your God-given inheritance and estate.  Why do you think that being revested with your inheritance through any law form has failed over and over?  The one doing so is mixing law with equity, oil and water, things of the Spirit with things of the flesh.  Let me put it to you another way.  That’s adultery.

How can one obtain any kind of justice, mercy and/or forgiveness through that which can only condemn?  Since when does not the law judge one with condemnation?  Yes, the private shall never-ever be recognized in and of the PUBLIC. However, since law is negative equity, has one ever considered that a clear path shall be defined by the negative equity wherein, “Equity acts in personam,” and will be honored privately, as well as, “Equity will not aid a volunteer,” IF one is not recognized to be a surety for PUBLIC debts having corrected the original record and being without any identification for any office of public trustee.  This refers to a true repentance (the changing of one’s mind) from the Art of War, commerce, which paints everything in blood red, to that of being a Peacemaker and Ambassador for Christ FROM Equity, wherein one drop of blood ended that war for ever and ever for all those who enter into the Covenant of Equity in Trust.

Think about it! Far too many are in pursuit of the law absent equity to be revested with that which was originally created and given in equity.  Since all law is negative equity, then how is one going to use a negative to achieve a positive?  Have you stuck a fork into an electrical outlet lately?  Tis not a WISE thing to do is it?  What equity would you receive from that act and deed?  What negative equity would you receive from that act and deed?  Do you really want the Original Deed to show that one is under a mandatory requirement to be under the law?  Do you really want the Original Deed to show that one is required to be administrated by outside administrators because, one’s father is the Pope AS the Vicar of Christ?  Do you really want to show by and though the USE of a foreign law form absent equity, that those conclusions are justified?  Do you really want to use the law absent equity as a curse, and then end up having your butt handed to you as a result of that mistake?  Think about it!

From Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary
UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, noun unri’chusness.
1. Injustice; a violation of the divine law, or of the plain principles of justice and equity; wickedness. unrighteousness may consist of a single unjust act, but more generally, when applied to persons, it denotes an habitual course of wickedness.
Romans 1:29.
2 Corinthians 6:14.
Did you notice, “…Plain principles of justice and (especially) equity?”
That should have jumped of the page at you!
Every transgression of the law is unrighteousness.


Because, the law given because of transgressions.


Because, the people needed NEGATIVE EQUITY to learn and discern what Equity truly IS all about.

074 | Equity IS the Will of the Father

Were you aware of that? Unfortunately, the reading of many posts from other reveals that most of you are not. For you have bound yourselves voluntarily to pursuing what you desire thru some form of law. This is why you are still traversing into their administrative courts. Make no mistake about this,… this act is of utter foolishness. No Son and Heir of the Most High Creator God and Father ever needs to voluntarily make themselves present in such a venue and thereby automatically volunteer by that act and deed to be a surety for someone else debts. But, some of you will still do so any way, and even worse, maybe waste five or six years of your life and time only to end up loosing in the end.
Nevertheless, some of you are very-very proud of that kind of action. For you wear it as a badge of honor. Look, the only people that are honored by such actions of benightedness, are other men. I can assure you that the Creator the Most High God and Father is not, and neither am I impressed, nor am I persuaded to please the eyes and ears of men to satiate the selfish ego. For the Father is never proud or happy with anyone who elects to go to war and make war with the Administrators of the prodigal estate. Those administrators are following their lawfully ordained mandate (Romans 13:1-7) to administrate those who have not YET returned to the senses of their own court of conscious, and started to self-govern according to Equity. Such a deed is accomplished in direct connection with the Maxim of Equity, “Equity sees that as done what ought to be done.” This is when the Son and Heir is no longer of the prodigal estate, but of the Estate of the Father in Equity keeping and honoring Romans 13:8-10. This is the difference between the Old and the New.
Let me show you what the folly of the LAW ABSENT EQUITY is, and why it is repugnant to the Will of the Father.
Are you aware that in Gibson’s Suits in Chancery he wrote,
001 | Equity Is Everything Even WITHOUT the Law
Do you recognize the magnitude of this principal? I can see from many posts that the majority of you do not. For if you did, you not be boasting about your AT WAR escapades, and further, even be proud of them. Those escapade would be repugnant to you as they are repugnant to Equity if you would consider for a moment these following thoughts.

Do you think that this has something to do with the fact of Psalm 98:9 wherein it is proclaimed that the Most High Creator God and Father does not judge the people with THE LAW, but judges the people with Equity? Have you even consider what this means and the ramifications of it?

068 | Psalm 98v9

Well, if the Creator and Father is using Equity and not the Law, why are you using the law at all, in any form and/or format? Furthermore, it does not matter what law form it is. The 10 commandments, the Statutes at Large, Codes, Rules, Regulations, of the United States, case law, and of course International Law and Treaty such as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)… name it. If it is of ANY law form, and that law form is absent Equity then, “Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52) Peter was ready to bring the law. However, Equity demands that the peacemaker sheath the law. In other words, those who live by the Law Absent Equity, shall die by the Law Absent Equity. In other words, without any consideration for mercy, forgiveness, and justice. Simply put the law alone is ABSENT RIGHTEOUSNESS, and it does not allow for the correction of a mistake. Now, why would any one with commonsense want to be involved in anything like that?
Therefore, it most certainly goes without saying, but I will say it anyway for the record, that Equity alone can DO what the law can NEVER DO alone. Or, would you disagree with the Father’s Will and His Way of Equity? Tell me again, how do you plan to be revested with your Birthright Inheritance and Estate WITHOUT going thru Equity and yourself being IN and OF Equity to make a righteous claim as a Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things? I may have more to say on this in another blog at another time.
069 | Equity alone can DO what the law can NEVER DO alone v2
Perhaps the reason why the Creator Most High God and Father never uses the law to judge the people is because, no one has ever been justified by the law (Galatians 3:11); and, I will add that no one will ever be justified by the law, no matter what the law form is that is being played with.
Again, why would you then elect/choose/volunteer to use the law in any form, for anything that you want to accomplish? By now, it should make absolutely no sense to engage this kind of deed. For without Equity, how does one using the law absent equity, plan to bring in justice, mercy, and forgiveness? Know ye not that the Law Absent Equity has no such qualities for such provisions and considerations? Perhaps this is why so many people have gotten “railroaded,” as they would claim, in so many court rooms…so-called Courts of Law, yes? Its got to be rough when using the law absent equity all when one is seeking relief, which can only be provided IN and thru Equity. So then, how is seeking Relief, Recourse and Redress by the law absent equity not commingling the PUBLIC with the PRIVATE and automatically committing adultery? News Flash: Adultery of the sexual kind is only meant for elementary understanding. It is not for the self-governing beloved Son and Heir as the Son and Heir does not willfully and negligently engage in such unloving deeds knowing that it violates the command to, “Love one another as I have loved you,” expounded and expressed in the second of the two greatest commandments to, “Love your neighbor as your self.”
Do you really think that you can achieve RELIEF from recourse for redress from the Law absent Equity? Do not be so benighted! The law alone and absent Equity is in fact, a death sentence, for it is purposed to govern the world of the dead, the estate of the prodigal son, and it is Equity in its negative form. Do not be fooled by such folly as to think you can find a way around this because, you can not. The administrators of the AT LAW, AT WAR, NEGATIVE EQUITY system will absolutely never allow for this, and that is in fact, their duty!
Since the Creator Most High God and Father does not use the law alone, then why are you? Why would anyone voluntarily elect to go against the Will (Equity) of the Father, and still hope to remain an Heir of that Will? Really, do you still think that you can be revested with the inheritance already promised and given by going against the Will of the one who gave the inheritance in the first place?
Moreover, if you are using some form of LAW ABSENT EQUITY, and since ALL law is NEGATIVE EQUITY because it intended to govern those AT WAR in and with the ways of the COMMERCIAL WORLD OF THE DEAD, commerce; then, how exactly to you propose to fool the one who has bequeathed unto you your inheritance if you are not following His Will as He has commanded is necessary of the Heir? Is not the Maxim of Law correct that, “God makes the Heir, not man?” Or, do your oppose this maxim? How could anyone with commonsense oppose such a maxim and be assured they will stand justified?
The law alone is indeed a double edged sword that cuts both ways. It cuts both its user, as well as the one that the law is being used against.
Because, 070 | The law is incomplete at its best without Equity
For it is Equity that brings in righteousness, which is justice, not the law. In other words, without Equity the law cannot and will not have anything to do with justice, because all law can be manipulated to serve the purpose of the one writing that law for their advantage at the expense of all others.
The law was given for only one purpose…because of transgressions, and for no other reasons and/or purpose. IT WAS ADDED! (Galatians 3:19) Meaning, that there was a time when the Law was not present, and there was ONLY Equity! So then, why was law added? It was added so that mankind would become aware of existence of Equity without Law by and through the administration of its NEGATIVE FORM. All so-called law courts are dealing in negative equity, no exceptions other than one for the original exclusive jurisdiction of a Court of Chancery. So then, for those of you that think you can be revested with your Birthright Inheritance and Estate thru a Probate Court of Law…..well…..that’s not me you hear laughing at you, but your own folly being reflected by the deeds you are doing in benightedness, and to make matters worse, it is being done in four part harmony. (Really, you do not know what the lyrics are that they are singing.)
Equity is the Will and Way of the Creator and Father the Most High God. That means Equity alone, without the aid of any law, can and does bring all the things that one is seeking for Relief on its own. Furthermore, Equity is the only way to administrate Trusts of the PRIVATE nature; not, of the public pseudo kind. Those fictions are all under the law of men, and are administrated by same. There is no other honorable and righteous way to administrate a private trust other than with Equity. If by chance you say otherwise, then the trust that you speak of is not private, but public, and can indeed be breached by the public at any time. Such a thing will never happen in Equity.
So then, why are so many of you so proud of your law based status? Have you even looked at the word status? Seriously?! If you had you will never-ever use that word again in relation to you, a living soul.

The Heir (Joint Heir/Co Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, Christ) is with the superior claim for ALL things, no exceptions. For the Heir’s claim is IN and OF Equity because, Equity conforms to the Will of the Father, and is of the Mind of Christ, which is NOT CONFORMING unto the world, and the ways of this world, which all are in need of outside administration by the law.

071 | 1 John 5v14-15.jpg

A so-called Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is with an inferior claim to any and all claim’s proclaim by an Heir. Furthermore, even the Beneficiary is less than the Heir; but still, is greater than any Secured Party Creditor, and any claim that the Secured Party Creditor can bring, which could only be brought as a mere Qualified Heir, and not AS Heir. Plainly, the SPC is in the world of debt and dealing in debt; and therefore, is AT WAR. So then, why would one be so proud to have obtained what only amounts to as a work and deed of the flesh? Do you think that the Most High God and Father the Creator will honor the claim of a Secured Party Creditor to be revested with the God-given Birthright Inheritance and Estate, rather than the beloved Son and Heir? What part of the inheritance does a SPC have a right too inherit along with beloved Son and Heir? I tell you the truth when I say unto ye that you cannot be BOTH at the same time as that is of a double mind. In other words, how will the son of the bondwoman inherit with the Son of the freewoman? Tell me again, why and how so proud to have that SPC status?

072 | Galatians 4v30-31

So then, is the coveted and highly sought after SPC status of the bondwoman really so precious, or does one wish to be as the Son of the freewoman; the righteous Heir?

Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not hear the law?
You who are proud of your standing in commerce, why are you proud of being AT WAR? Know ye not that ALL COMMERCE IS WAR, and that ALL MONEY IS DEBT? Yes, you can DEMAND LAWFUL MONEY and hope that will redeem that currency. However, that currency is still the property of some other estate, and IF ye wish to be recognized as Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, then one cannot ignore the fact that property is FOREIGN to the Heir and His Natural-born God-given Birthright Inheritance and Estate. Why would you even consider touching it much less hoping it can be redeemed without revealing that one is with a double mind? Even if one does demand lawful money saying that the use of that property is under the doctrine of necessity, this does not change the fact that in so doing you have indeed volunteered and elected to be subject UNDER the owner of that property (Caesar) AS SURETY in direct violation of the maxim of Equity, “Equity will not aid a volunteer.”

073 | Proverbs 17v18 & 22v26
IF one mistakenly volunteered to be surety for the debt of another, then how are you not under their administration of you and your life? Or, do you disagree with, “No man can serve two masters?”

Don’t you think it is about time to seek the Equitable Solution and Path that is narrow, and that ends at the strait gate? Are you still so proud of achieving your commercial status? If so, then you must be absolutely be content to remain as a mere citizen of the lower Estate of the Prodigal Son. For that achievement is only of the world of the flesh, and it is conclusive that, “The flesh profits nothing.”
Oh prodigal son, when are you going to return to your senses, and seek to do, and live, a life in and of Equity ONLY?

This post is inspired by a comment posted in the comments section of my previous blog, Specifically, I am referring to the comment posted by freelyweweregiven, link: My intent for posting this blog is simply to encourage reevaluation of the significance of the Legal Person in the light of three points.

First, according to The Maxim of Equity, Aequitas agit in personam, in the Latin. In English it is, “Equity acts upon the person.” 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 3733. The PERSON must be able to be seen and known in the public for Equity to act and for its Surety to be rendered relief, redress, and/or recourse with a demand for suborgation if one is being accused of being a mere debtor, and not recognized to be the Surety. Equity is always, always, always, focused on property. Equity is never focused on a monetary/money settlement because, all money is debt and, the concept of money as debt is evidence of the carnal mind that is enmity against God. This is why where money is, and especially the love of money rules, one will find that Satan is the ruler, and this rule is of the Public ONLY, never of the Private wherein the Joint Heir’s rule WITH the Heir of ALL things.

Second, according to the Internal Revenue Manuel (IRM) at Part, “An infant is the decedent of an estate or grantor, owner, custodian or trustor of a trust, guardianship, receivership or custodianship that has yet to receive an SSN [Social Security Number].” This fits in perfect with, “Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father.” Now, going back to the first quote and NOTICE, “…that has YET to receive an SSN.” Why has the infant not yet received the SSN? People will say, “But, I have been using it all the time. So how is it not mine already?” Because, the Trust that one entered into, the Social Security Trust, has never been EXPRESSED. In other words, it is absent a Will from the Grantor. Therefore, the Trust has only been implied because of the filing of the SS-5 Form, but no Will was deposited with it. This can also be the case if one has never filed the SS-5 Form, but still made use of the SSN. If one has made a use of the SSN, then they need to express the Trust. It is just that simple.

So then, since no expression of the Will of the Grantor was filed and/or noticed in connection with that SS-5 Form, the PERSON (ALL CAPS NAME, sometimes referred to a STRAWMAN) is still only with infant status. (Notice it is the PERSON with said status and not the Living Soul) From this status it is deemed that administration is still required over the Estate because, there is no record of any Will to define the Will and Intent of the Grantor for and on the public record much less give notice that the Heir and Beneficiary has appeared as Grantee to accept the original Deed for the Estate. This means that the Estate is still recognized to be abandoned.

Therefore, until one does this the SSN will remain the property of the issuer, the Social Security Administration. This is why there is a clause to this effect on the back of the SSN card. The SSA (Social Security Administration) is fully aware of the fact that the Grantor has not yet finished the acceptance of delivery of the original Estate AS Grantee, and as a result of that mistake in addition to this mistake of failure to express a Will for the PERSONA in the public, it is correctly deemed that the Estate and the SSN shall still be, “…held in abeyance,” until these things are done. For when they are complete, they will reveal that the Heir and Beneficiary has returned unto competency, and has accepted all duties, obligations and responsibilities of the Heir and Beneficiary AS Grantee, Surety and Peacemaker, automatically associated with the administration of the Heir’s Estate.

Finally, third, if you really truly do think that having this PERSON is evil, then I would admonish you to reconsider as this show that one does not understand their relationship to the PERSON, and how the public and private work together through the PERSON. One does need a PERSON to act as debtor in public through which Equity can Act through for the sake of the Surety. For the public and private…these two are one, but yet they are to always be kept separate so that no commingling and/or trespass takes place between the two, and thus violates the two.

Yet, these two are to work together as one keeping the private, private, and the public, public, and never the private, public and/or the public, private. In other words, using that which has been issued from the private into the public through a proper office that can handle and negotiate what is private properly with the public so that after it has been lawfully accepted and done, it can be returned to the private for correct offsetting and balancing of the books, by the beneficiary as Surety, so that absolutely no debt is left in the public. Keep it clean folks! Do not litter in the public trust by leaving your private credit without a Surety to zero and balance the books correctly. For this cause is why there is a national debt in the first place. If you want to know how spiritually minded the people are just take a look at the national debt level. That will tell you all that you need to know. That is if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

In other words, what I am saying in short order is that you cannot ignore the Administrators administration of the PUBLIC TRUST and retain good standing and reputation for being a keeper of the peace. This is actually counterproductive to what is needed to maintain the peace. You see, the purpose is to work together with the Administrators of the Public Trust in LIMITED PARTNERSHIP for protecting the public trust against damage. This is a very different relationship than one is in with no Trust expressed for the PERSON in the PUBLIC TRUST.

In so doing, we are re-leaving the administrators of the public trust of one more dead-beat ward-of-the-state. This is when you will hear that great sigh of relief when they see you coming. They no longer have to worry about the Peacemaker, and what the Heir and Beneficiary are, or are not doing. The ultimate results of this will be when one’s PERSONA is recognized as a Peacemaker and will be afforded the status of DO NOT DETAIN, RELEASE IMMEDIATELY. How so? Because the infant will no longer be a decedent, but recognized to be amongst the living, having received the SSN and knowing exactly what it was issued for, and what to do with it, as a peacemaker keeping the peace between the public and the private.

So then, it is indeed the duty of the Heir and Beneficiary to get along with the administrators of the Public Trust, and to work with them to keep the Public Trust free from debt by performing our required duty as Surety for all the debts issued by our Estates, and converted in the public to take care of the need of the beneficiary in the private, and then on the backside, do the required duty necessary to zero the account and balance the books. You do not do this for someone else Estate, but only for yours, as that IS your duty and responsibility, and each one is with this same duty and responsibility for their Estate as well. This is how we all work together AS One Body to keep the PUBLIC TRUST free from debt, and thereby show in action, “Love one another as I have loved you.”

Now, with that said, I want to take a brief moment and clarify a grave misunderstanding about the purpose and function of the IRS. Contrary to popular thinking and the many-many rants against the Internal Revenue Service, they accurately act and react accordingly to the actions of the PERSON, which is a reflection of the Living Soul that is supposed to acting as Surety for the PERSON, but only for the private credit that one issues from their own Estate. Again, as I stated previously NEVER-EVER for the debts of another, such as the UNITED STATES CORPORATION in the 10-mile square boundary of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. For you see the purpose of the Internal Revenue Service is to extinguish all PUBLIC DEBT That is what they are commissioned to do, and this is not an evil purpose, contrary to the overwhelming benighted thinking about who they are, and what their true purpose is. Did you know that if you treat them right by doing the right thing with the public debt that they will serve you righteously as a lawful conversion agent between you in the private, and those in and of the public?

So then, if one is engaged in the increase of the public debt/national debt, then the duties of the IRS are indeed justified to administrate those who are not acting as a Surety for the use of the private credit issued from their God-given birthright inheritance and Estate. However, those duties would not be necessary if we cleaned up our own mess and did not leave our private credit littering the Public Trust. This is the negligent dereliction of duty that causes harm, damage, loss and injury to our neighbors, family and Estate. We would not be in direct violation of the second of the two greatest commandments now, would we?

When the people learn how to use private credit issued from their Estate correctly, along with the 1099OID, 1099A and the 1099C, (These are only information returns) then money, and the need for it, will fade away and eventually, the PUBLIC TRUST will not have any money at all, as all money is debt anyway and the best way to protect the public trust from public debt is to not have any money in circulation at all. But, since there is money, and there is a public debt, and there is a perceived need for money, then there is a love of money present within mankind.

Therefore, the IRS is most certainly needed to offset and protect against that unrequited love that mankind has with money, and along with it, the integrity of the Public Trust. The only debt that mankind owes is the debt to love one another, not to love money. For to love money is to definitely be in infancy, and this is why an infant needs to remain a decadent until they reach the time appoint of the Father and, are no longer bereft of the weightier matters of the law, as the Pharisee’s were. The Pharisee’s were admonished of their willful negligent carelessness. So also should we be by that example as well if we do not bring Equity in to the circumstances to relief in righteousness.

By the way, the weightier matter of the law is Equity. How so? The maxim states that, “The law is nothing without Equity, and Equity is EVERYTHING, even without the Law.” “No one has ever been justified by the law.” That is until you bring in Equity, which is to bring in justice, mercy and forgiveness. (Grace by another word in the New Covenant) In other words, unconditional love. Unconditional love is not in the law alone, but it is made known when Equity and the Law are put together. “Think not what I have come to destroy the law, but to fulfill.” The only way that the Law is fulfilled is through Equity. For without Equity the Law cannot be fulfilled. This is why Equity is King, and it is also why Equity can stand alone and be just and righteous, while the law cannot stand alone and be just and righteous by itself. This is why the Most High God, “Judges the peoples with Equity,” and not with the Law. For God loves us all unconditionally and does not wish to destroy any of us, but rather show us justice, mercy and forgiveness. These three are one, and are the central fulcrum points that are the eternal pillars of unconditional love.

All I can encourage one to do is to not leave the Estate abandoned, and to complete they delivery by expressing the Trust that previously has not been expressed. For until one expresses the Trust it shall remain an Implied Trust, as said Trust created by the giving of information upon an SS-5 Form, was given without an Expressed Will and Intent of the Grantor. This basically is what makes the difference between an Expressed Trust and an Implied Trust, and this is also one of the reasons why one is deemed to be ignorant and incompetent.

Now, it is known that Mom gave the information about us to the hospital in the capacity of informant. However, it was up to Dad to express the Trust on behalf of the new born offspring. So Dad failed. But, that is really not the issue anymore now, is it? The issue is, “Have you also failed to express the Trust upon reaching the Age of Majority?” More than likely the answer to this question is, “Yes.” We do not like the admit this, but think of it this way, “The truth will set you free.” So then, to place blame and/or be angry or upset about Dad not expressing the Trust is a complete waste of time as that duty has indeed become your responsibility. Again, have you completed the delivery by accepting the Deed as Grantee, and then expressing the Trust for the PUBLIC PERSONA, or by leaving it alone and thereby allowing it to be implied by the foreign administrators? I know, I know, I hate when somebody keeps asking a question I do not want to answer, lol.

Unless one has COMPLETED THE DELIVERY, accept the Deed and express the Will and Intent of the Grantor as the Law of the Trust, then the Trust shall be deemed Implied. The result of this implied Trust will allow for the presumption of what the Will and Intent of the GRANT OF INFORMATION is for. Therefore, it shall be implied that the Grantor wishes will be to subject the Trustee’s and/or Beneficiaries to the Governance and Administration of thee occupants of the Public Offices thereof the UNITED STATES ADMINISTRATION under all of their statutes, codes, rules and regulations. Hello?! Now, do you begin to see how failure to complete the delivery can be corrected at anytime? I certainly do hope so. The Public Trust needs and requires your good service and duty to it. This is why it is written, For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.”

If the Trust is never expressed this is how one falls under the administrations of the Old Covenant. By default we are all under the Old Covenant from the day we were born, for it is written, “…born of a woman UNDER the law,” and since the Master was tested in all things equally, we were all of that condition as well. Therefore, all the governments are ordained and authorized in their duties under Romans 13:1-7. And, even though the authorization comes in the New Covenant, they are bound to administrative procedures limited only to that of the Old Covenant. Mark my words, the administrators of the Public Trust will and do honor the separation of Public and Private. Or, should I say, the difference between the two covenants.

 “Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to evil. Do you want to be unafraid of the authority? Do what is good, and you will have praise from the same. For he is God’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil. Therefore you must be subject, not only because of wrath but also for conscience’ sake. For because of this you also pay taxes, for they are God’s ministers attending continually to this very thing. Render therefore to all their due: taxes to whom taxes are due, customs to whom customs, fear to whom fear, honor to whom honor.” ~ Romans 13:1-7

In order to, “Come out of her my people,” and cease and desist from being at war and involved in the expansion of debt and indorsement of operations under the rules of bankruptcy, which is prosecuted by the carnal mind that is enmity against the Will of the with the Most High God, express your Will for and on the Public Record for the PERSONA addressed to the OFFICE in which the PUBLIC OFFICIAL is occupying, and declare your status in relations to your King, Law, and Intent for the administration of the Trust. Do this in a Will written by your own hand. YES, this does mean putting pen to paper. This is what is commonly referred to as a holographic will. The Law of your expressed Trust shall be subject to the New Covenant, and not the Old Covenant, and it shall be under the administration of the Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, AS Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, and AS Ambassador for Christ for the purpose of extinguishing all debt from the Public Trust so as to comply with the two greatest commandments, and to keep the public trust free from debt, and the Surety free from being in need of the Administrators administrations as a ward of the state.


I really wish that I did not have to address this issue. I have been avoiding it hoping that it would just resolve itself, and just fade away with time. However, it is very true that hope deferred makes the heart sick.

Recently, it has been brought to my attention, once again, that a certain individual has been making claims that what I have been posting in my blogs, and in other posts in other places, has been a result of him teaching me, and/or, that I have been getting my ideas for my posts from him. This is a shame and dishonor of a grotesque magnitude as it is not true at all.

So then, let me be very blunt about this unconscionable prevarication. Everything that I write comes directly from my heart resulting from what I have been researching, learning, studying, and have experienced. What I write is inspired of the Holy Spirit and if anyone deserves the credit it is Her. I am but a willing instrument in the orchestra of mankind. With this blessing freely received, I happily choose to freely give with it not for personal gain for the sake of the peace of the Public Trust as this is a duty incumbent upon us all equally, as we are all Joint Heirs equally.

Therefore, know this…..if anyone says anything different to this, and/or against this, and/or dares to put themselves into a position of superiority by taking credit for the inspiration of my authorship, something that they have absolutely nothing to do with, then take notice of this warning…they are ego-tripping and they do not speak the truth. Furthermore, such an individual does not have my permission and/or authority to speak for me on my behalf, and never has, and never will. If you wish to know, then go directly to the horses mouth, not to some third party interloper.

Seriously folks, I just could not come up with a smaller title, at least, not at this moment. Nevertheless, this blog post was inspired by the post of Jeff Anderson. I will post his full post at the beginning, and then I will post my comments in support of why things are they way that Jeff has described. I will also include in this post a definite direction of how to honorably and righteously affect a change in the status of one’s PERSON, which in-turn is directly related to one’s private character, disposition and understandings of the greater things taking place on the surface of this planet.

I also do this to honor a Trust that I have entered into to honor the words of the Creator God and Father, “Freely you have received, freely give.” For we were all born without money and likewise also redeemed without money. Therefore, why do we need it? All money is debt, and it is a stumbling block as many worship at the alter of money, but really do not understand that they worship at the alter of debt, because all money is debt, and money is not a creation from the Creator God and Father, but of men in all the brilliance of their ignorance, and the cornerstone of mankind’s folly. I shall explain why later. But, for now, please enjoy what Jeff Anderson posted, and take your time to think, ponder and consider all that is within this post. There is indeed, much to be considered.

Jeff Anderson posted the following thoughts:

“Unwittingly, America has returned to its pre-American Revolution, Feudal roots whereby all land is now held by a sovereign and the common people have no right to hold allodial title to property. Once again, We the People are the tenants and sharecroppers renting our own property from a Sovereign in the guise of the Federal Reserve Bank. We the People have exchanged one master for another. This has been going on for over eighty years without the “informed” knowledge of the American people, without a voice protesting loud enough. It is now easy to see why America is fundamentally bankrupt.

Why don’t more people own their properties outright? Why are 90% of Americans mortgaged to the hilt and have little or no assets after all debts and liabilities have been paid? Why does it feel like you are working harder and harder and getting less and less?

We are reaping what has been sowed, and the result of our harvest is a painful bankruptcy and a foreclosure on American property, precious liberties, and way of life. Few of our elected representatives in Washington, D_ C. have dared to tell the truth. The federal United States is bankrupt. Our children will inherit this unpayable debt, and the tyranny to enforce paying it. America has become bankrupt in world leadership, financial credit and its reputation for courage, vision and human rights. This is an undeclared economic war- bankruptcy and economic slavery of the most corrupt kind!”

Here is my post and reply to Jeff Anderson’s post.


A sovereign people can never be found to be in bankruptcy, or operating by the rules of bankruptcy. This will come as a shock to the majority. However, to others, it will result in a mere shrug of their shoulders. A Constitution is a Charter of Bankruptcy. As soon as the first Bankruptcy Charter was signed, the dive down from the great American Republic, supported by a Republican form of Government in each one of the Several States (Article 4, Section 4) was initiated.

That’s right! A Constitution is a CHARTER OF BANKRUPTCY! No self-governing sovereign people can be in bankruptcy, debt, and/or support usury. And, for those of you who think that you don’t…think again. You have volunteered to be sureties and constitutors of the debt that demands that the operation of law under the rules of bankruptcy, continues. Oh my goodness, but HOW did all of us do this great and terrible thing? We all joined the Social Security Trust and became a Trustee for the benefit of the Beneficiary, the United States Government. As Trustee you are charged with all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of performance required by the Rules of Bankruptcy. Essentially this means all the statutes, codes, rules and regulations for the United States. Policy, by another name. This is why they call you a, “TAXPAYER.” You volunteered for this obligation much like the Disciple Peter did when the tax man asked him if his master would pay the temple tax. Later on, when they were retiring for the evening meal and fellowship, Peter was forbidden to enter UNTIL he has perform his obligation that he had unwittingly contract into. So then, why should it be any different for us to-day? After all, there is nothing new under the sun, yes?

The only question that remains now is, Will you seek the knowledge and understanding to properly and honorable remove yourself from the duties and obligations of performance that you have bound yourself too?” Or, will you just accept your fate as a surety, slave and constitutor for the Military Industrial Complex, bound in the chains of your agreement to pay their bills (Debts) for the rest of your entire life? Make no mistake about this. That would be sad if you do. But, to the contrary, it will be a tremendous blessing if you choose not too no matter how hard and difficult the journey will be to achieve that goal. For you will realize a greater sense and understanding of what freedom and liberty actually is, by not being bound as a surety, than being bound to suretyship.

You are bound to the duties and obligations of performance through a Trust. The question is, “How does one honorably put to end such a relationship, lawfully?” Think of it this way. A Trust is no different from a marriage, which of course if a merger, speaking from the statutory and corporate side. One of the clauses in the vows declares, “…to have and to hold UNTIL DEATH do you part.” Perhaps a civil death is needed to break the covenant relationship of Trust that one has entered into.

Think about it. The operation of the United States Imperialistic Military Industrial Complex takes place because, “We the People,” have abandoned managing our own God-given Unalienable Birthright Inheritance and Estate’s. The resulting Trust of this INACTION is for the STATE and/or UNITED STATES to take over until the death of the Living Soul, or until the Living Soul undertakes that responsibility having their Estate revested by appearing as the Heir and Beneficiary in the CAPACITY AS GRANTEE to conclude the old and inferior relationship of trust via a Civil Death, and then resurrecting a new one based upon a New Covenant relationship of Trust. One that you declare and appoint the Trustee, and then name the Beneficiary to the Trustee, PRIVATELY! This is how one can be IN the world, but not OF the world. In other words, be IN the private, and not OF the Public required to obey and perform all the Public statues, codes, rules and regulations of the STATE and/or UNITED STATES. National and/or International it makes no difference, for it is all the same thing just repackaged a bit differently.

I am not asking any one of you to agree with this. However, I will ask that you look into such matters for the sake of your educations, edification, and Estate. Better yet, if you have a hard time accepting what I have posted herein above, then perhaps you will consider what I have expressed in the light of the clear warning that former President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said in his Jamestown Exposition speech, given April 26, of 1907, well before the Social Security Trust was put into action as an ACT in 1935. President Teddy Roosevelt was giving a clear warning to the people of what was going to take place from the folly of their lack of self-governance.

“As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. EITHER THEY MUST GOVERN THEMSELVES OR THEY MUST SUBMIT TO BEING GOVERNED BY OTHERS. If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within. A sovereign can not make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober under standing and a sane and steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest.”

What is the ONLY power that inheres you that gives you the power to be Self-Governing in your natural-born Sovereignty? This is very important to know, because IF you do not know this, then you cannot do this. One has to be aware of what inheres them in order to put it to USE, good or bad. This power, the very same power that President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt spoke of, is indeed already WITHIN you. But, the only question that remains to be answered in relation to this power is, “Do you recognize, acknowledge and accept this, as well as all the duties, obligations and responsibilities that go along with it?” If NOT, then the Resulting Trust formed by that mistake has to be being governed from an outside source just as President Teddy Roosevelt said would be done. Ergo, the introduction of the Social Security Trust, and another form of feudalism is conceived and born just as Jeff Anderson has pointed out.

Several years later in 1913, Colonel Edward Mandel House, a man that helped to pick the original charter members of the Federal Reserve Board for the Federal Reserve Bank, was an advisor to then President Woodrow Wilson. There is much to this man and his passionate desires to undermine the great American Republic, but I shall not go into those numerous things here and now. Suffice to say, if Edward Mandel House were alive to-day, he would be George Soros; a man of that ilk and ugly magnitude. Nevertheless, Edward Mandel House was reported to have said the following to President Woodrow Wilson:

“[Very] soon, every American will be required to register their biological property in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of pledging. By such methodology, we can compel people to submit to our agenda, which will effect our security as a chargeback for our fiat paper currency. Every American will be forced to register or suffer being unable to work and earn a living. They will be our chattel, and we will hold the security interest over them forever, by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions.”

“Americans, by unknowingly or unwittingly delivering the bills of lading to us will be rendered bankrupt and insolvent, forever to remain economic slaves through taxation, secured by their pledges. They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit and they will be none the wiser, for not one man in a million could ever figure our plans and, if by accident one or two should figure it out, we have in our arsenal plausible deniability. After all, this is the only logical way to fund government, by floating liens and debt to the registrants in the form of benefits and privileges. This will inevitably reap to us huge profits beyond our wildest expectations and leave every American a contributor to this fraud which we will call “Social Insurance.” Without realizing it, every American will insure us for any loss we may incur and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption and, we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to foment this plot against America.”

Now, I should also say that there are some that dispute that this was ever said to President Woodrow Wilson. However, my answer to those that do say this is simply to look at the facts of what was being planned to take place, and compare that to our present day circumstances. If one cannot see that what was predicted has indeed unfolded AS predicted, then I would say that their own benightedness has a firm grip on them, and their ability to perceive how the current world circumstances have come to be what they are, exactly as Colonel Edward Mandel House described, then I would say that they lack a very serious level of veracity, integrity, honor and most importantly wisdom. The facts of what has taken place historically validate what was claimed by Edward Mandel House.

The break down of the worlds relationship to law, trust, and equity comes down to this:

• The Law of the Air is of Equity and Trusts. It was Expressed quite well in the Declaration of Independence, the Maxims of Equity, and the New Covenant text of the Holy Bible, which expounds upon the Maxim’s of Equity as that is where they all come from.

• The Law of the Land is of the Common Law, and it was Expressed quite well in the Articles of Confederation. But, common law is a rouse to distract one from the importance of Equity and Trust. The maxim states clearly that, “The Law is nothing without Equity, and Equity is EVERYTHING, even without the Law.” This should tell exactly why it is stated that, “Equity is King.” Not to mention the fact that the Most High God judges the Earth in righteousness, and the Peoples with Equity. (Psalm 98:9) Notice, NOT the Law, but Equity. Furthermore, NO ONE has ever been justified by the Law, nor will anyone ever be. How quaint.

* The Law of the Sea is of the Commercial world of Commerce comprised of the all the statutes, codes, rules and regulations of The World of the Dead. This world is a world wherein only FICTIONS OF LAW exist, and no “Creatures of God WITH Living Souls,” are known and can be known in such a world. They are the PERSONS, the CORPORATIONS, the DEAD ENTITY ORGANIZATIONS that aspire to get as many as possible to VOLUNTEER to become SURETIES to the debts that they create. Make no mistake about this, that is the goal of all corporations, no exceptions. ALL OF THEM NO MATTER WHAT THEIR FORM. Yes, this includes the infamous Title 26, 501(c)(3) corporations that have filed IRS FORM 1023 as well. However, this is not the goal of a Honorable Relationship built upon TRUST. For it is conceived and built upon a foundation of Righteousness IN Equity.

Corporations only desire profit to honor their god Mammon. That is MONEY for those of you in LARGO, FL. The Biblical Maxim makes things quite clear in that, “No man can serve two masters,” because, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” These two maxims connected to the two greatest commandments, “To love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. And the second is like unto it, to love your neighbor as yourself,” makes it very clear that the reason why, “The Love of MONEY is the root of ALL evil,” as no one can EVER keep the two greatest commandments whilst loving and/or worrying about money, and their need for it. The two are highly incompatible, and are diverse opposites. God did not create money?! Men did! And, men did this in the foolishness of their vain imaginations, for it was never necessary and never has been necessary. Money is one of Mankind’s greatest FOLLIES; and likewise, one of Mankind’s greatest weakness, as it stands between us and truly knowing and understanding the Eternal Love of the Most High God.

So then, I say again, and contend that contrary to popular thought the several Constitutions of the United States are not a Common Law Charter. But, are a CORPORATE CHARTER OF BANKRUPTCY that arises from an unpaid debt. The origin of that debt was the 17-million Lira borrowed from the King of France via the King of England to finance the Colonies Revolutionary War of Independence. That unpaid debt was passed along and put upon the shoulders of ALL the People, thereby making all the People Constitutors and Sureties of that debt. Welcome back to feudalism. No wonder Lord Cornwallis said at the last battle of the Revolutionary War, as he watch his men go down to defeat, “We’ll just get them with commerce.” Imagine that…..the British already new what they were going to do even before war was concluded and the Peace Treaty was signed. Do you feel a bit used and played perhaps?

• “He who is surety for a stranger will suffer, But one who hates being surety is secure.”

• “A man devoid of understanding shakes hands in a pledge, And becomes surety for his friend.”

•”Do not be one of those who shakes hands in a pledge, One of those who is surety for debts;” (How much more blunt can you get than this?)

• “Therefore, let all the house of Israel know for a surety, that God hath made him both Lord, and Christ, this Jesus, I say, whom ye have crucified.”

• “…by so much more Jesus has become a surety of a better covenant.” (Since there is a surety already for this covenant, don’t you want to be part of it?)

Do you not see how volunteering to be the Surety for the debt of another is at the core of all of our problems? How so? Because it requires that one worship at the alter of the gods of MONEY, and also money itself. And since the Love of Money is the root of all evil, then if one loves money more than the Most High God and their Neighbor then I do conclude that one cannot serve the Most High God, and/or serve their Neighbor IN the Trust of the Covenant founded upon UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. The New Covenant Trust was founded because the Old Covenant Trust was found to be lacking. It is a Relationship built and nurtured IN Trust. A Covenant IS a Trust as, “Two cannot walk together unless they agree.” So then, how else is one to become a partaker of this Trust if they do not agree WITH the provision of the Trust, and become one of the Members of the Body of that Trust? As with all things, one has to volunteer to be involved and/or connected to the Trust and Covenant of Relationship that is being offered. If ye are forced, then ye shall have recourse to extract oneself from that relationship. That is an automatic right that arises by operation of law as a Resulting Trust. Are you seeing any possibilities in this?

Know ye not that Mankind already has a Surety for ALL debts (sin), no exceptions. Absolutely no one needs to volunteer to be the surety for any kind of debt (sin). The surety for all mankind paid the debt (sin) of mankind, and for Mankind, IN FULL, setting Mankind free to return as a Prodigal Son would return AS a Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, AS a Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased, under a New Covenant of Trust, with a New High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, no longer in need of a priest of the Order of Aaron. “But now our high Priest hath obtained a more excellent office, inasmuch as he is the Mediator of a better Testament, which is established upon better promises.

No more blood of bulls and goats is required for debt (sin), as such a thing only perpetuates the consciousness of sin AS Sinner. This is but one of the reasons that mandated a change in the Priesthood and the High Priest. This translates into meaning that no more of your blood, sweat, and tears is need to pay for any debt…..for any sin. (Same word in the Hebrew). No more of your sweat equity labor needs to pay for the charges against the PERSON, IF…IF…IF one comes out of her (Babylons Traditions and ceases and desists from volunteering to be the surety for the debt of another, again, just as Peter mistakenly did) administrated by the governments of men, under the Old Covenant of the Levitical Priesthood of the Order of Aaron. Yes, the worlds government do indeed operate under the Old Covenant wherein there is no mercy, no forgiveness, and no love. There is ONLY the performance AS Trustee in the Old Covenant no matter what the cost is to you personally. However, never forget that their authority to function as they do, is indeed authorized and ordained. One only need to read Romans 13:1-7 to see and know this. Why is this so? Because, the people keep volunteer for this and that mandates that the Old Covenant style of governance remain in place until all the delusions of a need for outside governance fades away.

Now, do you see how and why the connection to the Trust, the Social Security Trust is what binds one into Suretyship AS a Surety and Debtor that the world of the dead likes to call a sinner, or should I say debtor? Do you also see why the Civil Death of the PERSON, which is directly connected to you, is absolutely necessary to separate yourself from that OLD COVENANT TRUST, and thereby puts to an end to that Trusts administrative governance, authority and relationship with the World of Dead? Remember the clause in the vows of marriage (corporate term for merger) (Holy Matrimony – Equitable word for unity IN union)), “…to have and to hold until DEATH DO YOU PART.” Well, the relationship with the world of the dead is not unlike a MARRIAGE. That’s right we have all been married to the UNITED STATES since the day we were, “Born of a woman under the law,” through the PERSON, So then, to end the relationship (Trust), and to put an end to the law of that relationship (Trust) the PERSON that is the connection point between you and the world of the dead must die a Civil Death. Then after the Civil Death, a resurrection of the PERSON must occur under a new expressed Trust, under a New Covenant of Trust AS in The New Covenant wherein the High Priest is established forever and is the HEIR of ALL things and you are Joint Heir WITH the HEIR of ALL things. This is covenant in trust wherein one is recognized to be Self-Governing in their natural-born Sovereignty from the power and authority that is WITHIN them, and inheres them, just as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said. Do you see the connection?

Why do you think corporate-churchianity keeps telling you and teaching you that you are a sinner? I will tell you why. So that the consciousness, your consciousness, works against you and condemns you, which causes you NOT to agree that, “…you already have been given everything you need for life and godliness.” Nevertheless, your God-given birthright inheritance and Estate shall remain and never FADE AWAY until you do accept it, or, heaven forbid, flat-out reject it. Esau did, and God hated him for that. Why? Because the gift would do him absolutely NO HARM whatsoever. So do not be fooled. It is possible to refuse the ultimate gift from the Creator God and Father. Truly the power of the choice, or should I say, the power of election is yours. So then, I admonish you to make your calling and election sure, and to forsake those that preach to you and teach you that you are not worthy enough. For the Father has already found your worthy, and those that say and speak to the contrary are outright lying to you!

The blood of the lamb was slain BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THIS WORLD of death, decay and destruction, lack and limitation, was laid. All sin (debt) was TAKEN AWAY as in the New Covenant, NOT COVERED UP, as in the Old Covenant. Even BEFORE this world was allowed to come into existence, this work had already been finished. So then, folks, the fix is indeed in, and YES, the FIX is most certainly in your favor. Now, the rest is up to you, “To Trust in this, or not to Trust in this.” That is the real question that really needs to be answered. And, it is most certainly needed as, “For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now.”

If one is going to clearly see and understand these thing then they are going to have to see with, “Sight Beyond Sight,” and also be able to listen to and hear the “Still Small Voice” WITHIN them right where the Ultimate Gift given to all Mankind is hidden and has already been posited (Luke 17:20-21). This is of course, only if you truly do want to be recognized to be Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, and literally the same AS the Heir of ALL things via Suborgation. This will break the tie that binds. That which has been bound on this Earth as it is in Heaven, and allow for the unbinding of that tie and the lawful ending of the relationship of trust to be the surety for the debts of another.

Remember, “Equity is King,” and Equity can do what the law alone cannot do. Never forget that, “Equity will not aid a volunteer,” but Equity will allow for one to correct the mistakes of being taken into any form of slavery against their will, consciousness and volition. Do this NOT for the sake of MONEY. For MONEY has absolutely NOTHING to do with this. Do this for the sake of Love. Do this for the sake of reciprocating the unconditional love that we have all been shown, given and expressed in action. Remember, we love because the Most High Creator God and Father loved us FIRST! There can be no finer way to honor that unconditional love than to return to our First Love of the First and Highest Estate.

If you want to be known to be a, “Peacemaker,” then it is imperative as well as mandatory that one comply with the command to, “Come out of her, my people…” Alas, this edict and command is not open to negotiation and/or any kind of arbitration. Furthermore, there are absolutely no exceptions to this and I make no apologies if one find this offensive. Ultimately, any arguments against are not really against me in the first place. Nevertheless, I shall not digress any further.
So then, exactly HOW is this accomplished?
There is ONLY one way…AS Joint Heirs WITH the Heir of ALL things. NOT AS an American States National, or United States citizen, or Michiganian, or any other designation of men that divides and separates one via the traditions of men known as DEMOGRAPHICS.
Whereas the prodigal Son after having undertaken residency IN the prodigal Estate willingly chooses of his own free will act and deed, without reservation or coercion of any kind, to return to the covenant of his first love…of the First and Highest Estate AS Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things. Such an act and deed announces a RETURN to competency, common sense, and the acceptance of all duties, responsibilities and obligations forthwith AS a beloved Son and Heir of God IN Christ WHO IS the One and ONLY Heir of ALL things. This is not to be taken lightly. This act and deed is NEVER to be undertaken in folly or fickleness.
For the prodigal son is correctly deemed to be and shall continue to be deemed to be, “Dead beyond the Sea,” (“Born of a Woman UNDER the law.”) until the prodigal son appears AS Grantee to redeem the God-given inheritance of the Estate held in trust under the administration of the administrators (…”governors and Tutors…”) by a DEED recorded properly for and on the public record. Once done, one thereby corrects the first mistake of, “Being IN the world, and OF the world,” to being, “In the world, but NOT OF the world.” In other words, private and not public.
If this is not so, then a prodigal son shall continue to experience the resulting trust of, “…lest you share in her sins…”; such as,
1. Surety-ship; and,
2. Usury; and,
3. Bankruptcy; and,
as well as “…and lest you receive of her plagues,”; such as…
1. Debt-in-the-form-of-Money, because all Money is DEBT; and,
2. Inflation and Deflation leading to the fabricated illusion of lack and limitation by the manipulation of so-called free market prices; and,
3. Unknowingly volunteering as Surety’s and Constitutors for the debts of another against the Will of God for His Beloved Sons and Heirs AS GIVEN in and of the First Estate, wherein all things done are done upon the solid foundation of Equity.
This Resulting Trust for the breaking of Trust is not done to condemn and punish the prodigal sons, but rather to discipline the prodigal sons so that the prodigal sons learn, know, and understand the difference between Equity and Iniquity. “For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.”
“For her,”(Babylon doing business as (d/b/a) Rome; and/or, Rome d/b/a the United States) “…sins have reached to heaven,…” (The heart, mind and soul rooted in an unpure state attempting to serve two masters in violation of the principal that, “No man can serve two masters.”), “…and God has remembered her iniquities.”
The Most High God hath remembered Babylons way of negligently avoiding and/or obfuscation of true Equity. For a lie of omission is still a lie. (Yet another maxim and principal). In other words, her-Babylons inequity is known and not forgotten. Babylons way of worship and homage hidden behind Rome’s ways of governing is known and not forgotten. The many unrighteous ways of governing that are against, “Life, Liberty and, …” the USE of Property UNENCUMBERED by the rules, laws and regulations of men, which one can say contributes a great deal to, “…the pursuit of happiness.”
For only, “God makes the Heir, not man,” which is exactly why, “Equity will not complete an imperfect gift.” The gift that I am referring too is the God-given Estate…given unto ALL equally (IN EQUITY) the day you were born; WITHOUT EXCEPTION, wherein…“You have been given everything you need for Life and godliness,” no exceptions.
This IS the will of the Most High God and Father as, “It is His good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” For, “The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you,” right here, right now, at this very moment; therefore, it IS already said and done AS PROMISED! Now, you must do what you must do to PROVE TO YOURSELF that you are indeed Worthy of that Gift ALREADY given and received. The Father does not question the worthiness of His Beloved Sons and Heirs. For He already KNOWS that they are worthy. Only men will question their worthiness in the darkness of their own vain imaginations hindered by their own benightedness, and compromised by the many distracting Traditions of Men. Tis much better to see with Sight Beyond Sight. The only Sight that can see what is WITHIN you and already given unto you as the Kingdom of God cannot be known or seen by observation.
For all are born of a woman under the law, and are equally prodigal sons who have as volunteered, knowingly and/or unknowingly, to serve another master as Peter did so when he volunteered to pay the temple tax. This is why, “Equity will not aid a volunteer,” and this is why each and every prodigal son is with all that they need to ascend and become known as a Beloved Son and Heir of God IN Christ AS Joint Heir. But first, it is equally required of ALL to, “Work out their own salvation with fear (Stand-IN-AWE-of) and trembling,” and thereby fulfill, “Come out of her…BABYLON…my people, and stop participating in her sin…INEQUITY.”
May the Most High God and Father who created you bless you as you undertake this journey/quest. Indeed, this IS the greatest journey and quest that anyone could ever take.

The only way that the Establishment-Elite of the International Bankers, their priesthood of Attorney’s/Politicians (A.K.A. Pharisee’s), and the Captains of Corporations, whose corporations are administrated by Attorney’s BEHIND closed doors, can win, is if Mankind lets them win. The only way Mankind lets them win is if by folly or fickleness we choose to SELF-DESTRUCT by the power of our own ignorance and incompetence, rather than electing to chose to become and remain SELF-GOVERNING from WITHIN! [Whew! That’s a one heck of a loaded statement to begin this blog with].

Recently, I was taking a moment to enjoy some rest and relaxation. I decided to cruse YouTube® for some video enjoyment and I found myself watching some Star Trek clips. (As if that were out of the normal for me) When I watched Star Trek III – Destruction of the USS Enterprise,, it inspired the post of this blog. I also watched, Star Trek – Destruction Sequence, which is a clip from an episode of the original series, and it is a timely episode for the current circumstance taking place in America. As I watched this one, I envisioned mankind as Captain Kirk, and the two aliens in the role of the International Bankers; who, by the way, were at war with each other over the difference in the color of their skin… of all the worthless and futile things to fight about. Perhaps this hatred is what they are projecting into the thoughts of Mankind to divide them, and especially to keep them blind and ignorant of the truth about who and what they truly have already been given so that they can keep their lofty positions of power, albeit an illusion, over Mankind.

Nevertheless, the real question is, “Who ultimately not only has the power, but also the authority to order the computer (An allegory for Your Life) to do, or not to do, to self-destruct, or not to self-destruct? Do you, or don’t you? Sadly many people will confess that they do not. To those that confess this I ask, why do you testify against yourself? Do you not know that this is how the enemy makes their case against you, by using  your own testimony against you? I would encourage and admonish you to be a lot more kind, merciful and forgiving towards yourself. If you do not testify against yourself, then how is anyone going to bring a righteous and valid claim against you? But, what does this say about responsibility unto Self-Governance when someone actually does bring a valid claim for a justifiable cause of harm, damage, loss and/or injury? For the one that wishes to Self-Govern there is no escaping the responsibilities of honor and justice if one desires to maintain rule over their own Life IN Self-Governance.

Perhaps the failure of under standing Self-Governance, and all of its duties, obligations and responsibilities is why the world has ended up in its current conditions and circumstances, yes? Have not all of us participated in this mess to some extent? Is there anyone that can claim to be without blame, and do so in honor? For either we are all equals in this mess together, because, “We hold [this] truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal,” (“Equal Rights equals Equal Blame” — For this preserves the balance between the two) or we might as well self-destruct now for allowing the imbalance to continue unabated. Why wait for the countdown to complete its count? For to place blame and point the finger is continuing the count down unto self-destruction regardless. And remember, that countdown cannot be stopped after the count reaches 5-seconds. (Actually, Captain Kirk was bluffing on that part, but you would have to be a Star Trek geek to know that, lol. No, I just did not testify against myself, lol!). Do you see what I mean?

So then, that’s it, right? Let’s just give up, right? Someone else has got to fix this mess for us, right? If that is so, then what of your own culpability in the creation of this mess? How are the books going to be balanced for your part of the imbalance? Does this not leave you a debtor, if you abandon your duty and responsibility to bring and/or preserve the balance? Is not a debtor a sinner? I can just here some saying to this, “Well, Jesus took away all the sin of the world, you idiot! Get a clue!” Yes, He did take away all the sin of the world, which in the Hebrew, the same word is used for Sin and Debt. Nevertheless, did that act and deed issue to Mankind a license to be irresponsible and non-self-governing? Certainly not!

So then, how could anyone expect someone else to come and clean up their mess for them and not be indentured UNDER them and their law as a slave rightly is to be? In other words, if someone else clean up our mess for you, then how can you be worthy of no longer being, “Under governors and tutors,” and thus a slave? You are aware that there is a difference between being, “UNDER THE LAW,” and, “EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW,” yes?

But some will say, “It is much better to be a slave of God then of men.” Really?! Do you really think that the Most High God wants slaves instead of Beloved Sons in whom He is well pleased? Certainly not! So then, when the Lord Jesus the Christ said, “I no longer call you slaves, but brothers,” that has no baring on this either? No admonishment of encouragement, perhaps come out of needing to be administrated and governed by an outside source, and start to do it from the source WITHIN you? Do you mean to say that there is no implied meaning of a mandate to progress from being a born of a woman under the law, and thus a slave, into Self-Governance? On the contrary, there most certainly IS! Nevertheless, if you elect to act like a slave, then why shouldn’t you be treated like a slave? (There are great examples of this in LARGO, FL, already. Why follow that example?) Yet, you still demand your liberty and to not have your “Civil Rights,” violated. You know not of what it is that you are asking for, because you have yet to discover and under stand the glaring difference between mere revocable civil rights, and God-given unalienable rights. Furthermore, who said a slave has any rights in the first place, much less any liberty? Know ye not that a slave can own nothing, not even himself? Does not a right arise out of ownership? Or, is this under standing too elementary for you? Where is your liberty now? I’ll will clue you in to where your liberty is, and how it is realized and can be manifested.

Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the FatherEven so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world. But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.”

[That we might return as a prodigal son and once again be recognized to be “Equals BEFORE the Law,” as we all once were BEFORE we left the habitation of the First Estate and that natural-born status we had thereof. Now, what kind of drugs were we taking when we all made that mistake of folly to remove ourselves from that Estate?]

Are you going to let this enemy of your Soul defeat you? Or, will you challenge yourself to go see beyond the distractions and thus clearly see the man behind curtain (The so-called Emperor without clothes) that has been yanking your chain, so you can mature enough to see beyond ALL the physical barriers and distractions being used to blind Mankind Spiritually? You are aware that the jury is still deliberating on the answer to this question, are you not? Yet, still, most people are awaiting a second coming to settle this matter for them, as well as answer this question for them, as well as fix the world…for them, too.

Consider for a moment what happens if someone else answers that question for you. How will you prove yourself worthy of the inheritance that already inheres you, if YOU do not give your own answer from that which is already IN you? You are a Joint-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, are you not? What part of that is without duty, obligation and responsibility for Self-Governance in The Way and of Keeping the Law of the Covenant if ye so wish to honorably enter back into it? The only way to receive the full pardon is to recognize, acknowledge and accept all that goes with the full pardon.

The Father says that Mankind is already the Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. Do you think this only applied to one Man? Certainly not! For this applies to ALL Mankind without exceptions. For inasmuch as He said it unto the One Man, that One Man is the entire whole of Mankind for time and eternity, and there are no exceptions for this at all as the maxim is, “All are Equals BEFORE the Law,” and “God makes the Heir, not Man.”

However, history, right up to this very present moment testifies that because of mankind’s Spiritual immaturity, he has forgotten himself, who he is, and what he has already entered into and received. This creates an imbalance doesn’t it? How does this not dishonor the great gift already received the day we were born INNOCENT?! There are no exceptions to this unless you were hatched like a reptilian. {Wink} Are not all babies born INNOCENT? Who would have the audacity to say otherwise beside the Establishment-Elite and their trained Priesthood?

I do recall of just such a poor example recorded in John 9 wherein the Pharisee’s, a Priesthood and thee “Attorney’s” of that day, outright accused the former blind man of being born IN sin. That means that they dared to accuse an INNOCENT newborn baby of being a sinner. Is this what you do with your family, friends and neighbors? Do you really want to be known to have the same attitude and disposition of the Pharisee’s? I certainly hope not. Nevertheless, how is such a claim not doing harm, damage and injury to the one being accused of such? Does not this mere accusation go directly against the Will and Judgment of the Father as well as His “Good Opinion” of you? (Doxa – “You are my beloved Son in whom I AM well pleased.”) Is there not a clearly determine judgment for such a one making this kind of claim for them to be tied to a millstone and cast into the sea? There most certainly is. That alone should properly demonstrate how seriously such an accusation is to be handled, and how the Most High God sees it as a very damaging outright lie, which also harms Him as well, because HE DOES NOT SEE US THAT WAY, but only as His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. Therefore, the Doxa does not apply to only One Man but to ALL of Mankind, without exception! For when the Doxa was spoken unto the One, ALL through the One are blessed AS each one determines to elect to Walk the same path, and enter into the same Covenant WITH all the rest equally.

So then, why do you think you were born as a baby in the first place and simply not beamed down here by Mr. Scott? The Father wanted to make absolutely certainly that you and I under stand just how innocent He sees, knows and perceives us. The only question left unanswered is, “Do we know as well as under stand this, or not?” Are you willing to recognize, acknowledge and accept this, or do you wish to testify against this based upon the works, deeds and actions of the flesh? If so, then how can the, “Flesh profits nothing,” be applied and honored for you?

The truth that a lot of people do not want to face is the fact that we got ourselves into this mess by our own self-determination; acting upon our own Liberty to literally abandon our duties, obligations and responsibilities to be Self-Governing. This goes directly to the core for all of the problems we now face on this planet. Whether these things come from wars and/or rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, greed, it matters not! For if the people are with the power and authority for Self-Governance that is natural to them, then these things would not be taking place, would they?

Therefore, we made our own mess. So then, how is it that we are not responsible to fix and correct our own mess? How is it that you would think, feel and/or believe that someone else has got to come back (Return) to straighten out the mess that we created out of our own folly and fickleness? It is time to Get Genuine (Real can be Faked, Genuine cannot be faked) folks as this does not jell with responsibility unto Self-Governance. Or, do you say otherwise? Furthermore, how is anyone else responsible for cleaning up the mess that we all made of this planet together unless we are incompetent, unworthy and ignorant? Do you see why the United States Corporation uses those very designations to describe us? Not to also mention the fact that they also claim we are infants as well. Are we not acting like this in our daily actions? Do you really want that stigma attached to your character and reputation? That is what you are admitting to if you are looking outside of yourself for someone else to clean up the mess that we have all created and participated in hereon this planet. It is in fact overwhelmingly irresponsible to not admit the mistakes made so that we can take ownership and have the Natural Right arise out of that claim to empower the ones so making that claim both the power and authority to fix it.

The Good News is, You have [already] been given everything you need for Life and Godliness.” The question is, have you gone beyond belief to KNOWING this…to TRUSTING this? By this declaration it is clear that mankind is most certainly with the capacity and ability to fix and correct ALL of his problems. However, the difficulty is coming to see, know and under stand this, because the people do not desire to see with “Sight beyond Sight” as they are constantly allowing themselves to be distracted and stimulated by things outside of themselves, thus hindering themselves to become aware of what is already WITHIN them. (Leave the hindering to the Pharisaical-Attorney’s that is after all, why there is a WOE/Curse unto them) This is one of the main reasons why one cannot see, but is nevertheless still looking with their physical eyeballs to observe by observation that which cannot be seen because it is WITHIN them. This is why it is written, “Blessed are those that do not see, and yet believe.” This is also why corporate religious organizations have been a tool designed for the purpose of working against such knowledge and insights to prevent the members of the certified churches from coming to see and know what they have already been given, and are already in possession of, which is the key to Self-Governing and to not being defeated by the enemy of our Soul, and thus literally Self-Destructing just like you saw the Enterprise do in the aforementioned video linked above.

Never forget, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” This is a PRESENT TENSE declaration. It is not declared in a Future Tense. Yet, many of you are still waiting for something down-the-road to happen or take place…for another day, for another moment, instead of coming to the realization that to-day is the very day and moment that you are seeking is here RIGHT NOW! Where are you, if you are not here, Right Now? What time is it, if it is not NOW?! What are you, if you are not present IN THIS MOMENT? Perhaps this is why some of you may have a difficult time perceiving that all you do have is just this moment, and this moment is more than enough. For as one moment ends, a new one beings, and this is what eternity is made from.

This is why the Lord Jesus the Christ said that you will never see the Kingdom with observation saying, “The Kingdom of God DOES NOT COME with observation.” For the Kingdom can only be experienced from WITHIN. This is something that Herbert W. Armstrong NEVER understood, and neither do the many splinter groups that were born from that stirred up pot of deceptive-doctrinal-turmoil. Yet this is the very KEY to the peace that surpasses all understanding. This is the very KEY OF DAVID that is the door that opens that no man can shut. It is not owned and taught by some Religious Organization’s ego-tripping televangelist teaching that they are the one and only true church. ON THE CONTRARY, this kind of teaching is counter productive and has a negative impact on Spiritual growth and insight as those that attend such certified churches are looking to a Man as their superior, and not as their Equal.

The Key of David is the knowledge of knowing that,The Kingdom of God is presently WITHIN you at this very moment.” It is the KEY to the door that no man can open, and that no man can shut, because no Man can give this knowledge to you, or open your mind to the revelation of this knowledge. This is the KEY that ONLY Christ IN you, AS you, AS the Beloved PRODIGAL Son in whom the Father is well pleased…for TRUSTING IN HIS WORD that the Kingdom of God is ALREADY yours to possess at this very moment, AS a Lawful Joint Heir with the Heir of ALL things…Christ,… IS INDEED THE ONE WITH THE KEY THAT OPENS THAT DOOR! No pastor, preacher, and/or priest types have the KEY to opening, or closing this door; thank goodness! Sorry Gerald Flurry, but you are very incorrect as you are still trying to, “Take the Kingdom of God by force.” That means, by OBSERVATION, which is by violence as the flesh cannot inherit with the Spirit. It is absolutely forbidden because the flesh makes war against the Spirit, which means you are attempt to commingle two different law-forms. That’s adultery! Therefore, I admonish you Gerald, cease and desist from the folly of teaching double mindedness.

This goes for any Religious Organization that dares to teach a physical return that can be viewed and seen with the physical eyes of observation directly against that which is clearly expressed in Scripture itself. In short, if you are looking for a physical return that you can observe with your physical eyes, then you are looking in the wrong place, and you are mixing the physical with the Spirit. So you will never see it until you do change your mind and start to look with Sight Beyond Sight. (Look for the Spirit…by the Spirit; not, by your physical eyeballs) Therefore, the Kingdom of God will not manifest outside of you, and through you, and from you UNTIL you go WITHIN to commune directly with the Father AS His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. You have got to know this and especially place your complete non-withholding Trust in this.

This means that you have got to cease and desist from calling yourself a, “Sinner,” which of course is contrary to popular corporate-christianity and one of its main doctrines. Referencing once again John 9 it is made clear that the Father does not hear sinners. OH MY! So then, if you call yourself a sinner, then how is the Father to have anything to do with you? Have you not just testified against yourself in lieu of what the Father’s opinion is of you? Again, as Mankind uses your own testimony against you; likewise, the Father will also allow for your own judgment of yourself to take precedence in your Life over His.

Now, you know that little thing about, “FAITH is only thing that pleases God.” Well, since faith is the evidence of things not seen, and the Kingdom of God is within you, and it cannot be observed with the physical eyes, then TRUE FAITH can only be to Trust God that has kept His Word and has already given you your inheritance and it is right where He put it, WITHIN you right here, right now, at this very moment!

Now, really folks, if someone gives you a gift, and you do not know how to open the wrapping of that gift to get to the gift inside, is it really the fault of the giver that you cannot do that? Remember, the Giver already knows that, “You have been given EVERYTHING you need for Life and Godliness.” So then, how can there possibly be a valid excuse that you cannot get to what you have already been given? Consider the answer to that question very-very carefully. Do you think that being able to open that great Gift is covered in that declaration? If you say, “No,” then I have to ask, “Why did you read this far?” Was this trip really necessary? For the Father has already given each and everyone of us the Gift He promised to Give, AND, in giving that gift, He also gave us what we needed to open that gift. So then, it most certainly will take Faith to KNOW that the Kingdom is already within you, and this is why Faith is so very-very precious to the Father concerning the matter of His Beloved Son.

So then, if you are still looking to see someone riding a white horse, you will never see it. Furthermore, even if you do, you won’t believe it anyway, because you will be just like Thomas. This is why the world is in such turmoil, unbelief and outright ignorance. It is suffering from Thomas Syndrome because, the people are demanding to see the Kingdom of God FIRST by observation BEFORE they will act upon Faith, TRUSTING in the Father’s declaration that He has already given it too you.

Therefore, if you never learn how to go WITHIN, then how will you ever know that you are already WITH your Birthright Inheritance just as the Father has promised? How will you ever be pleasing to Him and be found worthy of that great-gift already gifted unto you? All I can do is encourage and admonish you to make your calling and election sure. That to undertake the responsibilities of SELF-GOVERNANCE can only be done by the power of, “Christ in you, your only hope of glory,” as a Joint-Heir WITH Christ, for, “Christ is all, and in all,” no exceptions.

“For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Therefore, brethren, we are debtors—not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit (Christ) you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are Sons of God. For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.


The solution is to cease and desist from waiting and start trusting that what has been promised has already been given and fulfilled. Else the promise is a lie and so is the Father. Self-Governance can only be achieved from WITHIN where the Kingdom of God and your inheritance is. This is where the power and authority comes for Self-Governance… from knowing that One is the Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased, that one is a Joint-Heir WITH Christ, that one has already been given everything they need for Life and Godliness, that the Word of the Father is faithful and true, and thus He is not a liar, but our greatest advocate and cheerleader for all time and eternity. For without such knowing and Trust, how is one going to make their calling and election sure?

What exactly is a Republic? Have you ever even asked this question, or anything close to it? Did you know that a Republic indicates that a Republican form of government is how the government is organized, and from that it is recognized and commonly accepted that the people are Self-Governing in a Republic and thus are, “Free from Things Public,” (Libera Res Publica, or Republic as stated in the Latin). In such a Republic the people are IN their private capacity going about their private business. A Republican form of government supports and protects the unalienable common rights of the people, who by the way, are the people that make up that very same government. For in a True Republic it is the People who ARE the government, not the people serving in government offices. This is what is truly meant when it is said, a Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

So then, government is OF the people, and not OF the “Duly Elected” Public Servants that serve in the Public Offices as Servants of the People. These very same Public Servants have been INTRUSTED with the authority and ordination of the People by Oath to carry out the Will of the People. In no other way is this possible much less, and more importantly Lawful! Therefore, Public Servants are Agents and Servants FOR the Government and are not the Government! So then, not out of disrespect for the sacrifices that one makes to serve in a Public capacity, all Public Servants should never be referred to as “The Government” or being OF Government, or, Government anything. Wherefore, this directly implies that they still in their Private Capacity whilst serving in a Public Office and are using their Private capacity in a Public Office, which is an absolute no-no. If such a thing were done, then this clearly is an indictable offense for conflict of interest at the very least as,  “No man can serve two masters,” applies flawlessly to expose any criminal activities being kept hidden from the All Seeing Eye of the Public. Can you see from this how Public and Private things are not to be commingled? When one is in and of the PUBLIC then they are to be in and of the PUBLIC only. Their private capacity is to be completely and totally separated from their PUBLIC capacity. Again, they are the Servants and Agents FOR the People in a PUBLIC capacity ONLY, and the Private People ARE always the Government, never the agents and servants.

It is most unfortunate that this knowledge and under standing has become greatly confused in these modern times. The distinction between these two capacities is immeasurably important. I hope that IF you do not see and under stand this very important fact-of-life, which is the way things are intended to work properly, that you will come to see and under stand this very important fact-of-life, its intent, and its purpose, and how it relates to government of the people, by the people and for the people.

For, “To Govern,” means CONTROL, and “Ment,” means MIND. In other words, to govern oneself is to, Control [your] mind and not have your mind controlled by others, or anything foreign to what you have naturally been created and born to do. To have your mind be or become subject to the will and control of any other who is intended to be your equal directly violates, “We hold these truths to be SELF-EVIDENT that all men are created equal.” Equals are never intended to rule over equals, else how are they equals, for this very literally violates your unalienable right to, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” Furthermore, and just as important, neither are you to have your mind be controlled by the desires of your own body made of flesh. This is the untaught meaning for, “Subdue the Earth and all that is in it,” which is referring to your body made of flesh and all of your thoughts and desires, which is the sum of who you truly are. In other words, “Subdue your Body by taking every thought into capacity unto the obedience of Christ as a Joint Heir with Christ the Heir of ALL things, for God makes the Heir, not man.” In other words, control your thoughts and you will be GOVERNING your mind in honor of the mandate to be SELF-GOVERNING. This is only possible when you do not allow your thoughts to control, manipulate and drive your mind and desires by the passions and powers of the flesh and its five husbands, your five senses. For if one cannot, or is unwilling to self-govern, then this is when one is in need of outside governance and administration just as Teddy Roosevelt said and warned the people.

For if one is going to truly ascend into all of the duties, obligations and responsibilities of Self-Governing, then how can this be accomplished without one being in control of their own mind? I cannot count the number of times when I have heard people speaking of government in a disparaging manner, inferring that government is an evil group of people who are seeking to control them, their property, and their mind. How cowardly an accusation is this? Let me explain just how cowardly this is in light of it is much easier to blame others, or something else, rather than take ownership of the folly, mistakes and gross errors that one has made.

What about your-own God-given responsibility to control your own mind? Do you think that does not exist? Well, have you ever considered these so-called out-of-control Public Servants are in places of power as a result of our lack of control of our own minds with the gifts that we have already been given and have received? What gifts?! So, you claim you have not received any such gifts, and that they are a figment of one’s imagination… okay, then fine. Be a perpetual slave then, but cease and desist from complaining about your choice, because that is the decision you have made by the denial of the gifts you have already received. For if you wish to deny and be in denial of, “You have already been given everything you need for Life and Godliness,” then who can possibly show and/or convince you that you do have these things by virtue of the mere fact of you being Born? There are certain gifts that were indeed gifted to you the day you were born, and they are all WITHIN you. So then, it is up to you to discover them, as only you can discover them and no one else can show them to you, much less reveal them to you if you refuse to do your own investigation in to the matter for the sake of your-own benefit and peace.

Is it not the lack of recognizing our duties and responsibilities for Self-Governance that are indeed upon our shoulders as Joint Heirs WITH Christ the very key to all things that appear to be wrong in the world? The government is upon the shoulders of Christ is it not? “Christ is all and in all,” is He not? All things have been made are made by Christ and are for Christ, are they not? Then if you say that you are a Joint Heir with Christ, how is the government not also upon your shoulders as well? Did you ever consider this from that perspective at all before?

Is it possible and most likely that the purpose of the so-called out-of-control Public Servants is to teach the hard facts-of-life pertaining to what it means to fail at self-governance? Since it is true that the power for one to govern themselves is WITHIN, and Christ in you is your only hope of manifesting that glory, then who is responsible? Who is at fault? Who is negligent? Who is making the mistake of looking for a source and/or people to blame outside of them, when they should be looking directly into the eyes of their reflection in the mirror saying, “YOU! YOU HAVE DONE THIS TO ME AND NO ONE ELSE!” Do you have the guts to really fess up to that level of responsibility, or are you going to choose to avoid it and bury your head in the latest and greatest distraction to keep from thinking and considering the indictment that I have just expressed herein?

Yet, even to-day I encountered people refusing to recognize, acknowledge and accept this very plain fact-of-life. How has the one doing such a deed not just testified to their very own condemnation when speaking of government so disparagingly? Have you ever considered that government officials can only be doing what you are failing to do for yourself, because you have allowed for a void to exist by your-own lack of Self-Governance? I should not have to quote the awesome example for this very thing spoken of in the 21st paragraph of former President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt’s, Jamestown Exposition speech given April 26, of 1907. You should all be well aware of this by now as I have posted this quote dozens of times. It is one of my most favorites of all time as its meaning is most precious and very revealing. Again, this paragraph sums up this exact point, precisely and without need of negotiation. Nevertheless, I have digressed far enough into this ginormous connecting point.

A pure Republic allows and perpetuates the people’s God-given unalienable rights and power of choice with full disclosure of what the consequences and information is for each choice. In other words, no knowledge is withheld, or kept hidden. All knowledge and consequences are in plain sight! And, as of this posting, that reality is still a dream, unfortunately, as the people have never fully come into the knowledge and under standing of what a Republic and Republican form of government is truly about. Nevertheless, the people of a Republic can and do retain their right to choose, or they can honorably waive it for what ever reason they deem to be most profitable for their own sake, and if also necessary, for the sake of others. For the gain of one in their life is also a gain to all lives that pass-through and/or enter into their sphere of influence of that one life.

Now, what about Democracy? How does self-governance fit into DEMOCRACY? Are you aware that Democracy is the next thing to “Socialism” which is another form of “Communism?” Well, this might be a shock to some of you, but such forms of government do not support Self-Governance, and they never can. That means any form of government that is not a Republican form of government can never  have all the liberties of a Republican form of government present and still remain functional, even at the most minuscule level. Unfortunately, many people in these modern times of ours confuse the two forms of government quite often, because of grave misunderstandings due to the purposeful misinformation taught and perpetuated by Public education facilities and the major News Media, but more importantly resulting from the lack of desire for the people to want to know the truth no matter what the cost is to them personally, and then to dedicate themselves to living by that truth. This is why knowledge and consequences for choices and decisions appear to be being withheld.

The ugly truth is…we have all chosen to allow ourselves to become distracted from our natural God-given duties and responsibilities to be self-governing. So then, no matter what the reason, for fickleness, or for folly, we have not taken our duties and responsibilities with all the passion and fire necessary to maintain a Republican form of government…..of Control of our-own Minds. Rather, we have all chosen to allow ourselves to be susceptible to any outside source of governance, manipulation and/or coercion, especially from the pulls and desires of the carnal mind and body of flesh.

No wonder at the close of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia on September 18, 1787, Benjamin Franklin’s reply to Mrs. Powel’s question of, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a Republic, or a Monarchy?” was, “A Republic IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!” Based upon historical fact and the current conditions that are now present with the United States, I hereby firmly conclude that Benjamin Franklin knew full well the pitfalls and challenges that the people were facing and most importantly their willful lack FOR self-governance. Therefore, it is very clear to me that Doctor Franklin’s opinion of the people overcoming the needed flaws of character and shortcomings to maintain the great American Republic was unlikely, and less than favorable to its success. Hence, this is why Doctor Franklin used the key challenging words, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT,” to give notice and warning to the people in the most ominous of natures. Literally, I firmly think that Doctor Franklin was saying, “I dare you to prove me wrong.”  Well, so far, we, as a people, have not succeeded at that now, have we? Who here can honestly speak that such insight was in error, or grossly negligent of understanding the condition and character of the people? But, do not get me wrong about Benjamin Franklin. He did not say this to bate and provoke us to anger, but to inspire and encourage us to meet the challenge head on by facing who and what we truly are! He knew then as some know now, this is the only way that true liberty can ever be experienced in this physical form. Therefore, Benjamin Franklin would not be more pleased than the people proving him wrong by their acts and deeds in support of maintaining and perpetuating the greatest of all Republics ever known to Mankind.

Did you know that, “Democracy,” means “Priest rule,” or, “Ruled by the Priest?” Priest? Huh? What Priests? Since when are politicians, judges and bureaucrats priest? Perhaps a better question is, “Who could these Priests possibly be in this modern present moment?” The class of priest that is being referred to here should be well-known to many of you by now. However, due to the plethora of distractions all around us each and everyday, it is very possible that you may not know, even though I have made an issue of this very point in past writings. Let me put it to you this way, “Woe, to you lawyers, For you have taken away the key to knowledge.” (How many of you have ever questioned what this key to knowledge is, much less sought after it to find and discover it for yourselves?) “You did not enter in yourselves, and those who were entering in you hindered.” In other words, the people who have discovered who and what your kind of priesthood actually is, and its devilish purpose, you go after them directly…lying and manufacturing fabrications in order to maintain your lies and deceits for fear of being exposed.

Yes, folks, in to-days modern world these very priests bare the title of, ESQUIREas members of the Court of Saint James of the Middle Temple BAR of the Knights Templar. This is part of the reason why the original 13th amendment of the Constitution FOR the united States of America outlawed any one who held a title of nobility from being able to serve the people in a Public Office. Esquire is indeed a title of nobility. They were fully aware that these pious-pukers were of a priesthood that is foreign to the Law and Commandments of the Most High God, which are fully supported by the Law of the Air, as well as the Law of the Land; not by the Law of the Sea. In other words, to-day’s ATTORNEY’S, with the exception of Title-42 Lawyers, are exactly the same as the Pharisee’s of old. After all, “There is nothing new under the sun,” is there? Only the names, terms and words have been changed in order to repackage and deploy the exact same tactics to different generations that have not remembered, or been taught their history. That is part of the diabolical plan of confusion and misdirection that is at the heart of those that wish to, “Kill the Heir,” (Joint Heirs with Christ) so that the inheritance may become THEIRS. If you get my underlying point with this connection, then you must also see that this is at the heart of the Spiritual Warfare that has been taking place on this planet ever since mankind found himself domiciled and inhabited on this Earth.

But, you still think that Democracy is not a bad thing, eh? Well, consider that Noah Webster said Democracy is, “Often the most tyrannical government on earth.” With the recent history of the United States, how can anyone deny this and remain with honor much less look at themselves in the mirror? The Legislative Democracy of the United States has become totally and entirely imperialistic. Who among us cannot see this to be true? More importantly, how is it that anyone cannot see this? Furthermore, it is very clear that the Forefathers of the great American Republic cherished liberty,N-O-T Democracy! Despite any such beliefs to the contrary, there is no liberty under a Democracy. Karl Marx even said, “Democracy is the road to socialism.” YIKES! So then, from Democracy that masquerades AS Government things can only go in one direction, or do you still say otherwise? For all of the facts support irrevocably it is all downhill from a Democracy just as we have witnessed with this nation since the War of Aggression by the North (That’s Civil War for those of you in LARGO, FL). Moreover, Plato even postulated, “Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy.” This very quote in consideration of the power of the Executive Order that the Command-in-Chief of the Military [Dictatorship] wields should enable you to connect the dots without a problem. I should not have to ask the question what is the difference between the two of these and how they are connected, because there is no difference. The only question remaining to be answered is, do you see this, or not?

So then, Democracy is made to look like a Republican form of Government, but it is actually a “Mob Rule” form of government giving the impression of representation and rule by it’s citizens. This is why you get to cast a vote that does not count, resulting in the fact that you never actually do lawfully “Elect” a Public Servant anymore. Mark my words, this is one of the most deceptive means of hidden rule that ought to be plainly known and common knowledge by now, because all of the history that one can self-educate themselves with reveals these facts to everyone so they can clearly see and know the difference. In this regard, there is no one without excuse for not knowing and under standing the difference between these two forms of government. (Yes, even those of the District, LARGO, FL oh for pathetic-pizza sake, Sigh.)

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Many people are very upset about the current political, economic and social conditions of the Union of the Several States. That’s the American Republic for those of you “Residents” and “Federal Employee’s” IN LARGO, FL. Well, do not read any further, because you are not going to like what I have to say about this. Instead, go back to your video games, your McDonald’s, and your TV remote for your favorite sporting distractions. Let those who are willing to undertake ALL of the duties, responsibilities and obligations for maintaining the Law of the Land do what they do best…..sacrifice….even for your sake.

Here’s the big ugly concerning WHY both political parties were able to mess with the great American Republic, and you are not going to like it. For….we the people fell asleep at the wheel. We the people are supposed to drive this Republic in the direction that we want it to go. We do this by taking our own personal sovereignty, which comprises all of our God-given unalienable rights and liberties along with all the knowledge, history and law to support any claim that needs to be made in honor of the Law of the Land.

But, in these modern times of to-day, the people are bereft of this knowledge as well as the desire to obtain and maintain it. In regard to this claim, can you answer and explain correctly what the difference is between “Unalienable Rights” verses “Civil Rights” and how these to two are similar and/or different, along with their origin? As an American National and State Citizen of one of the 50 individual Republics of the Union of Several States, are you aware that it is your duty and responsibility to know this? Furthermore, can you answer and explain how citizenship fits into ALL of this? This will be quite the challenge for the majority of you as many have no idea HOW citizenship is one of the main fulcrum points that has allowed for the current situation that the people of this great American Republic are facing. This explains very well HOW the main two political parties have been able to do what they have been doing since the late 1800’s. Again, “We the People,” have fallen asleep at the wheel and have allowed our servant to become the Master. Shame on us for allowing this debacle.

So then, if you want someone to blame, then look in the mirror. That is the one you need to blame, and that includes all of us. No one is an exception to this for we have ALL contributed to the current political, economic and social conditions. What you do not want to hear is the fact that Government is a reflection of the people! Yes it is! Where else do the officials that occupy the public offices come from? Agree with this or not, like this or not, THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE we all have to deal with!

The fact is, “When good men do nothing evil flourishes.” How else does it perpetuate itself other than for good men who honor truth and justice to sit by the side and do nothing? In order to redeem ourselves, we must reverse the cause, which core is our prolific ignorance of the duties, obligations, and responsibilities to manage and administrate our own Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Former Command-in-Chief and CEO of the private corporation United States (SEE: Organic Act of 1871, Buck Act of 1940, and Title 28, §3002 (15) (A) for the definition of United States) President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said it best in the 21st paragraph of his Jamestown Exposition speech, April 26, 1907….

“As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If for lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. THEY CAN PREVENT THE NEED OF GOVERNMENT FROM WITHOUT ONLY BY SHOWING THAT THEY POSSESS THE POWER OF GOVERNMENT FROM WITHIN. A sovereign can not make excus