The Difference Between Man and the Son of Man

Posted: Friday, May 8, 2015 in Born Without Money

MAN, terrestrial, I, in the image of Adam (redundant), is born of a woman under the law, lives moves and breathes through the five senses (five husbands – the Woman at the Well) to please the emotions motivated by the five husbands and all the desires of the lower carnal mind; the mind that is enmity against God and The Way; the mind that deceives; but Adam was not deceived but willful; the mindless mind of “I” the mindless mind that has no desire to find the gate and end of strait and narrow path, and to keep the Law of the Covenant of God in Christ, the mind that is not subject to the Law of God, and never will be; for, this is the MIND OF SATAN that is within every man, no exceptions, just like Peter, “Get thee behind me Satan,” which knows not the things of God; thus torments and dares to tempt and test faith, hope and love.

… however …

SON OF MAN, celestial, the Man that fulfills the Will of God as intended (described in Genesis 1), is born from above (born again), who fulfills all the law and the prophets by and through, “Let this mind (The Mind of Christ) be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus; be your Guiding Light which was also in Christ Jesus,” [emphasis added], who thought it not robbery to be equal with God;” who knowingly accepts His justification through grace by faith, and is refined by the hand of God being tested in fiery trials as Hananiah (Shadrach), Mishael (Meshach), and Azariah (Abed-Nego) were; who also learned obedience by the things which they suffered and how to, “Subdue the earth (the body of flesh) and all that is in it,” (emotions and desires of the lower carnal mind), because it is no longer the lower carnal mind of “I” who lives, but higher Mind of Christ, “I AM THAT I AM” who lives in this body, this temple NOT made with hands, so that the life which I now live pleases God showing forth the evidence of that faith; trusting and in-trusting by assurance the Life that I live indeed is hidden in Christ; and, that the Kingdom of God IS where it always has been… WITHIN… awaiting the Son of Man to be made manifest from the MAN; and, by that manifestation manifest the Kingdom of God ON EARTH as it is already WITHIN Him.

  • Man = I
    born of a woman under the law
    lower carnal mind of the flesh
    rebellion, enmity & war
    The Son of perdition
  • Son of Man = I AM
    Celestial as the Creator intended (Gen 1)
    Is born from above
    Mind of Christ
    We Love because He loved Us first
    The Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased

For indeed the Father is praise worthy, holy and righteous, demonstrating His Unconditional Love through Forgiveness toward ALL without exception.

In Peace, Love, Strength and Honor, in the Name above ALL names,
I Am called Onlashuk.


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