Posted: Monday, December 22, 2014 in Born Without Money
• Belief can be questioned.
• Even faith can be questioned in regards to the works that prove the claim of faith.
• However, TRUST cannot be questioned.

One of the keys to knowledge about this world that is hidden from the eyes of the masses, is the fact that ALL of your interactions with everyone is about Trust. What one is tempted to do while in this body of flesh is to place their Trust in someone other than The Most High Creator who has no Trust in the Creator themselves thus setting themselves up to be gods not unlike the desire of Lucifer. This is exactly what is demonstrated in the temptations that Yehoshuah was challenged with described in Matthew 4. This is also why one of the most powerful declarations anyone can say to the one tempting you to worship them by placing your Trust (Entrust) in them is, “I HAVE NO TRUST IN YOU!” If they are known to have no Trust in the Most High Creator, then why would you have any Trust in them at any level? Have they not shown themselves to be untrustworthy having rejected entering into a Relationship/Trust with The Most High Creator? (2 Thessalonians 3:6-15)

Test this on a lawyer/attorney some time and watch what happens as what is actually happening is a relationship is being formed based upon Trust. However, I will give you a hint as to what will happen if you ever use the declaration in the previous paragraph. Do you remember what happened to the wicked witch of the east after Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her? What was the word that the Wizard of Oz used to describe that act and deed? (I will draw a connection to this later) If you do not enter into Trust with them, then you will maintain your status and standing, which is a position of power and authority over them as this position is in Christ as a Joint Heir with Christ, and they do not like this. So this is why they will deceive, trick and even coerce and manipulate you to get you to abandon your power over them. In addition, this is what they fear! They not only fear you knowing about the power and authority you have in Christ, but more-so understanding how to wield that power over them. This is why they will hinder anyone entering into the use of the knowledge of Trust and Trust Law for the benefit of themselves, their family and estate. The Law does indeed protect those that use the Law lawfully, but since the lawyering craft does not use the law to serve and protect with, but as a weapon of spiritual mass destruction to advantage themselves and their masters (Bankers) over others, then that very same law will cut them to pieces. (Hebrews 4:12)

Remember, the lawyers do have this Key to Knowledge (Luke 11:52) and this Key is about relationships and how they are formed…(Entrust + Intrust = Trust), BUT they do not use that Key for their own benefit. Instead they use it along with your unlimited power to contract to entrap you in a relationship that puts you in a submissive status and capacity under their master and them. Indeed, lawyers are aware of Trust, but they do not use them righteously, nor do they want you and I using them for the sake of righteousness (Matt 6:33). As a matter of fact, because lawyers are pledged by oath to serve the International Bankers (The Money Changers that Jesus kicked out of the Temple) they have by their own act and deed hindered their very entry in to any relationship with The Most High Creator God and Father through the Lord Yehoshuah the Christ. All relationships are built upon Trust, and the Father wants your Trust to be placed in Him through the Redeemer that He appointed, anointed and commissioned.

So then, because no man can serve two masters, the Lawyering Craft is cursed as a result of their willingness to worship another created being and not the Creator. This is why there is a woe unto them.  Their attempt to create their own statutory trust world does not compare to the Trust of the Father as their evil intention is to hinder others from entering into that Loving Relationship of Trust with One’s Creator. Make no mistake about this, Trust is about relationship, and that relationship starts with the Lover of your Soul as He is the Creator and source of ALL Trust. So then, this is why it is written, “We love because He loved Us first.”

Therefore, anyone using this Key to Knowledge to benefit themselves, their family and estate will raise the ire of these pious-puking minions of the Money Changers. They will attempt to hinder you by trying to prevent you from using your own private trust, and/or attempting to breach your private trust so they can corrupt your Trust in The Most High Creator. They will even go so far as to willfully lie, disparage and deceive to prevent you from entering into and exerting the power of that Trust, which will MELT them. (Connection Made)

Now, how and why would lawyers/attorneys do such an unconscionable act and deed? Because they are not allowed to use the Trust of the Father for their benefit having pledged themselves unto another master other than to the One true Creator through His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased — the Redeemer of ALL mankind, no exceptions. Again, this is why there is a woe unto them. The Key is Trust and the law form that governs it, Trust Law. To say unto a lawyer/attorney, “I HAVE NO TRUST IN YOU,” is literally to say unto them we shall never have a meeting of the minds; therefore, no agreement; therefore, no consent; therefore, no contract, so get behind me ye satanically inspired individual for you know not the things of The Most High God and Creator, neither are ye subject to His Trust as I am subject to the Love of His Trust by a pledge in vow of promise to obey the Law of that Trust. In other words, I am aware that you are outside of that Trust relationship by a willful decision, and I will have nothing to do with you as a result of that very ugly indiscretion.

As always, remember to use knowledge wisely as knowledge is directly connected to power. So then, be as wise as a serpent, but as harmless as a dove in any application of this knowledge.

  1. This is one of the most interesting and yet profound articles yet! It rings in my soul as pure truth and inspires me to continue in my path back to my Father Creator. To once believe that all there was and is here on this earth, is man’s laws and statutes for the dead, to comprehending now that the kingdom of God is within and never went anywhere.

    It has always been us people, who left and went on into the wilderness, leaving behind our inheritance, our Father and His commandments. We believed just as those who went before us at Babylon, that we could impress ourselves and act and become as little gods. Usurping the position of the most high God, by becoming our own kings, making our own million upon millions of laws, and having our own system based upon nothing more than fiction, as that is all man/woman can create.

    May we someday learn about the precious price that was paid to pave the way of us coming back to our first love. I am at the point in my life where I have been baptized with a new name, vowing my entire being to my Father Creator and accepting what Christ did for me. My only struggle is to learn how to live this new life in Christ and how to wield God’s Word for protection.

    If there are others out there that are seasoned in such spiritual battles, it would be nice if they would kindly contact me at kingsfamily4jc@gmail.com