THE GAME CHANGER RETURNS — Self-Governance -or- Self-Destruction

Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2016 in Born Without Money

The only way that the Establishment-Elite of the International Bankers, their priesthood of Attorney’s/Politicians (A.K.A. Pharisee’s), and the Captains of Corporations, whose corporations are administrated by Attorney’s BEHIND closed doors, can win, is if Mankind lets them win. The only way Mankind lets them win is if by folly or fickleness we choose to SELF-DESTRUCT by the power of our own ignorance and incompetence, rather than electing to chose to become and remain SELF-GOVERNING from WITHIN! [Whew! That’s a one heck of a loaded statement to begin this blog with].

Recently, I was taking a moment to enjoy some rest and relaxation. I decided to cruse YouTube® for some video enjoyment and I found myself watching some Star Trek clips. (As if that were out of the normal for me) When I watched Star Trek III – Destruction of the USS Enterprise,, it inspired the post of this blog. I also watched, Star Trek – Destruction Sequence, which is a clip from an episode of the original series, and it is a timely episode for the current circumstance taking place in America. As I watched this one, I envisioned mankind as Captain Kirk, and the two aliens in the role of the International Bankers; who, by the way, were at war with each other over the difference in the color of their skin… of all the worthless and futile things to fight about. Perhaps this hatred is what they are projecting into the thoughts of Mankind to divide them, and especially to keep them blind and ignorant of the truth about who and what they truly have already been given so that they can keep their lofty positions of power, albeit an illusion, over Mankind.

Nevertheless, the real question is, “Who ultimately not only has the power, but also the authority to order the computer (An allegory for Your Life) to do, or not to do, to self-destruct, or not to self-destruct? Do you, or don’t you? Sadly many people will confess that they do not. To those that confess this I ask, why do you testify against yourself? Do you not know that this is how the enemy makes their case against you, by using  your own testimony against you? I would encourage and admonish you to be a lot more kind, merciful and forgiving towards yourself. If you do not testify against yourself, then how is anyone going to bring a righteous and valid claim against you? But, what does this say about responsibility unto Self-Governance when someone actually does bring a valid claim for a justifiable cause of harm, damage, loss and/or injury? For the one that wishes to Self-Govern there is no escaping the responsibilities of honor and justice if one desires to maintain rule over their own Life IN Self-Governance.

Perhaps the failure of under standing Self-Governance, and all of its duties, obligations and responsibilities is why the world has ended up in its current conditions and circumstances, yes? Have not all of us participated in this mess to some extent? Is there anyone that can claim to be without blame, and do so in honor? For either we are all equals in this mess together, because, “We hold [this] truth to be self-evident that all men are created equal,” (“Equal Rights equals Equal Blame” — For this preserves the balance between the two) or we might as well self-destruct now for allowing the imbalance to continue unabated. Why wait for the countdown to complete its count? For to place blame and point the finger is continuing the count down unto self-destruction regardless. And remember, that countdown cannot be stopped after the count reaches 5-seconds. (Actually, Captain Kirk was bluffing on that part, but you would have to be a Star Trek geek to know that, lol. No, I just did not testify against myself, lol!). Do you see what I mean?

So then, that’s it, right? Let’s just give up, right? Someone else has got to fix this mess for us, right? If that is so, then what of your own culpability in the creation of this mess? How are the books going to be balanced for your part of the imbalance? Does this not leave you a debtor, if you abandon your duty and responsibility to bring and/or preserve the balance? Is not a debtor a sinner? I can just here some saying to this, “Well, Jesus took away all the sin of the world, you idiot! Get a clue!” Yes, He did take away all the sin of the world, which in the Hebrew, the same word is used for Sin and Debt. Nevertheless, did that act and deed issue to Mankind a license to be irresponsible and non-self-governing? Certainly not!

So then, how could anyone expect someone else to come and clean up their mess for them and not be indentured UNDER them and their law as a slave rightly is to be? In other words, if someone else clean up our mess for you, then how can you be worthy of no longer being, “Under governors and tutors,” and thus a slave? You are aware that there is a difference between being, “UNDER THE LAW,” and, “EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW,” yes?

But some will say, “It is much better to be a slave of God then of men.” Really?! Do you really think that the Most High God wants slaves instead of Beloved Sons in whom He is well pleased? Certainly not! So then, when the Lord Jesus the Christ said, “I no longer call you slaves, but brothers,” that has no baring on this either? No admonishment of encouragement, perhaps come out of needing to be administrated and governed by an outside source, and start to do it from the source WITHIN you? Do you mean to say that there is no implied meaning of a mandate to progress from being a born of a woman under the law, and thus a slave, into Self-Governance? On the contrary, there most certainly IS! Nevertheless, if you elect to act like a slave, then why shouldn’t you be treated like a slave? (There are great examples of this in LARGO, FL, already. Why follow that example?) Yet, you still demand your liberty and to not have your “Civil Rights,” violated. You know not of what it is that you are asking for, because you have yet to discover and under stand the glaring difference between mere revocable civil rights, and God-given unalienable rights. Furthermore, who said a slave has any rights in the first place, much less any liberty? Know ye not that a slave can own nothing, not even himself? Does not a right arise out of ownership? Or, is this under standing too elementary for you? Where is your liberty now? I’ll will clue you in to where your liberty is, and how it is realized and can be manifested.

Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the FatherEven so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world. But when the fullness of the time had come, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.”

[That we might return as a prodigal son and once again be recognized to be “Equals BEFORE the Law,” as we all once were BEFORE we left the habitation of the First Estate and that natural-born status we had thereof. Now, what kind of drugs were we taking when we all made that mistake of folly to remove ourselves from that Estate?]

Are you going to let this enemy of your Soul defeat you? Or, will you challenge yourself to go see beyond the distractions and thus clearly see the man behind curtain (The so-called Emperor without clothes) that has been yanking your chain, so you can mature enough to see beyond ALL the physical barriers and distractions being used to blind Mankind Spiritually? You are aware that the jury is still deliberating on the answer to this question, are you not? Yet, still, most people are awaiting a second coming to settle this matter for them, as well as answer this question for them, as well as fix the world…for them, too.

Consider for a moment what happens if someone else answers that question for you. How will you prove yourself worthy of the inheritance that already inheres you, if YOU do not give your own answer from that which is already IN you? You are a Joint-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, are you not? What part of that is without duty, obligation and responsibility for Self-Governance in The Way and of Keeping the Law of the Covenant if ye so wish to honorably enter back into it? The only way to receive the full pardon is to recognize, acknowledge and accept all that goes with the full pardon.

The Father says that Mankind is already the Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. Do you think this only applied to one Man? Certainly not! For this applies to ALL Mankind without exceptions. For inasmuch as He said it unto the One Man, that One Man is the entire whole of Mankind for time and eternity, and there are no exceptions for this at all as the maxim is, “All are Equals BEFORE the Law,” and “God makes the Heir, not Man.”

However, history, right up to this very present moment testifies that because of mankind’s Spiritual immaturity, he has forgotten himself, who he is, and what he has already entered into and received. This creates an imbalance doesn’t it? How does this not dishonor the great gift already received the day we were born INNOCENT?! There are no exceptions to this unless you were hatched like a reptilian. {Wink} Are not all babies born INNOCENT? Who would have the audacity to say otherwise beside the Establishment-Elite and their trained Priesthood?

I do recall of just such a poor example recorded in John 9 wherein the Pharisee’s, a Priesthood and thee “Attorney’s” of that day, outright accused the former blind man of being born IN sin. That means that they dared to accuse an INNOCENT newborn baby of being a sinner. Is this what you do with your family, friends and neighbors? Do you really want to be known to have the same attitude and disposition of the Pharisee’s? I certainly hope not. Nevertheless, how is such a claim not doing harm, damage and injury to the one being accused of such? Does not this mere accusation go directly against the Will and Judgment of the Father as well as His “Good Opinion” of you? (Doxa – “You are my beloved Son in whom I AM well pleased.”) Is there not a clearly determine judgment for such a one making this kind of claim for them to be tied to a millstone and cast into the sea? There most certainly is. That alone should properly demonstrate how seriously such an accusation is to be handled, and how the Most High God sees it as a very damaging outright lie, which also harms Him as well, because HE DOES NOT SEE US THAT WAY, but only as His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. Therefore, the Doxa does not apply to only One Man but to ALL of Mankind, without exception! For when the Doxa was spoken unto the One, ALL through the One are blessed AS each one determines to elect to Walk the same path, and enter into the same Covenant WITH all the rest equally.

So then, why do you think you were born as a baby in the first place and simply not beamed down here by Mr. Scott? The Father wanted to make absolutely certainly that you and I under stand just how innocent He sees, knows and perceives us. The only question left unanswered is, “Do we know as well as under stand this, or not?” Are you willing to recognize, acknowledge and accept this, or do you wish to testify against this based upon the works, deeds and actions of the flesh? If so, then how can the, “Flesh profits nothing,” be applied and honored for you?

The truth that a lot of people do not want to face is the fact that we got ourselves into this mess by our own self-determination; acting upon our own Liberty to literally abandon our duties, obligations and responsibilities to be Self-Governing. This goes directly to the core for all of the problems we now face on this planet. Whether these things come from wars and/or rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, greed, it matters not! For if the people are with the power and authority for Self-Governance that is natural to them, then these things would not be taking place, would they?

Therefore, we made our own mess. So then, how is it that we are not responsible to fix and correct our own mess? How is it that you would think, feel and/or believe that someone else has got to come back (Return) to straighten out the mess that we created out of our own folly and fickleness? It is time to Get Genuine (Real can be Faked, Genuine cannot be faked) folks as this does not jell with responsibility unto Self-Governance. Or, do you say otherwise? Furthermore, how is anyone else responsible for cleaning up the mess that we all made of this planet together unless we are incompetent, unworthy and ignorant? Do you see why the United States Corporation uses those very designations to describe us? Not to also mention the fact that they also claim we are infants as well. Are we not acting like this in our daily actions? Do you really want that stigma attached to your character and reputation? That is what you are admitting to if you are looking outside of yourself for someone else to clean up the mess that we have all created and participated in hereon this planet. It is in fact overwhelmingly irresponsible to not admit the mistakes made so that we can take ownership and have the Natural Right arise out of that claim to empower the ones so making that claim both the power and authority to fix it.

The Good News is, You have [already] been given everything you need for Life and Godliness.” The question is, have you gone beyond belief to KNOWING this…to TRUSTING this? By this declaration it is clear that mankind is most certainly with the capacity and ability to fix and correct ALL of his problems. However, the difficulty is coming to see, know and under stand this, because the people do not desire to see with “Sight beyond Sight” as they are constantly allowing themselves to be distracted and stimulated by things outside of themselves, thus hindering themselves to become aware of what is already WITHIN them. (Leave the hindering to the Pharisaical-Attorney’s that is after all, why there is a WOE/Curse unto them) This is one of the main reasons why one cannot see, but is nevertheless still looking with their physical eyeballs to observe by observation that which cannot be seen because it is WITHIN them. This is why it is written, “Blessed are those that do not see, and yet believe.” This is also why corporate religious organizations have been a tool designed for the purpose of working against such knowledge and insights to prevent the members of the certified churches from coming to see and know what they have already been given, and are already in possession of, which is the key to Self-Governing and to not being defeated by the enemy of our Soul, and thus literally Self-Destructing just like you saw the Enterprise do in the aforementioned video linked above.

Never forget, “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” This is a PRESENT TENSE declaration. It is not declared in a Future Tense. Yet, many of you are still waiting for something down-the-road to happen or take place…for another day, for another moment, instead of coming to the realization that to-day is the very day and moment that you are seeking is here RIGHT NOW! Where are you, if you are not here, Right Now? What time is it, if it is not NOW?! What are you, if you are not present IN THIS MOMENT? Perhaps this is why some of you may have a difficult time perceiving that all you do have is just this moment, and this moment is more than enough. For as one moment ends, a new one beings, and this is what eternity is made from.

This is why the Lord Jesus the Christ said that you will never see the Kingdom with observation saying, “The Kingdom of God DOES NOT COME with observation.” For the Kingdom can only be experienced from WITHIN. This is something that Herbert W. Armstrong NEVER understood, and neither do the many splinter groups that were born from that stirred up pot of deceptive-doctrinal-turmoil. Yet this is the very KEY to the peace that surpasses all understanding. This is the very KEY OF DAVID that is the door that opens that no man can shut. It is not owned and taught by some Religious Organization’s ego-tripping televangelist teaching that they are the one and only true church. ON THE CONTRARY, this kind of teaching is counter productive and has a negative impact on Spiritual growth and insight as those that attend such certified churches are looking to a Man as their superior, and not as their Equal.

The Key of David is the knowledge of knowing that,The Kingdom of God is presently WITHIN you at this very moment.” It is the KEY to the door that no man can open, and that no man can shut, because no Man can give this knowledge to you, or open your mind to the revelation of this knowledge. This is the KEY that ONLY Christ IN you, AS you, AS the Beloved PRODIGAL Son in whom the Father is well pleased…for TRUSTING IN HIS WORD that the Kingdom of God is ALREADY yours to possess at this very moment, AS a Lawful Joint Heir with the Heir of ALL things…Christ,… IS INDEED THE ONE WITH THE KEY THAT OPENS THAT DOOR! No pastor, preacher, and/or priest types have the KEY to opening, or closing this door; thank goodness! Sorry Gerald Flurry, but you are very incorrect as you are still trying to, “Take the Kingdom of God by force.” That means, by OBSERVATION, which is by violence as the flesh cannot inherit with the Spirit. It is absolutely forbidden because the flesh makes war against the Spirit, which means you are attempt to commingle two different law-forms. That’s adultery! Therefore, I admonish you Gerald, cease and desist from the folly of teaching double mindedness.

This goes for any Religious Organization that dares to teach a physical return that can be viewed and seen with the physical eyes of observation directly against that which is clearly expressed in Scripture itself. In short, if you are looking for a physical return that you can observe with your physical eyes, then you are looking in the wrong place, and you are mixing the physical with the Spirit. So you will never see it until you do change your mind and start to look with Sight Beyond Sight. (Look for the Spirit…by the Spirit; not, by your physical eyeballs) Therefore, the Kingdom of God will not manifest outside of you, and through you, and from you UNTIL you go WITHIN to commune directly with the Father AS His Beloved Son in whom He is well pleased. You have got to know this and especially place your complete non-withholding Trust in this.

This means that you have got to cease and desist from calling yourself a, “Sinner,” which of course is contrary to popular corporate-christianity and one of its main doctrines. Referencing once again John 9 it is made clear that the Father does not hear sinners. OH MY! So then, if you call yourself a sinner, then how is the Father to have anything to do with you? Have you not just testified against yourself in lieu of what the Father’s opinion is of you? Again, as Mankind uses your own testimony against you; likewise, the Father will also allow for your own judgment of yourself to take precedence in your Life over His.

Now, you know that little thing about, “FAITH is only thing that pleases God.” Well, since faith is the evidence of things not seen, and the Kingdom of God is within you, and it cannot be observed with the physical eyes, then TRUE FAITH can only be to Trust God that has kept His Word and has already given you your inheritance and it is right where He put it, WITHIN you right here, right now, at this very moment!

Now, really folks, if someone gives you a gift, and you do not know how to open the wrapping of that gift to get to the gift inside, is it really the fault of the giver that you cannot do that? Remember, the Giver already knows that, “You have been given EVERYTHING you need for Life and Godliness.” So then, how can there possibly be a valid excuse that you cannot get to what you have already been given? Consider the answer to that question very-very carefully. Do you think that being able to open that great Gift is covered in that declaration? If you say, “No,” then I have to ask, “Why did you read this far?” Was this trip really necessary? For the Father has already given each and everyone of us the Gift He promised to Give, AND, in giving that gift, He also gave us what we needed to open that gift. So then, it most certainly will take Faith to KNOW that the Kingdom is already within you, and this is why Faith is so very-very precious to the Father concerning the matter of His Beloved Son.

So then, if you are still looking to see someone riding a white horse, you will never see it. Furthermore, even if you do, you won’t believe it anyway, because you will be just like Thomas. This is why the world is in such turmoil, unbelief and outright ignorance. It is suffering from Thomas Syndrome because, the people are demanding to see the Kingdom of God FIRST by observation BEFORE they will act upon Faith, TRUSTING in the Father’s declaration that He has already given it too you.

Therefore, if you never learn how to go WITHIN, then how will you ever know that you are already WITH your Birthright Inheritance just as the Father has promised? How will you ever be pleasing to Him and be found worthy of that great-gift already gifted unto you? All I can do is encourage and admonish you to make your calling and election sure. That to undertake the responsibilities of SELF-GOVERNANCE can only be done by the power of, “Christ in you, your only hope of glory,” as a Joint-Heir WITH Christ, for, “Christ is all, and in all,” no exceptions.

“For we know that the whole creation groans and labors with birth pangs together until now. For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us. Therefore, brethren, we are debtors—not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. For if you live according to the flesh you will die; but if by the Spirit (Christ) you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, these are Sons of God. For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs—heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ, if indeed we suffer with Him, that we may also be glorified together.


The solution is to cease and desist from waiting and start trusting that what has been promised has already been given and fulfilled. Else the promise is a lie and so is the Father. Self-Governance can only be achieved from WITHIN where the Kingdom of God and your inheritance is. This is where the power and authority comes for Self-Governance… from knowing that One is the Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased, that one is a Joint-Heir WITH Christ, that one has already been given everything they need for Life and Godliness, that the Word of the Father is faithful and true, and thus He is not a liar, but our greatest advocate and cheerleader for all time and eternity. For without such knowing and Trust, how is one going to make their calling and election sure?

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