The Law IS Good IF IF IF Used Properly

Posted: Wednesday, October 1, 2014 in Born Without Money

“We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.” ~1 Timothy 1:8

Emphasis on USES IT PROPERLY, which many do not and more often are of the traditional mindset of the repeating what they have been taught professing the Law being done away with.

ON THE CONTRARY!  I contend that, “All Trust begs Law!”  Therefore, in order to have Trust, one must also have Law, else there is no Trust and no law and lawlessness shall abound.

The relationship one enters into with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is a Trust relationship that does indeed have a Law that governs that relationship that all are bound to keep, or they will have no part in that relationship.  And, whether you agree with this, or not, whether you like this, or not, it does not change that very fact that all trust begs law, and it never will.  It is as they say a fact of life, so get used to it.  Life will be much more pleasant and even easier, too.

Ignorance is the problem because the people do not know how to use the law properly.  This is why Paul wrote what he did as quoted at the very beginning.  Justification is the work of the Son, and that Work alone is the Work of Redemption and is received only by and through the unmerited gift of grace.  Sanctification is the work of the Holy Spirit, and that Work is the work that evidences that one is indeed with the Faith (Trust Deed) received from entering into the trust correctly and properly, after accepting the gift of justification through redemption.  It is because of this work that it is written, “Faith without works is dead.”  The gift of faith received by justification produces the works that are done by and through sanctification.  But, these works cannot and will never displace the work done by the Son for the sake of justification, a work that ONLY He could do alone for ALL of Us, no exceptions.

Yet, there are works that evidence the work of sanctification being done in and through One by the Holy Spirit, and those works will evidence the keeping of the law of the trust, else the faith that one proclaims to have through justification indeed is DEAD.  Like it or not Jesus/Yehoshuah kept the law, and that is the example to be followed.  He did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill the law.  That means to KEEP IT HOLY!  This is also what all disciples will do, but this does not take away from the provision of grace, nor does it add to it, for the finished work is given as a gift by grace alone!  This is why one will undertake a pledge to Honor His Father and Mother to Keep the Law of the Trust through the finished work of the Beloved Son.  For the entire family of God from the Godhead to the smallest of the small within that Kingdom are all bound in pledge and vow of promise to the Keeping of that Law, which is why everyone in that relationship is equal with God, and this is why Christ thought it not robbery to be equal with God.  Do you really get what I just presented, because I did not nullify the saving work of grace, neither did I elevate the works of the Law and sanctification over the Gift of Grace.  Therefore, do not misread, or misinterpret what it is that I have expressed herein.

So then, if you do not wish to know and keep the Law of God Holy, then you will understand why it is that Jesus will say to some, “But why do you call Me ‘Lord, Lord,’ and not do the things which I say?”  The question is, what exactly did He say?  What exactly did He teach that he expects you and I to DO?!  Did Jesus/Yehoshuah teach that the law was done away with?  Did He teach that the law was going to be nailed to the cross?  CERTAINLY NOT!  Again, I shall repeat what Paul wrote to Timothy by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, “We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.”  So then, if you are going to use the law properly, how is it done away with?  Furthermore, how do you use the law properly in relation to the great gift of Grace by Redemption unto Salvation, without commingling it and thus corrupting that great finished work?  I will tell you this much, the answer to this question is a total enigma to 501c3 corporation mystery Babylon religious organizations and their so-called pastors/directors/overseeers, except one or two that I am aware of.

This leads to the question of what law then was nailed to the cross?  It was most certainly not referring to the Law of God.  I contend that it was the law and traditions of men that was nailed to the cross.  When one picks up their cross and turns to follow Christ, the law that they were previously under FADES AWAY.  It fades away because there is much unlearning to be learned, before the learning of true knowledge, understanding and wisdom, taught by the Holy Spirit can take its place.

Since it is true that no man can serve two masters, the law that everyone is born under, being, “Born of a woman UNDER THE LAW,” is the law of men resulting from what men wanted as expressed in 1 Samuel 8.  This is what mankind wanted.  So God gave man what he wanted in spades.  They wanted their own man-king.  So they got the laws to go with their man-king, as well as all the pain, plagues and mischief to go right along with it.  Hello!  To-day’s world evidences this very folly!  The people elected a man-king rather than their Creator to be their King, and it is still the same tradition unto this very day.  Since one is under that law from very the day they are begotten, and it is also true that, “No man can serve two masters,” which is to say, two different law forms, then when one picks up their cross to follow Christ, and thus elects to undertake His Law Form, the old law form of men that one was under, along with the statutes, judgments and traditions of men, is done away with.  That is to say that is what is, “Nailed to the cross,” because you have willingly given up your Will for doing things your way, and have replaced it with the wanting to DO the Will of the Father and Keep His Law, and in so doing, you have pledged yourself in a vow of promise to obey the Law of the covenant to enter into the trust relationship through the finished work of the Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased.  Do you see now that God’s Law was never-ever done away with and that it could never be, else there is no covenant… no relationship to enter into with the Father?!  I certainly hope so.

Again, this is why Paul wrote, “We know that the law is good IF ONE USES IT PROPERLY,” 1 Timothy 1:8.  However, many still are bereft of this knowledge and speak disparagingly against the KEEPING of the Law of God, most likely, not knowing that they dishonor the relationship that they profess to have entered into.  This is why the curse of Hosea 4:6 is being manifested all across this planet this very day, “Because you have forgotten the law of your God. I also will forget your children.”  [OUCH!]

There is a reason why the Father is called the Law Giver.  Think about that.  Even if one law is done away with, He would replace that Law with another, as He did for the Priesthood change from the Order of Aaron of the Levitical Priesthood, to the Order of Melchizedek the Priesthood of Christ of which Yehoshuah is High Priest sitting at the right hand of God to make intercession.  This is what the entire epistle written to the Hebrews is all about.  That’s right folks!  That letter is a PUBLIC NOTICE to the children of Israel that had not yet gotten the point of the fact that there had been a change in the Priesthood; and therefore, a coordinating change in the law that governed the priesthood was necessary.  If you not only read, but also study the epistle written to the Hebrews, you will see and know that letter is not referring to the Law of God in any fashion in reference to the change in the law that governed the priesthood!  Remember, Jesus/Yehoshuah did not come to destroy the law!  What will it take to make this point take root within you so that you know the Law still stands, and it means it is still in full force and affect?  Agree, disagree, like or dislike, makes no difference at all, for it will not change this very Biblical fact that there was a change in the Priesthood ONLY; therefore, there had to be a change in the law pertaining to the Priesthood ONLY, and that is the law that was changed ONLY, but not done away with, as it was replaced by the new law that governed the new priesthood Order of Melchizedek.  Do you see this?  If you disagree, then you do not know what the letter of Hebrews is about, because this fact is made very clear within the context of that letter, and only the poison of the traditions of men will make this difficult to see and know.  So ask of the Holy Spirit revelation about these things.  Do not believe me!  Believe what she teaches you!  I am merely a voice crying out in the wilderness.

The final works that are produced is the result of the works of Glorification.  This is a work that is done entirely of the Father, which is yet to come, in the Age To Come. So enjoy the works of Justification and Sanctification in the meantime.  All three of these work together.  Justification + Sanctification + Glorification = Salvation, for these three works work together producing the One Great Work.  Yes, these three are one.  However, the Works of each one individually cannot be applied to or for the works of the other.  For each work is a work that builds upon the previous work, so it cannot be applied to the previous work, or to the succeeding work.  They are compartmentalized, but aid in the building of each one.  As right now, we are in the second age of man, so the works being done are by and through the Holy Spirit, El Shaddai, the Comforter that Jesus the Christ said He would send to be with us until He returns to sit upon His defacto throne upon this Earth as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  His work of justification is indeed finished, and now is the work of sanctification is still ongoing, because if you claim to have faith, then you better have the works to back up that claim, else James by the inspiration of Holy Spirit is a liar, and that is as good as calling the Holy Spirit a liar.  Do you dare to commit such a trespass?  I certainly would not!

Paul, inspired of the Holy Spirit expresses, “So then, the law is holy, and the commandment is holy, righteous and good.”  A bit further he writes, “I agree that the law is good.”  Now, if Paul agrees that the Law is good, what possible argument can any one have in opposition to his claim?  Would that even be a wise stance upon which to make ones stand?  CERTAINLY NOT!  It would be the ultimate, “Stupid is, is stupid does,” fail.  Again, the law that was done away with… the law that was nailed to the cross, is the law and traditions of men that one was born under by default upon coming into this physical body of flesh.  Not the Law of God!  For indeed I have attested herein that the Law is Good, and only through ignorance will one disagree.  Hopefully, that will not be willful and therefore negligent.

Colossians 2:11-15
“In Him you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, by putting off the body of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ, buried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in the working of God, who raised Him from the dead. And you, being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses, having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.

“Having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us,” is speaking of the laws and traditions of men.  That is why Paul uses the word, “CONTRARY,” for it refers to the laws of men, which are contrary to the Law of God.  This is made pretty clear in 1 Samuel 8.

Take it or leave it, the decision is up to you, but to leave it is to walk away from salvation, for no one will enter into the trust relationship with the Husbandmen (Christ) without a pledge and vow of promise to obey the Law of that Trust (Holy Matrimony).  For He is the Husband, and the Body of Christ is the Wife, and the only honorable response to the Husbands pledge, who indeed DID give His Life, which He has already FINISHED, to provide and protect for His Bride, is to obey Him and His Law.  No other response is acceptable.  Else, there will be no covenant, no relationship, no Holy Matrimony and no salvation.

When you know what happened in the first Age of Man, you will know exactly why this has to be done this way herein this second age of man, and how that will fit directly into the soon coming third age of man.  The Law has not been done away with folks even though there are those that will disagree and want to argue, fuss and fight about this.  Just remember, your argument is not with me.  It is with the Law Giver.  So if you have a claim against the Law Giver by all means, “State your claim upon which relief can be granted,” and I will step away a clear and safe distance, for I am allergic to collateral damage.

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  2. This is excellent! One never really thinks and ponders upon the fact that we have truly pushed aside and have denied the Creator God as King, Law giver and Judge and have instead allowed other earthly men to take His place. May we learn to return back to Him, the giver of life, the ONE and ONLY true King, law giver and Judge.

    I truly wish to correspond with you, but I do not know if you are willing? Please let me know. Thanks