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From Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary
UNRIGHTEOUSNESS, noun unri’chusness.
1. Injustice; a violation of the divine law, or of the plain principles of justice and equity; wickedness. unrighteousness may consist of a single unjust act, but more generally, when applied to persons, it denotes an habitual course of wickedness.
Romans 1:29.
2 Corinthians 6:14.
Did you notice, “…Plain principles of justice and (especially) equity?”
That should have jumped of the page at you!
Every transgression of the law is unrighteousness.


Because, the law given because of transgressions.


Because, the people needed NEGATIVE EQUITY to learn and discern what Equity truly IS all about.

074 | Equity IS the Will of the Father

Were you aware of that? Unfortunately, the reading of many posts from other reveals that most of you are not. For you have bound yourselves voluntarily to pursuing what you desire thru some form of law. This is why you are still traversing into their administrative courts. Make no mistake about this,… this act is of utter foolishness. No Son and Heir of the Most High Creator God and Father ever needs to voluntarily make themselves present in such a venue and thereby automatically volunteer by that act and deed to be a surety for someone else debts. But, some of you will still do so any way, and even worse, maybe waste five or six years of your life and time only to end up loosing in the end.
Nevertheless, some of you are very-very proud of that kind of action. For you wear it as a badge of honor. Look, the only people that are honored by such actions of benightedness, are other men. I can assure you that the Creator the Most High God and Father is not, and neither am I impressed, nor am I persuaded to please the eyes and ears of men to satiate the selfish ego. For the Father is never proud or happy with anyone who elects to go to war and make war with the Administrators of the prodigal estate. Those administrators are following their lawfully ordained mandate (Romans 13:1-7) to administrate those who have not YET returned to the senses of their own court of conscious, and started to self-govern according to Equity. Such a deed is accomplished in direct connection with the Maxim of Equity, “Equity sees that as done what ought to be done.” This is when the Son and Heir is no longer of the prodigal estate, but of the Estate of the Father in Equity keeping and honoring Romans 13:8-10. This is the difference between the Old and the New.
Let me show you what the folly of the LAW ABSENT EQUITY is, and why it is repugnant to the Will of the Father.
Are you aware that in Gibson’s Suits in Chancery he wrote,
001 | Equity Is Everything Even WITHOUT the Law
Do you recognize the magnitude of this principal? I can see from many posts that the majority of you do not. For if you did, you not be boasting about your AT WAR escapades, and further, even be proud of them. Those escapade would be repugnant to you as they are repugnant to Equity if you would consider for a moment these following thoughts.

Do you think that this has something to do with the fact of Psalm 98:9 wherein it is proclaimed that the Most High Creator God and Father does not judge the people with THE LAW, but judges the people with Equity? Have you even consider what this means and the ramifications of it?

068 | Psalm 98v9

Well, if the Creator and Father is using Equity and not the Law, why are you using the law at all, in any form and/or format? Furthermore, it does not matter what law form it is. The 10 commandments, the Statutes at Large, Codes, Rules, Regulations, of the United States, case law, and of course International Law and Treaty such as the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)…..you name it. If it is of ANY law form, and that law form is absent Equity then, “Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.” (Matthew 26:52) Peter was ready to bring the law. However, Equity demands that the peacemaker sheath the law. In other words, those who live by the Law Absent Equity, shall die by the Law Absent Equity. In other words, without any consideration for mercy, forgiveness, and justice. Simply put the law alone is ABSENT RIGHTEOUSNESS, and it does not allow for the correction of a mistake. Now, why would any one with commonsense want to be involved in anything like that?
Therefore, it most certainly goes without saying, but I will say it anyway for the record, that Equity alone can DO what the law can NEVER DO alone. Or, would you disagree with the Father’s Will and His Way of Equity? Tell me again, how do you plan to be revested with your Birthright Inheritance and Estate WITHOUT going thru Equity and yourself being IN and OF Equity to make a righteous claim as a Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things? I may have more to say on this in another blog at another time.
069 | Equity alone can DO what the law can NEVER DO alone v2
Perhaps the reason why the Creator Most High God and Father never uses the law to judge the people is because, no one has ever been justified by the law (Galatians 3:11); and, I will add that no one will ever be justified by the law, no matter what the law form is that is being played with.
Again, why would you then elect/choose/volunteer to use the law in any form, for anything that you want to accomplish? By now, it should make absolutely no sense to engage this kind of deed. For without Equity, how does one using the law absent equity, plan to bring in justice, mercy, and forgiveness? Know ye not that the Law Absent Equity has no such qualities for such provisions and considerations? Perhaps this is why so many people have gotten “railroaded,” as they would claim, in so many court rooms…so-called Courts of Law, yes? Its got to be rough when using the law absent equity all when one is seeking relief, which can only be provided IN and thru Equity. So then, how is seeking Relief, Recourse and Redress by the law absent equity not commingling the PUBLIC with the PRIVATE and automatically committing adultery? News Flash: Adultery of the sexual kind is only meant for elementary understanding. It is not for the self-governing beloved Son and Heir as the Son and Heir does not willfully and negligently engage in such unloving deeds knowing that it violates the command to, “Love one another as I have loved you,” expounded and expressed in the second of the two greatest commandments to, “Love your neighbor as your self.”
Do you really think that you can achieve RELIEF from recourse for redress from the Law absent Equity? Do not be so benighted! The law alone and absent Equity is in fact, a death sentence, for it is purposed to govern the world of the dead, the estate of the prodigal son, and it is Equity in its negative form. Do not be fooled by such folly as to think you can find a way around this because, you can not. The administrators of the AT LAW, AT WAR, NEGATIVE EQUITY system will absolutely never allow for this, and that is in fact, their duty!
Since the Creator Most High God and Father does not use the law alone, then why are you? Why would anyone voluntarily elect to go against the Will (Equity) of the Father, and still hope to remain an Heir of that Will? Really, do you still think that you can be revested with the inheritance already promised and given by going against the Will of the one who gave the inheritance in the first place?
Moreover, if you are using some form of LAW ABSENT EQUITY, and since ALL law is NEGATIVE EQUITY because it intended to govern those AT WAR in and with the ways of the COMMERCIAL WORLD OF THE DEAD, commerce; then, how exactly to you propose to fool the one who has bequeathed unto you your inheritance if you are not following His Will as He has commanded is necessary of the Heir? Is not the Maxim of Law correct that, “God makes the Heir, not man?” Or, do your oppose this maxim? How could anyone with commonsense oppose such a maxim and be assured they will stand justified?
The law alone is indeed a double edged sword that cuts both ways. It cuts both its user, as well as the one that the law is being used against.
Because, 070 | The law is incomplete at its best without Equity
For it is Equity that brings in righteousness, which is justice, not the law. In other words, without Equity the law cannot and will not have anything to do with justice, because all law can be manipulated to serve the purpose of the one writing that law for their advantage at the expense of all others.
The law was given for only one purpose…because of transgressions, and for no other reasons and/or purpose. IT WAS ADDED! (Galatians 3:19) Meaning, that there was a time when the Law was not present, and there was ONLY Equity! So then, why was law added? It was added so that mankind would become aware of existence of Equity without Law by and through the administration of its NEGATIVE FORM. All so-called law courts are dealing in negative equity, no exceptions other than one for the original exclusive jurisdiction of a Court of Chancery. So then, for those of you that think you can be revested with your Birthright Inheritance and Estate thru a Probate Court of Law…..well…..that’s not me you hear laughing at you, but your own folly being reflected by the deeds you are doing in benightedness, and to make matters worse, it is being done in four part harmony. (Really, you do not know what the lyrics are that they are singing.)
Equity is the Will and Way of the Creator and Father the Most High God. That means Equity alone, without the aid of any law, can and does bring all the things that one is seeking for Relief on its own. Furthermore, Equity is the only way to administrate Trusts of the PRIVATE nature; not, of the public pseudo kind. Those fictions are all under the law of men, and are administrated by same. There is no other honorable and righteous way to administrate a private trust other than with Equity. If by chance you say otherwise, then the trust that you speak of is not private, but public, and can indeed be breached by the public at any time. Such a thing will never happen in Equity.
So then, why are so many of you so proud of your law based status? Have you even looked at the word status? Seriously?! If you had you will never-ever use that word again in relation to you, a living soul.

The Heir (Joint Heir/Co Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, Christ) is with the superior claim for ALL things, no exceptions. For the Heir’s claim is IN and OF Equity because, Equity conforms to the Will of the Father, and is of the Mind of Christ, which is NOT CONFORMING unto the world, and the ways of this world, which all are in need of outside administration by the law.

071 | 1 John 5v14-15.jpg

A so-called Secured Party Creditor (SPC) is with an inferior claim to any and all claim’s proclaim by an Heir. Furthermore, even the Beneficiary is less than the Heir; but still, is greater than any Secured Party Creditor, and any claim that the Secured Party Creditor can bring, which could only be brought as a mere Qualified Heir, and not AS Heir. Plainly, the SPC is in the world of debt and dealing in debt; and therefore, is AT WAR. So then, why would one be so proud to have obtained what only amounts to as a work and deed of the flesh? Do you think that the Most High God and Father the Creator will honor the claim of a Secured Party Creditor to be revested with the God-given Birthright Inheritance and Estate, rather than the beloved Son and Heir? What part of the inheritance does a SPC have a right too inherit along with beloved Son and Heir? I tell you the truth when I say unto ye that you cannot be BOTH at the same time as that is of a double mind. In other words, how will the son of the bondwoman inherit with the Son of the freewoman? Tell me again, why and how so proud to have that SPC status?

072 | Galatians 4v30-31

So then, is the coveted and highly sought after SPC status of the bondwoman really so precious, or does one wish to be as the Son of the freewoman; the righteous Heir?

Tell me, you who desire to be under the law, do you not hear the law?
You who are proud of your standing in commerce, why are you proud of being AT WAR? Know ye not that ALL COMMERCE IS WAR, and that ALL MONEY IS DEBT? Yes, you can DEMAND LAWFUL MONEY and hope that will redeem that currency. However, that currency is still the property of some other estate, and IF ye wish to be recognized as Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, then one cannot ignore the fact that property is FOREIGN to the Heir and His Natural-born God-given Birthright Inheritance and Estate. Why would you even consider touching it much less hoping it can be redeemed without revealing that one is with a double mind? Even if one does demand lawful money saying that the use of that property is under the doctrine of necessity, this does not change the fact that in so doing you have indeed volunteered and elected to be subject UNDER the owner of that property (Caesar) AS SURETY in direct violation of the maxim of Equity, “Equity will not aid a volunteer.”

073 | Proverbs 17v18 & 22v26
IF one mistakenly volunteered to be surety for the debt of another, then how are you not under their administration of you and your life? Or, do you disagree with, “No man can serve two masters?”

Don’t you think it is about time to seek the Equitable Solution and Path that is narrow, and that ends at the strait gate? Are you still so proud of achieving your commercial status? If so, then you must be absolutely be content to remain as a mere citizen of the lower Estate of the Prodigal Son. For that achievement is only of the world of the flesh, and it is conclusive that, “The flesh profits nothing.”
Oh prodigal son, when are you going to return to your senses, and seek to do, and live, a life in and of Equity ONLY?
  1. bhaaslaw says:

    I believe being the prodigal son who returns to reclaim his birthright as an heir of the true father who art in heaven has to do is start acting like it and not be foolish. Since all property vests in the state/commonwealth/Treasury of the United States of America all one has to do is sign for the benefit of the treasury. Stop acting as the name and start being the heir that uses that name for charitable purposes which will make every ones lives easier because, your servants do not have to do all that paperwork and filing of deeds and tax forms etc. The legal name could also be seen as ones own personal Jesus depending on how one operates the name. Operate for personal profit and gain and you will never be in the kingdom. Operate the name for charitable purposes now your in the kingdom of heaven. There is no money in heaven only forgiveness of debt. We just need to forgive the debt that was created to be in perfect equity.

  2. This man seeks to do, and live a life in equity only. This man has formally resigned in writing to the Minister in charge from being any person the government tries to ID us with. All bank accounts are closed, licenses returned, etc. etc. Rev. 18:4 tells us ‘come out of her’. With my heart this man is sincerely trying to do that.
    Would anyone reading this have any idea how one could place oneself before a Chancery/Equity Court in Ontario, Canada. I would be grateful if anyone has some sound advice regarding such.

  3. david dan says:

    The jury has the right to determine the law and the facts and can judge either as inapplicable due to the circumstance or people – however, in the system of Equity it is determined with discretion at the whim of the judge – if the parties have equal equity then the law prevails 1873 Judicature Act;
    Law is the stable element in a society – the Law is a system that highly defines the relationship between men and other men, and men and their property – therefore the Law is the foundation of a stable society as binding and reliable res judicata – the jury is the judge made law – it is often to resolve issues privately as admonished in Scripture

    • Without The Will of the Most High Creator God and Father, all law, no matter the form, is absent Equity. For the Father’s Will is Equity. So then, to focus on law without Equity affirms why one is in need of governance from an outside source, and such a soul shall receive accordingly as that very need has been provided for and is ordained of the Creator and Father according to Romans 13:1-7. This is precisely what President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt was talking about in the quote that I keep repeating over and over from his Jamestown Exposition speech April 26th of 1907. For the Father does not judge men with law, but with Equity. “For He is coming to judge the earth. With righteousness He shall judge the world, And the peoples with equity,” Psalm 98:9. Why? Simple, “…no one is justified by the law,” Galatians 3:11. Why? Because, “…by the law comes the knowledge of sin,” Romans 3:20. Notice that…when one wants the law absent equity, they actually want the knowledge of sin. In other words, one wants to have a consciousness that is afflicted with the burden of sin. Is this not why the first covenant of trust, the old covenant, was found to be lacking, because it did not take away the consciousness of sin? (Hebrews 10) So then, why would one want the law (negative equity) and the consciousness of sin that goes right along with it? This should sound ludicrous to one who is seeking to be revested with their birthright inheritance and estate. After all, does not the giver/doner/grantor of that inheritance have the right to demand/require of the Heir/co-heir’s what they shall conform too, before being vested with that inheritance?

      Perhaps this is why the law is a curse? “For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse; for it is written, “Cursed is everyone who does not continue in all things which are written in the book of the law, to do them,” Galatians 3:10. Perhaps this is why the solution is written three verses later, yes? If one desires the law, then one is required to do all of them, without exceptions. How is this not a great burden as the law absent equity is without mercy, without forgiveness, and most of without love? How can anyone want to bare such a burden? For the moment that one under the law makes a mistake, there is absolutely no allowance for the correction of that mistake, as there is no mercy and forgiveness under law absent equity. Sounds heartless,…perhaps. But, that is what one wants when they desire law, no matter what the form it is issued, and who it is issued from. All law is absent equity as it is equity in a negative form. This is why law is written in a negative form as in, “Thou shalt not…”

      The purpose of law is very simple to understand. The law is the tutor that brings One to Christ AS a CO-HEIR with the Heir of ALL things, AS Ambassador for Christ, AS a Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, wherein one is justified by faith. Now, why would anyone, who is in their right mind want and desire the law absent equity in any form? Is not one to cast out the bondwoman, as well as her son? Or, should I say, the law that is absent equity? Since the inheritance is from Equity, that is to say from the Will of the Creator, then how is one going to make a righteous claim for revestment of that Ultimate Gift without Equity, while not being FROM Equity themselves? Perhaps this is why there has been, and will continue to be, so-so many failures of people attempting to be revested with their inheritance and estate through the law absent equity?

      Equity is King and the Maxims are its Essence! The law is not king, nor will it ever be. No one can master the jurisprudence of Equity who has not thoroughly comprehended the subtle alchemy of its maxims whereby the most difficult problems are readily solved easily. The law alone leaves much undone, and much to be desired to be done as the weakness of law is that it can be shaped/interpreted in any fashion to suit one’s desires and goals. In other words, law absent equity can easily be corrupted. Need I point out the folly of this world, and even the great folly of men in government? So then, Equity had to come, but not to destroy the law, but so that the law could be fulfilled. That is to say, every jot and every tittle of law was to be obeyed/fulfilled, so that the door of the law could be righteously closed, and along with it, its curse, so that the door to Equity and one’s inheritance as Co-Heir with the Heir of ALL things, can then be opened. So then, tell me again you how desire to be under the law, why do you desire such a burden? How is it that the inheritance that one seeks, originally given in Equity and from Equity, is one going to be revested with it without being from Equity as well?

  4. apsleyflyer says:

    I wonder how many have filed into probate, orphans or surrogate court? All I did was tell them I had no legal name , a tenant has no legal name. You are required to get written permission from the landlord to use their property period. If you want to use the landlords money then I guess you reap what you have sown. We still live in a feudal system based on landlord vs tenant. If I was told I was an orphan and a tenant would not you start the process to appeal based on estate law in the proper court?

    • If this matter is to be settled privately, and not of or in any public venue, then why would one take this matter into a foreign, let alone, public venue in the first place? One of the ugly truths about what everybody faces is the fact that unless they are made aware of the purpose for the legal name before the age of majority, everyone ends up making the mistake of trespass with it. Thank goodness that a mistake can be corrected at any time. However, the place to correct that mistake is not in and of any court of law, but rather in and with your own Equity Court, which is a private court, and not a public court.

  5. dianedaughteroffran says:

    Let me see if I comprehend this. First I am a novice when it comes to understanding trusts.
    So Father God created a Trust, he is Trustee In and Of the Equitable trust? Equity equals/is the Will of God, equity brings in righteousness which is justice,not the law and mercy and forgiveness?
    God adopted me as co heir with Christ by his most precious blood, as co heir to the trust I am now a grantee,settlor ,surety ,peacemaker, entitlement holder, to this? Once I make the claim that is.
    I think if I can understand these terms better I’ll grasp this better. The dictionary didn’t help me much. If you could be so kind to elaborate I would appreciate it Thanks for all you do !!

    • For aid with understanding Trust I recommend, The Art of Passing the Buck by Charles Author ( http://www.passingbucks.com/ ) However, the most important book for understanding Equity is the Holy Bible. The 20 Maxims of Equity are exemplified in the four gospels. Every time the Master interfaced with the Pharisee’s, one who is with eyes to see and ears to hear will see and hear the connection to the Maxim’s of Equity. This is the Master showing and living the Way, which is the Will, which is why Equity is the Will and Way of the Father AS Creator and Grantor of that very Will and why the Father and Creator makes the Heir, not man. If one wishes to be an Heir of God IN Christ, then one has no choice but to conform unto the Will of the one making the Heir. However, this is a lot easier said than done, but only for the reason that there is a great deal that one has to unlearn before they can learn what really matters. Otherwise, to raise up children to know and understand Equity, they shall not have the same difficulties. It is therefore a most honorable and worthy sacrifice to pledge oneself to learning and understanding Equity for the sake of the generations to follow.

  6. amg consulting says:

    a brick and morter “court” is a bank, river bank of the river styx. Their legislative courts are only for persons/vessels/agencies on the sea of commerce as they have plenary rule over interestate commerce. one should only enter their legislative, river banks if forced to do so if you are not able to conduct proper “court” via paperwork; if that is not successful you go ONLY to challenge jurisdiction of their federal trade union, as you do not want one of their police “cruisers” to sail on up and place you in the brig as that would be dishonorable. if forced through duress and coercion, to enter their bank, once there, one should demand cause why their private citizen, substantive rights should be commingled with enemy belligerents and be it resolved that this move forward private and sealed excluding the public if need be.

    just make sure that they know you are NOT the trustee for their estate, you are there in a non-representative capacity, a minister in Christ, as no trust shall fail for want of a trustee, but you are not it; remember, once you admit or form a controversy, you entrust them to form a trust the bankers and pharisees will be looking to laugh all the way to their other bank.

      If one is forced in their corporate sanctuary (Court), whatever is done in there can be abated, negatively averred, and demurred. That case can be sealed from the public so as to protect the public from the private exclusive jurisdiction of an Equity court that one will be able to seek Relief in, and demand suborgation from the suretyship that public officials forced upon them against his/her will. For it is impossible for anyone to be a trustee for men and their laws absent equity, and a trustee for the Most High Creator and Father IN Equity because, no man can serve two masters, and Equity will not aid a volunteer.

      If one is going to be private, then they most certainly do have a duty to protect the public. If one is going to be self-governing, then they must do everything in their power to never interfere with the administrators administration of the public, and thereby keep the peace. For the administrators duty is to administrate the public, and those in and of the public. For the private people, it is your duty to self-govern so that the administrators do not have to govern you from the outside so that peace can be maintained.

      In order for this to take place correctly and honorably one can not be AT WAR with the administrators no matter how much one may dislike any political party, platform, or policies. In other words, one that wishes to be known as a peacemaker in and of the private and self-governing, cannot posture themselves in an AT WAR fashion against the public administrators for any reason whatsoever. For the public administrators are indeed doing what they are supposed to be doing according to their ordination to what they do as written in Romans 13:1-7. And, exactly what is it that the administrators are supposed to be doing? Testing to see if the prodigal son has changed their mind about their rebellion against The Will and Way of the Father, and is now conforming unto Romans 13:8-10.

      So then, what is done in and of the public is off-limits. In other words, if one is going to be truly in and of the private, then what takes place in and of the public, and/or how the public is administrated, is truly none-of-your-business. So then, do not make it your business, but rather remain in and of the private, and about the Father’s business. This is what the peacemaker, the beloved Son and Heir of God in Christ does and is doing.

  7. iamthelight0 says:

    How does that help to close the minor account? You create the order from your court and send it to trustees or administrators? Expressing the trust on record so bringing in to the county registrar your expressed trust so it’s now public having been recorded Then notice could be given an special appearance made if there was any court issues that needed to be say turned to an equity court from an law court? For at law the beneficiary has no rights. The trustee doesn’t even have to divulge it exist. So then how is there system changed to show the heir ? The recording at the register where the deeds are known? Then one would also acknowledge the deed so it’s properly recorded. One must state what venue they are in is what you are saying. Rebut any presumptions.

    • Start at the beginning. If one is involved in a covenant (Trust) relationship (femme covert) of any kind, and/or was subjected to such a relationship unwittingly, and they no longer desire to be involved in that Trust, for whatever the reason(s) may be. How can one bring about a lawful end to that relationship? Remember, we are bound by our Word, and our Word has indeed bound us on this Earth, and in Heaven. In other words, notice has been taken on this Earth, as it is in Heaven, to whom and where we have lodged our Trust in relation to, “No man can serve two masters.”

      • Saunders vs Vautier, 1840. The Statement of Birth is a title (to an estate) created by your mother (sometimes father) and is held by the Crown/State who upon acceptance became the trustee, you are the beneficiary. This is a private trust and is also from what I understand a disability trust for government benefits.

        The trustee as the absolute owner of the trust property, created a public state agency which is a taxable entity, they are the principal and you became the registered agent. The evidence of this is the small birth certificate and legal name on it. The Coat of Arms on the Document shows whose house you are in or who the trustee is. You can get them on breach of agency law and terminate the trust at the same time in a federal court as they can see the private trust with the state. The federal court in Canada is a court of original jurisdiction and can also be a court of inherent (Queen’s Bench) if you invoke it in your paperwork. Read the Federal Courts Act, its all there.

        To be a perfect man you must have both legal and equitable title to your estate. We keep hearing possession is 9/10 of the law, this is equitable title, the other 1/10th is the legal title, the trustee holds. Once the trust is terminated you become one or a whole man. Perfect title or perfected man. One must appear at the court and make his claim to a trustee. The justices are also trustee and are administrating our estates until we grow up and claim what is rightfully ours and return to the private jurisdiction or the land.

        I have learned that anything with a coat of arms on it is the Crown, anything with a corporate logo is the government. In Ontario the trillium is the corporate logo and shows the driver’s license, health card, etc are issued from the government. Under the law.

        I have a feeling that Jesus was the only “perfect” man, because even though his mother and father went to register his birth, that it never happened. The only informants to his birth were the animals in the stable. Hence his title was never split by the Roman authority.

      • iamthelight0 says:

        Simply notice? Expressing or would it be in chancery filing for dissolution or trust ? Since chancery is original jurisdiction you say, there are many filings one can do in chancery declaratory judgement, name change. Chancery is the only court with jurisdiction over trust. The lord guided me into chancery last year during the julbiee. I brought in fathers will and prayed for redemption. However I see what I did wrong. Yet I did nothing wrong as it was meant for me to talk to the trustee administrator. She said she seen the lord was my guiding light and truly blessed. Yet said I was in a civil court and told me about the separation of church and state. I filed petition for trust construction. ( thinking I was putting on the record my acceptance to my lord Christ as savior, constructing a trust, yet silly me still learning from our father was told that she would construe a trust that the parties brought in her court. My intent was declaration of will and trust. As I seen on a brochure from the chancery court website. Yet when I used the chancery cover sheet I check the trust construction box. Great experience as the lord wanted me to get the growth. The date ended up being ides of March. So I know it was divine. I’m waiting for the father to show me what to do next

      • The Chancery Court, is that YOUR Equity Court? Or, do you bring your Equity Court with you?

      • iamthelight0 says:

        I have drafted my will and intent down hand written, it is my intent to put it on record at the county recorder of deeds, would one also bring in the certificate of trust that i hold that is sealed by the state and county with an acknowledgemt attached? That way my words are known to the public? For are we not missing public notices of who we wish to serve.

      • The original record should be corrected via allonge. It honors the scripture, Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.” Therefore, if one does not deny who the Heir of all things is, are they not also a co-heir with the heir of all things?

      • iamthelight0 says:

        Gibson’s tells us that at law the beneficiary has no real enjoyment. The trustee holds complete dominion, but in equity the beneficiary is seen, the name i see it as what it is cesti que trust. (great experience with the county attempting to get an assumed name in the warring days of my heart) lead me to the Illinois assumed name act that shows the act no way applies to cesti que trust in which business is carried out in the name of the trust. Duh, father was always grooming me and nothing is by chance, which is a beneficiary to an estate, so the name is christ to me for all names are christ and it is on a cross. An accounting cross the real christ is the light and christ consciousness for those who are with christ in mind.

        Now, so one would bring in a claim to federal court to terminate the child trust (closing minor account) reconciling by expressing who is your lord and surety and who you serve? Yes. We are always in court i hear you and see clearly. Any contract with a seal is a covenant. The birth certificate like you said is title to interest in estate. I seen it as a good thing so we all have a right to property. I recall a mentor years back said that the certificates with the foot print are in the 6 floor sub-lot basement of the DTC. (Since they handle municipal securities) Dead symbolically till we can rise in christ. So your saying i must show the FED how i unwillingly was duped into this for slavery? Agency relationship? Here by express my desire to terminate closed the account. Mere title become whole with my father. Back home.

      • Is the Federal Court public or private? Can you terminate something that you did not create? What did you create, if you created anything at all in relation to the minor account? Talk a look at subrogation, but aware of the fact that subrogation is not a way to get out of something, it is a way to settle something by reaching an accord that is beneficial for all people involved. The Original Birth Certificate, a.k.a. Statement/Application of Live Birth is not a title. It is the document from whence all titles do proceed from by voluntary act and deed. The problem with all of those titles can be expressed quite well, “Equity will not aid a volunteer.” You do not need to, “Show the FED,” anything. However, you may want to consider making some kind of statement for and one the public record in relation to who your father truly is.

      • iamthelight0 says:

        Yes, i get it. And that was what i felt inside from my fathers guideing light. I am brining that in to county redorder along with certifictae of live birth with an acknowledgment attached to that now completing the gift

  8. Adam Beck says:

    Here again, and not to demean, but the word of God is not about how to interface in this world but to be forever free of it. God does not judge, His law does. The laws of Life or the Cosmic laws are what govern Life. One either adheres to the laws or does not. Is it God that judges and punishes a man if he jumps off a cliff 100 feet high and his body broken? The long and short, we either obey the laws of Life or we don’t.

    Men are subject to the laws of men because of how men identify themselves.

    Thomson Newspapers Ltd. v. Canada (Director of Investigation and Research, Restrictive Trade Practices Commission) [1990] 1 SCR 425 my pg. 167 and 168 “While individuals as a rule have full legal capacity by the operation of law alone, artificial persons are creatures of the state and enjoy civil rights and powers only upon the approval of statutory authorities”. The individual may stand upon his constitutional rights as a citizen (N/A, my emphasis). He is entitled to carry on his private business in his own way. His power to contract is unlimited. He owes no duty to the State or to his neighbors to divulge his business………… He owes no such duty to the State, since he receives nothing therefrom, beyond the protection of his life and property. His rights are such as existed by the law of the land long antecedent to the organization of the State, and can only be taken from him by due process of law, and in accordance with the Constitution”. (Underline for emphasis)

    Meaning of citizen, driver, tenant, joint tenant, lessee, incorporated inhabitant, owner, beneficial owner, taxpayer, employee, officer, resident, ratepayer, subject, purchaser, buyer, etc., etc. Each and every one, as per Thomson Newspapers Ltd. v. Canada, fall under the category of “and other artificial entities”; are legal persons, creatures of the state that enjoy rights and powers upon approval of statutory authorities. So there you have it. If you designate yourself a legal person or allow some other to make that determination for you, remain silent, then you are doomed.

    Here is the benefit and joy of being a citizen of Canada

    Citizenship Act R.S.C., 1985, c. C-29

    Persons who are citizens
    3 (1) Subject to this Act, a person is a citizen if
    (a) the person was born in Canada after February 14, 1977;

    Rights and obligations
    6 A citizen, whether or not born in Canada, is entitled to all rights, powers and privileges and is subject to all obligations, duties and liabilities to which a person who is a citizen under paragraph 3(1)(a) is entitled or subject and has a like status to that of such person. 1974-75-76, c. 108, s. 5.

    Citizenship is not a right but a privilege: Dowhopoluk v. Martin et al. [pg. 2]

    Supreme Court of Canada Re: Authority of Parliament in relation to the Upper House, [1980] 1 S.C.R. 54: 1979-12-21: “Further, although s. 91(1) gave the Queen the power, with the advice and consent of the Senate and the House of Commons, to alter the “Constitution of Canada” except in certain expressly designated areas, it does not confer a power to amend the B.N.A. Act. The word “Canada” in s. 91(1) does not refer to Canada as a geographical unit but refers to the juristic federal unit”.

    I am not a person who was born in a juristic federal unit.

    So liberty begins knowing as an individual you have full legal capacity. Not under legal constraint. Whereas, if an individual accepts the designation of a legal person, he is for all intents and purposes, an artificial person, a creature of the state enjoying civil rights and powers only upon the approval of statutory authorities. It would be wise for a man to make sure his capacity as part of any process he takes or he may be considered a creature of the state, a servant of the state, not free, and no thing he attempts will net success. There is no authority but you that another may designate you a legal person. Legal persons exist in Wonderland. Canada like the U.S.A. are Wonderlands.

    • Within the very first paragraph there is a contradiction that is absolutely glaring that reveals why one who is opposed to Equity and Trusts is not ready for the duties, obligations and responsibilities of Self-Governance.

      “As regards the first set of dangers, it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. If for lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within. A sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures; a sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him; and where, as is true in our Republic, the people are sovereign, then the people must show a sober under standing and a sane and steadfast purpose if they are to preserve that orderly liberty upon which as a foundation every republic must rest.”
      President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, Jamestown Exposition opening speech, April 26 of 1907, 21st paragraph

      Again, the only reason for one to be govern by other men is because one has willfully and negligently rejected Equity in favor of Law Absent Equity. This blog is not about law absent equity, but is about the maxim of law, “Equity IS King and its maxims are its essence.”

      The Author of this blog does not endorse, or support any proposition that puts the law absent equity in good light. For to be a proponent of law absent equity really is to be in direct rebellion against the one that gifted the prodigal sons (all mankind), with everything they need for life and Godliness (2 Peter 1-3) so that they can become beloved Sons in whom the Father is well pleased as Joint Heirs, grafted back into the First and Highest Estate of Son of Man’s love. How any man can elect to remain benighted concerning this reveals a remarkable capacity of the same nature and cause that kept Israel in the Land of Goshen for 430 years. Do you really want to be like them? Or, do you want to learn the lessons of the past so that you do not have to repeat them?

  9. coubitbank says:

    A court of equity appears to be an oxymoron.

    And it could be said that equity knows no law

    If one claims lawful money under the code one is making use on said code and therefore the maxim.. he who gets the benefit suffers the burden (of the remainder of the code)

    If one claims under INCUN 1454 B5 to be an heir he also suffers the burden.

    Appreciate your mind jogging posts. Thank you

    • What is a “court”? Who creates the “court?” Why are people still looking for a “court,” instead of creating one? Consider for a moment why one would search for a “court” OUTSIDE of oneself (e.g. like what one see advertised in the phone book. They may even have a sign and/or placard, or a shingle outside the building with the word, “COURT” on it)… If it does, I can assure you THAT kind of court can only give “equity” in the NEGATIVE FORM. Why? Because, that kind of court IS NOT the source of EQUITY. Therefore, they are not authorized and/or ordained to give Equity, for their venue and jurisdiction is for COMMERCE only, and since all commerce is war, there can be no Equity given in any commercial court of commerce.

      If one is IN and OF Equity, seeking to always keep and obey the Will of the Father, then do they not have their own court? Is not their own Court from WITHIN? In other words, is it not a Court of Conscious? If so, then is not that court an Equity Court?

      An Equity Court does not necessarily have take place and/or occur in a brick and mortar building. However, it can…IF it is necessary for it too. Now, if it does, then it up to the one who is in Equity to BRING THEIR COURT WITH THEM and clearly state what the jurisdiction is for their Court at the very beginning. (On paper, or verbal, it matters not). In other words, the one IN Equity creates the Court rebutting all presumptions that one is looking for any kind of statutory and/or law form based court.

      If one does not proclaim from whence they are from, and to whom they are under orders from according to the covenant they have enter into, then is it not lawful for those of their own court, venue and jurisdiction, to automatically assume, and then conclude, that one is volunteering to be IN and OF their jurisdiction?

      A Court of Equity is a private court and its records are always sealed from the public so as not to trespass and/or allow for the mistake of commingling the two.

      Thank you, coubitbank, for sharing your thoughts.

    • Good discussion on Heir, vs Beneficiary and SPC. The default relationship in law is General Partnership where all parties are equally liable for the liabilities and obligations to any other person of the (presumed) General Partnership. There is also the default ‘election’ arising from the issuance of a Social Security Number account (which requires a Birth Certificate w\ the SS5). The election results in the presumption of ‘residence’ in the District of Columbia as evidenced by the counter election to Termination the Election of a non-resident alien being treated in like manner as a resident of the United States [Title 26 §6013(g)].

      The larger stub, to which the SSN card is attached, reads on its face, “Keep this stub with your personal records. The other side contains important information” with the reverse side [grammatically clever] states the status is ‘an alien’. It is incumbent on the Man (of either gender) to properly express and record, by act and deed, his/her proper capacity ex. rel. the infant decedent (dead) fiction Agency created by any Agency of the corporate body politic.

      • The law, no matter the form, can only provide remedy, which is its weakness, and why it was found to be lacking, as that weakness always results in one being the surety of a constructive Trust. Therefore, it will always come up short, as in, “Missing the mark.” It can never-ever provide Relief thru Recourse and/or Redress. That character and quality is exclusive to Equity alone, or when Equity is brought in to balance any certain specific law form with what it naturally does not have on its own, justice, mercy and forgiveness.

        It is very important to note that for those still trying to be revested with their God-given Birthright Inheritance Estate that, “God makes the Heir, not man.” Therefore, God is the one who rightfully determines what the Heir will be and conform to as that is well within, “His good pleasure,” as Creator, Father and Settlor. (All arguments opposed are frivolous and irrelevant). For it is His Will and it appears that men simply just do not want to conform unto it, but rather want to still do things their way, attempting to find another way thru some foreign based law form. For example, how to affect the civil death and righteously put to end the suretyship of the current Trust wherein one is married to Uncle Sam.

        It is remarkable the amount of misconstruing that is done when rebuke and chastisement is given with an intent not to destroy but, rather to admonish of the dereliction of duty, obligation and responsibility that the Father has every right to require of the beloved Son and Heir WITH all Co-Heirs. Far to many still wish to paddle around in the oceans upon oceans of law not taking close note of the fact that, “The Law was ADDED because of transgressions,” and how to apply that to all things. In other words, the law was not originally there and in place at all. The law was established because of doing things against the Will and Way of the Father. So then, it is only of commonsense to conclude that in order to return to that coverture of the Will and Way of the Father, one will have to CHANGE THEIR MIND about the importance and necessity of law in all of its forms.

        For the law no matter the form is completely immersed in negative equity as those still making a use of it still have need of being, “…under governors and tutors,” at least for a while longer, until they reveal that they have indeed reached, “…the time appointed by the Father,” and have undertaken the duties, obligations and responsibilities that He has determine befitting of His adopted Sons. Those governors and tutors, the ordained administrators of Romans 13:1-7 can ONLY administrate in negative equity and never Equity itself. It is up to the one IN and OF Equity to bring their Equity Court whenever and wherever it is needed for the sake of righteousness, justice, mercy and forgiveness.