Example Notice to IRS informing them codicil presumption IS null and void ab inito

Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2011 in Born Without Money

As you all know, I recently received a document which is the most complete treatise I have ever read exposing the fraud of the IRS.  (Puerto Rican Trust #62)  Frankly, it is the best document that I have ever read revealing the truth about the IRS.  Imagine people only having to read 40-pages to have their eyes opened.  Well, actually, the first 10 will yank their chain prim and proper, but imagine no further, because it does exist.  This is why I have reasoned that you may wish to consider composing a letter directed to the IRS since they are an essential key to how THE DISTRICT (I will no longer refer to them as the UNITED STATES incorporated or not) functions, because every IRS form that has ever been sent in by you in the past, especially the 1040-forms, is considered to be a “codicil,” (see my previous post for a definition) to any and all of our God Given Rights as the Heir.  I think it most important to rebut this presumption; and furthermore, absolutely necessary to correct this un-rebutted mistake.

In my opinion and from what I have learned over the years, and have read so far in this letter composed by Lucy, the letter would turn out to be extremely simple in its construction.  Combined with a couple of other previous thought lines, what I have brainstormed comes out like this…

Whereas, It was never my will and intent to sign any Label, identified as the private corporate Internal Revenue Service, Inc. 1040 Label Form, or any form produced thereof with same intent and purpose, and thereby unknowingly give consent to that being attached as a codicil to any of my God Given Rights as Heir, as they have also been so expressed in and through the Bill of Rights; and furthermore,

Neither was there any meeting of the minds wherein such a private corporate Internal Revenue Service, Inc. 1040 Label Form, or any form produced thereof with same intent and purpose, would be used to mean an acceptance and agreement was knowingly entered into with full disclosure, which purposed of waive my God Given Rights to Life, Liberty, and property.

Therefore, you are hereby formally noticed that it was never my will and intent to gift to you the energy of my labor in any form, and through any form signed with any wet-ink signature, for there was never clear intent of your intention expressed upon YOUR forms revealing the deceptive purpose of YOUR intention through the use of your forms, to create a codicil, thereby utilizing a presumption on the part of the user of the form, to aid and abet a so-called agreement; and furthermore,

There has never been an actual, “meeting of the minds,” for neither was that truly established in truth, wherein clearly there never was any conclusive purpose for love toward the user of the form(s) and to live, “love your neighbor as yourself,” and thereby reveal an honorable relationship was entered into in the knowledge of full disclosure, through love, for the purpose of love, to perpetuate love.

Therefore, all of your assumptions and presumptions concluded by and through any signatures and forms, I hereby declare null and void ab inito, for it was never my will and intent to enter into any relationship wherein Love is not the foundation thereof!

Therefore, make it that my will and intent, expressed herein by the seal of the thumb of my right hand in blood, is made known immediately to all of your principals, agents, and entities of all types, titles, and positions of office, that you have been so noticed, informed, and educated to never assume I AM, or will to ever be, a surety to any of YOURS/THEIRS contracts or trusts, albeit expressed or implied.
Therefore, this noticed expresses the formal end for any and all such assumed and presumed relationships ab inito.

Govern Yourselves Accordingly

I must warn you, if you have read this to do your own due diligence, for this is a spur of the moment rough draft that was inspired by the reading of the document sent out by Lucy.  Therefore, make sure that you are well studied and know thyself, before attempting to do anything I have done for myself.


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