So You Think You Know What MONEY Is, Eh? Well, Think Again!

Posted: Wednesday, February 5, 2014 in Born Without Money

“When the people of the world have a common monetary language, completely freed from every form of government, it will so facilitate and stabilize exchange that peace and prosperity will ensue even without world government. A union of peoples rather than a union of political governments is what this world needs.”              ~E.C. Riegel, Monetary Theorist, The New Approach to Freedom, 1949

The WORLDS foreign system operating under the laws, rules and regulations of bankruptcy, perpetuates judicial corruption of every kind at all levels, and of every form of abominable nature, and then hides what it is doing right out in plain sight.  Therefore, when you examine more closely this foreign system of bankruptcy, you will also find that it is ALWAYS ABOUT ACCOUNTING AND SURETY.  Then when you examine further the “stuff” you are LIED TO about it how that system works, you will easily see what options you have, and what you can do about avoiding the pitfalls that have made you subject to it.  At the very least, you will have the knowledge of how to remove yourself out of the wicked ways that seek to tempt and entice you.  Again I say, and cannot emphasis enough, IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT ACCOUNTING AND SURETY.  Knowing who the real surety is and how all the debt of the world has been taken away, is a key to relief in equity, for you were born without money, but you do indeed have the power and authority to create and authorize what you have need of.  Remember this and never forget it, for it will help you to see things as they are, not as they appear to be.  If you believe that money can only come from some other source and not from you, then you are on-board the Titanic.  I strongly suggest that you abandon that ship with all due haste.

Indeed you have BOUND yourself to the ACTS, STATUTES, RULES, REGULATIONS and CODES when you use the private credit (commonly called MONEY a.k.a. a FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE or FRN) of the private central bank (FEDERAL RESERVE BANK/SYSTEM for the US/USA) of whatever corporation that masquerades as a country (DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA/UNITED STATES/CANADA/ENGLAND/AUSTRALIA etc.) that administrates the area of land you dwell upon under a military dictatorship.

NOW, give your most highest focus and attention to this, for I am only going to say this once.  On that so-called MONEY are the words, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER.” Now, what exactly does that mean and do not tell me that you have never-ever consider the meaning of this notice because if you have not, then slap, smack and deck yourself upside your head, because you are using something that you have absolutely no idea of what it is and/or its true meaning and purpose.  By saying that you have never bothered to examine what it is that you are using more closely, you are revealing that you are engaged in the act and actions of an unwise man, but do not take this personally, for it is not meant as an insult or a personal attack.  It simply is an honest opinion of the circumstance and situation that one has engaged.

Now, if you have not yet examined what money is, and you are using it anyway, isn’t that kind of dangerous?  So then, let me ask you this . . . would you look down the barrel of a loaded gun with your finger on the trigger and the safety off, or worse, with someone else’s finger on the trigger?  I pretty certain that you would scream, “ARE YOU NUTS?!”  And, I am fairly certainly that I can bet all the tea in China that you might also say, “NO WAY DUDE,” or something close to that.  Well guess what?!  Using MONEY/FRN’s/PRIVATE CREDIT in ignorance is doing exactly that . . . Dude and Dudettes.  Congratulations, you have now qualified for the FOREST GUMP AWARD not to be confused with the DARWIN AWARDS.  This is the, “Stupid Is, Is Stupid Does Award,” for those of you in Rio Linda California.  So then, because of this you deserve a good beat down.  But so what!  We have all been there and done the same thing, so really, nobody is getting treated any differently.  Yes, I have done the same thing, but I do not do that thing any more, and I encourage you to also refrain from doing such a stupid thing any more as well, capisce?  NOW, follow along closely and do not loose focus.

Let us start with defining the terms shall we.

THIS NOTE = The note the words is written on, stands for NOTICE!
IS LEGAL = CODES, ACTS, AND STATUTES with the force of law.
TENDER = tender verb; ten·dered, ten·der·ing
Definition of TENDER
transitive verb
1: to make a tender of
2: to present for acceptance : offer “tendered my resignation”
intransitive verb
: to make a bid or tender
Origin of TENDER
Middle English tendren, from Anglo-French tendre offer
First Known Use: 15th century

Therefore, the meaning of the NOTICE, “THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER,” is, “THIS NOTE IS A TENDER FOR LAW.” In other words, by using that note without redeeming it FIRST, you are accepting all of the duties and responsibilities that have been determined to be associated with its use BY DEFAULT!  You have formed an agreement via your use and have therefore given consent by your action of the use.  This means by using that NOTE, without clearly declaring how you intend to use that NOTE you are obligating yourself to OBEYING all of the RULES, CODES, ACTS, REGULATIONS AND STATUTES that govern its use, and thereby willing bind yourself to them in bondage (Bond-AGE), by and through the power and authority of your own freewill act and deed, via your consent and submitting yourself into a form of slavery (voluntary servitude), giving the architect(s) of those rules, codes, regulations, acts and statutes the Force of Law, as well as the power and authority to enforce those laws upon you, capisce?  DID YOU GET WHAT I JUST WROTE?  Read it again!  I mean, they are telling you right on the NOTE what the deal is if you chose to make use of that NOTE in its default state without expressing your intent of how you are going to use it, FIRSTLY.  So then, if you do not express that intent, from that point forward the mere use of that NOTE falls under the contractual agreement of, “THIS NOTE IS A TENDER FOR LAW,” and then becomes the evidence of the contract itself, as well as becomes the agreement that forms is foundation of the deal that you have consented too, capisce?

Furthermore, unless you redeem that NOTE you cannot change that agreement (Contract).  It is therefore a given that you have pledged yourself unto obedience by the election of the creator of that NOTE as your god.  You should find this to be a most disturbing thought if you haven’t calloused your heart yet.  Using that NOTE in its default and most hideous form, and not electing to redeem it FIRST, is an affirmation and attestation of your election, and I do not care how much you want to argue, fuss or fight over this fact.  For any Judge sitting on a bench, which is a BANK, knows exactly what you are doing and have done with the FRN’s.  It is a matter of record and the Clerk of the Court can forewarn him otherwise.  Since you are using FRN’s in their default state, that Judge knows that he can administrate you and your life whether you like it or not, because you have already agreed to him/her doing that by the default use of those FRN’s.  Now, you know why you THINK you are getting screwed in those courtrooms.  But, the upsetting truth is, you actually are not because of your consent to contract by the default use of the FRN’s.  That Judge is simply giving you the benefits of what you have ultimately submitted yourself too.  This is why it is written, “Come out of her my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues. (Rev 18:4)  You see, you are sharing in her sins and receiving of her plagues.  Do you see this?  Now, by any chance do you also see the connection to, “No man can serve two masters,” and why it is also written that a, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways?” It should be kind of blatant by now, because I have written of this very thing so many times and in so many different ways.

So then, how does one redeem that NOTE, you might ask?  Well, I have posted other posts expressing exactly how that act and deeds is done.  Remember folks, “Faith absent deeds is dead,” and that is why the absence of the deed of redeeming an FRN leads one directly into being known to have dead works and therefore relegates that one into the world of BONDAGE!  You are seen and known to not have a redeemer and that is deserving of being in bondage.

For those of you who thought your preacher, teacher, and evangelist types were actually educating you properly, HA! No one willingly involved with a 501(c)(3) has any clue of this, for they are bereft of this knowledge having forsaken the Law of God for the laws of men.  (Read Hosea 4:6 and 1SAM8).  Do you get what this means?  I mean really, do you get this, or are you just saying that you do because you think that is the correct answer to give?  Search your heart and be honest with yourself, or as Bill and Ted would say, “Be excellent to yourselves!”  This especially applies for all you 501(c)(3) worshipers of Caesar, who have begged Caesar by application for his blessing of a tax exemption status, lol!  Have you any idea of the election you have made by applying for, or more accurately begging for another man to give you a benefit from him through a dead-entity corporation, not relying on the Gift of God already given?  For it is written, “You have been given everything you need for life and godliness,” (2PET1:3) yet you still begged another man for a benefit from him through a dead-entity corporation.  How double minded is that act and deed?  What does that say about your faith?  Have you no trust in the Living?  Oh, I know that there are those that say faith is frivolous and imaginary, but they are just as laughable as the religious who have a zeal for God but not according to knowledge, for shame on the both of them.  Now, don’t argue or try to pick a fight with me about this, I am not the one willingly engaged in that kind of foolishness.  So then, to quote Gunnery Sargent Hartman in the movie FULL METAL JACKET, “What is your major malfunction num-nuts?”  LOL!  Do I have to order you down on your knees to choke yourself such as he did with PRIVATE PILE so you can also gain some real focus?  I certainly hope not.

Okay, lets just say that after all of this you are still not getting what it is I have been trying to say.  First, that’s not my fault and second, I highly recommend that you watch the following video posted on YouTube.  Moreover, if you have the tools, then rip it from YouTube so you can watch it over and over again until you finally start to get what is in that video, and then also get what I have been presenting in my posts both here on my WORD PRESS blog, “Born In Equity,” as well as my FACELESSBOOK page.  Yes, I did mean FACELESSBOOK, lol.  If you do not watch this video and you ask of me any questions, or post any idiotic statements, such as what one pious-puker did trying to pick a childish fight with me, then I will know that this reveals that you HAVE NOT watched the video, and I will also know that the answer to the question that you have asked is more than likely in the video that you have not watched.  Then I am going to spank your ass, capisce? 😀 😛 🙂

So then, go ahead and post your questions, and I will do the best that I can to answer valid questions, but do not expect an answer, or even a direct answer, because some times it is just better to answer a question with a question that points the one asking the question in the right direction to discover the answer, because when one discovers the answer of your own energy, freewill and determination (faith) they will appreciate the answer all that much more.  So then, you will be better off that way.  Believe me, or not, I really do not care, lol!  So then, do not take offense where none is intended and thus compromise yourself from seeing the answer, such is how the argumentative one did, because I do not profess to know exactly what answer, or answers that you may have need of.  Sorry, but that is not my job, thank goodness.  All of what appears to be harsh words herein are not meant with the intent of doing any harm, but rather they are with the intent of getting the attention and focus of the reader.  But, mostly it is done for my benefit, because I really write all of this stuff from myself anyhow, lol.  That’s the truth, Private Pile! LOL!

To sum everything up, as I said at the beginning it is, “ALWAYS ABOUT ACCOUNTING AND SURETY.”  THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER means that you are being offered an unconditional, “BENEFIT,” from a bankrupt corporation for becoming obedient to the ACTS, STATUES, CODES, RULES AND REGULATIONS of that bankrupt corporation controlled by another man for their benefit, thus electing that man to be your god, capisce?  If you remember and act upon this much knowledge, you will live a much better life, and I can promise you that even though I am not the one that guarantees that promise.  Now go and study.  There will be a test on this next Friday. 😀

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