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Being that this is a 4th of July weekend, I feel it appropriate to ask the following question, “Have you ever wondered why the Congress is ignored by the, “President” of the UNITED STATES?”  REALLY?!  You haven’t noticed?  If so, then you deserve your slavery. However, for those of you who are interested, you just may find these facts to be worthy of your time to explore for the sake of your own knowledge and education.

Are you aware that the Congress and the Courts are all under the President of the UNITED STATES? (Did you notice I did not express it, “United States of America?” This distinction is very important). That’s not true, Onlashuk!  The Constitution forbids that because of its checks and balances.  Okay, so then, what makes you think that original Constitution is still in full force and effect after four consecutive bankruptcy’s? (1789, 1859, 1929, and now 1999 – NOTICE anything funny about these dates? YOU SHOULD!  If you do, post what you notice about this below)  Did you even know that this incorporated-nation-state is operating under the rules of bankruptcy and has been since 1789?  Do you even know and understand why that is? (Something to look into perhaps?) Have you not read the Organic Act of 1871 and the Reconstruction Acts?  Yes, I did say, “RECONSTRUCTION.”  That in and of itself should be kind of a ginormous clue.

The shocking fact is, THE PRESIDENT rules by Executive Order through sub-corporations that are licensed by the UNITED STATES directly, and/or by one of its political subdivisions also known as STATES, COUNTIES, CITIES, VILLAGES, TOWNSHIPS and TOWNS.  Not to mention, MICROSOFT, APPLE, EXXON, MONSANTO… well, you get the picture.  If they are licensed, then they must comply with the control of the one giving them the license, and through this connection the corporate-government can now get things done indirectly through the POLICIES of the corporations that they license.  Do you see this?  This is the plain in your face sign of fascism.  For the Italian Prime Minister Benito MUSSOLINI said publicly that fascism is to be ruled by the corporations.  To which HITLER and the rest of his gangsters were not very pleased for him saying that publicly.  We should learn this lesson well, for this incorporated-nation-state started walking in those exactly same footsteps shortly after the end of the world war two.  Therefore, to think that fascism was destroyed with the end of NAZI GERMANY is to demonstrate ignorance unto incompetency.  How sad, and how pathetic.  Yet, this is the disposition of the vast majority of the incorporated-nation-stated called the UNITED STATES.

For those of you who are paying attention to recent events you observed this very thing taking place when President OBAMA signed the Executive Order pertaining to immigration.  Did you not notice that he flat out ignored Congress and all of their threats, rantings, and posturing?  Even the calls for impeachment.   How could you not notice this?  By the way, such so-called bold statements are all done as an ACT to keep the people misinformed and misdirected.  Therefore, I say unto you that THE PRESIDENT is not the President of the original organic Republic, the Union of the Several States, occupying the Office of the President by the will of the people with their blessing, but rather is a CAESAR who is doing business as the UNITED STATES on behalf of its master, THE VATICAN and the International Bankers of the City of London.  Like this or not, agree with this or not, ALL corporations flow through the Roman Curia of the sovereign city-state, THE VATICAN.  This is the core of the machine world, Neo.  Do you see this?  Why else would a mere man sit on this defacto throne and dare to give himself the title, “VICAR OF CHRIST,” which means, “In place of Christ?”  Again, how pathetic and how sad.

Moreover, THE PRESIDENT is actually the president of a corporation, not a legitimate Nation, or Nation-state, which passes itself off as the legitimate government when it is actually a defacto corporation that APPEARS to be abiding by the will of the people.  Folks, this is why impeachment of THE PRESIDENT is nearly impossible to-day.  Need I remind you of the impeachment hearings of former President Bill CLINTON.  They were a mockery, but the worst part about that mockery was not the proceedings themselves, but the fact that the people knew nothing of how they in their ignorance were being mocked by the charade that was being portrayed right before them on national and international television. Therefore, the only time impeachment is possible to-day is in the best interest of the controlling bankers, and the one-world government elite, as former President BUSH referred to on more than one occasion.  THE PRESIDENT serves the interest of the bankers firstly, because they are the ones who loan their private credit to the corporations thus expanding the debt.  This is done instead of the legitimate nation-state producing their own PUBLIC FUNDS, which is done interest free, which then avoids debt, which then also avoid bankruptcy and reconstruction acts.  Are you getting the picture yet? Perhaps now you see why President Abraham LINCOLN with his Greenbacks, and John F KENNEDY with his Silver Certificates were murdered.  Think about it!  Both Presidents gave an order to produce the needed money for PUBLIC use by and through the legitimate nation-state.  This meant no interest charges had to be paid to the bankers, which in turn also means that no debt was created. Finally this would result in no need for bankruptcy rules to be employed much less any reconstruction acts for the sake of managing debt.  DO YOU SEE THIS?! I certainly hope so!  Has it not been said, “Follow the money,” and that, “The love of money is the root of all evil?”  Physically speaking, is this not why Yehoshua/JESUS through the MONEYCHANGERS/BANKERS out of the temple?  This certainly is one aspect to that, but the more important one is the symbolism of this act being that of tossing out the thoughts, desires and emotions of the carnal mind rather than allowing oneself to be ruled by them.  But, that’s a topic for another post at another time.

Congress as well is also corporate and sits by resolution, not by positive law.  How can we prove this?  When Congress adjourned sine die (meaning without day) that effectively suspended the lawful legislative branch of the Republic of the Several States. When former President Abraham LINCOLN ordered congress to reassemble that act was done by Executive Order. Therefore, the Congress that was seated by that order, and still is unto this day, is not the lawful Congress of the people. It never has been since that moment in time, and for as long as it continues under that order, it never shall be lawfully assembled. Therefore, the Congress serves UNDER, as well as at the behest of the President of the UNITED STATES without equal power and standing. In short, there are not checks and balances. This is why congress is a LEGAL CONGRESS and not a Lawful Congress.  What is the difference?  If you research the word legal and its history, which has been hidden and obscured from the plain site of the people, you will find through etymology that legal means, “THE UNDOING OF GOD’S LAW!”  (Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica, a dictionary of arts and sciences and general literature / The R.S. Peal 9th 1893).  Now you know why they want to cover up this knowledge.  That should get you a bit steamed. Nevertheless, you should NOT be shocked at this FACT given the direction of this so-called Incorporated-Nation-State.  Furthermore, does this not give one insight into why it is written, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge?” (Hosea 4:6)  HELLO MCFLY!!!

This is no joking matter.  This is a brief summary of the ugly reality of current circumstances facing this Incorporated-Nation-state, whether you believe this or not, agree with this or not, or like this or not is irrelevant! For the facts bare these things out, and even the history has been hidden, it can never be changed, and it can always be discovered.  The question is, are you willing to seek these thing out for the sake of your own education and firsthand knowledge, or just dismiss it and hope that it all just goes away?  I certainly hope not.  The ugly reality of our current Incorporated-nation-state is summarized in the three quotations of my previous post.  Make yourself keenly aware of these quotes and test them out!  For when you do, and you apply the knowledge you learn, you will be moving in the direction of returning this now Incorporated-nation-state back into its legitimate and intended nation state form of a Union of Several States… the intended Republic.  So then, what are you doing to-day… this moment to aid and abet in the return of the Republic?  Or, are you satisfied with a socialized-communistic-fascist-incorproated-nation-state?  I certainly hope not.

  1. Well said, brother. It is sad that we, the people, know so little about the system that enslaves us, by our own voluntary acts. I saw the red, white and blue on everything from t shirts, bikinis, paper napkins and other things and had to laugh. The U.S. Flag Code is clear about the use of the likeness of the flag. Oh well, it’s just a dyed cloth to me. More sad is that the masses don’t know or follow God’s Law, the highest law in the land and it’s no fiction of law like statutes and codes. If you want to check out my writing concerning this topic, visit http://brotherbigfoot.tumblr.com/. It’s titled “Happy Dependents Day”. Peace and love, Brother Bigfoot

    • Onlashuk says:

      Thanks Biggie-Bigfoot (sounds like a rapper) for the thoughts of kindness and encouragement. There is much to learn and much to share. And, as long as there are people willing to unlearn what they have learned and learn that which is eternal and true, there will always be hope. For all it takes is one righteous man and an entire city can be spared. May the people be encouraged by such uplifting words and desire to seek true, eternal knowledge and wisdom.

      I will check out your site.
      Peace and Long Life,