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Thou Shalt FULFILL The Role of the
and stop playing in,
and/or messing with,
the Role of the MONEY-CHANGERS.
“Be the change you want to see.”


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Learn what you need to know to become a Citizen of the united States of America, (American National) and stop being played as a citizen of the UNITED STATES, a private-for-profit corporation, and the connection between this and your Citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven ON this Earth, as it is, in Heaven.  Remember, Heaven is the First and Highest Estate of the Most High God-Father and Creator of all things.  Earth is the second and perhaps one of many lower estates.  These two must become One!  Where there is division and separation between the two it is because the One that is supposed to bring and maintain balance in all things is divided against himself on the inside.  This must be overcome if one is going to overcome the world.
Since you do not work for WAL•MART, their private policy does not apply to you because you are not an employee of WAL•MART and, WAL•MART’S private policy that governs its employee’s will never apply to you as long as you do not volunteer to become an employee of WAL•MART. If you ever do, this is how you become subject to that private policy, which can be called law, because it is a type of law-form.
It works the exact same way with the UNITED STATES because it is a private corporation located in the 10-mile square boundary of the FOREIGN LAND called the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, which is NOT one of the 50 independent Republics. (Where you aware of that fact?  I know that some of you are, but far to many are not)  From that independent piece of land that stands apart from the union of the several states, the UNITED STATES government administrates both, the Military Industrial Complex as a Corporation, and, the Republic, the union of the several Sovereign states, each an independent  Republic in its own right, bound together in union for the good and beneficial interests of all.
For example, the great state Michigan and MI are not referring to the same thing. Although, the metes and bounds are exactly identical.  MI is the two-letter styling for the territory of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. This is how they extend the territory of the DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA into the union of the several states.  The administrators of the bankruptcy classified MI to be a military enclave and Federal Zone of the UNITED STATES.  So they use the reverse of Michigan state to show it is different and not the same thing as the organic Republic.  This why the territory is called the STATE OF MICHIGAN.  Likewise, of its subordinate subdivisions are also preceded with County Of, City Of, Township Of, Village Of.  All of which are in the military industrial complex.  The Republic puts the identifier of the political subdivision AFTER the name of the land. Michigan state, Wayne County, Detroit City, you get the picture.

The extension of the UNITED STATES into the lands of the several states is also easily identified by its identification number better known as a Zip-Code. (Zone Improvement Program)  Were you aware that before 1976 zip-codes were not in use except by the corporate world.  A little bit if research on the history of zip-codes and the strike of the Post Officer workers will reveal this fact, as well as a few others.  Nevertheless, the POST still got through didn’t it?!  (Did you notice that I used the word POST and not MAIL?)  Even unto to-day you can still send post without the use of a Zip-Code. However, mail does require the use of a zip-code. I have written about this before because this one tiny example reveals that the Republic is still fully intact, and in place, but is being hidden behind the overlay of the military industrial complex, to keep its citizens of the UNITED STATES deaf, dumb and blind.

So then, the Republic is NOT gone, and has never been dissolved!  More importantly, the Republic can never be dissolved.  Why?  Because, the entire corporate world and military industrial complex is built upon the foundation of the Republic.  The very purpose for military industrial complexes existence is to protect the private people, and the estates of the private people, and most importantly the Heir of the birthright and inheritance of those private estates.  Now, do you see why the corporate world must exist at the same time?  Its intended purpose and design is to Serve and Protect the Citizens of the Republic and all of their interests.  The Federal Zone is simply an overlay of the very same identical lands and peoples for the purpose of that administration.  It is meant to protect the PUBLIC TRUST from all enemies both foreign and domestic.  So then, can now see why we were never meant to populate and inhabit the FEDERAL ZONE of the military industrial complex by becoming a citizen of the UNITED STATES? Do you now see the difference between the two, but yet understand why the two are to work as One?  Do you also now understand why you cannot destroy the military industrial complex and thus destroy the purpose that it was intended for and thus destroy the very thing that is designed to serve and protect the private people?
As I have said before, government is not the problem.  The people are the problem.  For government is a reflection of the people.  Why do the people NOT see this connection?  If you do not like what you see being reflected by the government, then become the change you want to see, and those in PUBLIC SERVICE will also reflect this change.  We do get the government that we do deserve, do we not?  It is insane to think otherwise, because then the government would exist completely apart and separate from the people and the people would not be the source of the government, would they?
All you can do is change yourself from within firstly, and then observe the reflection as evidence of that change that you can see manifested outwardly.  And, when you do this, so also will the quality and integrity of the PUBLIC SERVANTS reflect this change.  But, not before then.  The hardest part about this is admitting that I am responsible for the state and operational conditions of government as it is.  Why?  Because, my ignorance, my arrogance and my lack of willingness to learn what I need to learn by unlearning what I do not need to know, has allowed for the government to take its current shape and form, thus becoming a valid reflection of  all of the above.
So then, being angry and mad at the government that is in place is not only foolish, but completely useless and also a total waste of time, energy and effort.  Why?  Because, when it comes down to where the rubber meets the road, you really are mad and angry at yourself for not knowing these things, and for allowing these things to get completely out of control.  The question now is, “Do you want to recognize this and take responsibility for it, so you can now become a part of the change you want to see?”  Furthermore, “Are you also willing to go to peace within yourself first, so that peace can be reflected outwardly, and then translates into all the servants of the PUBLIC TRUST?” If not, then complaining about what you are volunteering for is just plain insane, and it is also why the STATE has protections builtin to make sure it can handle a belligerent hostile and enemy of the state.  Remember, all government is ordained of the Most High God.  Like this or not, agree with this or not.  This is FACT as you will soon see why.  So then, if you stand opposed to government, then you also stand opposed to the Most High God-Father and Creator of ALL Heaven and Earth.  Do you really want to stand adversary against Him?  I certainly hope not!


“For rulers (the governments of men) are not a terror those who do good works, but to those who do evil works. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? (Police Officer, IRS, etc.) Then DO (as in, “be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.) what is good, and you will have praise from the same and be commended. For (the government of men) is the Most High God’s minister to you for your good.”
This is why those in the service of the PUBLIC TRUST are intrusted with protection of the private people. Therefore, those officials are to be above reproach and are to have their own house/estate in order BEFORE they can serve others. “But whoever desires to become great among you, let him be your servant.” Let him be your PUBLIC SERVANT as long as he meets the qualifications accordingly, which are as follows:
• reverent,
• not double-tongued,
• not given to much wine,
• not greedy for money,
• holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscience.
(That means, not an infidel for those of you in LARGO, FL)
So then, all of those willing to serve in the PUBLIC TRUST must be tested to see if they can be found blameless BEFORE they can serve in the PUBLIC TRUST.  Why is this so?  Have you looked at WASHINGTON D.C. lately?  Heeeeellooooo?!  How well are YOU doing with these requirements should be asked FIRST, then how well are the current “Politicians” doing with these requirements?  Do you know why I asked you first and not about the politicians first?  As I have pointed out before, are not the politicians as members of the government a reflection of the people themselves?  Do they not come from the people?  If you can not yet wrap your head around this point, then take whatever time is necessary and go through whatever changes are necessary to unlearn what you have learned, so you can learn what you need to learn so that you CAN see why this is true.  (Especially those of you in LARGO, FL).
What this means that the one desiring to Serve and Protect the private people is indeed fairly accomplished at, “Subdue the Earth and all that is in it.” (This pertains to the desires of the body of flesh through the carnal mind, which husbands are the five senses of the physical nature. This is why the flesh profits nothing)  In other words, a PUBLIC SERVANT must have self-discipline and control of the desires of the carnal mind, because the carnal mind is enmity against the Most High God and His Will.  This means that they are driven by the dominance of the carnal mind, but rather are led and guided by the Mind of Christ, which they already do have.  This is why ANY one who desires to serve in the PUBLIC TRUST is to be reverent, (This DOES NOT refer to any type and style of a Catholic/Pharisee/Levitical/Old-Covenant Priesthood) who does not slander, which is to speak ill-will of others, but who is faithful in ALL things.  Such PUBLIC SERVANTS are to have their household/estate in order, and must rule over their own estate in honor of the self-governance that the Father and Creator Himself is pleased with for His Beloved Sons to know and walk-in.
So then, if one has not yet claimed their birthright inheritance and estate, what are they doing serving in the PUBLIC TRUST?  (This is a 64-gazillion dollar question, isn’t it?)  This should result in a YIKES moment, followed by one very serious SHUDDER as you come to realize the ramifications of this, shouldn’t it?  Because, if no one has claimed their own private estate from the holders of that estate (STATE OF NATIVITY), then who is worthy to serve and protect the private people in their private capacity as they go about their private business in the PUBLIC TRUST?  YIKES!  YIKES!  And more YIKES!  Even an OUCH too, followed by a OMG realization moment!

Now, do you see why you always will have the government that you deserve that is a perfect and true reflection of the people?  How many in government have actually claimed their birthright inheritance and estate correctly in and by the Will of the Father?   A better question is, have you done so yet?   But, think about asking one of these so called PUBLIC SERVANTS that question, and what the reaction will be to it.

In short, the criteria for service in the PUBLIC TRUST is for one to have pledged themselves in a vow of promise to obey the Law of the First and Highest Estate of the Most High God and Father the Creator.   If one has not yet done this yet, then I am of the opinion that they are unworthy to be in the service of the people and in-trusted with the trust of the people.  In other words, if the one desiring to be in PUBLIC OFFICE has not yet claimed their estate, then they cannot be trusted, because they do not Trust in the Most High God their Creator and Father.  How is that for a way to measure the worthiness of one who desires to serve and protect the PUBLIC TRUST, one who desires to be great among us, so they can serve and protect AS a PUBLIC SERVANT?  I tell you the truth, the reflection of those serving in government will not change until the people make this change in their hearts.  This is the key connection between the PUBLIC SERVANTS that are honorable, and the one’s that are dishonorable.

Now, do you see why these requirements need to be addressed for all such candidates that desire to serve in the PUBLIC TRUST?  For those who have served well as PUBLIC SERVANTS obtain for themselves a good REPUTATION and great boldness in the faith which is in Christ.  Again, to correctly claim Ones Estate, one must also claim their inheritance as a Co-Heir WITH Christ, who is the Heir of ALL things.  Something that is done in relation with this is to declare one’s intent and purpose and to whom they serve and the Law-form that they have bound themselves to keep in accordance with, “What so ever you bind on Earth, (The lower estate, the FOOTSTOOL) is bound in Heaven,” (The Estate of the Most High Creator, the THRONE).   It is by the PUBLIC RECORD that all men shall know if the one desiring and aspiring to serve and protect the PUBLIC TRUST is indeed trustworthy, because their words will match their acts and deeds, and there will be record of it.
So then, all I can encourage you to do is to stop playing IN the Federal Zone and to repopulate the Republic for the well being and benefit of not only for your own soul, but also your neighbors and all the estates of all the people.  For the Kingdom of God WITHIN you is not manifested under any form of military jurisdiction, but is manifested through a Republic of faithful people IN Christ who have willingly submitted to the Rule of Law of the First and Highest Estate of the Most High God and Father the Creator.

The Kingdom of God can never be made manifest whilst one is partaking in the world of sin and suffering of the plagues that result with that kind of citizenship.  (Inflation, Deflation, Debt, Bankruptcy, War, Pestilence, Famine…..the list goes on.  These are signs of being cursed for disobedience, not being blessed for obedience)  If you are with the status of citizen of the UNITED STATES, then you have citizenship in the world of dead.  Now, that might be difficult to swallow, but it has to be faced if you are ever going to be successful in correcting the mistake that caused that.  The world of the dead is contrary to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  This why it is full of lack, limitation and unbelief.  Why do you think it suffers from so many plagues?   Whereas, in a Republic, there are no such sufferings because the Citizens of a Republic has fulfilled the Father and Creators passionate desire to, “Come out of her my people,” and have ceased and desisted from, “Participating in her sin, and suffering of her plagues.”  Are you beginning to see the difference a little more clearly?  I hope so.

The Apostle Paul knew the difference between Rome AS a Republic, and Rome as a Military Dictatorship under the Caesars.  The understanding that he had of this difference freaked out the agents/officers/police of the military dictatorship when he informed them that he was born a Citizen of the Republic after they had arrested him and bound him for examination by scourging him.  For you see, Rome was indeed a Republic BEFORE it became a military dictatorship.  And the very exact same thing has happen here with the united States of America, just as it has with ALL Republic’s, no exceptions.
Well, I’ve got some good news for you!  You were born a Citizen of the Republic too!  But, because of ignorance, indoctrination and intimidation, through poor teachings of misguided-misinformation, you sold your birthright inheritance and estate for a SOCIAL INSURANCE policy when you became an Adult (18-years old).  This is the same thing that is depicted by story of Esau and his younger brother Jacob.  Esau sold his birthright inheritance and estate for a mere bowl of soup (pottage), because he despised his birthright inheritance.  He sold his estate to his younger brother, which is a type and symbol for a lower estate and jurisdiction.  This would be the same position as the UNITED STATES being that it is a lower and inferior jurisdiction to the united States of America.
However, you were not aware of the ramifications of that exchange, because you were unaware of what you were giving up in exchange to enter into the SOCIAL INSURANCE racket, which at the heart of it means that you are placing your trust in men.  (SIDEBAR NOTE: Insurance is the opposite of Assurance – You lodge your Trust and Assurance in Christ, because you have the Assurance of the Father and Creator THROUGH Christ that He made the Heir, not man.  Or, by default you lodge your Trust with other men for the sake of having insurance, which can be seen by the naked eye, which is not of faith.  For faith is the only thing that pleases the Most High God, and this kind of faith is not blind faith either)  But, Esau was aware of what he was doing.  So, as long as you are not in the same boat with Esau, then you will not be found to be with the same status assigned to Esau for selling his birthright inheritance and estate to someone/something else for nothing.  The Most High God the Father and Creator said of this unconscionable act and deed, “Esau I hated, but Jacob I loved.” And the reason for that is laid out quite plainly herein above.
Nevertheless, there is still more good news! You can take back your birthright inheritance and estate at any time!  Why?  Because, not only are you the beneficiary of the original Trust that your Parents UNKNOWINGLY created to hold your birthright inheritance and Estate in-Trust by the STATE OF NATIVITY.  But, more importantly, you are also the HEIR!  A dead entity can never-ever-never-ever-never (times infinity +1) be an Heir of anything.  For the dead know nothing!  And, since the dead know nothing, the dead know not how to make a claim, and cannot make any claim whatsoever.
But, you being alive and well, and not dead beyond the sea, as you are presumed to be, because you volunteered for SOCIAL INSURANCE and used your true inheritance to obtain that bit of nothing in exchange, can indeed make a lawful and righteous claim as the Heir and Beneficiary AS Joint Heir WITH Christ who IS the Heir of ALL things!  No exceptions!  Are you getting the BIG PICTURE yet?  This is why the Kingdom of God is WITHIN you right here, right now, and always has been, and always will be!  This is why an infidel will not succeed with accomplishing this.  So, Son and Heir of the Most High God in Christ, what are you going to do about this mistake?  Or, perhaps when are you going to do something about it is a better question to ask, yes?
The STATE OF NATIVITY took your place as beneficiary by unlawfully transferring the property of your estate from its original Trust into a Trust that they created for themselves so that they would become the beneficiary.  “Oh! LOOK! This is the Heir. Come, let us KILL him so his inheritance may become ours.”  Does this sound familiar to you?  IT SHOULD!  Because, that is exactly what happened to all of us and our estates the day right after we were, “Born of a woman under the law.”  Those that plotted to steal our birthright inheritance and estate did that to us when we were but infants, and our parents were in complete ignorance of what they had done creating the Trust that was to hold the property of the Estate and Birthright Inheritance.  So these thieves caused us to suffer a civil death, NOT a literal one.  (You need to understand this if you are going to reclaim your birthright inheritance and estate)  This stripped us the ability to have our equitable titles turned into legal USE titles by a worthy trustee in the PUBLIC TRUST.  This is part of what a good and honorable PUBLIC OFFICIAL is to do for the private people so that they can remain in the private and not trespass into the PUBLIC where they do not belong performing the duties of the trustee.  This is also how one redeems property out of debt without money.  For you and I were redeemed without money, likewise, we are also to the do the same, forgiving the debts of others.  (Read and Re-Read and REREAD that again, and again, and again….etc.  You get the picture)  So remember this much if you remember anything at all about this.  Although they are the beneficiary of their own Trust (Social Insurance), they can never-ever-never-ever-never (times infinity +1) be or even become the HEIR!!!  For God makes the Heir, not man.  What did man make?  Man made the corporations.  The STATE OF MICHIGAN is a corporation.  Yet, its logo/name/title is at the top of all birth certificate issued by that STATE OF because the property of the Heir is in their Trust.  A Trust that the STATE OF MICHIGAN and all of its political subdivision is the beneficiary.  The only way to put a stop to this is to reclaim your birthright inheritance and estate lawfully, “The Way,” that is intended by the Most High God the Father and Creator.
Again, why is this?  The answer is simple, because the MAXIM is very plain.  “God makes the Heir, not man!”  Check into this maxim, for this maxim, like all others maxims, can never be challenged!  Its stands on its own as fact and truth, and it IS ACCEPTED LIKEWISE by all jurisdictional subdivisions of men.  This is why I have given a stern warning those that do not believe in the Most High God.  An unbeliever will encounter problems making a lawful and righteous claim to their birthright inheritance and estate simply because they refuse and/or do not recognize where the great gift of their Life has come from.  Think about that for a couple of moments.  You have indeed received everything you need for life and godliness, a tremendous gift from your Creator.  But, yet you still going to try and claim the gift of your birthright, inheritance and estate without even one word of thanks to the One whom bestowed it upon you?  Now that’s gratitude for ya.  So then, tell us all why you should receive it whilst you abide in such a state of denial as an infidel?  You want to be recognized to be the Heir and Beneficiary, yet you will not recognize, acknowledge and accept The One who is the Grantor and Creator is of that gift.  Think again my friend………think long, think hard, but do think again!  This is why one cannot be an infidel and make this claim righteously.  There is no righteousness for an infidel.  How could there be?

This is why an agnostic, or an atheist, or even the New Age types that use foreign and obscure replacement names for the Most High God, (such as Source, Universe) will have many more challenges to overcome to regain their birthright inheritance and estate.  It is still not impossible, for nothing is impossible with the Most High God.  So then, you will understand now, why an infidels claim for their birthright inheritance and estate will be denied.

Which of you does not know the name of your mortal-physical-father-of-the-flesh that inhabited a body of flesh?  Which of you does not know the name of your Ever Living Creator and Father?  Perhaps you do not know because you fail to recognize Him, so you are likewise not recognized yourself by him.  Remember, “We love because HE Loved Us FIRST!”  That demands a response of recognition at the very least.  So, to deny that you do have a Creator and Father is to deny your own very Life and existence.  In other words, you are foolishly committing suicide.  Like it or not, agree with this or not, the tutors and governors have a duty to make sure that you do not get back your inheritance until you most certainly have, “REACHED THE TIME APPOINTED OF THE FATHER.”  Such a mindset of unbelief is unworthy of that restoration.  Are you getting the picture yet?

Now, what you going to do with this tiny little drop in the bucket of my testimony?  Stay in the world of the dead, which is the world administrated by corporations, which is the public.  Or, are you going to find out what you need to learn and unlearn to enable and empower yourself to move back into the Republic, and once again be recognized as the Heir and Beneficiary of the God-given inheritance and estate you were bestowed with by the Most High God-Father and Creator IN Christ the day you were born?
Know this, a Republic is the best form of the Government of the Most High God on this Earth, as it is in Heaven.  In other words, it reflects the government of God because it is a Trust!  It perpetuates the Liberty One has IN Christ by demanding that all of its Citizens be self-governing, because your reliance for guidance is coming from WITHIN where the Kingdom of God IS, not without, where men lie-in-wait to convince you that you need their protection through insurance.  By attribute alone, this translates into meaning that government is small and FAR less intrusive, to nearly being entirely non-intrusive.  No other form of government recognizes your status as a Joint-Heir WITH Christ.  That fact alone should be more than enough to prompt a very serious investigation on your part for the sake of your own Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Now, do you see why you must learn the difference between being a citizen of the UNITED STATES, and a Citizen of the united States of America as an American National?  If not, I certainly do hope you want to learn about the difference at the very least.  But, if not, that is your decision.  Just cease and desist to complain about the circumstances and situation that you have willing volunteer for.  For it is just plain crazy to whine, cry and complain about what you have willingly volunteered for.  Otherwise, you do agree, now IS the time to start learning the things you do need to know, and unlearning the things that are worthless so that you can move out of the realm that requires tutors and governors to administrate you and your estate, and into the realm wherein you have taken upon yourself the full mantel of that authority and responsibility in the Name of the King of Kings.  If this is so, then I most certainly do have my well wishes in the completion of the GREAT journey and quest that you are embarking upon, if you are not already traveling that strait and narrow path seeking the gate at the end of it that few find.






  1. KC Sheridan says:

    Indeed Onlashuk…all the words you write are true….without the Most High God as the center of our focus and blessed with His Assurance, all else is built on sand.

    John Adams warned us:

    “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion . . .

    Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  2. I greatly appreciate your writings. I hear the message but I see small blips in the sentence structure. Peace!

  3. absolutely phenomenal and timely…I get it! ~ Almighty Father God, the Creator, I continue to bow my knee to You and Your only Begotten Son, the Beloved in whom You are Well Pleased…I walk through the Door to find pasture. Thank you for leading me beside the Stillwaters and making me to lie down in green pastures and see Your Handiwork. Work in my heart to know what is true and rightly divide the Word without getting mixed up with strange fire in any way…Please…to the glory of Your Holy Name. You promise to keep me as the Apple of Your Eye if I will dwell under the Shadow of the Almighty where no foe can withstand. I ask for your hedge of protection to be around me and my mind that there be no doctrines that are of seducing spirits and the vain philosophies of man being leaven to leaven the whole lump. Keep me from presumptuous sins…I want to be pure before you and unadulterated by any wrong interpretations. In advance I thank you for establishing my thoughts by Your Holy Spirit.