Treasury or Banks – Public and Private – In Which Do You Place Your Trust?

Posted: Sunday, August 24, 2014 in Born Without Money

It has been a while since I last posted on this blog because of a few reasons that shall remain private.  However, there is a reason or two that I will share and comment on in an upcoming blog to clarify my purpose and intent for the writing this blog.  I find this exercise necessary to clear up a couple of misconceptions pertaining to what and why I choose to author these blogs and when I am done with that composition, I will be on the record for my own benefit.  In the meantime, please enjoy the following post.

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  • If one is banking with the bankers using their private script in the public, then have you not chosen who your God is by that act and deed?
  • Why do you think Yahoahuah H’Machiach turned over the tables of the money changers/bankers in the temple?
  • What do you think you are supposed to do with that example?
  • What do you think that example means?
  • What is the correlating act and deed that honors that example?
  • Could it have something to do with the Widow and her two mites?
  • Could it have something to do with using the Treasury in place of private bankers banks for your banking?
  • Could it be that God’s Way of doing things is through a Commonwealth, which makes use of a Treasury, not private banks?
  • If you are not setup with the Treasury and putting everything into the Treasury as the Widow did with her two mites, as well as ALL of her living, then by that act and deed how has one not outright rejected the Law of God and doing things His Way?

Yes, indeed, many will call Yehoshuah/Jesus, “Lord, Lord,” but will have no evidence of the Title Deed, for lack of following and doing as The Lord demonstrated and lived.  Yet, that Title Deed is so easily obtainable with a bit of knowledge, but this knowledge is not the watered down pabulum perpetuated by the Mystery Babylon religious system hellbent on deceiving the whole world.  Therefore, such knowledge does not come by the methods and teachings of any 501c3 RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION (A licensed corporation by grant and permission of Caesar).  ALL of those corporations are of the Mystery Babylon Religion, no exceptions, especially the former WCG and ALL of her “splinter-groups.”  They are just as caught-up in the religious gobbledygook of the Babylonian system as all the rest.  The command is to, “Come out of her my people and stop participating in her sin.”  So then, to not flip over the tables of the money changers/bankers and to continue to deal with the bankers in place of the Commonwealth of the Treasury is outright rebellion against the government of God and The Way so clearly exemplified by Jesus the Christ/Yehoshuah.  He flipped over the bankers tables did he not?  So then, why haven’t you?

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Did you notice how Yehoshuah praised the Widow for putting everything she had including all of her living into the Treasury?  Did you ever ponder what that means and how that can be manifested in your life?  Have you followed her example yet?  If you say that you do not know how to do this that is because you have never taken the time to, “Ask, seek and knock,” for the knowledge and wisdom to learn the practical meaning and manifestation of how the Widows example is be lived and executed by your own acts and deeds.  The Holy Spirit is ready to teach all who desires Her wisdom and all one has to do is ask in faith.  But, if you do not ask, then how can you receive?  And, if you ask amiss, then how shall your desire be fulfilled?  Is this what you want to be known for as your, “Title Deed,” to attempt to excuse yourself by saying, “I did not know how?”  I certainly hope not!  There is a maxim of law that says, “Ignorance of the Law is NO excuse.”  Therefore, what excuse could possibly override that maxim?  What excuse does one have for not asking, seeking and knocking as the Holy Spirit’s voice cries aloud for all men to hear? (Proverbs 8)  You will not find this knowledge being taught or preached in any church corporation (501c3).  For it is forbidden by Caesar for those “Religious Organizations” to speak of such things much less teach them, else they will lose their benefit privilege of, “Tax Exempt,” status.  Now, I ask you, does the Father and Creator do things this way?  Does He threaten to hold His gifts and righteousness from you for your silence?  Certainly not!  Then why continue to serve created beings who do demand such?

There is a Lawful Estate of the Kingdom of God and there is a Legal Estate on this earth and every man, woman and child has been given and gifted one by operation of Law; God’s Law.  However, many have left that estate JUST AS THE ANGELS LEFT THE FIRST ESTATE; likewise, mankind has done the exact same thing under influence allowing their legal estates to be administrated by and under the control of the International Bankers/Money changers (Agents of Satan through the bloodline if Cain).  This act of inaction and allowing your legal estate to remain under the control of the money changers is tantamount to despising one’s birthright just as Esau did and even selling it for no more than a bowl of soup/pottage, which ultimately will bring about the results of, “Because you have forgotten the Law of your God, I also will forget your children.” (Hosea 4:6)  It is this sinister and diabolical desire that Satan seeks to accomplish by and through how he has deceived all the nations. (Rev 12:9)

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I ask you, does leaving that estate under the administrative controls of the bankers honor the Giver of that gift?  Are you not an Heir of God in Christ?  Do you claim this frivolously, or have you yet looked into the duties and responsibilities that go with making such a claim?  If so, then do you not have certain duties and responsibilities to protect that estate in the name of your Lord?  “Oh Look!  There is the Heir.  Come let us kill him so the inheritance may be ours.”  Sound familiar?  Do you think this does not apply to you?  Are you not a co-heir with Christ partaking in the inheritance that belongs to Heir of ALL things? (Rm 8:17 & Heb 1:1-3)  Are you not in coverture ( with Yehoshuah/Jesus your husbandmen as a feme covert no longer a feme sole using His name for ALL things, and doing all things in His Name, and asking for ALL things in His Name (John 14:13-14), as He is the Heir of ALL things (Heb 1:2)?  If so, then why place your trust in the creation of men through their controlling mechanism called the banking system, rather than using what the Creator Most High has determined in the best interest of all people of the Commonwealth, the Treasury?

The banking system of the International Bankers (Moneychangers) is directly opposed to the Father’s Will of using a COMMONWEALTH TREASURY, which is totally and completely a PUBLIC ENTITY to serve all the private people.  The banks are private even though they have a PUBLIC face and presence.  This is only for looks and to cover up their true intention… “To kill the Heir, so the inheritance may become theirs.” (Mark 20:9-18)  If you do not know and understand how to, “Turn over the moneychangers tables,” then don’t you think it time to learn how?  For until you do, you are subject to another created creatures law.  And, even though it is colorable, no one can be subject to the Law of the Creator Most High and the laws of men at the same time.  For the Biblical Maxim clearly states that, “No man can serve two masters,” and the reason for this is because, “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.”  This clearly means that IF you are subject under another created beings law-form and jurisdiction, which is of a foreign jurisdiction, rather than to the Creator El Elyon Himself and His Law, then that jurisdiction you are subject to indeed is foreign to the Will of God in Christ, but more importantly it is alien to the Love of God in and through Christ.

So then, how can you call him, “Lord, Lord,” and not be doing the things that He has so clearly demonstrated to be done by His Life in the flesh (1 John 4:1-3) if you are subject to the moneychangers banks and banking system, which does not use balanced weights and equal measures? (Deut 25:13-16, Pro 11:1)  Know ye not that the Treasury is in the Will of the Most High Creator, not the banks and banking with the banks.  Know ye not that the banks are to be in the SERVICE of the Treasury, and not for the purpose of allowing the moneychangers to steal from the Treasury.  For by using the banks firstly shows the selfishness of those who put in much at the Treasury, BUT OUT OF THEIR OWN ABUNDANCE they do this and for selfish purposes.  This is why Jesus/Yehoshuah point that fact out.  Did you notice that part?  Do you get what that means?  They, the so-called “Rich,” did not put everything including all of their living into the Commonwealth of the Treasury for the GOOD of ALL!  Why?  Do you see how this act and deed is tantamount to selfishness and is not of faith?  How can the Treasury take care of all the needs of the people if one is robbing from it?  OUCH!  Is this not what the moneychangers do?  Is this not what we are doing by banking with the moneychangers for our own private stash of cash for our own needs?  OUCH AGAIN!  If so, then what does this say about the kind of faith that one has?  Do you see how this reflects ones faith and this is an act and deed not of love, but of selfishness, wherein the end result of using the moneychangers banks in place of the Treasury will eventually destroy a nation, perhaps even a world?  Is this not the reason why the world teeters on this very precise at this very moment, or do you protest this in ignorance still?  Would this not be of the same time of attitude that the Pharisee displayed in front of the Publican? (Luke 18:9-14)

So what that these so called “rich” people donate to charity.  It only gives them the chance to boast of THEIR gifting and what they think are doing to help others.  But, what of the Law of God and how He has commanded that this is to be done?  If the Commonwealth of the Treasury is not supported by the people, then the wealth of the nation will be stripped away.  And is that not happening right now with the current economic conditions of not only this nation, but the entire world?  Are not the current economic conditions of the world a direct result of the people being ignorant of the purpose of a Commonwealth Treasury and the Law of God that facilitates and supports that Treasury by and through Loving acts and deeds such as what the Widow did not only with her two mites, but all of her living as well?  Have not the people allowed for this ignorance by the steps taken in the bankruptcy of 1933, which was preceded by the inception of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM back in 1913?  Did the people not outright abandon the Commonwealth Treasury in favor of the Private International Bankers/Moneychangers?  You bet your ass this nation did and it went forth and has infected the entire world!  We have all participated in that folly, no exceptions.  Now, do you see why I say over and over, is it time to stop that foolishness and get back to keeping the Will of God, or do you say otherwise?  There is a direct connection between the economic system and faith whether you believe it or not, whether you agree with this or not.  The faith of the so-called rich is clearly seen and made known by not supporting the Treasury as evidenced by what Yehoshuah said, “Giving their own abundance.”  However, the Widow’s FAITH, the only thing that pleases the Most High Creator (Heb 11:6) evidences clearly her Title Deed by her Act and Deed, because faith absent deeds is dead, is it not?  Is your Title Deed the same as hers? (Remember, FAITH IS the Title Deed!)

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Going to any church organization as defined by the IRS to be a, “Religious Organization,” which is not the “Church” established by Yehoshuah/Jesus the Christ, which is licensed to operate under IRS Rule 501c3 of Title 26 of the United States Code; a private title… no PUBLIC and therefore POSITIVE LAW.  This is an extremely important point as it means that you enter into it privately through an agreement.  Therefore, to do such a thing is an act and deed of worshiping another god in violation of Royal Law commandment number one.  Those religious organizations teach you to comply with the will and wishes of the moneychangers/bankers religion of secularism, The Mystery Religion of Babylon.  Their so-called preachers/pastors keep you in ignorance of the Law of God pertaining to these things.  That is their purpose and function, that is why they are LICENSED and approved of Caesar!  They can only do the bidding of their master, because if they do not, then their license will be revoked, and does not the scripture read that the gates of hell will never prevail against the Church?  It most certainly does!  If this does not help you to see that is a gate of hell, which evidences that those religious organizations are not the Church, then go back and watch your favorite sporting event, or play your XBOX, for surely these things do not concern you and the importance of those things.  I tell you the truth, to learn of these things will require you to sacrifice many of those precious things.  So you only have one question to give an answer for… which is more important to you… present moment fun and gratification, or storing up treasure in heaven?  One is long-term, like say for eternity, the other is short-term and very temporal.  Which do you ELECT?

So then, how does continuing to use the satanically inspired foreign banking system without FLIPPING the tables of the bankers as Jesus did, do what it is supposed to do to serve the Commonwealth Treasury?  Furthermore, how does allow this to take place while sitting in a Babylonian licensed religious organization and saying, “Lord, Lord,” while thinking and believing that you are honoring the Father Most High Creator, and thy Mother, El Shaddai, The Holy Spirit is going to reap blessings and the Father’s approval?  I’ve got news for you.  It does not!  Time to learn the rest of the story and reclaim your birthright inheritance given to you from your Creator, and make your Will known to ONLY worship the One Creator-Father the Most High El Elyon through His Beloved Son and High Priest, by taking control or your Legal Estate out of the hands of “THIEVES,” the International Bankers and their puppet Lawyers.  Who through years of knowledge and practice have manipulated and deceived the entire world through secularized indoctrination of useless knowledge to perpetuate the ignorance they need of the people so they may steal the inheritance of the Heir.  If you truly believe yourself to be a co-heir with Christ, then why to you allow for this to continue?  How else does one make their calling and election sure if not by the evidence of the deeds of their faith?

The deal is very simple, accept the sacrifice of Yehoshuah on your behalf so you can enter into a relationship with the Creator by and through your pledge in vow of promise to KEEP AND OBEY THE LAW OF THAT RELATIONSHIP… the Law of that Covenant, for without the pledge of obedience there is no agreement, no relationship, no meeting of the minds; and, most importantly, NO SACRIFICE CAN BE APPLIED.  You see, the two are a package.  They go together, for you cannot have one with the other.  Indeed, the Law IS good just as Paul wrote, and salvation DOES come apart from the Law, but it does not nullify or nail the Law of God to the cross as so many are of the thought, opinion and belief by the indoctrination of the foreign corporate religious organizations of the Mystery Babylon Religion.

The belief of God’s Law being nailed to the cross is completely in error!  For it was not God’s Law that was nailed to the cross, but the laws of men so that you are freed from their bondage to then KEEP the Royal Law of God and His statutes, which governs the relationship of Coverture with the Lamb of God.  Why is this so?  Because no man can serve two masters!  You cannot be pledged to keep both the Law of God and the law of men at the same time.  This would be being of a double mind.  This is why you have to pledge yourself to keeping the Law of God on the Public Record so that your deed of faith is in plain for all to see thus making you above reproach.  Otherwise, as you were born of a woman under the law, there you shall remain until you declare otherwise.  So then, make your calling and election sure by obtaining the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that the Holy Spirit cries out to all the Sons of Men with.   This is the part of the Good News that is not taught by ALL religious organizations (501c3’s).  This is why they all teach a watered down message of pabulum aiding and abetting the results of Hosea 4:6.  For INDEED, what have you learned THIS DAY about how to secure the one and only, “Title Deed,” that will back up your claim to call Him, “Lord, Lord?”

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  1. von84 says:

    Loved this post, and over stand it, My one Question would be the treasury today.
    Was taken over, and now is ran by the bankers, So how do we deal with a treasury
    that is not the real treasury for the benefit of the people ?

  2. Hi, this is a wonderful article that poses plenty of thought provoking elements that one must eventually come to the realization of: One is lost until found.

    Your questions:

    •If one is banking with the bankers using their private script in the public, then have you not chosen who your God is by that act and deed?
    Not necessarily, unless you mean by default? What does it take for one to “choose” something? Does it include agreement and knowledge?
    None the less we all have transgressed our Creator Father’s Law and much to our lack of knowledge. It appears that this “lack of knowledge” is the huge stumbling block we must overcome.

    •Why do you think Yahoahuah H’Machiach turned over the tables of the money changers/bankers in the temple?
    I can only guess that perhaps we were never meant to be a part of their banking system or system at all.

    •What do you think you are supposed to do with that example?
    Continue in seeking out how to return to our Father’s House. Obeying His Commandments and covenant He has with man/woman. Perhaps seeking out guidance from those who have been blessed with much knowledge, test what you can glean from them, and always knowing that in the end, there can be ONLY ONE King, ONE Law giver, and ONE Judge over man/woman, and there are only us people here.

    •What do you think that example means?
    We are to stay on the private side, not public.

    •What is the correlating act and deed that honors that example?
    Yeshua’s example

    •Could it have something to do with the Widow and her two mites?
    She gave everything she had and not just some as many do and hoard.

    •Could it have something to do with using the Treasury in place of private bankers banks for your banking?
    I would kindly appreciate the knowledge on how exactly to do this if you would be so kind as to share.

    •Could it be that God’s Way of doing things is through a Commonwealth, which makes use of a Treasury, not private banks?
    Yes, I believe this may be true, as it does not seem that man/woman should be involved in usury against his brother/sister. I would like to learn how to accomplish this.

    •If you are not setup with the Treasury and putting everything into the Treasury as the Widow did with her two mites, as well as ALL of her living, then by that act and deed how has one not outright rejected the Law of God and doing things His Way?
    By choosing man’s system, we ALL have rejected the law and God Himself. All through our lack of knowledge. If as a young daughter of the Creator, my dad/mom had told and showed my by example that there is the narrow way and the wide, life and death, and that I must eventually choose. That due to not choosing the Creator as King, man drifted on his own into oblivion in his quest to create a total man-made system for himself, in direct rebellion to God and as an overlay to what our Father has provided for us here on earth….which is EVERYTHING!

    Perhaps it is man/woman who must come to the realization that without going back to our Father’s House, there is no dominion or abundance. The very thing we strive so hard to keep by fear, are the very things and more by which we will never have dominion over.

    The Creator OWNS ALL, and everything was created by Him and for Him. The love that he has for us, we will never truly comprehend as we are His creation. He made everything perfect and man/woman are the only creation of His, made in His image/likeness and that can be “programmed” for good or bad, life or death. All the rest of creation is already pre-programmed by instinct.

    My heart’s desire is to learn what I need to return back to my Father’s House, no longer having to partake in this Babylonian system. I have no quarrels with it, as it serves its purpose to bring the sons and daughters, the peacemakers back to their Father, and I most certainly consider myself as one of them.

    I would love to learn what you know Onlashuk…… seem to have traveled much and far!

    be blessed

  3. 4thetruth777 says:

    The title/deed wouldn’t happen to be a birth document/cover letter with a red seal and A.D.? Email me at.

  4. 1589cam says:

    Thanks for taking the time to remind us of the importance of these matters.