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You were born into this world to learn how to be the ruler of it.  You do not have to earn the position or title, but you do have to show that you are ready to handle the responsibility of it.  There is a difference, because your destiny was determined before the foundation of this world was laid, and you agreed to it, which is why you are here in the first place.  Otherwise, you would not be.

So then, to help you figure this out, a SYSTEM was developed to help you see the difference between two diametrically opposite extremes.  These extremes are often refereed to as, “Good and Evil.”  Through all the ups and downs of life, we each learn and are molded by our experiences with events and circumstances that help us to form our thoughts, opinions, and ideas about life and who we are, or, who we think we are.

All of these situations are designed to do is to help you remember who you are and then to help you decide to BE who you are, because you have already been given everything that you need to BE who you have already agreed to be.  It simply comes down to recognizing that truth and then learning how to access it.  But one must first know who they are before they can effectively claim and take their rightful place as a ruler of this dominion.

The financial system is the basis of how all the testing is done.  Unfortunately, the vast overwhelming populous of the world is absolutely clueless about how it works, and more importantly, what it reveals about them, this world, and how to live in it peacefully.  When you learn how THE SYSTEM works, you will be, “Master of this worlds system, and no longer mastered by this worlds system.” That is IF you choose to learn anything about it in the first place.

Contrary to the popular belief that, “Ignorance is bliss,” I say unto you that, “Ignorance is blinding.”  You can never be who you have already agreed to be before the foundation of this world was laid, in the blindness of ignorance thinking or believing that it is bliss.  Once one reaches the conclusion of such childishness, you will embark upon a fulfilling life of enjoyment without all the panic, fear, and worry that comes from not being in control.  You the uncommonly known truth is, “You actually are in control,” but you have only believed differently, and when you realize that you do have control over everything that has taken place in the life that you are living, everything that takes place in your life and the sphere of your influence will dramatically change for the positive!

Most people believe that they do not have any control over anything,  and this is perhaps one of the reasons why so many negative things happen to them.  When you stop believing that you have little to no control of things that take place in your life, and you actually determine to change your mind and challenge that very notion, you will find out just how much control you really do have, and have always had! This truth scares the hell out of a lot of people, because they want to enjoy their ignorance, however, they have not truly begun to really live life, much less enjoy it, because while they abide in their ignorance, and just because of this they cannot enjoy it, even though they may fool themselves into believing that they do, which is one of the tests of THE SYSTEM.  How not to fool ones self with their imaginary folly.

Everything in this world functions through the financial system.  EVERYTHING!  Learn about it.  Master it and do not continue to be mastered by it!  When you can accomplish this, you will be recognized as being a Ruler in this Dominion.  Until then, you are a slave under Governors and Tutors in need of guidance and care, because you have not taken upon yourself the belief that you can do these things and more of your own volition.

My writings in this blog are all based upon this and how to achieve this.  You may not exactly do it the way that I have, and you do not have to, but if you chose to walk a similar walk, then you will be as free as I AM, and recognized by THE SYSTEM to be an Heir of the Trust given unto all before the foundation of this world was laid, which is evidenced on your CERTIFICATE OF LIVE BIRTH, both from the County of your Nativity, as well as the State of your Nativity, but the RED BONDING number on one or both certified copies.  Furthermore, this is also reflected at the national level by the  either the red or blue numbers on the back of the Social Security Card.

You do not believe this?  Well then, here is your first challenge/test.  Go to your bank and take the Social Security Card with you, along with Certified copies of your Certificates of Live Birth, and ask them what that number means.  Go ahead!  Do it!  I dare you!  And if they do not know, or cannot tell you, then ask them who can tell you, or ask them to speak to a, “Private Banker,” about it.  Then ask that Private Banker if he knows what to do with a 144A Security.  Come on now, you do not really believe that they put that number on there for decoration only now do you?  LEARN what they are for, what they mean, and what you need to do about them.

Once you have accomplished this, you will be recognized properly and thereby have no bothers, no worries, and no concerns for any of the necessary things of living life, for they have already been provided for.  You just have to believe that  they have been, and determine that you are going to live and manifest that ruth, which will be most difficult for the vast majority of you because of all the, “brain-training-indoctrination,” that you suffer from.

Be warned, this path is only for the brave and courageous… are you?


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