Notice the IRS informing them of codicil presumption null and void ab inito

Posted: Sunday, January 16, 2011 in Born Without Money
Consider this and how the mask has been perpetuated in an unknowing way, and thereby consider how to correct this mistake.  This excerpt was taken from a recent communication with a former IRS agent and insider who revealed some of the best information that I have ever had the pleasure of reading concerning how they work and function. (NOTE: “The District,” is how the UNITED STATES is referred to, within Lucy’s letter.  I concur with her designation for them, as I also believe it to be a more accurate way to refer to them.  For they actually are, “The DISTRICT of COLUMBIA.”  Now, you know why some offices and officers are “DISTRICT OFFICES and OFFICERS”  I have also edited and added several of my own thoughts to make the letter more readable and self explanatory such as the definitions and the picture of the form 1040A).

According to Lucy, here is how the IRS tricks you into volunteering into the status of a U.S. individual and subject of The District which in turn makes you subject to the Jurisdiction of The District.  Examine the 1040 form pictured below.

The Label that you do not want to be labeled by

Note that mixed in with the Name and Address, where you are to affix the IRS Label that was on the envelope of IRS forms that they sent you, there is another word Label that really does not have any logical reason for being there.

That word Label has nothing whatever to do with your name and address!  That word has quite another meaning at law.  Here is the first definition for the word, “Label,” in Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition:

Law Definition of the word Label

Do you see what they have done with this?  This form becomes a codicil to the express Trust known as the Constitution for the United States of America.  The word “Codicil,” in Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition, is defined as follows:

Law Dictionary definition for the word Codicil

In the case of these documents the signature is your “seal.” The 1040 Form is the Label that attaches as a codicil, an intentional change or modification to a will, deed, contract or other writing.

What you are doing when you sign this Label is to waive those Constitutional Rights extended to us, the posterity of, “We, The People,” by our Forefathers, and in place of that, petition for certain privileges extended to subjects, persons, and U.S. individuals (meaning, “Without the Divine”) of The District.   When you sign this Label, identified as the private corporate Internal Revenue Service, Inc. 1040 Label Form, you are attaching it as a codicil to your claim of the Bill of Rights. and under penalty of perjury, are agreeing to waive your Common Law rights to Life, liberty and property.

The question is, “Do you truly want it this way and thus be known by this doing?”  (“Be ye not a hearer only but a doer.” “Even a child is known by his doing’s.”)  This essentially comes down to selling your inheritance for a bowl of soup.  Does this sound familiar and remind of you of an example of someone who was given as an example of the same ilk?

So then, when a Judge says, “The Constitution does not apply,” in his court room.  The reason why he can say this is because of the codicil that remains in play, or “in the play,” because the actor playing the part of the, “Defendant,” has not taken the time to correct the mistakes associated with that codicil.

Isn’t it about time to correct that mistake(s) and to remove that mask?


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