Posted: Sunday, December 28, 2014 in Born Without Money

• The Constitution is based on the Magna Carta, and the Magna Carta provides protection from banking entities such as the for-profit IRS BANK — the private collection agency for the MONEY CHANGERS a.k.a. the International Bankers.

• The IRS is unable to override the Constitutional protections built into the Constitution for the benefit of private citizens, NOT the PUBLIC ones.  So it does make specific allowances for those who elect to not participate in its VOLUNTEER tax program (a.k.a. TAXPAYER), which by the way, the Constitution does forbid, but not if you elect to contract privately as Article 10 is designed to protect.  You see, that is the escape clause that gives the IRS and/or the Bankers the ability to do what they are doing with the forming of private contracts/agreements.  Everything the IRS does is by way of a private contract that you have entered into with them of your own freewill act and deed whether in ignorance, or not. In addition, it absolutely HAS TO BE voluntary, else it is all null and void from the inception of the agreement, which is also why Article 10 of the Constitution is about protection of the unlimited right that everyone has to contract. You see, the wicked ones need to use our abilities to contract with them, and this is why that right is never to be infringed upon. For without this protection then all agreements are null and void as their can be no genuine meeting of the minds.

• Those who choose to elect to not participate in its VOLUNTEER tax program will affirmatively act upon Revelation 18:4 and learn how to walk on water to master this world and thus OVERCOME this world just as the Lord Jesus the Christ did by that very example. For He who is faithful in a little is also deemed to be faithful in much.

• Notice the protections are for Private Citizens and not for those that are in and of the PUBLIC, which unfortunately, most are. (Be IN the world, but not OF the world) To use Caesar’s created vessel, which is their beneficiary, is an act of submission unto worship declaring that one has placed their Trust in Caesar. This attests that you are not only IN the world, but are also OF the world. Those in the PUBLIC are those using the Social Security Vessel as their primary interface for all things PUBLIC. You did not create that vessel, so you cannot control that vessel if it is still in its default capacity.  Therefore, in that default capacity that vessel can and does control you until you create your own vessel, which you can now control, and assign and lock their vessel into the position of servant under the control of your vessel, which is the TRUSTEE’s position and Title in a Trust.

• For as long as you continue to use that vessel in its default capacity, and you do not learn how to create your own vessel for your own private use and benefit of yourself, your family and estate HONORING the Name of the Lord, the Heir of ALL things; and then, assimilate their vessel into and under the control of your private trust vessel as a servant and/or trustee, then you are serving your master’s beneficiary, in the capacity of trustee as his servant. This is unavoidable and this is also your default capacity upon being born of a woman under the law, which then reveals in whom you have placed your Trust if you have never challenged and/or changed this presumption.

• Remember, actions speak louder than words, and faith absent deeds is dead, which is to say that faith without works is dead. So you can claim to be IN Christ, and you can claim Christ as your Redeemer and Savior until the end of time. But, if there are no deeds to back up your claim of faith (the Title Deed) then the faith that you claim is dead, because it has no works to validate it. This is why Yehoshuah said that THE WAY is narrow and few find it (Luke 13:24-30); and why He also said that many will call upon Him and claim His name, but will not have DONE any of the things that He has said that is to be done. (Matthew 7:21-27) This will mainly be because one does not know what this means, and that is because the Holy Spirit has not revealed it to them… yet. But, that is also because they have not asked for that knowledge to be revealed unto them. (James 4:2-5) (Matthew 7:7-12)

• Remember, if no man can serve two masters, then it is also most certainly true that no person can serve two masters as well. There is a difference. The question is do you know what that difference is and how to apply that difference wisely?

In light of this, the Magna Carta, which most of you, if not all of you have never read, is the PLUG-IN, and the Constitution is the ADD-ON to give it a Web-Development analogy for those of you web-geeks. My point about these two documents is that they are in place to give you leverage over the PUBLIC TRUSTEE and SERVANT if you know how to use these tools wisely and especially as a peacemaker and not for any deceptive purpose of going to war. Therefore, learn and use this knowledge wisely as in, “Wise as a serpent and as harmless as a dove.

  1. Haroldhayden@aol.com says:

    This article is a prime example of how some moron through either totally dirge or a deliberate attempt at twisting things. The position of a trustee is to pay the bills no matter what, trust is. These trust that was set up for you and for your benefit. You are the beneficiary of all these trusts. Under no circumstances do you want to be a trustee of a trust because you will personally pay all the bills

    This economic system was set up so that the public officials are fiduciary/trustees and through the public trust they are to pay your bills from the cradle to the grave which they’re not doing their job.

    So all one has to do to pay for his bills is used for Christ which is a birth certificate or socials security card. These two instruments are securities based upon what the government set up for you to be the beneficiary. A word to the wise is sufficient.

  2. Another very well thought out article that addresses what some of are dealing with today……….the knowledge of learning to wield the Word of God. Not for personal gain, not to war with those who run this system, but to become the meek and peacemakers that we should be.

    I’ve asked specifically for the knowledge in becoming as one walking the narrow path. This is the desire and intent of my heart and my Father knows this. Kindly keep me in your prayers, that all my questions may be answered and that I can learn how to live a life that is pleasing to the Creator.

    As of right now, I do not know how to use the tools given to me in living this life “not of it”, but I am hopeful that before my departure from this earth, all will be revealed………..I’m no spring chicken and sometimes this alone makes me a bit impatient, but I then focus on the Creator God who made everything and know that all will be revealed in His timing, not mine. I also know He appoints others who have been given this knowledge already to help guide others. Thanks brother and I hope you continue your articles. Be blessed