The Connection of Subdue and Dominion

Posted: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 in Born Without Money
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Man, created in the image of God, after his likeness, was given a directive to, “Subdue the earth and all that is in it, and we can read this in Genesis 1:28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”  Did you notice that subdue comes before dominion?  Also, did you notice that there appears to be a natural order to these two things; first in the subduing, then having dominion?  Did you also notice what dominion is given over?  It is given, “… over every LIVING thing that moves upon the earth.”  This looks to me like our dominion is clearly over the living, NOT the dead.

It has been suggested in times past that the dominion given unto man over all the earth also includes THE WORLD OF BANKRUPT CORPORATIONS (1).  However, upon recently pondering this thought line once again, it prompted a question in relation to this connection.  “Should we be using the word ‘subdue’ instead of the word ‘dominion’ when it comes to dealing with the two-dimensional dead entity world of bankrupt CORPORPRATIONS?”(2) Why do I refer to it as only being of a two-dimensional world?  Because it only exists upon a piece of paper, and that which is on a piece of paper has no life, no breath, and certainly not any depth.  Therefore, it is two-dimensional and cannot override, overpower, or overtake anything in the third-dimension unless you and I give it that power and permission, for you and I abide currently within the third-dimension, which is superior to the 2nd dimension.  Are you seeing what I am saying?  Good!  Then let us continue.

There is a great temptation, and that temptation is to give the 2nd dimension power and authority over the living beings of the 3rd dimension, but this can only be accomplished with the permission of the Living of the 3rd dimensional universe through their consent whether given knowingly or unknowingly.  There in lies the main method through which one has been duped into giving their power and authority to another making one literally a party to their crime.  This is why forgiveness is another major key for all involved.  (“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”)  Remember always, that even those that are in corporate clothes, whether uniforms or not, are still men and women.  These people are our neighbors and friends, so then treat them, as you would want to be treated.  For when they are not representing the DEAD BANKRUPT CORPORATE WORLD in either an office, title, or employment of any kind they too would do the things that we are doing.

The knowledge and awareness of separation is the greatest of temptations and this false belief has been aided and abetted by corporate religions, corporate churches, and even the corporate media.  These entities are always controlled through some kind of CORPORATION, a two-dimensional entity, which can be traced to a DUNN AND BRADSTREET filing showing that they are purely corporate, or more accurately a dead entity thing.  Such things only have its existence on paper and are represented by a REGISTERED AGENT.  That’s an ATTORNEY for those of you in Rio Linda California.  All ATTORNEY’S are pledged (see footnotes 1 & 2 below which explains more about the pledge factor) firstly to their masters of the CITY OF LONDON, who are masters of 2nd dimension, the world of paper, and then to the courts, before the clients that they represent.  Is this not a conflict of interest?  Perhaps this is why you felt you were screwed over when going into one of their temples, which is called a Court.  They use the power of their paper world well, not only to hide behind, but also to hide their true intent and motivations.  However, what power you think or believe they have, really is NOT real genuine power, for their power is completely an illusion, and I will show you why.

This masterminded game is but one of the reasons why there is a, “Woe,” which is a curse, “unto you lawyers,” written of in Luke chapter 11: 37-54.  Any kind of temptation that is presented to you in this fashion, will never be presented to you though the 3rd dimension where real live conscious beings, Spirits that breathe and have blood that flows while dwelling in a physical temple not made by hands, Live by and through the power of loving one another.

So then, this is why it has become necessary to subdue the earth and all that is in it, because such claims coming from the 2nd dimension attempting to control one who is of the 3rd dimension are entirely frivolous, and do not convey any kind of love, but rather attempt to suborn unto peonage the unknowing so that the hatred of the greedy may flourish.  This makes it necessary to remove the illusion of such alleged power of the so-called 2nd dimensional world of dead entity CORPORATIONS wielded by the power hungry few who use that world for their own private benefit, at the loss of the personal liberty of the many who occupy the 3rd dimensional realm.

One of the difficulties for many to see this is because Mankind has been so well indoctrinated into believing that when a piece of paper comes before them and has a name upon it that he/she IDENTIFIES themselves by, as if the are the owner of that name.  They automatically draw a connection between them and that piece of paper, thus becoming through their own voluntary act, the surety for whatever is upon that piece of paper.  I will make this simple, what is on paper is not equal to you, nor is it greater than you.  It never has been, and it never will be.  And I do not care if that piece of paper comes with ten thousand seals and all of them gold plated.  What is on any paper is not you.  Separate yourself from ever drawing that connection.  This will serve you well.  This includes documents issued such as the Birth Certificate, Driver License, Social Security Card.  Never identify yourself with the NAME, or the Title, or whatever it is on any two-dimensional paper.  Always refer to it as an account that you have the USE of, and that you are the sole source of energy that has ever put anything into that account, so then you are the only with a valid claim to receive that energy back out.  Anybody else with a counterclaim to that should speak now or forever hold their piece.  You will find that no one will speak, or challenge your claim.  Why?  Because you just spoke the truth and all liars will remain silent because they cannot prove a superior claim.

Let me share with you a recent example.  Once upon a time, not that long go I visited the local library to make use of the many computers that they have setup for free use by the PUBLIC.  In order to make use of such a computer, one must obtain and receive a library card.  So I went to check on the procedure needed to obtain said card.  The lady at the help desk was most helpful.  (Help desk . . . helpful . . . is there a connection?  Next Jerry Springer . . . ahem!  And now back to our show.)  She explained to me all of the technical details, which I will not elaborate on here.  I consented to obtaining a Library card and the clerk asked me for some identification.  I reached into my wallet and handed her a STATE IDENTIFICATION CARD.  Literally folks, she asked, “Is this you?”  I looked at her a bit in shock, but not for the reason that one would think.  My thoughts was, “Hmm, an opportunity,” not, “Are you kidding me,” or, “What planet are you from lady?”  I smirked and reply, “No, that is not me,” and I took a brief pause because I wanted to see her facial expression and physical reaction.  Sure enough, she was in shock, lol!  I expected this, which is why I immediately said to her, “I am me standing right before you, that IDENTIFICATION CARD is merely an account that I have the exclusive use of.  The account is not me, and I am not the account, neither do I claim ownership of the account, but I do claim the energy that is put into that account, because I am its sole source of energy.”  She paused not quite sure how to respond to what I just said.  She had that classic dear in the headlight look on her face of, “Oooooookay.”  So I giggle a little and smiled at her and said, “Its like a bank account, I deposit into the account what I have created with my energy in some form of currency.  Therefore, I can claim that energy back, and no one else can.  But that account belongs to the bank.  It does not belong to me.  Just like this library card, I claim the use of it, but I do not claim the account, or the computer that I will be using, or the books that I may borrow using that card.  I am only using the computer, the books, the videos, etc.”  Now, when you have seen the classic dear in the headlights look on another’s face, have you ever noticed the look after their confusion has gone away?  She says, “Oh, I think I get what you are saying.  You’re are not this ID, because the ID is not attached to your body.”  BINGO!  If I do not make the connection, no one else can make the connection for me, because that comes under the right of self-determination, and this can in no way ever be challenged.  If I were that ID, and likewise that ID is me, then she would not have needed to direct her questions to me, but to the ID.  The funny thing about that is, she could ask questions of that ID until the earth ran out of oxygen, and she would never get an answer out of it.  I am real the ID is not.  I am three-dimensional, and the ID is two-dimensional.  The ID is just the reference card for a tool that I make use of so that the PUBLIC TRUST can remain at peace, because the PUBLIC TRUST requires the information of the account that I use, that is all it is for.  And just because we use an account, does not mean that we are the One that is surety for that account, but this is a topic for another day.  So then, always maintain your separation from the account that you use by never identifying yourself as the name and number of the account.  You are always the USER of that account, just like when log into a computer.  You are the user, not the computer.  If you don’t believe me just ask Tron. Greetings program!  Man would I love to have one of those “bits” hanging around me.  I think that would be better than an R2 unit, especially since I don’t have an X-Wing fighter to go with it. {smirk}

So always remember that what ever is presented to you on a piece of paper is always an account, NOT your Name, and it most certainly is NOT your property.  BUT, and that’s a might BIG BUT (I like big butts, you other brothers can’t deny, that when a girl walk in with . . . whoops!  Sorry!) you do have a first in time, first in line, prior and superior claim of the interest in what is in that account that supersedes all other claims, and that is all that you need to lay claim too.  So then, do they have any power or authority?  Certainly not!  This could not be further from the truth.  I repeat . . . this could not be further from the truth!

What is really happening is one is being made an offer to switch their position from the third party beneficiary of the contract their parents initiated with the state, to that of trustee through a simple offer of a new contract, which they then become the beneficiary through and now can order you to perform.  Yes, it’s the old switch-a-roo, and it still works because of the many years of programming and indoctrination that has led all into an extreme lack of knowledge in this area, and they are betting on the fact that you do not know any better.  Yes, they are actually gambling that you do not know what is really going on.  The presenters of such frivolous papers/claim are betting that you will make a conclusion based upon the assumptions you have been trained into, and that through that error they will be enabled to switch their position through the authorization upon that two-dimensional document/instrument, and you literally will authorize that if you do not straighten out their little red wagons.

When you are tempted in such a fashion, your action or inaction will either empower, or remove from them any assumption of you willing to cooperate with them by giving/gifting unto them the empowerment they need to switch the positions.   Any inaction will automatically validate their assumption.  So this is not the wisest course of action.  As a matter of fact, the best thing that one can do is to communicate exactly what your will and intent is to them expressly, but this is a topic for another time.  The wise action of expressing your will and intent to them will prevent such an assumption from ever having any power or authority, much less any valid authorization because you will not have consented, and that fact will be expressed unto them in writing creating a record.

You see, you are the true power and actual authority behind whatever is upon any two-dimensional piece of paper that is presented before you, and no one else is.  Why do you think that piece of paper was presented to you in the first place?  It needed power and authority and you are the only one that can provide it.  For if the one presenting it could have provided it of their own power and authority, then they would have no reason to present it to you now, would they?  Are you beginning to see how much power you really do have yet?  I hope so.

Now, since the keyword of this Genesis 1:28 clause is ‘subdue,’ then I think it also imperative that we obtain an accurate meaning, or at least the correct implied meaning for it.  Since we know from the aforementioned verse that ‘dominion’ clearly pertains to all things living, and then we can conclude that the word ‘subdue’ pertains to its direct opposite of DEAD THINGS.  Why, or how did I come up with this conclusion?  Have you ever noticed that the Bible is replete with dichotomous analogous parables, allegories, statements and phrases throughout its entire text?  One key presentment of this dichotomy is the following statement, “I have set before this day Life and DEATH, therefore choose Life.”  This statement is simple and straight forward, and is demonstrated again and again throughout the entire text of the Bible in many different ways.  The Bible gives many examples of the dichotomy of these two worlds, one of Life, the other of the DEAD, one of the real, the other of FICTION, one of abundance, the other of BANKRUPTCY.  So then, from this I conclude that the dichotomy holds true and that subdue is unto DEAD THINGS, as dominion applies to all living things.

As the definition for the word subdue given below reveals, clearly mankind is to exert, “Superior power, and bring into permanent subjection,” the WORLD OF THE DEAD as this meaning is clearly indicated within the definition . . .


SUBDUE: definition from Webster’s 1828 Dictionary

To conquer by force or the exertion of superior power, and bring into permanent subjection; to reduce under dominion.

Thus Cesar subdued the Gauls; Augustus subdued Egypt; the English subdued Canada.
Subduing implies conquest or vanquishing, but it implies also more permanence of subjection to the conquering power, than either of these words.


Perhaps this is another reason for the verse that reads, “Let the dead to bury the dead,” because allowing this action, and maybe even aiding it to manifest, we automatically assert and affirm our dominion given to us by the Creator when we accomplish subduing what we are to subdue.  Clearly this verse looks like it gives us a hint for the natural order of how this is accomplished.  As I said earlier, first, we subdue the dead things putting all under our, “permanent subjection,” as the definition above indicates, then when this is accomplished, this opens the door for us to rule our dominion as is intended and as we are supposed to, for this is the intent from before the foundation of the COMMERCIAL WORLD OF BANKRUPTCY was ever conceived.  But, without subduing the enemy or the appearance of an enemy, which appears in the CORPORATE FORM/UNIFORM here in the physical realm, then dominion cannot properly be TAKEN per the Creators will, intent and directive as it has been given unto Us all to do, as written in Genesis chapter one.

Yes, it is possible that my perspective of this connection from these two words is way off base for some of you.  But then again, perhaps this connection is right on the mark, and as a result some of you will be blessed and enjoy what I am sharing in this writing.  Good upon you!

So then, I conclude that what is to be subdued, is something that has no REAL power, which is exactly what the DEAD CORPORATE WORLD OF BANKRUPTCY stands upon . . . no real genuine power of its own, but “banking” upon us giving up ours so they can appear to have what they do not naturally have.  No matter how much the CORPORATE WORLD OF BANKRUPTCY attempts to make themselves appear to have real power, it is a complete fabrication and illusion much like the dog that barks and barks but has no bite.  So go bury your “Dry Bones,” DEAD ones at that in one of those Paltalk rooms right next to MAX.  He will pet you for it, LOL!  But seriously folks, does this sound like anything familiar to you at all?  I hope it does, and I hope that you can draw connections between what I am sharing and the connections you have made to the two-dimensional world in your everyday Life and what exactly it means, and has done by your will, by your power, backed up by your actions, . . . for actions speak louder than words.  It’s not what you say, but what you do.  The two do indeed need to match.

Now, that I have shared with you this much, how about a real wild thought?  Is it possible that SUBDUE, is an indicator of what the “narrow gate” is by which one enters into the abundance of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth?  Do you think I am off my rocker by drawing this connection?  Not that I really care, but that thought may have crossed your mind already.  But, if not, that is good too.  However, if my conclusion is spot on target, then perhaps this is what is being referenced in the clause of verse 2 of Galatians chapter 4 wherein it reads, “…until the time appointed of the Father.”  Yes, I am hinting at what that time may actually be, and that it is entered into when one has subdued all the influences of the CORPORATE DEAD WORLD and the beliefs and/or feeling of being separated from God are fully subdued and it no longer have any power or authority over the Life that you are living, thus overcoming the FICTIONAL 2D WORLD OF ILLUSION so that they can now experience the realization and the present moment manifestation of the abundance always present without any opposition anymore.  It’s just a thought.  Do with it, as you will.

One other thought to consider in conjunction with this, but of a slightly different venue, but nevertheless connected.   In the Lieber Code, Article 38, there is a clause that states, “Until the conquest is made complete.”  Now, go back and look at the definition for the word ‘subdue’ again.  Did you notice that subduing implies conquest?  So then, baring this in mind, could it be possible that the conquest is made complete when the CORPORATE FICTIONAL DEAD ENTITY WORLD OF BANKRUPTCY exists no more for the one who has conquered and overcome that illusionary two-dimensional world, and now walks upon the waters of the commercial of commerce, and now commands that world, and is not commanded by that world, ordering the settlement of waves and rough currents to be calm, quite, and setoff?  I will let you decide.

For it is true that the weapons of our warfare are spiritual, (unseen) and this clearly indicates that they are not of a physical nature, but this does not mean that they cannot manifest physically.  Just know that the coresource for all things always is in, by, and of the Spirit . . . always.  So then, it bodes well to see the two-dimensional world for what it truly is, and for what it has been doing, and will continue to do, because it does after all of this, still serve a good purpose.  The system is not the problem.  The ignorance of the users of the system has always been the problem.  The system actually works correctly.  So then, if you do not like the system, then take an honest look at your level of knowledge in relation to it.  I think you will find some gaps that can use some upgrades.

Likewise, it is also even more imperative in this that we truly know who we are, what we have been given, and acknowledge and accept the duties and responsibilities in relation to that great gift given without tax, and without charge.  Remember, no man can serve two masters.  So one can only serve either God, which is all of us, for Christ is all and in all, no exceptions, for we are all Sons and Heir of God in Christ, no matter what voice dissents.  Or, one can still choose self-imprisonment by serving their selfishness and ego, which is likened unto serving mammon, otherwise symbolized through money.  Therefore, I leave you with the same choice that all mankind has been presented with since the beginning of this journey, “Choose this day whom you will serve,” for when you have done it unto the least of mankind, you have done it unto God himself.  Therefore, I encourage to you to determine to chose Life, and Live the Love.




(1)    Especially those of the 501(c)(3) nature, for if one has to ASK permission to use anything before use of that thing is GRANTED, then that permission can only come from its MASTER, which one consents to when they make their request.  Therefore, the one requesting that permission is become a slave unto that master whether they know it or not.  This is not a “Kingly” thing to do, and even though some of a, “less knowledgeable mindset” for not having well studied would want to disagree, or even perhaps argue over their frivolous position, the GLARING fact still remains that they ASKED a servant, their servant for permission to use something that belongs to the servant.  Just as a slave always has to ask for permission from the master/owner first before proceeding to do anything, so this one has become the slave by asking permission of his own servant.


(2)    The 501(c)(3) religious corporation(s) is a part of that bankrupt corporate world, and no matter what excuses or reasons one gives for making use of one, they know not what they are doing if they do.  For this cause I declare that ignorance is not bliss, but blindly leads that unknowing one into the land of Goshen.  For to obtain and have use of such a needless thing is evidence of an unstable man being double minded in all his ways because it is a fact that, “No man can serve two masters.”  If one willingly chooses to bow their knee to another either knowingly or unknowingly, the one doing such an action IS submitting to that other as an authority over them.  Again, this may be done by ignorance, but that does not change the fact of what has been done by action!  By that action they have chosen their master and god.  Again, whether they know it, or not!  So then, having asked permission to use something that is of the WORLD OF THE DEAD, and not leaving the devices of the dead world alone, that action connects one directly to that world by and through the pledging their allegiance unto it securing the use of what they have requested to use.  This pledge is made manifest through one very simple action, which many are clueless about, and it is validated by the action of one signing any one of their documents, “Under Penalties of Perjury.”  Unbeknownst to many, this clause is actually from the ancient system of pledging, and when used in its updated form it still has the same affect, and thereby pledges the one pledging to obey all of that world’s laws, rule, regulations, statute and codes without question, thus their master, and since they cannot serve two masters, then they have chosen.  Albeit unwisely, but nevertheless, they have chosen.  They then have affectively pledged themselves to that dead world by their actions, for actions speak louder than words.  Do I need to repeat this, . . . “Actions speak LOUDER than words!”  Thankfully, one can correct this error at anytime, but how to do that by action, is a topic for another day.


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