Man’s Law vs. Natural Law

Posted: Thursday, January 30, 2014 in Born Without Money

First, let me start off by saying that some of you may not like Glenn Beck.  This okay, but do not let that get in the way of an open heart and mind that seeks knowledge and truth at all times.  With that being said, the link to the first video presentation by Glenn BECK is extraordinary because of the atmosphere of the present day corporate world to hide the knowledge that he shares in this very short 7-minutes presentation.  I applaud him for taking the risk of presenting this knowledge, especially in light of the fact that Glenn used the IRS as an example.  This will no doubt be upsetting to some of the pious-pukers of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA and the CITY OF LONDON, but they will get over it, because like it or not . . . things are indeed changing and they cannot control that change even through they will try . . . they will try and fail.

Glenn BECK: Man’s Law vs Nature’s Law – The Blaze

After the three minute mark, Glenn mentions that the Indians sold land for beads and that they were laughing about it.  The very-very short video shows just why that is so true and also why selling land is a complete fraud that is entirely laughable.

The Chinese Herb (+ Iron) Kills Cancer Cells in 16 Hours

Now, with the video above, consider the following in light of the very simple and straight forward presentation by Glen BECK in relation to this Chinese Herb, anyone, man or person that attempts to tell another living soul that you cannot have, or you cannot use, or their law has outlawed that, is aiding and abetting murder.  At the very least, I see it as attempted murder.  How so?  Under Natural Law YHWH/God has given all things to all men without exception and without tax and or charge, and if a man wishes to make good use of that, then who is to stand in his way and say otherwise?

  • Therefore, if any man or, any man through a person comes to you and says that you cannot, . . . then how are they not in direction violation of natural law?
  • How do they not present themselves to do darkness and therefore reveal that they are an enemy?
  • Yes, it maybe through ignorance, but how does that change this fact?
  • Would this not be justifiable cause for attempted murder because if one is in need of just such an herb, and is prevented from obtaining said herb, under some frivolous color-of-law codes and statutes of men, then how are they not involved in the act of enslaving men and keeping them from their dominion and inheritance?
  • How is this action not one of the most subtle forms of slavery ever devised by the minds of men for the purpose of aiding in sickness and even death?

I conclude that taking such a position and standing on the ground of natural law and especially with a declared allegiance to the Giver of that Natural Law to let all men know, that you know that no man can serve two masters and that you are not going to be deceived into doing such.  Then building from that point . . . is how each one can solve any kind of issue that arises from such an unconscionable attempt.  Again, is not such an action truly based in the most subtle form of slavery ever devised by the wicked for the purpose of taking advantage of another man via the laws of men?  If it is true that knowledge is power and with great power comes great responsibility, then it is also true that it is with great knowledge comes great responsibility; therefore, the enemy of our souls has indeed conspired to hide knowledge such as this, because when known and used righteously, it does indeed liberate one from the laws of men codified in any form.  Is it not this simple . . . that what God has given through Yehoshuah in the name above all names, because if one asks for what they wish in His name, and because He is the Heir of all things, it shall be given?  Can any one produce evidence to the contrary?  Absent evidence to the contrary I say this is the foundation through which all things are accomplished.  So then, how can any man deny this through their own color-of-laws, or by whatever excuse they can concocted, and thus remain justified in doing such things devised by their own vain-imagination, whilst trying to justify those actions by giving excuses that they are helping, or this is being done for your benefit?

Therefore, from this I conclude that no man or person has the right to prevent any living soul from using that which God has blessed them with to use in a holy and righteous manner, to both bless, as well as to increase Life and the Living of it.


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