“See things as they are; NOT as they appear to be”

Posted: Saturday, July 24, 2010 in Humor and Interesting Quotes

Around the year, 1992 was the beginning of the current trek of my present day journey.  I began to form and ask questions about life, identity, and other such important issues.  By the end of 1998, I began to see that there are actually two worlds present.  One of the reality we were all destined to from before the foundation of world was laid, and the other consisting of total and complete fiction; “a prison for your mind.”  However, at that time, I was not using that kind of verbiage.  I knew of the appearance, but there was no practical application of the difference in my life.  So I learned how to express this dichotomy with the phrase, “See things as they are; NOT as they appear to be,” which then helped me to describe the observations of my journey at that time.

In short, “See things as they are; NOT as they appear to be,” serves as a notice for me to always remain diligent in all things, and depend upon no so-called external power or authority for the truth.  So then, this is why encourage and edify others to, follow their heart… listen to their heart… and ask questions of their own heart, so that the answers needed be revealed unto them.


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