What Will It Take To See Things As They Are?

Posted: Thursday, May 22, 2014 in Born Without Money

The following link is to a video posted back in August of 2013 on YouTube.  My thoughts, ideas and opinions follow, but of course.  I mean, why wouldn’t they?  After all, this is my blog, and that alone is a scary thought.

What is it going to take for people to come to the realization that there are only for-profit-private-corporations “masquerading” as ‘a’ true de jure government established by Living Souls?  ALL CRIMES ARE COMMERCIAL!  But, you knew that already, right?  Contrary to a pathetic disposition the standard populace at large has been indoctrinated with, “Ignorance of this knowledge most certainly IS NOT bliss!”  What, “ALL CRIMES ARE COMMERCIAL,” means is that there is no real Living Soul that can make a claim against you for being harmed, damaged, or injured in any fashion.  Hmm, now isn’t a traffic citation exactly that?  Don’t burst a brain cell trying to figure that one out, because if you do not know it already, then go back and watch your TV.  Since there is no real Living Soul that can make a claim against this guy in the video, this is the real reason why this so-called, “OFFICER” (PUBLIC OFFICIAL/PUBLIC SERVANT) was scared out of her panties!  She was dealing with someone who does know what their pathetic little game actually is, and instead of being apologetic and going to peace with him, as she should have done, she instead went on one heck of a carnal-ego-trip, because she was fearful that this guy would bring her pathetic acts of darkness into the light of day.  (That’s EPH 5:11 – for those of you in Rio-Linda California and also other desert places in Hawaii.)

So then, what is it going to take for people to realize the true nature of the, “World of MEN” (BABYLON/CAESAR) and that it is present and operational at this very moment?  What is it going to take for people to see that all such traditions worship idols and the created with the intent to deny worship of the Creator and the glory due him of and by His creation, as well as the creatures of said creation their true inheritance and relationship?  What is it going to take for people to realize and see that having anything to do with the governments of men, the world of Caesar, BABYLON whilst claiming to be, “OF God,” is clear evidence of a double mind that violates Revelation 18:4?

For everyone is born of a woman UNDER the law.  What law?  The laws of men!  NOTICE that again… everyone is born of a woman UNDER THE LAWS OF MEN, because you were born of a, “Woman,” or, “Woe-unto-man!”  Why the woe?  Because of mankind’s determination to reject his Creator’s way, and to go his own way.  However, being under the laws of men is for a time only and is also for the completion of a great and grand designed purpose.  As a result, everybody uses PROPERTY OF THE STATE under those laws, but you do not have to continue to use that property.

Unbeknownst to many that property and the use thereof is a declaration of where your faith truly is, for no man can serve two masters, and faith absent deeds is dead.  Show me your faith and I will show you my faith by my works!  Do you have a drivers license?  Do you have a birth certificate?  Do you have a Social Insurance Number? Do you have a marriage license?  Do you have mortgage?  Do you have anything that you had to beg for by application and/or request from men?  How did you NOT bow a knee to Caesar/Babylon in obtaining these things?  What makes you believe that you have need of such things?  The Law?  Whose Law?  Laws of Men?  Don’t be silly!  Then why bow a knee and give in to idolatry and worship of a foreign God that IS NOT the Creator that created you?  If you have such things, then how is it that you are NOT worshiping CAESAR in a BABYLONIAN temple of his design after having begged for such things through the tradition of, “Application,” as you “Apply,” yourself to their traditional worship methods of acceptability?  Now, before you blow a fuse, know that the deception that you have participated in is just that subtle, whereas you dear reader have been fooled into thinking that it is not.  Again, how silly!  Remember, no man can serve two masters.  What shall you do to come out her (BABYLON), my people, lest you share in her sins (DEBT, BANKRUPTCY, FALSE BALANCES, USURY, INTEREST, WAR, HUNGER, PAIN, PESTILENCE) and lest you receive of her plagues (ECONOMIC SLAVERY, PAYING UNLAWFUL/UNNECESSARY TAXES, BEING SUBJECT TO ANOTHER MANS WILL and not willing subject to the Will of the Creator that created you in honor and reverence as is properly due unto Him ONLY).  Indeed, what shall you do?


  1. Not sure it my post went through…….At first I actually LOVED reading your articles. They always delved into the “truth” of the matters that plague human kind today.

    Yet, after reading so many, and asking MANY questions and never receiving one, it appeared that perhaps this is just your way of complain about man’s sins and depravity. No help is ever offered in any of your articles for your fellow brothers and sisters, who are diligently and whole heartedly seeking the Creator in living a life that is pleasing to Him.

    Ranting and raving, but no solutions offered to those seeking, I believe to be very unloving on your part. You appear to be extremely knowledgeable in many subjects……………..with the exception one……….LOVE for others.

    How can this world be a better place for anyone, if those who KNOW many truths, do not offer the means by which one glean and learn from?

    Though each and every one of us are responsible for ourselves, we none the less also have a responsibility to love and care for one another. This fulfills the law of God!

    I have much love and respect for you Onlashuk………and enjoy your articles, but dude, your pretty shallow when it comes to actually helping your brothers/sisters who ask what you did to start on your journey exiting Babylon!

    What good is it, if your the ONLY one who exits out? You’ll be alone.

  2. Ted E. Bare says:

    If one were to give up using these DL, SIN and all other government ID, it appears one will not receive medical/hospital care and is basically ignored by society in general because one is not recognized. Thus for one to survive the difficulty increases substantially creating much frustration. Am I correct or wrong? Can one simply stop using such government ID and live easy without all this begging and applying or is it extremely difficult? Perhaps one can simply USE such as tools out of necessity for survival, is this another possibility, simply using and not claiming ownership to such?