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Natural Law or Nature’s Law — Common Law from which the unlimited Right to Contract is recognized.  If you were not already aware, Common Law is International Law.  For this CONTINENT it begins with the “Law of the Land,” the American Constitution, which is based in Common Law, which is founded upon Nature’s Law, which is how the original organic Constitution FOR the United States; NOT, the corporate charter of bankruptcy CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, was the founding document to guarantee each individual State of the Union a Republican form of Government, and to setup a National Government to enter into Treaties, Commerce and settle any disputes between the individual Republics of the Union of American States.  With the enforcement of it, NO ONE will be molested, as they have been experiencing.

 Moreover, since the first treaty ever entered into and signed by the Plenipotentiaries Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (The Treaty of Peace & Friendship 1787 between Morocco and the Republic States of America) is still in full force and effect unto to-day, that means the Republic still does stand, and the LEGISLATIVE DEMOCRACY that is running things through a Military Dictatorship cannot and would not have any standing at all without that foundation from which it was built and stands, the Republic.  In short, the occupying armies of the LEGISLATIVE DEMOCRACY, the UNITED STATES CORPORATION, is a military dictatorship that has been operating under a persistent State of Emergency, re-declared annually by Executive Order, since it was declared by Abraham Lincoln’s Executive Order Number One (1) back in 1861.

In order to effectively, “Come out of her, my people,” which means to void any citizenship status with that LEGISLATIVE DEMOCRACY, which is a dead entity corporation, then one has to clearly declare that they know who they are, and by doing so rebut all presumptions made by the corporation that favors the corporation as beneficiary in place of you being the Heir and beneficiary.  Therefore, EVERYONE who desires to Self-Govern MUST “Declare their Nationality,” as it determines their Status and sets the stage for ALL matters of Jurisdiction The admonishment here is to not allow the presumption of being a Citizen of a CORPORATION called the UNITED STATES to have standing and influence in your Life in regards to your Natural Status as a Living Soul/Spirit, which is the measure of your righteousness, which is the same as, “Right Standing.”

Indeed ye have two very powerful tools to aid in such a determination of your status and through that one will also determine their relationship to all things politics, and such actions are guaranteed by and in International Law/Treaties, through which enforcement can easily be exerted because the so-called government, which as you know is only a mere CORPORATION, is a signatory to those treaties, and as a result must comply with them or else they will breach the treaty and as a result of that be known to be willfully breaching the peace.  This is why statutes and codes appear to have no force and/or affect . . . because the authors of those so-called colorable laws are not signatories to them, required to perform under them, unless one can correct their status and reverse the reversal that they have pulled, as I will point out.

Firstly, ye have the Right of Self-Determination, which is made clear in ARTICLE I of the CHARTER OF THE UNITED NATIONS.  “The principle of self-determination is prominently embodied in Article I of the Charter of the United Nations. Earlier it was explicitly embraced by US President Woodrow Wilson (Self-determination: Origins and Meaning; Written by David Fromkin for The Wall Street Journal; [31, March 1999]), by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (The Right of Nations to Self-Determination) and others, and became the guiding principle for the reconstruction of Europe following World War I. The principle was incorporated into the 1941 Atlantic Charter and the Dumbarton Oaks proposals, which evolved into the United Nations Charter. Its inclusion in the UN Charter marks the universal recognition of the principle as fundamental to the maintenance of friendly relations and peace among states. It is recognized as a right of all peoples in the first article common to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which both entered into force in 1976.”

Article 1 Paragraph 1 of this Article provides:

“All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.”

Secondly, ye have the right to determine your nationality and to change it anytime you wish, for whatever reasons you decide the reasons are, according to the UNITED NATIONS UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS.

Article 15.

(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality.

(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.

Status is YOUR relationship to the community, but Status is not a mere relationship, it is a lawful and legal one AS it also provides for your access to the Law for which your status allows for, as well as to any “Legal Process,” that you may have need of using for your benefit.  If you do not have STATUS/RIGHT-STANDING/RIGHTEOUSNESS, then you do not have access to the Law, or to any legal process that would be for your benefit.

In order to insure that you do have access to the Law and/or any legal process, be absolutely sure you are NOT a member/citizen of a corporation, as corporations can only issue to, dictate to,  and rule over, other corporations, NOT over a natural person / an American / an American National / a Living Soul/Spirit, which is a living being recognized as a citizen of your State of Nativity, which IS A REPUBLIC.  I repeat, your State of Nativity is a Republic and expressing political allegiance to that entity and serving the people of that community, comes under your Right of Nationality under your Right of Self-Determination.  This opens the door wide open for the recognition of your Right to Self-Govern.  This means that you CANNOT be construed to be a corporation and/or ward of the STATE, because you cannot be a citizen of that CORPORATION at the same time, and especially because it violates the maxim, “No man can serve two masters,” and, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  REMEMBER, if you are a citizen of a Republic your right to self-govern is recognized and it cannot be questioned, because you answer to a higher authority than that of the world of men, profit and corporations.  If you are not, then all you have are privileges issued to you by whatever form of government is in place, and more than likely it is a private corporation masquerading as a de jure government, while actually be de facto.


  1. kingsfamily4jc says:

    Just a thought…….what is your take on one making a proclamation of exile out of one system into another? Christ mentions that His kingdom was not of this world or system, yet He was in it, but nt of it. Would it be wise for one to exile themselves from this current system and proclaim the metes/bounds of America before taking an affirmation as an American National? I’m listening to some audios someone sent me on this and it makes sense. It’s unfortunate that as a newborn, it was out of our hands not to be forced into the militaristic system we currently find ourselves in, but there are also laws in place that protect one’s right to self-determination. Sure would like to hear your take on this brother. Thanks

  2. kingsfamily4jc says:

    hey brother, can you kindly contact me through my email please? For some reason, my posts back to you don’t seem to go through. It’s thanks!

  3. kingsfamily4jc says:

    Sorry for asking……is there perhaps a website that you can suggest on how to declare one’s status? Thank you kindly

  4. kingsfamily4jc says:

    So how does one go about doing this? thanks

  5. kingsfamily4jc says:

    This is excellent information brother Onlashuk! Thank you for your time, intellect and energy. I have the following questions, if you may:

    1. Should a declaration be notarized?
    2. What about if one has moved to another independent state, would one still only use the state of nativity?
    3. Does one have a sample to share or can one share some important truths to include on the declaration to make sure it is done correctly?
    4. What would be the best way to autograph such a declaration?
    5. Is one affirming?

    Thank you kindly brother! Many blessings.

    me, a living soul, woman, and called by Virginia

  6. secondly, you are incorrect about the term “person” (stated supra, “NOT over a natural person..”)

    American Law and Procedure, Vol 13, page 137, 1910: “This word `person’ and is here not a physical or individual person, but the status or condition with which he is invested… not an individual or physical person, but the status, condition or character borne by physical persons… The law of persons is the law of status or condition.”

  7. Hey brother, this I quite interesting indeed, for I thought the republic to be dead! I do however have a question as to how this relates to the birth certificate name? Is not this name always a dead corporation?, under their rules, etc.? Thanks so much