The Unalienable Responsibility of We the People

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Many people are very upset about the current political, economic and social conditions of the Union of the Several States. That’s the American Republic for those of you “Residents” and “Federal Employee’s” IN LARGO, FL. Well, do not read any further, because you are not going to like what I have to say about this. Instead, go back to your video games, your McDonald’s, and your TV remote for your favorite sporting distractions. Let those who are willing to undertake ALL of the duties, responsibilities and obligations for maintaining the Law of the Land do what they do best…..sacrifice….even for your sake.

Here’s the big ugly concerning WHY both political parties were able to mess with the great American Republic, and you are not going to like it. For….we the people fell asleep at the wheel. We the people are supposed to drive this Republic in the direction that we want it to go. We do this by taking our own personal sovereignty, which comprises all of our God-given unalienable rights and liberties along with all the knowledge, history and law to support any claim that needs to be made in honor of the Law of the Land.

But, in these modern times of to-day, the people are bereft of this knowledge as well as the desire to obtain and maintain it. In regard to this claim, can you answer and explain correctly what the difference is between “Unalienable Rights” verses “Civil Rights” and how these to two are similar and/or different, along with their origin? As an American National and State Citizen of one of the 50 individual Republics of the Union of Several States, are you aware that it is your duty and responsibility to know this? Furthermore, can you answer and explain how citizenship fits into ALL of this? This will be quite the challenge for the majority of you as many have no idea HOW citizenship is one of the main fulcrum points that has allowed for the current situation that the people of this great American Republic are facing. This explains very well HOW the main two political parties have been able to do what they have been doing since the late 1800’s. Again, “We the People,” have fallen asleep at the wheel and have allowed our servant to become the Master. Shame on us for allowing this debacle.

So then, if you want someone to blame, then look in the mirror. That is the one you need to blame, and that includes all of us. No one is an exception to this for we have ALL contributed to the current political, economic and social conditions. What you do not want to hear is the fact that Government is a reflection of the people! Yes it is! Where else do the officials that occupy the public offices come from? Agree with this or not, like this or not, THIS IS A FACT OF LIFE we all have to deal with!

The fact is, “When good men do nothing evil flourishes.” How else does it perpetuate itself other than for good men who honor truth and justice to sit by the side and do nothing? In order to redeem ourselves, we must reverse the cause, which core is our prolific ignorance of the duties, obligations, and responsibilities to manage and administrate our own Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Former Command-in-Chief and CEO of the private corporation United States (SEE: Organic Act of 1871, Buck Act of 1940, and Title 28, §3002 (15) (A) for the definition of United States) President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said it best in the 21st paragraph of his Jamestown Exposition speech, April 26, 1907….

“As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If for lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. THEY CAN PREVENT THE NEED OF GOVERNMENT FROM WITHOUT ONLY BY SHOWING THAT THEY POSSESS THE POWER OF GOVERNMENT FROM WITHIN. A sovereign can not make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober under standing and a sane and steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest.”

Again, I say, this is the solution as spoken by Teddy Roosevelt, THEY CAN PREVENT THE NEED OF GOVERNMENT FROM WITHOUT ONLY BY SHOWING THAT THEY POSSESS THE POWER OF GOVERNMENT FROM WITHIN. Now, the question is do you know HOW one shows that they posses the power of self-governance? I will bet the farm that if you have read this far, that only a couple of you will have the correct answer.

Nevertheless, I will leave the answer of this most important and worthy question for each of one you to answer, or not. But, I exhort you, it is indeed a most worthy question to ponder and seek after an answer for not only this, but to also look further into these matters. For there is much to be undone and much more to be accomplished, and We the People have not yet begun to honor what the Founding Father’s created and gave to us all equally and in Equity.

  1. bbk1492 says:

    Good points all. Here’s another cautionary tale of equity…
    What if… Creator’s commandments were our primary motive?
    What if… our rebellion to “them” and “they” were misguided attacks on Creator’s servants? (see parable of the talents)… In fact those who claim to love God, yet hates his brother is a liar… ? and liars are outside the Kingdom?
    What if… our “warfare” upon those we imagine are ‘against’ us (jesuits), is rebellion against Creator’s servants? (see parable of talents, prophet Balaam and the book of Job)
    What if… our “warfare” is spiritual and our weapons our spiritual? and the “armor” we are to don is spiritual without any back-plate? and the ‘sword of truth’ our only weapon? requiring us to only move forward with the truth, with confidence Creator has our back (Psalms 91)? This removes all ‘anti-“ action and puts us 100% on the offensive (only overcoming with love – )
    What if… we have no chance of ‘victory’ until we are “born again”? And the only ‘weapon’ of our ‘warfare’ is our faith? For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world– our faith.
    What if… equity requires we be doing equity, to receive equity… does that mean we can be ‘against’ God’s Servants (Jesuits) when they are carrying out the judgments (as adversary- see Job)… over a disobedient people? Do we have a right to complain against God’s servants carrying out the judgments until we are in obedience ourselves and under grace? Even then, do we ‘complain’ or do we overcome with ‘faith, hope and love’?
    What if… “religion” is being re-legioned to Rome… and ALL ‘church’ is idolatry? all meaning BOTH protestant (protestors) and catholic (the breast)? because ALL rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft and being a “protestant” = a rejection of the word of YHWH (the LORD) and the New Covenant (resulting in neo-phariseeism)?
    What if… equity demands we repent of our protestantism? and end our rebellion against Catholicism thru our new birth into a New Covenant that requires a Narrow Path walk as a peaceful warrior?
    What if… as students and kings in training, we begin walking the equitable path we are learning in the priesthood of equity?
    What if… as born again new creations, after the image of Christ… walking a new narrow path of “The Way” shown to us by the King of kings and High Priest… we instead learn the path of obedience… of love.. that overcomes the world-order… an example, a light on a hill, the salt that purifies…
    What if we are then without ‘sin’.. without ‘rebellion’… and walking the narrow path of kingship (trusts, separate and ‘holy’ from all covenants with the ‘heathen’)… and priesthood (equitable… in grace, without any accusation but the peaceful path of the overcomer walking in the Two Greatest Commandments: love God, and our neighbor as our selves?) then are we law fulfillers? without ‘transgression’ / sin… doing equity so we might receive equity?
    Does such a walk excuse ANY rebellion against ‘them’ and ‘they’? isn’t it time we put away these ‘childish things’ (rebellion) and move on into spiritual adulthood (obedience)?
    What if we could all grow up to this higher ideal, and walk the path of New Covenant Aikido (way of peace and harmony of the spirit) and the Narrow Path of the Peaceful Warrior (the priest and king after the order of Melchezidek … a peacemaker walking the narrow path of the Prince of Peace ????
    What if we are in need to move into a higher existence… to be equitable? to remove all resistance from our heart… to love our ‘enemy’ . to forgive the imagined ‘trespass’… because thru forgiving our trespassers our trespasses are forgiven?
    What if… we need to rise above our teachers? and move into true equity? because only faith, hope and love abide? And to descend into anything lower is a transgression of what we are called to do by the greatest commandments?
    What if we need to let go of all rebellion, and see the higher purposes of the True Sovereign Creator and judge not, lest we be judged? we aren’t called to be finger-pointers, but to obedience… and that obedience requires our walk as peacemakers… not resisting cops, nor being contrary to judges, nor be exposers of evil, nor resisters of false systems, but proponents of the Way.. the path of the Peacemaker… as Sons of God? what if the highest equitable calling is as peacemaker? and to have ‘clean hands’ and to ‘do equity’ is to be a peacemaker forgiving our trespassers so we might achieve equity in overcoming the world order?

    SOI on why ALL churches are IDOLATRY:
    What is The Ecclesia? Is Church another American idol?
    “Ecclesia” is a different word with an entirely different meaning than “kuriakos” (“church”). Eventually, through the manipulation of organized religion, “church” came to replace “ecclesia” by popular acceptance. The Greek “ecclesia” was “a civil body politic.” This phenomenon had nothing to do with building and attending churches. Churches ecclesias.
    Part One: What Is The Ecclesia?
    Part Two: Is It A Church? Is It A Cult? Is It Important?
    Part Three: Life On The Plantation

    Cautionary tale of equity… because if we aren’t equitable, equity won’t come to our aid… to be without sin… is the only way to find our ‘relief’ (justice)… to be blameless, without sin… under the grace of Christ… holding no grudge, making no business out of neo-phariseeism… no finger pointing… but pointing the way to equity, the path of righteousness.. the path of the peaceful warrior… the new covenant aikido of someone practicing the martial art of peace and harmony of the spirit… overcoming the ‘flesh’…. to live after the new spirit we are born into … IF we are born again, after that new covenant ‘birth’ under the 2nd Adam (Christ)… meaning we die to all resistance… to all lusts of the flesh.. to be new spiritual beings… growing into spiritual adulthood… putting away all resistance… becoming kings and priests after the Order of Melchizedek… becoming masters of trusts and equity… to create a separation from the world order, to special deposit our inheritance from our Creator into a new Covenant to carry out the Father’s business here on earth, as it is in heaven. … then… maybe.. we’ll be on our way to finish our walk, as conquerors… for the glory and victory of the Kingdom hear on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

  2. Hey brother! It’s a while since you’ve written a post! I missed them :- ) I believe one of the important steps to beginning our trek back to our Creator is by placing ourselves back into our proper status as “nationals” (not US nationals) and state Citizens (union state). This appears to be an important step where one can freely express themselves in honoring God and serving people.

    I’m currently trying to get this done through the deceitfulness of the passport. I say deceitfulness because it is NOT created with good intentions in mind, but only to keep one in their current state, which is a federal citizen and this is not where we should be.

    I have a lot to learn in regards to this “CONstruct” and I study daily, searching as a Berean in how to exit it as peacefully as possible because I have no qualms with it, it’s there, and like you said, had been allowed and created to become what it is today…..confusing and chaotic.

    If people are considered the “body” of Christ on this earth, if the “spirit”, which I believe is sovereign since it emanates from the ONE true soverreign, and the vessel (body) which houses the spirit, and it is said that the “kingdom of God is within you”, and ALL comes from the Creator, then we had better wake up!

    We must within ourselves want change for a better world and cannot depend on others to fix it for us or complain about how unhappy we are in its present state and expect those few that presume to hold all authority to fix it! We each must walk our our path in finding our way back, though sometimes it’s nice to have others of like mind to be encouraged. This is very difficult soetimes to find, as people who are enlightened about how to go about returning back to our proper place within a protected state of the union as a “national” and state Citizen, either don’t want to help others, want to charge their brother/sisters an exhorbant amount of fake money (which is hard to com by, or just don’t give a hoot to do this!

    I’m myself, am struggling along, little by little, maybe even turtle speed, due to my fear of encountering opposition, but I’m definitely moving and gaining power, knowledge, wisdom and comprehension along the way, where fear is much less and strength/love in the Creator and the divine within me is growing stronger. None of us were ever meant to be slaves…………we should be highly allergic to it!lol Yet, far too many of us don’t see that this is what we have been most of lives and we have also caused it by not trying to correct these things and leaving it to others to do.

    I appreciate your posts and look forward to seeing more of them.