Posted: Thursday, July 16, 2015 in Born Without Money

In Chuck BALDWINS most recent post on FACEBOOK, he asks the question over and over, “What will we do,” in relation to the recent decision of homosexual marriage.  Here is what I posted in response to his post.

The answer to the question, “What will we do?” I think is hidden in one key word within your the first sentence, “What Caesar has demanded that we recognize the legal “right” of homosexuals and lesbians to “marry.”  The KEY word that I speak of is the word LEGAL. Why?  Even though the word legal is defined any many dictionaries and encyclopedias, the definitions are vague, confusing and most of all misdirect in misunderstanding of its true meaning and nature.

Nevertheless, the most direct and strait forward definition that I have ever found for the word LEGAL is, “THE UNDOING OF GOD’S LAW.” [1893 Dictionary of Arts and Sciences, Encyclopedia Britannica, a dictionary of arts, sciences and general literature / The R.S Peale 9th 1893] Think about the ramifications of this definition, as well as how plain and simple this definition is to not only get its proper meaning and intent, but to also clearly obtain insight into the activities of the world around us, and why things are being done the way that they are being done on a daily bases.  It should no longer be of any wonder why the definition of this word has been obscured and hidden.  This definition reveals the true objective of the LEGAL world of the dead to be to keep one embedded in a carnal mindset, which is enmity against The Most High God, Creator and Father.

Now, what shall one do?  Perhaps one can start with considering the connection between the legal world of the dead and the biblical admonishment to, “Let the dead bury the dead,” since corporations are of the world of the dead, and all governments are corporations.  There obviously is some kind of connection.  Furthermore, perhaps one can also consider why it behooves all to come out from such folly and be separate from the related unconscionable acts and deeds done only for the purpose of convenience. Folks, there is NO LOVE present when things are done for the sake of convenience. Likewise, if something is not done for the sake of it being inconvenient, it is no different, for it is without love and thus without keeping and fulfilling the two greatest commandments.

Therefore, perhaps one should consider making a formal declaration for and on the PUBLIC RECORD to not only declare who they worship (in Spirit and Truth) but, to also define oneself according to LAW, not a frivolous LEGAL interpretation of Law and/or any of its definitions.  Then, once such a declaration is a matter of record, it is possible that it can be used to serve notice upon all who attempt to trespass on them through assumption and/or presumption of that LEGAL WORLD that one has voluntarily elected to be under the governance of the legal world of the dead (other men/another manking 1SAM8) and all the legalities of its overwhelming statutes and codes (+60 million), which ultimately ends up with one paying tribute and homage unto Caesar. That’s Rome doing business as the UNITED STATES folks.

Therefore, any such presumption and/or assumption is automatically declared to be null and void for willful negligent fraud unto the unconscionable act and deed of forcible conscription to violate the first of the 10-commandments; and is therefore, absent merit, absent consent, absent agreement, absent validity, absent honesty, absent mercy, absent honor, and most of all absent love.

  1. Martin Neil says:

    Been trying to track down and verify that definition for legal. Did you find a copy of it somewhere?