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Mary, words cannot adequately express how pleasurable it is to read your blog posted August 12, 2013, titled, “Why We Can’t Win.”  This is a most EXCELLENT writing and this topic has needed to be addressed of for quite sometime.  I feel very strongly that it is exactly on target, because recently I have experienced two people that have crossed the path of my life, perpetuating and dwelling in this kind of blatant contradiction.  They each made me aware of their conscious awareness of what they were doing.  However, they excused, or attempted to excuse themselves with frivolous excuses, such as, “I don’t have a man to take care of me.”  Literally, that is what one of them said directly to me.  This is both very sad, and laughable as the damage that is being done is being purposefully avoided by such excuses.  It is sad for more obvious reasons, but it is laughable because Shakespeare wrote, “Sometimes, you just have to laugh at the absurd,” and such actions in the light of true knowledge, are just completely absurd.

A few years ago I reasoned within myself the moral and immoral implications of those that were charging their neighbor for information/knowledge.  Because of a recent experience that I had in Dallas, Texas affirmed the conclusions that I had reached.  It had also challenged me with a temptation, resulting in a most sobering experience, which allowed me to face the conundrum of, “The Way,” which is of “Give,” verses PROFIT, which is of theft and coercing others into voluntary slavery to make that profit so that they can pay.  The devils temptation offers a lot of profit to entice, but the affect and outcome was a most precious lesson to me as I became intimately aware of what I feel is one of the main problems that we are all faced with in some way, shape or form, and that is to charge for the output of the energy of our Life, rather than honoring the Gift and freely giving with that gift.  Mary, in your blog titled, “Why We Can’t Win,” you have written of that difficulty and explained it most eloquently.  I applaud your posting!  Heck, I give it a standing ovation!

It is my hope that this writing is received in concert with that message and resonates with it harmoniously by expanding on the meaning of that message, which I wholeheartedly agree with.  That message I feel is expressed with one very simple maxim, “Freely you have received, freely give.  The violation of this maxim is the foundational fulcrum point that set the commercial world of bankruptcy into motion, empowering it with all the authority it needed to fleece brother, sister, and neighbors, thus encouraging others to do likewise.  It is a most mischievous way of living life, and it results in a world of death, decay and destruction, for it can produce no other results.  This is not the world that our Divine Creator and Father loves and sent “Us” into.  Therefore, to violate, “Freely you have received, freely give,” by charging a tax, or requiring a donation, fee, or whatever toll, dishonors the gift given and received, no matter what the excuse is that attempts to justify such an unconscionable act and deed, which is indicative of being of the world of the dead.

I am of the pro-position, that since it is true, that before the foundation of the commercial world of commerce operating in bankruptcy was laid, all debt(s), which is the same as sin, for there is no difference, was paid for in full by the blood of the unblemished lamb, Yehoshuah H’Mashiach.  Furthermore, the instruction, encouragement, or perhaps admonishment as is needed in some cases, is to do deeds and actions that ratify ones acceptance of that “payment-in-full” likewise the receiving of the Gift of Life, by giving with that gift and not charging to turn a profit at someone else’s loss, as they would have to become a slave to receive the MONEY/TRIBUTE that is demanded of them to receive the knowledge/information that has been put up for sale no differently than if you had set up a table in the Temple that was turned over by Yehoshuah/JESUS himself.  In short, one doing such a thing insults the Giver of the Gift, and anyone doing such, may consider this writing as notice of me turning over your table in exactly the same fashion.  Simply put, this deed and action violates that gift thereby bestowing upon the one making or demanding payment/tribute in some form, no matter what the form is, as having no distinction from a tax-collector worshiping at the alter of, “Abomination of Desolation.”

Again, and I realize this is a repeat . . . anything else other than giving, gifting and/or granting with the Gift of Life, which was given for the purpose of giving, dishonors that Gift of Life, and thus demonstrates ungratefulness, evidenced by a willful attitude to do deeds and actions of blatant rebelliousness violating the Gift of Life already received.  Does this sound strong?  I hope so, for it is meant too be strong and bold, but mark my words, it is also NOT meant to condemn, but rather to reveal and express by way of a verbal, “Kick in the pants” for those, “Who have eyes to see, and ears to hear,” to prompt and encourage them unto giving with that gift, and by that fulfill, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and put the knowledge that we all have obtained through our combined years of study, to connect the dots, and wisely discern the steps needed for each one to take to fulfill our Divine Creators desire for us to, “Come out of her my people, and partake no more of her SIN/DEBT.”  The accomplishment of such a most worthy and righteous goal can only result in the manifestation of the abundance of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is within ALL without exception, on this Earth . . . right here, right now, this moment.

For this cause and lack of gratefulness, why shouldn’t there exist a world of bankruptcy to control and govern those who still have yet to acknowledge the full responsibility of self-governance?  Why shouldn’t there be a prison planet operating because it is empowered by the actions of those who insist that a foreign GOD that is known by the name, “MONEY,” is needed?  Has not the revelation of the two different worlds already been revealed in and through the maxim, “No man can serve two masters?”  Doesn’t this maxim mean that no man can serve both the Divine Creator and Father’s Will and the selfishness of one’s own ego/will to obtain MONEY by and through charging and taxing, using the Gift of Life already received to do such unconscionable actions, whether or not those actions are influenced by external forces, or not.  Do those who have such a mindset, even if deceived by their own carnal mind/ego, or perhaps influenced by external forces, truly not yet comprehend the magnitude of such actions, even though their own eyes witness the results of such deeds and action on a daily basis?  How is it possible for such deeds and actions to fulfill, “Love one another as I have loved you,” and, “Love your neighbor as yourself?”  Aren’t such deeds and actions blatantly willful and negligently contradictory to directly spite that love?  How heartless have the Sons and Heirs of the Divine Creator and Father become that they cannot see that it is by their own deeds and actions that the corporate military industrial complex of bankruptcy exists and is empowered because mankind has willingly chosen to reject to give freely with the gift that he has received freely?

Is it any wonder why mankind was ejected from the garden with a blatant lie and a deception both playing major parts?  Is it any different today?  Perhaps the iniquity/inequity that was found in Lucifer has also rooted itself into the hearts and minds of men through the ego/carnal mind.  This is a scary thought, yes?  Perhaps this is why in one moment Yehoshuah/JESUS was blessing Simon-Peter son of Jonah, and in the next moment, he is admonishing him saying, “Get thee behind me Satan.”  Now, why such a polarizing disposition?  Is it because he had allowed his carnal mind/ego to have control of him and attempt a temptation through manipulation, rather than allow for the, “Right of Self Determination,” of the one having that responsibility?  Is this an example of the duality of man that we have all been plagued and tested with?  If one honestly looks at the condition of the world today, how can one say that this is not true and not be seeing through a glass darkly?

You have heard it said, “To him that knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.”  Wow!  Is it possible that withholding true knowledge is in fact an unconscionable action that is indirectly perpetuating ignorance?  Who died and gave any of Us the exclusive right to any knowledge and thereby the power to hold and/or withhold it as if you were the single-source of that knowledge?  Do you claim a copyright on any knowledge as is the traditions of men in the foreign world of bankruptcy?  Where is the good in such actions, and how does it not cause harm, damage, or loss for both the withholder as well as the one it is being withheld from, in the way of future ramifications?  Furthermore, how do such actions not ratify Caesar as your GOD and FATHER, and thus reveal one has chosen the ways of bankruptcy and the world of the dead, as opposed to, “The Way, the truth, and the Life,” and all the abundance and blessing that likewise go with such?  I know that this is a loaded thought to ponder, yes?

So then, how does keeping knowledge to ones self, not cut oneself off from more knowledge being revealed unto them?  How does withholding knowledge, or charging for knowledge, which the Mayans called, “The only true treasure,” reveal where ones faith truly is invested?  How is not having any compassion on ones neighbor/brother thereby reveal knowledge that is already established and given unto all freely, going to aid the one withholding it?  How does this show that they are indeed ready to receive more knowledge?  I know, this is another loaded thought to ponder.  But, loaded or not, does it expose and reveal a truth that far to many are hiding from when they choose to keep things secret?  Are they so blind and not aware that all things secret will be revealed?  Do you want to be known as a revealer and therefore giver, or do you want to be known as a hoarder and therefore selfish?

Which side of the street are you going to pass on?  The side of the street where the injured man lays on the ground needing your help, or the opposite side of the street never looking in the direction of the man that has fallen injured and needs your help?  If one is unwilling to help another, how is it that they have helped themselves?  If one cannot help himself, then how can they help another?  Perhaps the solution is as simple as “compassion,” which is love in action, which makes no judgment, and usurps no authority or another, but gives without any thought of receiving anything in return.  Where is this world?  It is talked about an awful lot, but where is it, and why hasn’t it been manifested in the present moments of life for all living souls to experience and perpetuate all across this planet, reaching to all the ends of it?

Why do you think it is written, “It is more blessed to give, than it is to receive?”  Do you think this has anything to do with, “Freely you have received, freely give?”  Do you think that this has anything to do with knowing to do good, and actually doing it?  Is it because it honors the gift given and received by the greatest giver of all?  It is because it honors that gift by the actions, deeds and faith that is demonstrated by the doing of such things?  Is it because by giving freely with a gift that was freely received, it is the best way that anyone can evidence a pure heart of gratitude and thankfulness?  Well, some would articulate the excuse to counter, “How do I pay my bills smarty-pants?”  My straightforward answer to this challenge is to quote, “Come out of here my people and stop partaking of her sin,” for there is no other way; no other solution.

It is with sound consensus that each has had set before them Life and DEATH, and the encouragement is to of course, choose Life.  However, in honor of freewill, despite the objection of so many who think that it is not real, and yet demonstrating that power by articulating that objection (chuckle), that right of self-determination is in place with all of its consequences and responsibilities no matter what excuses are offered.  If one is participating in a world of bankruptcy, believing that they must have money to survive, then how is it that they have chosen Life?  To drive this point home, perhaps this happened the day you where born . . . the Divine Creator and Father of your Life sent you a bill to pay for the Life that you had freely received, correct?  I bet you would argue that would nullify it being a gift, correct?  So then, how do you think that Almighty Divine Creator and Giver feels about what you have done with that awesome gift by not using for its intended purpose described so well by, “Freely you have received, freely give?”  Do you think it is possible that the judgment will be the same as the judgment for the unjust steward that buried the talent that he was given?  Perhaps this is something to ponder during some quite time too.

Do you want to be the one playing the role of the prodigal son?  If so, then the only way to accomplish that is to, “Come out of her my people, and stop partaking of her sin/DEBT,” which means one has to start giving with the gift given to give with, and no longer withholding knowledge, or charging for knowledge.  Start rendering aid to the one in need of help along the side of the road in concert with their abilities of helping themselves along the pathway of their journey.  That means that you do not have to do all the work for them, but you most certainly can give them guidance and point them in the right direction helping them to connect the dots, which will light the light of enlightenment and spark the fires of joy.  It is this kind of act that is in honor with the duties of an Ambassador befitting the status of Co-Heir, being about His Father’s business, according to His Will.

Withholding knowledge . . . hiding knowledge . . . charging for knowledge . . . omitting knowledge . . . these are all actions that insult the Giver of the Gift of Life, because He never demanded performance, or charged a charge, or taxed a tax for the Life that each one now lives having obtained mercy even though they still act and do deeds that prove that one is remaining in an unrighteous state of being, thereby still in need of being, “Under governors and tutors,” having not yet, “Reached the time appointed of the Father.”  How much more proof does one need than the prolific unrighteousness that can be used as prima fascia evidence for the justification of complete annihilation, but instead is stayed because of Divine intervention and hope?   Remember, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”  So consider the impact

What is it going to take for people to see that what that Crown Prosecutor said to Mary is accurate in that we are self-destructing by these careless deeds and actions?  There are those that would argue, that many people are not ready for this knowledge.  If so, then who are you to determine who is ready and who is not?  Furthermore, how do you know that they won’t do more with what you have determined should be withheld from them, than what you are doing with it right now?  Are you so intelligent that you would allow your own arrogance to blind you?  (Yoda and the Jedi counsel did and look at that result . . . D’oh!  I know, its just a movie, but is the question is, “Is the Lesson accurate?”  That is all that matters, move or not.)  How does the one making that determination plan to escape the judgment of their own words?  Moreover, how is it that the one making such a determination reveals a defiance of the glaring fact that the other is already in possession of Life and therefore all of its gifts, who dares to feel in some way that they are superior to the other, who if the situation was reversed, would no doubt move to quickly agree that all are equal, and thereby attempt to negotiate a change in the disposition of the withholder so they could benefit from the knowledge being withheld?  I know, another fifty dollar thought.

In other words, if they have Life then they are worthy, and it’s just that simple.  Who am I, or anyone else, to determine the status of their righteousness without also determining mine by the very same judgment that I have judged them with?  I hope that this thought trips a cascade of thoughts of caution, because it ought too!  For each one must do, just as I must do, “Work out your own salvation with Awe and involuntary excitement!” [Emphasis Added to aid revelation and render meaningful meaning!]  The question that naturally comes as a result of that is, “How is it that you have not just revealed your own fear, and the truth actually is, you feel that you really are not ready?”  Again, how do you plan to escape the judgment of your own words?  Is it not true that the judgment that you judge with, you shall be judged by?  Has that maxim been suspended for your benefit alone and no one else’s, because that is the only way that could take place, and I highly doubt that has happened.

It saddens me a great deal to know that I participated in such mischief, for it was never my will and intent to dishonor the gift that I have already freely received without tax/charge and without demand of any performance, for it is mankind that demands the performance first . . . before the giving of any “reward,” so to speak.  However, before we were, “Born of a woman under the law,” we were already in possession of our, “reward,” for lack of a better term.  Can you see from this how mankind does things backwards?  Therefore, the only thing that needs to be known/proved is if one is worthy of the gift already received.  The wonderful thing is that you have already been given everything you need to prove that righteousness, and that will never come by the works of any law, especially the color-of-law statutes and codes of men.  So then, you have already won, the question is do you know and recognize this fact, and can you demonstrate that knowing by the works, deeds, and actions of the Life that you are living?  I encourage you to always remember the default value is, “You are ALREADY the winner!”  The LIE is that you must earn it and that lie is perpetuated throughout all religions of this world.

Yes, I was blinded by my own ego, and have been deceived through deceptions of the plans of those that fear who I truly am . . . plotting to, “Kill the Heir and steal his inheritance.”  However, I know who I am, and I know who I am not, and I especially know who my Father is, (No, its not Vader) and I call no man Father; especially, the pious-pukers of the religious world that have corrupted that very term of endearment within the doctrinal offshoots and structures of the Roman Curia, administrated by the Holy See, which is all ultimately controlled by the Vatican and the unconscionable trusts conceived by the Papal Bulls.  This means that corruption encompasses all religions of the world, no exceptions!  So then, if you are in agreement with the self-evident truth that all men are created equal, then why put some “licensed” pious-puking bully-pulpitiering higherling up on pedestals as if they are greater?  Is it not written, “Let him who be great amongst you, be your servant?”  I could be wrong, but there appears to be a profound mismatch somewhere between those two lines of thought.

You have heard it said, “You are our own worst enemy,” but I say unto ye, is it not time that we put an end to that and turn it around to, “You are your greatest friend . . . Learn to Trust yourself?”  Until that is accomplished, until we learn to trust the Life/Spirit that IS Us, how are we going to prove that we have, “Reached the time appointed of the Father,” and have obtained to the necessary righteousness (Right Standing) that is expected of each and every, “Co-Heir with Christ,” worthy of all the things given to the Heir of all things?

If it has not yet become clear that withholding knowledge and/or charging for knowledge, and/or determining that others are not worthy of knowledge, is indicative of a disposition and operational standards for a foreign world of bankruptcy, then such a one cannot make a valid claim for living life.  All of those actions are of the world of the dead, folks.  Why do you think that world does not reveal everything it is doing into the light of day, but rather works very hard to keep such things hidden?  So then, why also engage in such folly?  How else is true knowledge going to spread if it is not spoken of as common knowledge?  Which world do you want to be known to be of, the world of Giver’s, or the world of egotistical-self-blinded-arrogant-takers?  (Say that 10-times fast)

However, even though we have all contributed to this debacle in some way, shape or form, I am encouraged to know that when one makes an error/mistake, that one can take the steps to correct that, and thereby both heal themselves, and the world that is being shared with all other living beings.

In conclusion, I feel that it is well past time to cease and desist from being the authors of our own destruction, giving Attorney’s, and/or Crown Prosecutors, and/or Politicians, and/or Bankers, and/or Captains of Industry something to laugh at and make fun of, for their perverse enjoyment.  Do you like being laughed at?  I seriously doubt that you do, and I am not talking about something that is genuinely funny and enjoyable, as if having to do with the pleasant experiences of Life, but about being laughed at because we have been playing the part of the ignorant fool, and then turning right on around and doing the exact same thing to all of our brothers and sisters.

That laughter is the laughter of the manipulators saying, “You are a fool, because we programmed you to be a fool, and you don’t care enough to reject that foolishness, and instead go about your daily lives perpetuating that folly.”  This is a royal catastrophe and embarrassment.  How do you like being made a fool of by not only your own ego/carnal mind, but also by external influences that reflect what is going on within you?  I certainly do not like it, and I think that you would not like it either and find that thought not only to be upsetting, but also sobering.  However, more importantly, that thought should motivate one unto doing whatever it takes to cease and desist from that folly.  We are the only ones that can put a stop to this folly.  Nobody outside of Us is going to do it for Us.  Do you hear that for those of you who believe in some “second coming” syndrome that has trapped you into putting the things that need to be done to-day, off into the future?  There is only this moment, and focus of a futuristic eschatology is a deception that prevents you from taking the reigns and doing the things that need be done, right now!  And that lie has been put into place to inspire you to be complacent, lethargic, and lazy about the works, deeds and actions that evidence not only knowledge but your righteousness (Right Standing) as well.  How can you stand being manipulated by such perverse disinformation perpetuated by the Vatican and its sister religions for one moment more?

The real war has always been within, even though it does manifest itself outwardly, occasionally.  No one else can defeat your own mind/carnal mind/ego except you!  (Get and watch the movie “Revolver” it gives a great example of this manifests, even if the movie is a bit on the bloody side, it is not about the blood, it is about the battle that goes on within).  That is your duty, that is your responsibility, and no one else is going to take point in that war within your members, because that war is not their fight, but it is yours, and yours alone.  Are you going to overcome that carnal mind/ego and discontinue to perpetuate a world of bankruptcy, or are you going to determine, through your power and authority, of your right of self-determination, to reject all things of the world of the dead/bankruptcy, and focus on the only goal and objective that will attest to your affirmation and gratefulness of freely receiving the greatest gift of all . . . LIFE . . . and thereby honoring that gift by the action of, “Coming out of her my people, and partake no more of her world of sin, debt, and death?” [Emphasis added] manifesting on earth, as it is in heaven, “Freely you have received, freely give?”


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