Redeemed for Lawful Money

Posted: Sunday, December 22, 2013 in Born Without Money

Is Bitcoin really needed?  My answer is a complete and resounding NO.  It is NOT NEEDED!  Now, what in the world would make me say this?  The answer is short, sweet and very simply, “Lawful Money.”  This option is already in place, you just don’t know it, and more than likely, you have never read section 16 of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT, which was codified into Title 12 of the UNITED STATES CODE at §411 (12USC411), which means that you will not be aware of the fact that you have always had a choice between the TWO WORLDS that money can be used for, which is determined by the way in which you make use of the fiat currency/money, which is of course determined to be done by YOUR WILL.  For all things done by your hand is symbolism for being done by your will.  This is why the mark of the beast is in both the head and the hand, because the hand follows the will, which comes from the head and is written by the hand that you write with.  This is all symbolism, but it is also the practical manifestation of the heart in action, and that is why this is important to know, because this goes directly to a major point concerning choice, as you will soon see.

The FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE (FRN) serves a dual purpose in a world that is based and functions in a perpetual state of duality.  Whether we have known it or not, we have each always had an option to either elect another man to be our man-king, or to elect the Only Begotten Son as our King and thru that action place our trust and faith in His finished work.  Yes, believe it or not, how you use the FRN is an action that demonstrates your knowledge of these things and thus the condition of your Will, your election and who your King truly is.  How so?  Actions speak louder than words, and even if your words lay claim to being in Christ, if your actions do not match the words, then it is automatically concluded that a, “Double minded man is unstable in all his ways,” and as a result of that double mind, one cannot possibly know the connection between their words and their actions.  In short, there is always a connection, and that connection judges a man, because, “Faith without works is dead.”  Claim to put your faith in Christ, but your actions show that you elect a man to be your king and the conclusion is a double mind is present within that man.  Therefore, that man is unable to take upon themselves all the duties and responsibilities of the inheritance given to them in Christ, and it must continue to be held in abeyance until that Joint Heir in Christ reaches the time appointed of the Father (Gal 4:1-2). 

Have you ever noticed the number of times that money is used as an example in the Bible?  Have you ever noticed how many times the parables that JESUS spoke used money as an example?   There is no accident with this being a primary tool of example.  The symbolism of money is directly connected to where your heart is, and therefore where your faith is.  This is why money is the greatest of tools to determine these things, because he who is faithful in a little will also be deemed to faithful in much.  Why?  Because it works the same way with the little as it does with the much, and if you cannot make friends with unrighteous mammon, then you will never use the righteous mammon the righteously!  This is a beautiful thing because no judgment will be judged upon you.  You will be judging yourself by your own actions.  No wonder JESUS said that he judges no man.  He never had to, because everybody was and is already judging themselves by their own works, deeds and actions, because actions speak louder than words, and faith without works is dead.

However, I digress, so now, back to the duality of money and its purpose for the testing of your faith, and its connection to your words.  If you are not aware of the above reference to Section-16 of the Federal Reserve Act and 12USC411, then the use of FRN’s even out of necessity (The Law of Necessity trumps all Laws) can only be determined to be governed by the default intent and purpose that the FRN was designed and determined to be.  If lawful money is not expressed as your will and intent for the use of FRN’s then that user has elected to use them by that default intent designed into it.  This then rightfully classifies the one using them in that fashion to be a subject-citizen of a corporation (Not a country) with a status no different than a slave unwilling and/or unable to self-govern.  Therefore, that man must remain under governors and tutors having not yet reached the time appoint of the Father and returning to His Laws, Life and Love, as the example of the Prodigal Son typifies.  This action clearly speaks of where ones faith is, and it makes it known that one has indeed of their own freewill act and deed elected to be under a man-king just as Israel demanded a man-king in 1 SAM 8.  This willful action went against God and the results subjected the children of Israel (Wards of the STATE) to all of the difficulties one deserves for electing to be under a man-king instead of electing by their actions the King of Kings to be their King.  Boy!  Does this sound dreary or what?  But, there is hope!

Let’s get one very important point straight about money and its purpose.  The dichotomy of money serves as a great tool for the testing of ones faith and the revealing of the true nature of ones heart.  So then, since FRN’s can and do serve a dual purpose, then it is up the user to educate themselves on their duality and what it means to not elect to use them as lawful money.  Simply put, it means that you will pay taxes, you will perform all fiduciary duties required of you, you will not question the debt, you will not question what your master is doing, and you will not question how your master is doing what the master is doing, and when the master says jump, you will say, “How high?” And you will jump that high on command without question.  In affect, what this comes down to is a total and complete loss of your Liberty in Christ simply because you have elected to be under a man-king.  Have I made myself clear on this issue?  Does this sound depressing?  I certainly hope so!

The solution is to, “Study to shew thyself approved.”  In other words, as distasteful as the world of bankruptcy may “appear” to be, it is actually serving a very-good and godly purpose and as a result of this, it does indeed have Gods blessing and approval (See: Romans 13:1-3).  Therefore, to speak out against it is to be seditious and that is deemed unworthy of being a peacemaker, which only the Sons of God are known to be for it is written, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the Sons of God.”  A Son of God who is Joint Heir with Christ and an Ambassador for Christ will not question the operating procedures and policies of the government of a foreign nation and thus bring dishonor onto Christ.  How do you think you will be received if you are judgmental towards the government of a foreign world that uses a fiat currency, operating under the rules of bankruptcy?  I could not careless if you CLAIM to be an Ambassador for Christ from the top of Mount Ararat.  If you do this, you just committed and act of war and that is not what a peacemaker does.  Are you getting my point?  Are you seeing the connection with your birthright in Christ, your inheritance, your duties, and your responsibilities of the Title and the Office of which you have been placed into?  Do you even know the difference, lol.  That’s a bit of a topic for another time, lol.  Do you see the connections, or are you so bewitched of the futile religions of men that you cannot perceive the connection?  I certainly hope not, because, “You have already been given everything you need for Life and Godliness.”  Now, see and know this connection, too!  All that one has to do is to prove that they do indeed know this, and this proof will be in their actions, because actions speak louder than words and more importantly because, “Faith without words is dead,” and they will have the works that match their faith and their words, and this trifecta will never be questioned because it is totally in honor of, “These three are One!”  IT ALL MATCHES!  Therefore, God has seen fit to use money as a tool to tests ones faith, because where your faith is, there your heart shall be also!

So then, FRN’s can either be REDEEMED FOR LAWFUL MONEY when the demand is made, or they will by default be considered to be, “The ACT of your own freewill to borrow private credit from another man, and thus willingly subject yourself into voluntary slavery under that man-as-king.”  Now, how pleasant a thought is that?  More than likely it is disturbing, but, this is what is taking place each and everyday one uses FRN’s without making a demand for lawful money and thus electing another man to become their god.  Remember, “Actions speak louder than words,” and, “Faith without works is dead.”  Very-very few people are, “Making their calling and election sure,” by choosing to use their own line of credit given of them by birthright, guaranteed by and through the shed blood of their Redeemer Yehoshuah H’Mashiach as Join Heir with Christ by executing faith in, “For whatsoever you ask in My Name, it shall be given unto you,” and thereby clarifying their wishes to use FRN’s only in the form of Lawful Money.  Now, which would your rather do, borrow private credit against the command of scripture to, “Neither a borrower nor a lender shall ye be,” or would you just rather use the credit of your own birthright in Christ and free of the burdens and duties that men would demand of you for engaging in that action?  I would think the answer to this to be a no brain-er. 

The Law of Necessity plays into things here as the US Supreme Court has declared that FRN fulfills the dual purpose of lawful money, as well as a fiat currency from private creditors.  This means that the Supreme Court has affirmed and upheld that it is the user who with the power of choice.  Oh My, is the system really evil then?  STOP!  Do not say or think anything disparaging about the system, for it will only reflect upon your own ignorance.  Instead, consider that the system is good, but the men using it are evil and have been using it for evil purpose.  Perhaps this is why an evil government governs evil men.  Perhaps this is why an evil government is commonly referred to as a democracy, which is one letter shy of, “Demonocracy (Demo(N)ocracy).”  But, is government the real enemy, or is it actually mankind who is the true enemy by their action of rejecting God’s Laws and wanting to go their own way, and as a result of that freewill decision, they had to be evicted from the Garden of Eden.  Who then eventually demanded their own man-king, which then subjected them to the self imposed curse written of in Hosea 4:6 for rejecting the Laws of God, which ends up contributing to being destroyed by their lack of knowledge.

So then, is it really the system that is the problem, or is the arrogance and ignorance of men the true source of the problems that mankind faces?  The truth to this should be quite self-evident to use the wording style of the Fore Fathers.  Yes, I said, “Fathers.”  Not founders!  Not framers!  Fathers, who willingly pledged the masculine energy of their Life, their fortune and their sacred honor so that we all might come to our senses and accept the gift of God in Christ and actualize, “Come out of her (Meaning the dead-entity CORPORATE world of fictions) my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.  For her sins have reached to heaven, and God has remembered her iniquities.  Render to her just as she rendered to you, and repay her double according to her works; in the cup which she had mixed, mix for her double.” (Rev 18:4-6)

Now, the question is, where does the user put their faith, in men, or in their belief of the Redeeming and finished work that took away all the sin/debt/usury of the world.  Remember, “Actions speak louder than words,” and, “Faith without works is dead.”  So then, just claiming to be a Son and Joint Heir with Christ does not shew forth the evidence of faith in action; therefore, such claims of faith are indeed dead.  However, as silly as this may sound, there are those who will still foolishly disagree with this, lol.  Oh well, Forest Gump did quote his Mother saying, “Stupid is, is stupid does,” and since Benjamin Franklin said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid,” who am I to interfere with such brilliance?  If one wants to elect to use the private credit of the private FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and forsake the redemption of the blood of the Redeemer Yehoshuah, H’Mashiach transferred into the commercial world by making a demand for lawful money after they have expressed their trust only in Yehoshuah for salvation, then it is their right to reject that blessing.  Just step back so you don’t get burnt, and do not touch them until the blue flash is over, ahem, cough-cough.

Make no mistake about this, if you do not declare your intent to make use of Lawful Money, then your use of those notes automatically defaults into the world of bankruptcy, wherein the Papal Bulls claim of 1302 has standing because you have never counterclaimed this claim as well as laid claim to the three trusts of the Papal Bulls followed that hold the entire world in Trust under the title, “Vicar of Christ,” wherein it is claimed that salvation for all men is through the Roman Pontiff.  Now, I know that a lot of you will not agree with this, good!  However, for those that think that this is not true, I do not care if you think this not true, or incorrect, and I especially do not care if you think that this is not possible.  The truth about this is, you have an inheritance that was meant for you the day you were born, but that estate that these things have been placed into is being held in abeyance because you have never done a proper counterclaim to the Papal Bulls claim and laid claim to the Life Trust by redeeming the perfect of gift of the LEGAL NAME, which is PROPERTY OF THE STATE, BUT you use out of necessity.  So now, your use of it without the demand for lawful money damages the PUBLIC TRUST, which is also damaging the Body of Christ.  Check into the Papal Bulls for yourself and see how it is that the Vatican has conspired to control the entire world and actually has done so without any resistance all because men frivolously believe that they need to be under some kind of man-king.  Well, the ultimate man-king is the Roman Pontiff, and why not.  All roads do lead to Rome.

Now, if you know anything about who you are, and where your Life comes from then this knowledge ought to curl your toenails, because the claim of the Vatican’s Roman Pontiff’s is perfected as thee claim if you never make a counterclaim.  That claim is still in full force and effect to-day whether you agree or not, because the Sons of God have willingly elected BY THEIR WORKS, DEEDS AND ACTIONS to be under a man-king in place of the King of Kings.  So guess what, that is why the Roman Pontiff has a certain three tier crown, which symbolizes the three trusts that I spoke of, and their claim to the entire world under their created title of Vicar of Christ, all the while flying directly in the face of Genesis 1:26-30, as well as Romans 8:17.  If you truly know yourself to be a Joint-Heir with Christ, why would allow a poser to usurp your birthright and inheritance?  Do you think this is worthy of some of your time to look into?  I certainly hope so.

Remember, “Actions speak louder than words,” and, “Faith without works is dead.”  So then, claiming to be a Son of God and Joint Heir with Christ are the correct words, but the actions of using another mans private credit nullifies that claim because you are electing another man to your king and thus rejecting the Love of God and His laws being your laws.  Do you want to be known to be the Son and Heir of God in Christ that allowed for his inheritance to be sold for a bowl of pottage as Esau did?  Do you despise your birthright as Esau did?  I certainly hope not!  Now, you know why it is written that, “Now I say that the Heir, as long as he is a child (Ward of the STATE), does not differ at all from a SLAVE, though he is Lord of all, but is under governors and tutors until the time appointed by the Father,” which means, until his actions matches his words, and his faith is no longer deemed to be dead, and he makes the counterclaim to claim his inheritance away from the ones who plotted to, “Kill the Heir so that his inheritance may become theirs.”  Do you see the connection of how money is used to either leave you destitute in a world of lack and limitation under a man-king, or it will allow for you to experience the abundance of the Kingdom of God on earth, in this moment, here, now, as it is already established in heaven?  I certainly hope so!

  1. Eric Eb says:

    Very interesting. Hereafter, I will express, in writing, my demand. Could you please provide us reference to the US Supreme Court case mentioned here: “[T]he US Supreme Court has declared that FRN fulfills the dual purpose of lawful money, as well as a fiat currency from private creditors.”

    • Onlashuk says:

      UNITED STATES NOTES in the form of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES can be redeemed for “Lawful Money,” according to the UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT’S interpretation of the Congress’ definition in US v Rickman; 638 F.2d 182. This interpretation avers section-16 of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT of 1913 affirming the remedy stated within that section. In the exercise of that power, Congress declared that FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are indeed “Legal Tender” and therefore are indeed redeemable in “Lawful Money,” which is why the remedy in section-16 of the FEDERAL RESERVE ACT was codified at Title 12, section 411, of the UNITED STATES CODE.

      Moreover, US v Ware; 608 F.2d 400 states that UNITED STATES NOTES shall be “Lawful Money,” and a, “Legal Tender,” in payment of all debts, public and private, within the UNITED STATES, except for duties on imports and interest on the public debt. Do you see the duality in their determination?

      This should also make it a little more clear as to why, “This note is legal tender for all debts public and private,” is on the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE. For it is what I like to refer to as a, “Duality Declaration,” because it is a dual note that serves a dual purpose. One purpose public, and one purpose private. So then, it is up to the user to determine how they want it to be recognized when they make use of it. And, if the user does not declare their intention to use it as, “Lawful Money,” ergo, “PUBLIC FUNDS,” which culminates in a non-taxable event for said transaction(s), then it will automatically default to it being used as, “Legal Tender,” accessing the PRIVATE CREDIT of the PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS OF THE PRIVATE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK and thus causing a taxable event to occur, which will then require of the user certain obligations and duties accordingly. Take a wild guess at what this infers.

      Now, I hope you can see why this determination is so very-very important. Any kind of INACTION for any kind of transaction(s) will then allow for those NOTES to be fractionalized thus expanding the debt. From there, it will also be determined that one is willing to be involved in usury and the use of unbalanced scales, if you know what I mean. The conclusion made from this is that the one using those notes in that manner is to be recognized as a contributor to the national debt; and therefore, a debtor to the UNITED STATES TREASURY, rather than a Creditor to it.

      In addition, if one does allow for this to take place by remaining silent, then what Vader said, “Now your failure is complete,” indeed, is true. However, now you know that you do have a choice. And, inasmuch as Jehovah said, “I have set before you life and death… choose life,” I likewise have set before you liberty and slavery… therefore, choose liberty, but remember, liberty comes with a requirement, and that requirement is knowledge put into action wisely, because faith absent deeds is dead, if you know what I mean, because, far to many do not. And the reason for this is because they reject that faith has anything to do with the G-d-given Life they are living. So then, be careful of those that have such a testimony, for they are unaware of the deception that they dwell in. Now, the onus is upon you to put into action the knowledge that has been revealed, or not.

      Many blessing and happiness in the journey of your Life.

      In the name of Yehoshua, My Redeemer in whom I Trust,
      I AM; commonly called Onlashuk, redeemed by His Blood,

  2. Is it possible to elaborate on the proper method of counterclaiming?

  3. jfenn1124 says:

    Have you prepared a template for the counterclaim to counter the Roman Pontiff’s claim? If so, kindly direct me to it. I have an idea of how to proceed, but as iron on iron, one man sharpens another. I believe seeing your work would sharpen my own.

  4. This is excellent information. I have read of this before, but do not understand exactly how one would go about redeeming in lawful money without stirring up problems at the bank. Might you be so kind as to maybe provide a bit more guidance? Thank you