Do You “Understand, or do you, “Acknowledge?”

Posted: Monday, February 7, 2011 in What Do I Believe and Why

I recently read in an e-book, “…we are interested only in understanding the truth, and making that truth our own, so that there is no fear, or at last significantly less fear, in the first place.” Now, I most certainly agree with the intent, purpose, and meaning, of this sentence.  However, there is one word in this sentence that I would not make use of.  That word is, understanding.” I would replace this word, with the word, knowing,” and here is my reason for that.  By the way, according to your right of self-determination you may not think that this word need any changing, and that is well within your purview and prerogative, however, I encourage you to give yourself a chance and consider the reasons for this that I write to you herein.  You just may like what I share herein, and thereby, it just may add to you.

Around 15-years ago, I made a pledge and declaration to myself.  This pledge and declaration has had a profound impact upon my life and the direction that it has gone.  I declared that, “I want to know the truth no matter what the cost is to me personally.” What this pledge and declaration morphed into later essentially became an upgrade and the, “rest of the story,” as Paul Harvey would say.  This brought the initial pledge and declaration into much more meaningful detail.  So then, through experience, I upgraded my pledge and declaration to, “I want to know the truth no matter what the cost is to me personally, for when one knows the truth, the truth makes them free, and in that freedom, all perceived cost of getting there, is made null and void.”

See, the only reason why truth appears to be ugly at first, is because of a deception, which is usually a self-deception that we have believed ourselves into, and as a result are living.  This is where the so-called cost comes into it, because moving out of a deception and into truth appears to have a cost, but this “appearance,” is only there at the beginning of such transitions.  When the move is completed and once one is resting in the new knowledge, all perceived cost of getting there is counted as being well worth it, and therefore insignificant, thus appreciated to the point of abounding gratefulness for becoming aware of it, and thus making all cost null and void through appreciation.

Therefore, I would change the word, understanding,” to, knowing,” because truth is synonymous with Us.  Meaning, we are equal to it, and since we can, self deceive ourselves into living a lie, we therefore become the lie that we have deceived ourselves into living.  By this, we essentially become equal to the lie, the same as the lie.  It works the same way for truth; however, there is no self-deception in truth.

So then, a lie is not greater than the liar is, and the one living the lie is not lesser than the lie itself.  They are, for all intent and purposes, equals.  Likewise, the very same thing can be said of truth.  The one living in truth, or of truth, is equal to the truth that they are living and therefore cannot be separated from it.  There is what some may call a symbiotic connection making the two, one.  One is not above the other, and neither is one below the other.  For all intent and purposes, they are equals.  The truth is them and they are the truth.  There can be no separation from the one living life and either the truth thereof, or the lies thereof, that they are living their life through.

In order to have something that is under, there must be something that is over what has been placed under.  There is no equality in this, and there can be no egalitarianism as a result of this.  The one who stands under [“understands”] will always be subordinate to the one that stands over, [“overstands”].  So then, how do you feel about being subordinated to anything?  Do you understand?  It does not feel right now, does it?  That is because it is not natural and completely goes against natural law, and by reading this it has been brought to your awareness, if it already has not been.  Only a deceived mind can devise a system of laws wherein one is under another.  This is all directly connected to the bolstering of one’s ego and not facing a simple truth expressed in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be SELF EVIDENT, “that ALL Men are Created Equal.” In this Declaration there is no room for understandings because this clearly expresses that all men, at some level, or at some point in time, will become aware of all things being egalitarian, and if they do not, then the one is that they attempt to subordinate through understandings and underlings, will eventually be only them.  It is not natural to under anything or anybody, but it is natural to be equal to all Beings and to all things, for everything is of you and in you; therefore, to subordinate anything that is of you to being less than you is tantamount to insanity.

The Mayan Indians had it absolutely correct in considering knowledge to be the ONLY TRUE TREASURE… indeed, as do I.  However, again there is no mention of under,” or being under anything in the truth of all knowledge, for it is all given equally unto all, no exceptions.  So why is there any ego trip of declaring anyone an underling to anybody?  The Mayan’s knew that, “KNOWLEDGE,” is the only true treasure which is no doubt, because “knowledge is power,” and when one knows the truth, which is synonymous with knowledge they most certainly are free.

So then, do you “understand,” or do you, “acknowledge?” For to understand is to stand-under whatever it is that you have just suborned yourself unto.  Do you like being under another?  Do like being considered less than another?  I would think not.  Therefore, be extremely careful of how you make use of the word understand, and how others use the word in reference towards you, and thus become more aware of your equal quality to all things in this Universe, and in so doing, spread and egalitarian perspective unto all who come within the sphere of your influences.


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