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It looks like my life is returning to a form wherein I can organize time to get back into some of the studies that I have not been able to keep up with over the past year.  With this re-initialization I have started with the foundation I started from at the beginning of this journey.  What exactly is that foundation?  It is the research and study of words, terms and their definitions.  Yes, I know that a lot of people consider this kind of study to be absolutely boring.  However, I will attempt to explain why I think this area of study is perhaps THEE most important area to constantly remain vigilant with, no matter what the area of research is.  By such research, it is interesting to notice how words and/or terms have differing definitions not only from the many different dictionary author’s, but also, and especially from, the different eras of time.

This is where it all started for me; where I began this trek I pledged myself to seeking and finding the knowledge, understanding and wisdom to answer the questions that I had, and still do have in some cases, about HOW to live life according to its original intent and purpose.  A knowledge that the world-at-large appears to largely be bereft of.  I see words/terms as the foundation through which any deception is played out, and even played with.  The many dictionaries should lead one into the conclusion that where there is a confusion of language, there shall also be a confusion of the people.  To this end, someone is being taken advantaged of, and someone else is making a use of that advantage.  To me, the solution for this is knowledge WITH understanding unto its practical application IN wisdom will indeed render the desired result of the, “Pursuit of happiness.”

Since knowledge can be obtained by study and research, the corruptions and/or non-use of these tools are no doubt a major fulcrum point for how the world has been deceived, and continues to be deceived.  So then, language and how words and terms are defined holds the biggest key to escaping the diabolical deeds that would dare to infringe upon ones pursuit of happiness; and likewise, also infringe upon their God-given liberties.  Since it is true that deception comes through language and the twisting of the meaning of words and terms, then to research and study words/terms is, I would say, a non-negotiable imperative if one desires to free themselves from the bondage of their own ignorance.

Now, why do I feel so strongly about what I call a, “Non-negotiable Imperative?”  Because, the difference between the two estates, and how the lower estate APPEARS to be separate from the High Estate, is perpetuated by and through the redefining of words and terms and how they are defined according to the whims of the one(s) that want to derive an advantage over others.

In contrast to the ones that want to take advantage over the unknowing of others, there is a loving Creator and Father that desire the direct opposite.  This is why it is written of Him, the Most High God, that He is, “The same yesterday, today, and forever.”  In other words, a major connection in knowing and being able to see the difference between the Higher Estate, and a corrupted lower estate, comes with an understanding of the language and how the words and terms are defined. (Note: Just because a lower estate has been corrupted by words and terms, does not mean that the lower estate itself IS corrupt. On the contrary, it is the users that make a use of the estate that make it appear to be corrupt when the estate itself is actually not and never has been, nor will it be).

The Most High God and Father is the same yesterday, today and forever because the words and terms He uses are defined the same, yesterday, today and forever.  In this way, One can ALWAYS count on, without doubt, exactly where they stand in relation to the Most High God, His Word, and the Highest Estate (Heaven is my Throne) governed by and through His Law.  This guarantees that One can accomplish things on a SOLID foundation; upon the ROCK that is Christ, wherein the gates of hell shall never prevail against. Otherwise, the Creator of the Most High Estate is not as He has declared Himself to be… the same yesterday, today, and forever, is He?  If this is so, then we are all doomed!  But, thankfully, it is not.

Now, in contrast to the way that the Most High God does things, we have the history and record of men who desire to do things a different way.  And, to be dreadfully honest, it is not a pretty picture either.  Such a mindset desires to confuse and confound others so that they may take advantage through the words and terms that are used with this kind of heartlessness.  In this lower estate, words and terms are constantly being re-defined so that an advantage is maintained over the willingly, willfully, and woefully ignorant.  This is the kind of Soul who refuse to dive into the knowledge that has always been available to them to clear up such confusion and ignorance.  The most important fact of this knowing this knowledge and putting it into use is that it will keep them free from the malarkey of voluntary enslavement.  You know, the kind of enslavement that you think you are not in, but you actually are.  Remember, the whole world has been deceived.  Do you think you escaped that?  Seriously… honest with yourself, Neo.

This is why building anything upon the foundation of men who are attempting to take the Kingdom of God by force is to build whatever the idea is upon SINKING SANDS instead of the rock solid foundation of the Most High Estate by and through the Name of the Heir of ALL things, as Co-Heir, who is the same yesterday, today and forever.  For as words and terms are redefined, so also the foundation upon which one has built a thing, or an idea, is also torn down and destroyed.  The solution is to build upon a foundation that you know will not change and thus compromise what you have built and/or will build into tomorrow.  Remember the message from the motion picture V.  Idea’s cannot be destroyed.  But, they can be stolen.  Through that theft control is no longer where it rightfully belongs essentially destroying the idea as the other that stole it uses it for their own purposes.

With this I bring to your attention the term that inspired all of this writing.  But, before I get to that term, I want to share with you what has happened each and every single time I engage in a word study.  It is interesting to note that every single time I have engaged in a word study that I have always run across a term that was not the objective, but ends up either revealing an answer to another question that has been in the back of my mind, or clarifying other knowledge.  This study was no different and rendered those exact same results when I ran across the term INFIDEL in BOUVIER’S 1856 LAW DICTIONARY.  Once again, I was not looking for this specific term.  The definition of the term struck an immediate chord because this term is used quite often by a certain religious faith and type to disparage and berate others that do not see, or agree with their religious beliefs.  However, when you read what the definition is for this term, it should inspire a question that can be asked of anyone who dares to use this term against you in a vain-imagination attempt to overlord you and your God-given liberties.  Moreover, the definition of this term led me to a conclusion that clarified more clearly HOW one comes out of Babylon peacefully.  I will share that thought also.  Right now, let’s get started with the definition.

INFIDEL, persons, evidence.
• One who does not believe in the existence of a God, who will reward or punish in this world or that which is to come.
• This term has been very indefinitely applied. (NOTICE INDEFINITELY!)
   – Under the name of infidel, Lord Coke comprises Jews and heathens; and,
Hawkins includes among infidels, such as do not believe either in the Old or New Testament.

*** Now, give your close attention to the following***

2. It is now settled that when the witness believes in a God who will reward or punish him EVEN IN THIS WORLD, he is competent.

• His belief may be proved from his previous declarations and avowed opinions; (NOTICE what it takes to PROVE)

• and when he has avowed himself to be an infidel, he may show a reform of his conduct, and change of his opinion since the declarations proved when the declarations have been made for a very considerable space of time, (ANYONE can REPENT at anytime)

• slight proof will suffice to show he has changed his opinion. (You do not have to jump through hoops, or beg on your knees)


Gulp!  What if this definition is the very catalyst for One’s deemed status?  What if THE SYSTEM of the lower estate that we are ALL born into and under the law of see ALL without a declaration as an infidel per this definition for not having ever declared for and on the PUBLIC RECORD who one is, and to whom it is they have willingly bound themselves to serve?  Isn’t it conclusive that without such a declaration that one is only out for their own benefit at the loss of others?  How else will the PUBLIC know the truth to this matter?  How else does One give notice of the intention and purpose of their heart?  Is there another way to communicate with the administrators of the PUBLIC TRUST?

Did you get what was stated at the beginning of definition number-2?  Read it again.  “It is now settled that when the witness believes in a God who will reward or punish him even in this world HE IS COMPETENT.”  Oh my goodness!  Did that just give away the baby with the bath water for HOW one is recognized to be competent?  Good luck with this if you are an agnostic and/or atheist that has disavowed the fact that you are a created being with a Creator that created your Soul.  If this is where you stand, then you literally have to believe that you created yourself.  News Flash!  This is the epitome of incompetency, because the arrogance of the one holding to such ignorance has indeed blinded them.  Again, good luck with that kind of mindset and trying achieve the goal of competency and going to peace with that which you have rejected.  Do you really want to known as one of the builders that rejected the chief cornerstone?  I certainly hope not.

Part of this journey has been about a return to competency.  Many along with pathway have discovered that we have all been deemed to be incompetent because we have not yet performed certain specific duties that need to be performed to prove emphatically that we have indeed willingly and knowingly accepted all responsibility and liability for all of our works, deeds and actions without fear or reservation.  Until then, there is no valid reason for pursuing the blessings and benefits of the status recognized as competent.

Now, if by chance anyone does achieve this kind of recognition by deceiving others, I have no doubt that the true nature of their heart and desires will be revealed and their status revoked.  For there are a few that have achieved the status of competence for a time, only to have it revoked after they did something foolish, such as buying a lot of unneeded things of material wealth.  This is a clear sign that the carnal mind is still in dominance.

So then, make no mistake about this, folks.  Even if one can win an Oscar by faking being someone that they are not, time will always reveal the truth about such a deception.  This is absolutely why the carnal mind is to be subdued along with all of its desires and passions.  The only way to accomplish this is to make your calling and election sure by crucifying daily the deeds of the body, which is governed by the desires and passions of the carnal mind.  This is why the flesh profits nothing.  This is why dying daily by mortifying the deeds of the flesh IS TO LIVE!  Yet, not I, but Christ in me, as Me.

And, yes, this does have to be done everyday just like you drink water everyday, or take a shower (hopefully) everyday.  You get the picture.  For as long as we live in a body made of flesh this needs to be done daily.  Else, you may be able to cover up the stench for a while, but sooner, or later, all the dirt and grim will show and pronounce itself, very loudly.  As long as the body remains in a flesh form (non-transfigured), then the carnal mind is the primary mind, and it will have to be subdued.  Otherwise, if the carnal mind is not subdued, then it is in dominance and the Christ that is already IN you, is being held in abeyance by that neglect.  If this be the case, then the status and classification of being an infidel is correctly deemed.  So then, make the time, and take the time to make your calling and election sure and pledge your love, life and liberty unto the Most High Estate and the Law that governs all in equity, and the status of infidel shall forevermore cease to exist in your presents.   


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