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This post happened because of the following photo, which was posted on Facebook.  I started to write a couple of words about my thoughts pertaining to the complaint written on the hand of the officer and/or agent who is working for a private for-profit corporation (See Title 28 U.S.C. 3002 in their law).  That original post turned out to be much more than just a couple of words as you will see, if you read this entire post.

Then, when a friend of mine also posted in the thread his thought pertaining to the photo, his post inspired the rest of the article that follows this preamble of explanation, and the original post that I posted in response to the message of the photo.  The caption under the photo is what I originally posted as my thoughts on the matter being presented for comment.  So you may want to start there first before reading the rest of the thread posted following the photo and its caption wherein the real “good-stuff” is written.  It is my desire that you may see and understand with an open heart and mind the things that I have written of herein and why I have taken the time to write of this extremely important matter.  It is also my hope that you will be edified, encouraged and especially benefit from this writing spiritually first for the benefit of taking care of your needs and that of your family and estate when you have need of making use of the public trust, as everyone does.

Propaganda Photo Op

Yes, I most certainly do agree, “LIFE MATTERS” no matter what form it is in. However, the issue dealing with private contracting officers is more of a TRUST issue than that of a life issue even though they do put their lives in harms way. So the matter presented in the form of a complain is moot as it distracts from the issue that really does matter…. TRUST! How in the world do I make such an outlandish statement? Just as pointed out in previous posts, “Always stay in honor with your contracts,” and I would add to that, “…with your PUBLIC OATH OF OFFICE, and do not put the interest of a private-for-profit corporation that you work for, evidenced by the uniform and badge you are wearing (28USC3002 of their US Code), ahead of your lawful oath of office, and there will not be an issue with trust, or any issue with Life for that matter,” because the people will support and protect you in the lawful performance and execution of your lawful duties and obligations under your lawful oath, willingly. I can and will support and protect the immunities you are given in the carrying out of your duties and obligations. Assuredly, I declare a PUBLIC PEACE OFFICER a can rest assured of this! However, if you break or breach the trust you have been intrusted with then it is you who is putting your life in pearl by your own actions and/or inactions. Therefore, you cannot honorable lodge any complaint. Your complain is, “My life matters.” My CLAIM is, “I have NO TRUST in you for as long as | you represent the interest of the private-for-profit corporation that uniform and badge represent. Especially when you put its interests, that of the world of the dead, ahead of world of the living. This is a direct violation of your lawful duties that you have pledged to keeping under OATH, to SERVE AND PROTECT the private people going about their private business in the PUBLIC TRUST.” Trust has been placed in you by the power and will of the people. You better understand the weight of that, or you are woefully negligent in the execution of your duties. Now, if you want your complaint to be heard but your interesting in the execution of your duties are conflicted it is most certainly correct if one chooses to not recognize your complaint as being valid, much less give it a hearing. I know this probably sounds harsh, but you have got to understand. You have willfully broken trust. The consequences that take place as a result of that broken trust is totally and completely on your shoulders no matter what they are, and that includes the risk of your life. The point is very simple and not meant with any malice whatsoever. Do not break the trust that you have been lawfully intrusted with, and thereby dishonor yourself. Keep your word no matter what the cost! In truth, if you do not keep your own word, then your word has no value to others and this is why you cannot trusted. More importantly, this is the true reason why your life is in pearl. Not because of what anyone else does, or does not do,. But, because of your poor decision to abandon your lawful office and duties in the service to the people for some kind of personal private-profit-and-gain at the loss of the liberties for the other, for that gain, which you and your masters (Courts, Prisons, Bankers) will benefit from. Complain all you want. But, until you prove by your actions that you will honor your oath of office…. you cannot, and will not be TRUSTED! Go and complain no more

Manon-theland Amerika wrote:
“Back in the day the first installment of the Kings and Queens, the Sheriff was told to leave God’s people alone, most officers get it, some don’t.”

Onlashuk wrote:

“Ooo! Thank you Manon-theland Amerika.  You have provided an excellent opportunity.  One of which I shall not pass up on.  This inspires another question that can be asked when encountering a private contracting official/officer.  I shall explain what that thought is in a bit.  For now, I want to start with a little background so you see where it is that I am coming from and why.”

And now for the rest of the story


In responding to any questions by any contracting officer and/or agent such as a police officer, I am aware said officers/agents are attempting to form a contract with me in their private capacity whilst working for a private for-profit corporation.  In their own laws they evidence this fact at Title 28, Section 3002.  Furthermore, this very fact has been upheld four times in North Carolina courts.  How many of you were aware of that little factoid?

<[+++ THE WORD IS +++>

HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM IF THEY REVEAL THEMSELVES TO BE OPERATING IN A PRIVATE CAPACITY. If this is found to be the case, then, peacefully… I say again… “PEACEFULLY,” dismiss them and their offer of contract. Do not go to war, or provoke them in any fashion. Not even slightly, or subtly, because that can be deemed to be binding as a contract, and you do not want the benefits for the kind of contract they offer.

The Scripture authority for this is one that you most likely are already familiar with, “Let the dead bury the dead.”  For those of the world of the living (Inter Vivios), are to STAY OUT OF THE JURISDICTION OF THE WORLD OF THE DEAD… capisce?  (I feel like I should have said that while chomping on a slice of pizza with extra hot peppers, onions, and crushed red pepper seeds, or stuffing my face with a place full of spaghetti, while the theme song from the motion picture Godfather quietly plays in the background. Dear people, please learn and know that 99.9% of the when you encounter a private contracting officer, there will be an offer to contract with you somewhere in the mix. Once you see this. Once you know this. Once you learn how to handle this. The world will begin to change for you.

So then, in dealing with police officers and/or any agent of the private government corporation, no matter their office, title, or rank… this is always the case! No matter how harmless the question appears to be. (Don’t be suckered in to contracting into the world of the dead)

Remember and never forget, any reply is automatically deemed to be evidence that you have placed some kind of trust in them.  UNLESS… UNLESS… UNLESS, in your response you give them notice, and in some cases WHEN NECESSARY, warning, not to trespass and/or tread upon you and your liberties IN CHRIST YOUR LORD and KING, by and through ANY unconscionable assumption and/or presumption that you have placed any trust them at all.

In a recent encounter, my response to a private contracting officer was, “Are you asking me in your private capacity, or are you asking me in your public capacity?” He grinned at me and said, “Have a nice day, sir.” Now, that was the short, sweet and straight to the point. Now, the longer version would be, “Are you asking me in your private capacity, or are you asking me in your public capacity under your lawful oath of office to serve and protect the private people, of which I Am one of, going about my private business in the public trust?” In summary what I just said was, I know who I am, and to whom it is I have pledged my Life and allegiance to serve. And, I also know who you are and who it is you serve. That means I know who you are actually working for, and what your unconscionable intentions are for me. This is when you can reverse the whole situation and say to them, “Are you CERTAIN you want to contract with me?” At this point, it is most likely self preservation will take hold and the agent/officer will leave the battlefield, metaphorically speaking. For the Maxim of Law states, “He who leaves the battlefield first looses.” And so he did.

Now, from what Manon-theland Amerika posted herein above, a new question popped into my mind. That question is, “Are you not under orders to leave the Sons who are free indeed, alone?” Why ask the question this way? First, because this rooted in gospel, and second, because no matter who the contracting officer is, their name, their rank, their office, they are always attempting to collect a TAX! The question is worded in direct association to the parable that speaks of the same. So then, for the officer’s/agents that get it, I am certain they will yield the battlefield, for those that do not, then my famous…

  • I do not consent,
  • I do not understand (means…stand under your authority of my own free will)
  • I do not answer questions, (means…I will not willingly testify against myself but if that does happen, there has been a mistake as that all happened under THREAT, DURESS AND COERCION)

But… Most Of ALL, the grand kick’em to the curb of a declaration is…

  • I HAVE NO TRUST IN YOU! (The BIG Gun – Attorney’s have gotten up and dismissed themselves upon hearing this declaration)

The last one amounts to a NOTICE AND WARNING, and in some cases, it may be what is needed, as well as necessary for and on the PUBLIC RECORD, if you know what I mean.

But, if the private contracting officer will still not STAND DOWN after having been noticed and warned of your non-consent, and your warning not to trespass and/or tread on you and your liberties in Christ as Ambassador FOR Christ, then at that moment have him/her/it escalate the matter to a superior immediately, because it is not only become quite clear that said contracting officer is without certain and especially imperative knowledge that is mandatory for the lawful execution of his/her/it duties, but he/she/it is also a danger to themselves operating UNLAWFULLY which puts the office of their superiors at risk, as well as, AND especially, the community-at-large.

Folks, make no mistake about these things that I write, for what you have discovered in such an event IS finding of fact and conclusion of law based upon the acts and/or inaction’s of the so-called officer and/or agent. This is prima fascia evidence for your claim and/or counterclaim if one needs to be made to make you whole again after being damaged by such ignorance.

So then, upon the finding of such fact(s) and conclusion(s) of law, these things are not to be articulated, or verbalized by any means in front of the overwhelming ignorance on display of the private contracting officer/agent WITHOUT the presents of a superior-supervising officer and/or witness to his mistake. Why? The finding of fact and conclusion of law is based upon the fact that the agents/officers are required and mandated by the law of their oath to serve and protect, not to engage private people in private contracts. Contracting for a private-for-profit corporation does not come under the mandate to serve and protect. So then, this discover is revealed by the actions of the officer/agent, you are now holding your own COURT, right then, right there, in that moment. For said contracting officer and/or agent has clearly demonstrated a misfeasance and perhaps even malfeasance for the execution of their lawful duties to protect and serve in lieu of making some personal private profit and gain. This is worse than moonlighting, foks. Actually, it reveals a double mind.  And are you aware that the first ones that die in war time are the double agents? So then, when anyone expresses and/or articulates by declaration that they DO NOT CONSENT that is the end of the whole matter, unless there clearly is a someone with a valid claim for harm, damage, loss and/or injury. Consent is a GINORMOUS issue, and it is a recognized and protected right in international law and treaty. That is how big your giving notice of your non-consent to contract is. Does that contracting officer really want to risk an international incident by violating International Law and Treaty that his superiors up the ladder are responsible for, and bound to keep?  I would think not.  If they are aware of the ramifications of their actions.

Therefore, be aware of this! If not, then BECOME aware of this, for it will serve you well when you know this knowledge and act upon it FROM YOUR HEART, not out of anger, hate or malice. If you are not aware of how important this knowledge is, then you need to become aware of how and why it is so important and the truth of it that supports its foundation. This I cannot give you, but you can give to yourself by doing your own study and research. The Holy Spirit is a great teacher since she knows exactly what to and what you need to bring you into this knowledge so you can effectively put it into good works.

Most of all know this. Your very liberty in Christ as an Ambassador for Christ is being DIRECTLY challenged by officers and/or agents of the world of the dead when such events take place. The spiritual ramifications of events like this are ginormous! Now, do you see why this is so very important, and why I take the time to write of these things? Even a simple traffic stop is testing your knowledge on these matters. I desire for you to know these things so that you are not suffering under any of the plagues brought about by the lack of knowing how to Govern Yourself Accordingly under the Law Form that you have ELECTED, and have given proper PUBLIC NOTICE of FOR AND ON THE PUBLIC RECORD. This is done so that you are not interfered with and presumed to be in need of being governed by external-outside administrators, such as police officers and other agents of the world of the dead. Again, do you see why this is so very important? And, do you see the spiritual ramifications of these matters? I hope you do.

All of these matters and their associated events are spiritual in nature, whether you agree with this, or not. (Agreement and/or disagreement pertaining to such things is irrelevant to the truth) For it is not what goes into a man that defiles him, but what comes out of him that defiles him. So DO NOT testify against yourself by offering testimony through consent. That is how they get you into and under contract That is how the tax man collecting the temple tax got Peter to consent. Plus, Peter was bit naive and thick headed, so he was an easy mark. The tax man sized him up and took advantage of the opportunity.  Think about it. All Peter had to say back to the tax collector was, “Hey, that’s a great question, lets go ask him. I want to know myself.” To which I am certain that tax collector would have left the battlefield, because he did not want to come fact-to-face with the Son and Heir of God that KNOWS to whom the Son sets free, is free indeed, because the kings of the earth only collect taxes from strangers. NOT from the Sons and Heirs of God in Christ.  For there is a mandatory exception for them!  That is why Manon-theland Amerika posted, “Back in the day the first installment of the Kings and Queens, the Sheriff was told to leave God’s people alone.”  The exemption that some people know of and speak of is IN CHRIST as an Ambassador FOR Christ, and one will only know and truly believe this when faith is revealed in them, and that is directly connected to recognizing, acknowledging and accepting the Kingdom of God IS Within them right here, right now, at this very moment.  If you want to fight the system, or keep fighting the system from within the system, you will never have the redemption that you are seeking.  For redemption only comes by and through the Name above all names, the Heir of ALL things.  The only question that remains to be answered is, “Are you Co-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things,” or do you deny Him?  Remember, if you deny Christ, you shall be denied. But, if by your acts and deeds you profess Christ, then you shall be recognized, acknowledged and accepted as a Co-Heir in Born In Equity WITH Christ.

In conclusion, it is my hope that you will become aware of these spiritual matters. The more people that become aware that these matters are indeed spiritual in nature, the more the world that you want to see will manifest itself before your eyes. This is why it is so often said, “Become the change you want to see.” If you are not already aware that these events are indeed spiritual matters, then the success you will have in operating your private business in the PUBLIC TRUST will be seriously curtailed until you do become aware, recognize, acknowledge and accept the inheritance that you already have in Christ, and fulfill your duties and obligations accordingly as Ambassador for Christ, FIRST! As in, seek first the Kingdom of God WITHIN you and the Righteousness of Christ, your hope of glory, FIRST, making all other things, desires, hopes and dreams a distant second, and THEN… NOT BEFORE… all things that you have need of and/or want, will be added unto you. This does not, and will not work the other way around. The order of precedence has been clearly laid out in the Word of God. One only needs to discover it for themselves and then act upon it. Remember, actions speak louder than words.  Meaning, faith without works is dead.  So then, if you question the Kingdom of God WITHIN right now, then question the Creator for His instruction on this matter, and lets move this creation onward from bankruptcy into the intended abundance of Heaven ON Earth.

Thanks again to Manon-theland Amerika for the inspiration.
See what you made me do. #wink
This is all your fault. :p 😉 🙂

See y’all in and around cyberspace,

  1. bythedog2 says:

    “younitehumanity can you please explain your statement, “The IRS is in place to make record of all things financial…so file the proper forms. The police are in place to take control of the dead….so stop being dead. Redemption is a 1-2-3 step process.” thanks Tony”

    Can you expound on this please?

  2. When you have done everything correctly and you are fully aware of who you are, then no cop will arrest you because the name of your person will be put on the “do-not-detain-list”.

    You were given everything you need to receive full redemption…the only thing that is missing are the thoughts between your ears. If your thoughts do not align with the creator’s intent, then you are operating in the world of the dead and not in the world of the living.
    This is a spiritual battle…those who disregard god’s will, are put in jail…plundered and beat down by a god-fearing government.
    They are the trustees…they are here to protect the “trust”. You are a beneficiary of that trust, however when you act in the capacity of a trustee…the only rights you have are the ones you received from your “master” [Civil Rights].

    The IRS is in place to make record of all things financial…so file the proper forms. The police are in place to take control of the dead….so stop being dead. Redemption is a 1-2-3 step process. It is very easy and straight forward. It is not at all complicated or confusing. You (the general population) have allowed yourself to be corrupted…you refuse to remember who you are. Instead of seeking to blame the (defacto) government for all that is wrong…go look into the mirror. Once you see the light…it will stay with you forever and will never cast a shadow as you walk your path.

    You are in full control…you are the captain of your ship. So go and dock your vessel to keep it out of the hands of the pirates.


    • Onlashuk says:

      Thank you younitehumanity for your reply and comments, which does appear to reveal you have invested a lot of thought in these things.

    • Tony Kool says:

      younitehumanity can you please explain your statement, “The IRS is in place to make record of all things financial…so file the proper forms. The police are in place to take control of the dead….so stop being dead. Redemption is a 1-2-3 step process.” thanks Tony

  3. robinwatkins says:

    Hi! Onlashuk,

    I am not clear on what is stated here. Who does a Police officer work for?

    Surely, the Police officer works for whoever employs them and pays their wages.

    Who ever this is, presumably this is whom the Police officer has an Oath with?

    You write a reference to Code, but do Codes feature in law OR legal?



    • Onlashuk says:

      If you are not clear on what is stated in the blog that I have written, then why did you answer your own question with the following question? If the oath of the private contracting officer is made for the benefit of the PUBLIC, to protect and serve the PUBLIC and the private people making a use of it, then is not putting the interests of anything, or anyone else ahead of that oath a willful breach of said oath? I certain do think so. Nevertheless, Police Officers do exist in duality, whether or not they know this depends upon the knowledge and experience of that particular officer. It is therefore up to us to make that determination. So then, a wise thing to do is to give them a chance to declare to whom it is they are working for and then respond accordingly.

      Legal is the undoing of God’s Law.
      Legal is of the Old Covenant wherein there is no, kindness, mercy, and forgiveness, and it is built upon sinking sand as the codes and statutes of mankind are ALWAYS and CONSTANTLY changing. Who can build anything of value, much less to be long-term, or even eternal on such uncertainly?

      True Law, is of the Trust of the Creator and Father who is the same yesterday, today and FOREVER! Upon the ROCK of Christ the Kingdom of God WITHIN is built and maintained. Upon the foundation of Love, Life and Liberty is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth manifested, in contrast to the ways of mankind who do all things on the foundation of death, decay and destruction, operating under the rules of bankruptcy, debt and usury.

      Certainly you can see from this that the only Law can come from the Creator of the Trust, for all Trust begs Law, and that what is legal is of a lower estate that is the reflected and mirrored image of the upper estate. Two Estates, One Trust. These two must become One, and the only way they can become One is when the right people, at the right place, and the right time, bring the balance of the New Covenant to take away the debt/sin of the world and thus maintain peace between the two covenants as the Peacemaker is bound and pledged to do. For since the King of Kings did not come to destroy the law and the prophets, that is to say, He did not come to destroy the lower estate, or get rid of the lower estate, but to make peace with it so the two can become One, then the Law is brought bring that very balance, which the Legal cannot do because it operation prevents that very thing from happening.

      Only the Sons and Heir IN Christ, who recognize, acknowledge and accept the duties and responsibilities of being peacemaker, Ambassador for Christ, and Royal Priest shall be able to perform accordingly the Will of the Father and thus manifest such things ON this Earth, as it is in heaven.