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If you want to be known to be a, “Peacemaker,” then it is imperative as well as mandatory that one comply with the command to, “Come out of her, my people…” Alas, this edict and command is not open to negotiation and/or any kind of arbitration. Furthermore, there are absolutely no exceptions to this and I make no apologies if one find this offensive. Ultimately, any arguments against are not really against me in the first place. Nevertheless, I shall not digress any further.
So then, exactly HOW is this accomplished?
There is ONLY one way…AS Joint Heirs WITH the Heir of ALL things. NOT AS an American States National, or United States citizen, or Michiganian, or any other designation of men that divides and separates one via the traditions of men known as DEMOGRAPHICS.
Whereas the prodigal Son after having undertaken residency IN the prodigal Estate willingly chooses of his own free will act and deed, without reservation or coercion of any kind, to return to the covenant of his first love…of the First and Highest Estate AS Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things. Such an act and deed announces a RETURN to competency, common sense, and the acceptance of all duties, responsibilities and obligations forthwith AS a beloved Son and Heir of God IN Christ WHO IS the One and ONLY Heir of ALL things. This is not to be taken lightly. This act and deed is NEVER to be undertaken in folly or fickleness.
For the prodigal son is correctly deemed to be and shall continue to be deemed to be, “Dead beyond the Sea,” (“Born of a Woman UNDER the law.”) until the prodigal son appears AS Grantee to redeem the God-given inheritance of the Estate held in trust under the administration of the administrators (…”governors and Tutors…”) by a DEED recorded properly for and on the public record. Once done, one thereby corrects the first mistake of, “Being IN the world, and OF the world,” to being, “In the world, but NOT OF the world.” In other words, private and not public.
If this is not so, then a prodigal son shall continue to experience the resulting trust of, “…lest you share in her sins…”; such as,
1. Surety-ship; and,
2. Usury; and,
3. Bankruptcy; and,
as well as “…and lest you receive of her plagues,”; such as…
1. Debt-in-the-form-of-Money, because all Money is DEBT; and,
2. Inflation and Deflation leading to the fabricated illusion of lack and limitation by the manipulation of so-called free market prices; and,
3. Unknowingly volunteering as Surety’s and Constitutors for the debts of another against the Will of God for His Beloved Sons and Heirs AS GIVEN in and of the First Estate, wherein all things done are done upon the solid foundation of Equity.
This Resulting Trust for the breaking of Trust is not done to condemn and punish the prodigal sons, but rather to discipline the prodigal sons so that the prodigal sons learn, know, and understand the difference between Equity and Iniquity. “For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every son whom He receives.”
“For her,”(Babylon doing business as (d/b/a) Rome; and/or, Rome d/b/a the United States) “…sins have reached to heaven,…” (The heart, mind and soul rooted in an unpure state attempting to serve two masters in violation of the principal that, “No man can serve two masters.”), “…and God has remembered her iniquities.”
The Most High God hath remembered Babylons way of negligently avoiding and/or obfuscation of true Equity. For a lie of omission is still a lie. (Yet another maxim and principal). In other words, her-Babylons inequity is known and not forgotten. Babylons way of worship and homage hidden behind Rome’s ways of governing is known and not forgotten. The many unrighteous ways of governing that are against, “Life, Liberty and, …” the USE of Property UNENCUMBERED by the rules, laws and regulations of men, which one can say contributes a great deal to, “…the pursuit of happiness.”
For only, “God makes the Heir, not man,” which is exactly why, “Equity will not complete an imperfect gift.” The gift that I am referring too is the God-given Estate…given unto ALL equally (IN EQUITY) the day you were born; WITHOUT EXCEPTION, wherein…“You have been given everything you need for Life and godliness,” no exceptions.
This IS the will of the Most High God and Father as, “It is His good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.” For, “The Kingdom of God is WITHIN you,” right here, right now, at this very moment; therefore, it IS already said and done AS PROMISED! Now, you must do what you must do to PROVE TO YOURSELF that you are indeed Worthy of that Gift ALREADY given and received. The Father does not question the worthiness of His Beloved Sons and Heirs. For He already KNOWS that they are worthy. Only men will question their worthiness in the darkness of their own vain imaginations hindered by their own benightedness, and compromised by the many distracting Traditions of Men. Tis much better to see with Sight Beyond Sight. The only Sight that can see what is WITHIN you and already given unto you as the Kingdom of God cannot be known or seen by observation.
For all are born of a woman under the law, and are equally prodigal sons who have as volunteered, knowingly and/or unknowingly, to serve another master as Peter did so when he volunteered to pay the temple tax. This is why, “Equity will not aid a volunteer,” and this is why each and every prodigal son is with all that they need to ascend and become known as a Beloved Son and Heir of God IN Christ AS Joint Heir. But first, it is equally required of ALL to, “Work out their own salvation with fear (Stand-IN-AWE-of) and trembling,” and thereby fulfill, “Come out of her…BABYLON…my people, and stop participating in her sin…INEQUITY.”
May the Most High God and Father who created you bless you as you undertake this journey/quest. Indeed, this IS the greatest journey and quest that anyone could ever take.
  1. mrseaking says:

    Eternal Good Neighbors,

    Dear Mr. SEAking,

    I am usually inclined to post comments that are relevant to the intent and purpose of this blog site. However, since your comment is completely verbose and extraneously filled with random gobbledygook conclusions resulting in a non-responsive response one can not help but ask why you went so far off topic? And, why you avoided answering any of the questions purposed to encourage and stimulate edification, education, and the equal exchange of thoughts and idea to better understand how one is to conform to the Will and Way of the Creator and Father?

    I would have posted your comment IF you had engaged in answering any one of the many-many questions posed, and then stayed on topic. However, since your response is a non-responsive comment, and is riddled with anti-equity sentiments of a benighted type, the question required of you now to answer defaults to why you did not answer any of the questions in the first place?

    Now, if you do feel kind and equitable enough to actually direct your comment and/or answer to any one of the many questions, and you can do it honorably, without attempting to sow seeds of discord, disharmony, and/or subtle barrages of disparagement, then I will consider being inclined once again to post your narratives so long as they truly do honor,…

    “Equity delights in equality,”

    “One who seeks equity must do equity,”


    “He who comes into equity must come with clean hands.”

    Equity is King! That is why Equity is the Will, and Trust is the Way.

    The one that seeks relief, recourse and redress can only obtain such things IN Equity, not by any form of law absent equity. [The Law of Moses is Negative Equity – there is no relief, mercy and/or justice from it, only condemnation as it is absent equity]

    The name of this blog site is, “Born In Equity,” and it is about relief from being under the curse of the law. If one wishes to remain under the curse of the law ADDED because of transgressions, then they are most certainly free to do so, even though that is extremely foolish. As for me and my house…we shall joyfully follow Equity as the Will, and do all things through private trusts as the Way. How about you and your house, Mr. SEAking? Do you actually prefer the commercial world of condemnation and the war of commerce?

    When, or IF, you choose to stay on topic and give honorable responses, that is when said comments/responses will receive the grace that is due it. Non-responsive comments do not receive grace, but they do make for very good examples for others to learn by for what not to do. That much, I do thank you for. At for the rest…..tis all frivolous gobbledygook.

    Have as best a day as you can

  2. amg consulting says:

    as in probate court or how would one do this that you omit, i assume on purpose? I am with you one hundred percent in everything you are saying and trying to figure that out and that is where i have been led to date. please email me directly if possible or in general if you think it best for all.

    • No, I did not “omit”anything having to do with probate court.

      Equity cannot be commingled with Commerce. Equity is special and therefore, an exclusive jurisdiction that stands on its own, and need not the law to render righteous judgments.

      On the other hand, commerce is of the commercial world of the dead and has to be administrated by administrators because, the carnal mind that is enmity against God still cannot see beyond the use of money to conduct business. Unlike the Pharisee’s and their religious Order of Aaron administrating the law of Moses, a Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek will never need to touch money and/or to have it in their possession. After all, no man can serve two masters, and since having a Federal Reserve Note on you is deemed to be that you are operating as a Federal Reserve Bank, then one’s master is clearly identified by the image upon the notes and coins.

      All commercial courts are the courts of men formed to settle matters of war. All commerce is war because, it goes directly against the Will of the Father via an exchange of property using money under the Will of another man, Caesar.

      Equity is only concerned about property, and the Heir and Beneficiary’s knows and understands that money is limited to the PUBLIC side only, which they are never-ever commingle and/or trespass into. “Be in the world, but not of the world.”

      So then, if one truly does desire to honor The Way and Will of the Father, they will never need to touch that which has the image of Caesar’s upon it.

      Assumptions are a very dangerous thing. The commercial world of commerce and its courts are foreign to the Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, and an Heir in Equity has no need to ever be in court wherein the dead are being administrated all in the name of, “The love of money.”

      Such courts are only of the law only and no one has ever been justified by the law. So then, how can a Son and Heir of the Most High God in Christ AS Joint Heir ever be found to be making a use of such a court, and still be honoring The Way and Will of the Father?

      The Most High God judges the peoples with Equity, not with Equity under law, as some have suggested, and especially not with the Law in and of itself. “For the law is nothing without Equity, and Equity is EVERYTHING, even without the Law.” If that court is not a court that you have constructed of original exclusive jurisdiction IN Equity, then it is of the law only and for one to be in and/or working in such a place is not a venue wherein one will find relief, redress and recourse for harm, damage, loss and/or injury of property in Equity. Equity is original. Equity is exclusive. And, Equity is special.

      One of my purposes in writing this blog is to write upon that which I have learned for the sake of sharing it with others for the sake of honoring, “Freely you have received, freely give.” In so doing I share principals and not procedures. For when one knows and understands Biblical Principals and the Maxim’s of Equity they will be able to accomplish all things, even through the commercial world of the dead, without ever being present, or their presents being made known, within the commercial world of the dead that war by and through commerce. Therefore, Principals and Maxim’s are much more powerful to know and understand than procedures.

      For when one has the solid foundation of Biblical Principals and the Maxim’s of Equity to present their redress for recourse and relief, they most certainly are an Ambassador for Christ seeking peace and pursuing it earnestly. Such a deed brings an end to all war (commerce) resulting in nothing being kept from the Peacemaker because, it is the Peacemaker that shall inherit the Earth. Not the one making war. This goes for an actual live theater of combat (firefight), or by commerce, which is conducted without an actual firefight but through passive means, nonetheless.

      The way of commerce in the commercial world of men must cease and desist forevermore, never to return again if the peace that surpasses all understanding is going to reign all four corners of this Earth.

      • amg consulting says:

        awesome reply, i guess the better question is not procedure of what to say but where to express this properly which is the most frustrating. would it be special and private communication between living souls.

  3. Hello, Onlashuk. I am not sure what other way to get in contact with you and I have a few questions and things I wish to discuss with you if you are willing and able. Thank you so much for all of the wonderful knowledge and understandings you have shared here.