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04 | Detective Columbo Questions v4

What if the original Birth Certificate, (Statement of Live Birth and/or Application of Live Birth) is a Deed?  What if from that Deed all other TITLE’S proceed?  (Social Security, Driver’s License, Medical Cards, Bank Cards, etc., etc.)  What if all of these titles are mere trustee titles for a foreign trust?  So then, again, what if the ORIGINAL RECORD created by Mom and/or Dad is a Deed? What is one supposed to do with a Deed? Have ye ever considered this line of thought?

05 | Deed Defintion Webster 1828

The Maxim of Equity clearly states, “Equity will not complete an imperfect gift.”  Is it possible a certain specific deed need be done in connection with the Original Deed that acknowledge the fact that you recognize how your deed(s) is connected to your God-given birthright inheritance and estate?  What deed, if any, has been done in relation to that Deed?  Is it possible that the inheritance that is connected to that Original Deed has certain specific requirements that MUST be conformed too so that the potential Heir can truly make an honorable and righteous (Equitable) claim to be the Lawful Heir in Equity?

06 | Heir Maxims of Law

What if you never acknowledged that original record as a Deed?  What happens to a Deed that is never acknowledged?  Is it not considered abandoned?  Is it possible that a lack of deed is in fact connected to a lack of faith?  Is it true that one is known by their deeds?  What honorable deeds has one done in relation to the Original Deed, if any?  Were those deeds done by the law absent equity, or were they done IN Equity?  If the Original Deed is never acknowledge, and the giver of the gift connected to that Deed is never accepted, along with all duties, obligations and responsibilities, then what is the difference between Esau and the one not accepting that Original Deed according to the Will of its Creator?

“God makes the Heir, not man,” yes?

Well…..yes, or no?  For attempting to, “Sit on the fence,” if you will, is automatically construed to be a, “No,” answer given. I can boldly assure you that there is no middle ground for this question, and one’s inheritance does indeed hang in the balance of its answer.
07 | Let you yes be YES and no be NO
So, I ask again, does the Creator and Father make the Heir, or not?  Is this not a MAXIM OF LAW, or does one dispute this?  Moreover, who in their right lucent stable mind would dare to challenge a maxim?  So then, let me put this another way. Since the Creator and Father is the one who gives the gift of inheritance, who would dare to say to Him that His requirements for acknowledgement and acceptance are unrighteous, or even unfair?  Are you aware that some have? Are you one that has?

08 | MAXIM defined Websters 1828

If one wants to be a co-heir with the heir of all things, then how is one going to become that if they have never acknowledge and accepted the Original Record by correcting the original mistake that record shows that one was born fatherless?  [See:  Who in their right mind would say that they like and agree with the stigma of the original record showing that one is fatherless, revealing that they agree that they are a bastard? Yes, such a thing is not to kind to of another.  Nevertheless, this is part of the core issue that does need to be corrected…..that is if you see and understand why it is important to do so. Or, do you actually like having the Pope as your Father? Like it or not, agree with this or not, this the default record when one is, “Born of a woman under the law.” Perhaps this explains party why the law, and being under it, is a curse?

09 | Matt 23v9 Call no man on Earth Father

But, let us suppose for a moment that original record is never acknowledged and accepted IN Equity.  Is this possibly why the Pope claims the Title of, “Holy Father,” as by that claim he is declaring that he is the father for all of the fatherless, no exceptions?  Is that true for you?  Have you allowed for this presumption to stand?  Are you a bastard that belongs under the jurisdictional controls of the Pope, or do you say, “No, my Father is in Heaven, and not on Earth?”

Okay, so let us say for a moment that you do disagree with this presumption.  Does the original record match your words?  Are you aware that a statutory court judge of any rank, takes silent judicial notice of what this record proclaims?  If that record is not corrected, then I can indeed tell one emphatically that judge knows who your daddy is, and what he does.

10 | Who is your Daddy and what does he do

So then, who can righteously claim that they were not born of a woman under the law?  Does that distinction not make all prodigal sons UNTIL one changes their mind about the many-many traditions of men that are anti-equity; and, they elect to consciously change their mind to conform to the Will of the Father, and not to the ways of the world, and the reasonable expectations the Creator and Father expects of his Beloved Sons and Heirs IN Christ from Equity?

The Prodigal Son Returns

Being revested with one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate can only be accomplished IN Equity.  For the Heir that the Father and Creator expects is FROM Equity, and that only makes sense because, God makes the Heir, and maxim’s of Equity summarize the Will to be conformed too.  Therefore, the Father and Creator, the giver of the inheritance one wishes to be revested with, righteously requires of the Heir that the Heir not be from and/or under any form of law.  Now, do you see why I keep saying,

05 | The law absent equity is incomplete at its best v2
And, also why I keep quoting Bouvier’s,

001 | Equity Is Everything Even WITHOUT the Law

For the one that truly desires freedom and liberty, must also desire all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of self-governance which ONLY comes from Equity, by one who is IN Equity. This too must also be accepted and accented into as well.  There are no exceptions!

In other words, “Come out of her my people and stop participating in,” Babylon doing business as the Roman Catholic Church through, the Pope AS Vicar of Christ, which means, “IN PLACE OF CHRIST,” as a mere Qualified Heir (Poser); not, the Lawful Heir (Genuine), doing business under Roman Civil Statutes and Codes AS the United States and/or through every single government of men no matter what the name of said, Country, Nation, Corporation is, and/or the form of government it is administrating the prodigal sons with. All governments of men support and perpetuate commerce, and all commerce is war.  Perhaps this will explain why the United States is called a, “Military Industrial Complex,” because, it’s way, is not the way of making and keep the peace.  Therefore, it is not The Way of the Peacemaker.

That is correct, since all commerce is war, commerce is opposed to peace.  This is why the law, in all of its forms, was ADDED… was added to govern those making (involved IN) that war!  It was added because of Equity being abandoned in lieu of commercial ventures IN commerce for the attainment of personal wealth, even though one is not the true owner.  Again, this is why law WAS ADDED!  To assume to be the owner of anything outside of the accepted duties, obligations and responsibilities of Equity, is the act of a belligerent hostile who is trying to take the Kingdom of God by force.

What is the point of all of this?  One can never be a true owner of anything, with all the rights of the Heir, without being recognized to be a Joint Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things.  To assume and/or conclude otherwise, is a transgression, and the law was added because of such transgressions; because, this transgression takes one directly into commerce; and, commerce is not The Way of Equity, but the way of war, dis-ease, famine and pestilence.  These horses are all riding right NOW because, mankind will not cease and desist from making war with commerce.
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

As such, administration from an outside source for those involved in commerce is mandatory for all involved.
054 | Roosevelt's Jamestown Opening Speech

The transgression of abandonment of The Way of Equity, is why the law, no matter the form, is a curse.  Can one actually keep the law composed of over 80-million statues in over 3-million books of law deposited in the Library of Congress?  So then, why do some still pursue that great and tremendous gift of being revested with their inheritance, given in Equity, and will only be revested when one is IN and From Equity, through some foreign law form totally and completely absent of Equity?  Does that even make any since?

If one is private, and is not to commingle the public with the private; and, if the law is of the public, and equity is of the private, then why would one ever be found to be in a Court of Law without bringing their own Court of Equity? The understanding of things public and things private and how not to trespass and/or commingling them is tantamount to being revested with your God-given inheritance and estate.  Why do you think that being revested with your inheritance through any law form has failed over and over?  The one doing so is mixing law with equity, oil and water, things of the Spirit with things of the flesh.  Let me put it to you another way.  That’s adultery.

How can one obtain any kind of justice, mercy and/or forgiveness through that which can only condemn?  Since when does not the law judge one with condemnation?  Yes, the private shall never-ever be recognized in and of the PUBLIC. However, since law is negative equity, has one ever considered that a clear path shall be defined by the negative equity wherein, “Equity acts in personam,” and will be honored privately, as well as, “Equity will not aid a volunteer,” IF one is not recognized to be a surety for PUBLIC debts having corrected the original record and being without any identification for any office of public trustee.  This refers to a true repentance (the changing of one’s mind) from the Art of War, commerce, which paints everything in blood red, to that of being a Peacemaker and Ambassador for Christ FROM Equity, wherein one drop of blood ended that war for ever and ever for all those who enter into the Covenant of Equity in Trust.

Think about it! Far too many are in pursuit of the law absent equity to be revested with that which was originally created and given in equity.  Since all law is negative equity, then how is one going to use a negative to achieve a positive?  Have you stuck a fork into an electrical outlet lately?  Tis not a WISE thing to do is it?  What equity would you receive from that act and deed?  What negative equity would you receive from that act and deed?  Do you really want the Original Deed to show that one is under a mandatory requirement to be under the law?  Do you really want the Original Deed to show that one is required to be administrated by outside administrators because, one’s father is the Pope AS the Vicar of Christ?  Do you really want to show by and though the USE of a foreign law form absent equity, that those conclusions are justified?  Do you really want to use the law absent equity as a curse, and then end up having your butt handed to you as a result of that mistake?  Think about it!

  1. Adam Beck says:

    Yup, so we are no longer fatherless, and no longer under the administration required of one being born of a woman under the law, because, “God, not man, makes the heir.”

  2. amg consulting says:

    very good book in equity.

  3. thank you for all this awesome information. I promised God I would live by His Laws. I was baptized in a river in a non-denominational service. Revelation 18:4 tells us to ‘come out of her’. This I am trying to do. I have returned all gov. ID, closed all bank accounts, returned licenses, health card, etc. etc.
    Does anyone reading this site have knowledge as to how one could place oneself before a Chancery Court here in Ontario, Canada? I would be truly grateful if anyone could give some sound advice.
    Thank you all, Bless you all.

    • iamthelight0 says:

      one must do his due dilligence to comprhend the systen they find themselves playing in. Queens bench? one doesnt know. but i would search the county website. see what you can find. and you must envoke equity. or your at law by default. that is my knowing on the matter when our hearts are with the father all will be revealed. i see it. the more i let go of self the more he shows me

  4. dianedaughteroffran says:

    Im re-learning so much .Thank you!!!

    Need for delivery, not recording
    A deed conveying real estate takes effect and transfers ownership to the named grantee when the deed is delivered. The mere signing of a deed by the owner as the grantor is not enough to divest the owner of his title to an interest in the real estate. Delivery of the signed deed is required.
    Delivery refers to two separate acts:
    the grantor’s intent to convey title, not just the physical handing over of the deed to the grantee; and
    the grantee’s acceptance of the grant deed as an immediate conveyance.
    While the grantor may intend to convey title when he hands over the deed, if the grantee does not accept the deed, the deed will not be considered delivered and a conveyance does not occur.
    Im thinking this is along the lines of the learning we should be doing. Please correct me if Im on the wrong line of thinking.

  5. amg consulting says:

    yes, a mistake and legal error. an interesting quandry would be if a truly adopted baby was raised with a fictional birth certificate with the “adopted name” and prodigal son returns at the age of majority and submits a bill in equity to the superior court in the original livery county, revealing their mistake and legal error (as there was never a person born on the specified date with that particular adopted name and parents) with the genuine birth “name” his natural mother gave him, whose day of nativity was on that date mentioned with the true natural parents out of wedlock; it would be very interesting to see the response and end result of that natural child.

    • indeed, adopted, at “birth” by a foreign father for having been, “…born of a woman under the law,” some have even said one could call it a kidnapping; however, if it were not for the fact that this is being allowed, and even orchestrated…not to destroy mankind, but for the benefit of mankind in hope, then this most certainly is one of the most important mistakes to be corrected;

      if one’s person can be seen in and of the public, then I say that…there is indeed a mistake; and/or
      if one’s person can be called to appear for any reason, and/or any venue, there is in fact the present of an uncorrected mistake; and/or
      if one’s person can be charged with a commercial crime of any kind, civil included, there is in fact a mistake; and/or
      if one’s person can be made to perform a liability such as the payment of a tax of any kind, then, there most certain is a mistake that is crying out-loud for it to be corrected,

      whom do the kings of the earth collect tribute (taxes, fines and fee’s) but from strangers…..”the dogs outside of the kingdom” (Rev 22:15)
      whom do the kings of the earth administrate under the ordained administration and jurisdictional control that the creator and father hath ordained and ordered (Romans 13:1-7)

      which of these things is for the destruction of the prodigal sons, and not intended for their education and edification to know, trust and understand the difference between negative equity and genuine equity?

      the title of this blog is BORN IN EQUITY because of the difference between being born of a woman under the law of the flesh that profits nothing, and being born from above in equity;
      because of the difference between being under the old covenant, than being joined with all joint heirs of and in the new covenant;
      because of the difference between the flesh profits nothing, and the spirit that is everything;
      because of the difference of the prodigal son of which some are proud of obtaining their commercial status (SPC), than being the beloved son in whom the father is well pleased no longer involved in making that kind of war, or any kind of war for that matter

      the first man adam knew who his Father was very up close and personal but, then adam fell out of love with that first love, and all who were born…were born of a woman under the law after that falling out, until, the second Adam, who was born of a woman under the law just like all have been but, was also born of the spirit as a living spirit, no longer just a mere man, or of mankind, but now the son of man…of the spirit, the very spirit that one is to be conformed unto following, living, and keeping the will of the father as god makes the heir, not man

      [will finished editing this later…duty calls for my presents at a job site]

      • iamthelight0 says:

        job site? you still work for ceasar? or the lords work? would like to speak privately

      • iamthelight0 says:

        didn’t realize people on this site rate a thumbs up or down on a question? if the thumbs up or down is an implied yes or no? is it coming from the author? i merely ask due to the you had to leave to a job site. for a job is to run a charity for private gain and the book of job shows us what happens when we take flattering titles. are we not brothers if one truly is out of the public how is there a job. guess one could be givings ones energy in another form and for charity. that’s why i ask. my intent will guide me as I am chosen. i post here as your the only people i know who speak the same language, as i’ve always been alone.

      • Everyone that visits this site is with the liberty of clicking a thumbs up, or a thumbs down, no exceptions. I do not encourage, nor do I discourage anyone from taking part in their liberty to do so either way. As for what it means, or does not mean, that knowledge is with the one who clicks the coordinating thumb-up or thumb-down. Such things to me do not matter whatsoever, as the use of the thumbs-up, thumbs-down feature can be abused. I choose not to concern myself with such things as what is more precious are the comments and remarks that are expressed in knowledge, honor, and peace.

        As for my personal duties, obligations and responsibilities, I have spoken all that I can and will speak of them. As for any and/or all other questions pertaining to such let me say this prior to them, “It is PRIVATE, and all that I have said, is what can and will be said, and nothing more shall be said of the matter.” That should be more than sufficient to drop the matter. For I will not allow anyone to question my liberty, or to speak, address, evaluate, judge, oversee, what I do, or how I do what I do with my private time and labor. Such things are totally, and completely, under my discretion, and I alone will bare the fruit of all the consequences for said duties, obligations and responsibilities. Unless, of course, a volunteer wishes to undertake them. But then, how will Equity look at such a volunteer?

      • iamthelight0 says:

        Thank you, I agree, not sure why there is an option for vanity but i can only conclude it is the site as structured toward the social media of today. You have said all you can and am grateful for when in my studies came across your post. mere understanding not judgement is why one asked questions. for i am in the same boat as you. both the same . how to change operation and ve in honor with my father. why i ask. for anything one man has done was done before and nothing new under gods sun son

      • iamthelight0 says:

        if you felt was an invasion of your privacy i say forgive me my brother

    • iamthelight0 says:

      Bill to correct a deed? for there was never a conveyance done properly and the resulting trust of inaction has cause the state to see you as fatherless. so along with the bill to correct the deed with the deed with acknowledgement attached you bring in the testament in which gave you your blessings and inheritance. registar is defendent? there will need to be another party as defendent so i see it as county and state of nativity yes

  6. amg consulting says:

    bil in equity, when there is a conflict betwen the rules at law and the rules of equity, the rules of equity shall apply and prevail. any decree given will be in handwriting, in lower case on the back of the paper.

    • TKO amg…TKO!

      As was revealed in the 1980’s motion picture, “WAR GAMES,” named appropriately for the purpose of this post, “The only winning move is not to play.” To play what? To play in, to play with, and/or to play from the game of AT LAW, AT WAR commercial rules, laws, regulations, statutes, and codes, otherwise known as…..MONOPOLY®.

      The more and more clear Equity becomes, the more and more simple one sees that it is.

      The difficulty is the unlearning of all the programming and indoctrination one has had and experienced over the years, playing in the statutory worldly game of MONOPOLY®.

      • iamthelight0 says:

        Intetesting today. met with the legal department when i attempted to record the bc with acknowledgment attached. state law says that any doc filed from vital statistics cannot be recorded. or course i expressed its a deed and im correcting mistake. included was an expression of my acceptance to the covenant and gift from my true and only father. i was able to record that. are other counties allowing people to record the deed with acknowledgement ? my next step i believe is a bill in chancery (equity) if they wont allow the record to be corrected

    • iamthelight0 says:

      well looks like im back in chancery then bringing in my recorded acceptance to my fathers trust with an acknowledge bc. state will be defendent anf county. correcting the mistake showing who is father and what trust I Am IN. i see it as redemption then. but its already been bought by christ. so you just need to bring your record in and envoke equity proceddings for redemption to the abandon estate of our father , any proceddings need a defendent and this would state and county of domicile?

      • dianedaughteroffran says:

        Where does one file or hand in this acceptance.?

      • iamthelight0 says:

        well the recorder of deeds. i was able to record a declaration of will and express trust. my will being intent , i accepted and pledged to my surety redeemer lord and savior accepting my inheritance. i was unable to record a bc with an acknowledgement attached. but the identifying numbers are in the recording and the expression is clear. since i was unable to record the acknowledgement to the deed at county i will bring a bill in chancery now with my recording. its where my light is guiding with father assisting from like minded brothers on this forum. any one had similar experience?

  7. iamthelight0 says:

    We are of one mind i see, one energy. There is only but one. All is one divided into many. A simple acknowledemnt i suppose will suffice. Just one line saying you acknowledge the instrument? Wow. It just hit me. Redemption. It is in equity court. We have to come in equity and acknowledge the deed expressing the trust, its redemption rights. And christ is our redeemer to bring us out of the law.

    • The law was ADDED because of abandoning Equity, which is the Way and Will of the Father for everlasting peace.

    • iamthelight0 says:

      Well i say that seeming logically if the estate is abandon wouldnt one need to get back in. Under the cesti que act as soon as you show you returned the whole estate is revested back to you, equatible, legal. Whole man. So redemption is to get back property that has been mortgaged, which is a dead pledge. As the bible tells us we were redeemed from being under the law not by money of course. But bought back with the blood of our surety, redeemer lord and savior. As stated many times though one is merely just acknowledge the deed we all have in our posession and state on the record who is our daddy and what does he do. Then the gift is complete and one has come home. Now one must conduct themselves in equity. Forgiving any debt issued from the estate. In essance discharging the duties of the office when any charges arise? We will always have obligations to our brothers and sisters. Its the Christ in us. Most attempt to get out of trusteeship but this hat you will always have in your closet. But throuhh subrogation you put on the hat of the heir, are we vibrating at the same frequency?

  8. kingsfamily4jc says:

    Deeds should be recorded and acknowledged. I tried this, but they would not accept the affidavit, so perhaps I need to try just the certificate of live birth this time. I did however autograph the back of it and sent a small, kind note thanking the trustees for taking such good care of my estate while I was but a child and incompetent.

    This stuff seems like a terrible nightmare sometimes! I’m growing so tired of it all.

    • thefinancedude says:

      kingsfamily4jc – if you have two titles, split – why aren’t they merged yet and on the record? or a private presentment where FOREIGNERS of all states are received?

      we are getting them recorded across the nation – but there are always ignorant hurdles of the agents that must be gingerly overcome with sincere energy that you know what you are doing, more importantly why you are doing it, and they will whine up until they record it (hint, just get the elected recorded involved and end the “Training games” 🙂

      • amg consulting says:

        not quite that easy in certain areas, even the elected ask for you to prove why they should using their statutes and codes i.e, go to war with them especially in california. it seems as if the same state as where one finds minnesota rule 220, they are eceptionally nice to people from out of town…

      • If there is any resistance of any kind in relation to one changing the original record because, “there has been a MISTAKE,” (Thanks to Batman’s insights) are we not talking about willfully, and perhaps even negligently, doing harm to the heir and beneficiary appearing as grantee for the sake of the dealing with the public, so the public can see the genuine truth? Are we not now talking about, “involuntary servitude,” if they do not do their duty? Has not involuntary servitude been well documented to have been outlawed by just about all nation-states by treaty? Perhaps this might be what is at the fulcrum point of a bill in equity….., perhaps?

      • iamthelight0 says:

        IL law states one cannot record a vital statistics doc so i see it as one must go into chancery to correct this mistake. only question is what suit. name change ie correction or redemption of the estate property being the name and registration number and yes redmeption is through the one and only christ.

    • iamthelight0 says:

      or is this it.found in gibsons. BILL TO CORRECT A MISTAKE IN A DEED.s[Foraddressandcaption,see,ante,§§155,164.]ComplainantrespectfullyshowstotheCourt.. now this seems logical with the acknowledgement correcting the mistake or non acceptance. be sure to know how it is in correlation with your gift of life from the father as a co heir.