Ye Are Perfect! The Question is, Do You Know This to be True?

Posted: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 in Born Without Money
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A friend of mine posted, “I hear a lot of people say they aren’t perfect, but why would God tell us to be something that’s impossible?  Here is a verse to confirm what he told us to be Matthew 5:48, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”

I replied with the following . . .

“For I and my Father are one,” therefore, I Am perfect, because, “When the eye is single, the body is full of Light.” And, since it is true that, “God is Light,” then the Pineal Gland being the eye that is single and being the source of the production of the light carrying hormone Melatonin, then that Light is already WITHIN your Body, which is, “The temple NOT made with hands.” Therefore, the Pineal Gland is at the center of the universe that is in your head.

How is this so?

Because what is in your head is a micro version of the macro universe. Your brain is an exact inverse of dark matter, which makes up 90% of the universe. Yes, that means it is a mini-verse of the universe. A self-contained universe in and of itself, all tucked nicely into your skull. No wonder that is where the crucifixion takes place. Golgotha, the place of the Skull. That’s the place that is between the two halves of the brain where the Pineal Gland is located. This is the location of the Holy of Holies of the Temple described in the book of Solomon. This description is a perfect metaphorical description of the brain, and it is a perfect match.  Just take a Grey’s Anatomy book and do a comparison sometime.

The Pineal Gland is the place named by Jacob in Genesis 32, where he, “Met God face to face.”  Therefore, this is where one communes with the Father when in mediation.

Furthermore, as I alluded to earlier, It is a scientific fact that the pineal gland produces melatonin.  It is also a scientific fact that melatonin is known to carry light.  Therefore, since it is true that, “God is Light,” then how can one be anything other than God since it is true that all indeed do have this Light WITHIN them?

The answer is, by only one way . . . through self-deception; and, corporate-religion is the main antagonistic perpetrator of that source of self-deception by teaching a private interpretation of the Bible in direct violation of the fact that within that very book it states that what is in there is not subject to private interpretation.  So then, those sitting in pews are brain-trained to look outside of themselves for salvation rather than being properly educated to look inside for the already present realization of, “The Kingdom of God WITHIN,” which has already been given unto all, without exception!  NEWS FLASH: there is no, “Second coming of Christ,” as taught by the literal interpretations of corporate-religion.  Sorry!  But, the second coming will only occur when you get your lazy ass into mediation and come to know why it is written that, “Christ is all and in all,” and why it is written that the, “Kingdom of God is within.”

The deception taught by the doctrines of men serves only one purpose . . . to, “Take away the key to knowledge,” to, “Hinder those who are entering.” However, ultimately each one can enter the Kingdom of God within regardless of outside influences and lies, because even though the source of deception takes place from without, the more important challenge to overcome is the self-deception from within.  And, as far as I know, the only way to overcome that is by making the ego-carnal mind silent through meditation so that one can raise their consciousness.

How is this so?

Because, overcoming that self-deception is a personal journey that no one can interfere with, or deny it from you, because it is all done internally.  For once this is accomplished the true nature of One’s identity as it was established before the foundation of the corporate world of bankruptcy will no longer be held in abeyance under governors and tutors.

For when one so-chooses, One can enter into the Holy of Holies (the Pineal Gland) that is WITHIN each living soul, and that entrance cannot be denied at anytime, because you are the one who determines if you will, or if you will not.  All One needs to do to enter into the Holy of Holies is to mediate making the left side brain become silent so that ones consciousness can rise above the chit-chat and constant chatter of the left side brain. Then they can bring into their realization the consciousness of Christ in them to its full glory, and KNOW that indeed, they are God!

  1. kensla says:

    waycertainly you do not believe that there are no spiritual practices that have not discovered some of the truths (or even more) that you have written about?

    a friend once described religions as a wagon wheel, on the extremities they are opposed, but as believers / practitioners get closer to the heart / mediation / pineal holy of holies they are more and more the same.

    through out time there have been  many great spiritual teachers and saints to help Show us the way, don’t be muddled by protestantism