We Contract Because We Do Not Trust

Posted: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 in THE GIFT OF MY EPISTLE

The article I have authored below was inspired after reading one of Victor Beck’s recent postings.  I take parts of what he wrote verbatim and springboard off that into the thoughts I have shared herein, along with the asking of many questions to encourage and stimulate the thinking process.  However, be forewarned, thinking two dimensionally, which is inside the box, about this topic may inspire a strong emotional response.  Even a negative disposition if one takes this personally.  So then, I encourage you to think outside of the box, and as I say, “See things as they are; NOT as they appear to be,” and see how contracts are everywhere and what they are doing to Us as a whole, and resolve to dissolution contracts so that Trust can once again be asserted, and through Trust… Love… because I believe that Giving, Forgiving, and Trust are the three main fulcrum points through which Love flows, and this is why Trust displacing contracts is so very important.

I have known people who lived
together for years and were happy.  Shortly after doing the legal
 wedding ceremony, the relationship fell apart.  [Likewise, I also have known of the same unfortunately.  To me, this explains why so many people are much happier when dating, or is happier as singles before the marriage contract enters into the relationship, and changes the relationship, because believe-it-or-not, it does.  It has a profound effect.  Now you know why I have never married, for I have never found a companion-friend-mate who knows and feels the same way about this issue as I do.  They have all wanted the contract!  Even now, one who is close to me wants that very thing, but does not know what it is that she is requiring.]

Why do people need or believe that they must get a contract?  Is it possible that the real reason why the relationship failed is that they entered into a contract, promising to love one another; thus, through the forming of a contractual obligation requiring love, displaced unconditional love and trust with the contractual obligation, saying in and by that action, “I do not
 trust you,” and that, “I require a contract to bind you because of this distrust?”

When a marriage contract is formed, the two submitting themselves under that contract, “promise to love, honor, and obey till death do they part,” do they not?  So then, if one parts from that contractual obligation formed through the contractual relationship, does not the love of the relationship prior to the formation of the contract go out the
 window, if it ever actually was a part of the relationship in the first place?  Does this actually mean that the love was conditional even during the dating and courting period?  Unfortunately, it would appear so.

Are not contracts made up of stipulated requirements and conditions?  Have you ever heard of the phrase, “Unconditional Love?”  Then how is it possible for love to be a stipulated contractual requirement or condition, such as under a marriage license/contract?

Do you really believe that you can contractually bind love without compromising it?  If you do believe this, are you actually saying that love without any contractual obligations, or performance requirements, is impossible?  Do you really believe that?  The day that love requires a contract for it to be what it is; is the day we are all “contractually doomed!”  Thank goodness, we shall never see that day.

Therefore, has it become very clear that in order for trust and love to be pure and remain pure, unobstructed, and unmolested, nothing must be allowed to displace and remove “The Trust” and therefore “The Love,” especially any kind of contractual requirements and/or obligations?  Do you now see how entering into contracts displaces trust and love?


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