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Those who make war against “The System of Government” (herein after, The System) and/or its Administrators, ultimately are making war upon themselves. Did you know that ALL commerce is war? Why do you think The Master turned over the tables of the money changers who were conducting commerce in the Temple? If what they were doing was of peace and righteousness, do you think he would have bothered them? (Matthew 21:12-17, Mark 11:15-18, John 2:14-16) What do you think this symbolizes? And how, if at all, is this connected to one being revested with one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate?
11| Mt 21v17, Mark 11v17 & John 2v14-16

What else could the money changers have been doing other than commerce?  Folks, buying and selling goes against the biblical principal of, 12 | Freely you have Received, Freely Give - Matt 10v8It is known to this Author that there are those that have taken what they have been given freely, and by TRUST agreement, agreeing NOT TO SELL what they have learned; and yet, they have violated their Word of Promise in agreement and have taken what they have been given freely, and sold it for profit. How is this not a dishonorable act and deed? How does this not violate the agreement one has entered into, pledging in Trust, to return the graciousness of receiving freely the gift, for giving freely with it? To be given anything freely, and then go and sell that free gift profit is not only an act of pure selfishness, but it is also an act of war upon the Giver of that Gift. For action such as that goes directly against The Way for living Life in peace. Selling what has been given to give with, dishonors not only the gift, but also the Giver of that gift. Are you beginning to see how thru such a despicable act and deed of COMMERCE, it is an act of war? Unfortunately, commerce is the way of life for the prodigal sons, and since it goes directly against “The Will” of the Father something had to be done to teach the consequences for such folly. And, so, you have the journey of the prodigal sons.

So then, commerce is outright rebellion against the Giver who appointed the Heir to receive all things freely, and thereby give with all things received, freely. Does the turning over the tables of the money changers give a very strong clue that such traditions as buying and selling are not allowed by the Giver in the Kingdom? It certainly does look that way. Why else would such a strong action be used to demonstrate this message? The Money Changer were literally chased out with a Cat O’ Nine Tails. Do you have any idea how brutal a weapon that is? ( So then, how is one involved in the violation of this principal and thereby supporting a world that is drowning in commerce? Do you think that this has anything to do with the constant and consistent problems that mankind continually faces for going against The Will and The Way of its Creator? You know, there just might be a connection.

If one uses money that is borrowed from a private corporation, and does not create what they need for their use with their own private estate, using LIMITED suretyship to back it up, then how are they not volunteering to be another man’s servant and slave, and not being a bondservant for Christ? Is it possible for one to serve two masters? So then, when borrowing and using money from a private corporation’s estate, such as the Federal Reserve Bank, how is this not an act of war resulting from ones failure, and/or outright rejection, to use what one has been given to create with, what they need to take care of all the duties, obligations and responsibilities of one’s private estate? If one has been given a gift to do these things with, but has, by mistake, abandoned that gift, does this not open the door of opportunity for the Money Changers to walk through and set up their tables? Are you beginning to see how commerce is the way that leads one into bondage, and thereby nullifies one’s freedom to command and administrate their own God-given birthright inheritance and estate according to The Will and The Way of the Most High Creator God and Father? Perhaps this could be a connection, yes?

Whenever money is issued from another estate for public and/or private use, that money is automatically issued as debt to the one borrowing it. Since it is a biblical principal that,
13 | No Man Can Serve Two Masters - Luke 16:13
…why would anyone bind themselves in voluntary servitude to a master foreign to one’s Creator? Perhaps this is why it is known that all money is debt, yes?
09| In Debt We TrustUnless one creates their own CREDIT with the gift and blessing the Creator has bestowed upon you of your own birthright inheritance and estate, how is the money you make a use of not debt to you? So then, why borrow and become a debtor and surety when one can create? Or, do you say that only the Money Changers/Bankers can create money and/or credit, and that you cannot, even with the Gift that the Most High God has bestowed unto you. Tell something, where is the Equity in that conclusion? Let me put this another way. Why agree with, “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal,” if one thinks that only the Money Changers/Bankers can create credit/money? Do you really think that the Father has left the Sons bereft of the ability to take care of the needs of their family and estate under self-governance? Moreover, is it wise to volunteer to become DEBTOR and SURETY for an unnecessary debt by the bond ones Word (Matthew 16:19), sealing one in BOND-AGE and VOLUNTARY SUBJECTION under another man? How does that act and deed support and perpetuate being equal? Why even consider volunteering to be dependent upon other men for what one needs to self-govern and administrate their own God-given private estate? It can only end up being a disaster. Just look at the world all around you. It’s a wonderful disaster, yes?
01 | Matthew 16v19 and 18v18
So then, if one is volunteering to serve another master, then how have they not voluntarily ELECTED bondage, or should I say slavery, over self-governance? (Matthew 18:18) What possible reason, if there is one at all, can be competent enough to explain such an unwise deed? Is the abandonment of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate the central cause for all the problems known to-day, as well as the past, and on into the future? Is the failure to accept the Ultimate Gift of the Creator actually a rejection of the, “Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven?” If so, then what is at the core of the reason why mankind abandoned his first love of the First and Highest Estate in the first place? How is such an act and deed not of total and complete insanity? Look around you…how well is mankind doing, doing things by his own way and will? Are you ready to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge yet, or are you just going to keep giving yourself multiple face-palms everyday?

Folks, voluntary servitude is still allowed by law. It has never been outlawed and abolished. Why? Because, there is a choice to be made, and that choice is in fact an ELECTION between self-governance and irresponsibility leading one into bondage, or should I say being governed and administrated by an outside source, verses the God-given power and authority self-governance from one’s God-given inside source. The outside source of administration is the role that the governments of mankind fulfill no matter what their political platform is, or what form and style it operates under. Contrary to some thoughts, such governance is absolutely necessary as there are still many who have not yet reached a sufficient understanding of what it will take for one to be self-governing. It is my hope that with the authorship of this blog, I am shining a light in that direction. So now, the question is, which form of governance do you really want? Do I even have to ask this question? YES, I do! For it is one of most important questions that one can answer for the sake of their own,
14 | Life LIberty and the Pusuit of HappinessFor IF this question is left unanswered, then an automatic answer is deemed for governance from an outside source. A warning message was delivered to the American peoples telling them that was going to happen in a very eloquently delivered speech by one of America’s former Chief Executive Officers, President Teddy Roosevelt.

054 | Roosevelt's Jamestown Opening SpeechPerhaps now, one can see why The System has to exist, even though many hate what it is, what it does, and why it has to do what it does. Still, that hatred does not nullify the need for it. Nor does it nullify its purpose and reason for being absolutely necessary. Such government organization will always exist in one form, or another, UNTIL mankind no longer neglects the duties, obligations and responsibilities of self-governance. So then, do you see how we are the cause, and how we can also be the solution, as so well articulated by President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt? Do see the difference between one who self-governs, and one who has to be governed?

Agree with this or not, like this, or not, the banking system actually aids in the testing of one to give an answer as to whose Will and Way one is following. In other words, it tests one to, “Make their call and election sure,” or not.
02 | 2 PETER 1v10-11 (MiniSIZED)
Ultimately, this tests two very simple things. What do you truly love, and where do you lodge your Trust? Do you love your Creator God and Father, or do you love money, “The root of all evil,” more?
52 | LOVE OF MONEY - 1Tim6v10.pngThere is no middle ground for the answer to this testing question. So then, where have you lodged your Trust? In Money and Mankind, or in the Most High Creator God the Eternal and His Will and Way? For to be recognized to be a Co-Heir with the Heir of ALL things, their can be only one answer. Otherwise, why is one seeking to be revested with a birthright inheritance and estate that one does not believe has an ultimate Giver that has gifted it to them? Certainly one does not expect that mankind will bestow a birthright inheritance and estate upon them, given that men love to overlord other men, yes?
53 | KILL THE HEIR - Luke 20v13-16
So then, to the one who thinks of the The System and the Federal Reserve Bank as an enemy, how is it that you have not become an enemy yourself by that declaration? Is it possible for one to escape the declarations, acts and deeds that they are known for? Better yet, is this what a “Peacemaker” is known for? Are the Sons and Heirs of God in Christ (“The Heir of ALL things” – Hebrews 1:2) known to make war of any kind and/or form, much less declare to be an enemy of another? Or, are the Sons always motivated to settle for peace because, that is in accordance with The Will (Equity) of the Father?
06 | The APPOINTED Heir of ALL things (Hebrews 1-1-4)
So, for the one that no longer has any need of the Federal Reserve Bank and/or the many services that they provide through various sub-corporations, the Federal Reserve Bank will just fade away into non-existence How so? Because, one will have learned how to stay in Equity, and use their own private estate to serve the needs of their family and Estate, and to take care of all responsibilities pertaining to family and estate, without having to borrow from any other estate, and from that mistake, volunteer to become surety and debtor unnecessarily, as well as, and especially, against Scripture.
When one is found to no longer be borrowing money for anything and thus no longer volunteering to be surety for another man’s debt, and therefore become a slave to another man, but then is able to use a limited suretyship and their Estate to create what is needed for their own private estate…then, this is how one makes the Federal Reserve System fade away…peacefully. Moreover, this also is how one makes the Old Covenant administration of outside governance fade away as well along with its Priesthood of Attorneys of the Order of Aaron. When one is no longer in need of outside governance, it will be because they have willingly entered into the New and Better Covenant of Trust with a far superior Surety of the Order of Melchizedek.
07 | Hebrews 7v20-28
Notice, “…by so much more Jesus has become a surety of a better covenant.” This is how one will, “Make their call and election sure.” The Sons of God in Christ have absolutely no need to borrow money from the money changers/bankers that sell the private credit of their private estate at interest. Make no mistake about these arrogant-egotistical pious-pukers, they are fully engaged in USURY and the perpetuation of it as it makes slaves of men! For to borrow from them and make a use of their private credit is to be involved in their fraud and thus tacitly support usury. This why Colonel Edward Mandel House (Huis) said that the people would be contributors to the very fraud that would not only enrich them, but make them economic slaves.
058 | QUOTE - Colonel Edward Mandel House
To support usury and suretyship for debts of another is a rejection of The Will and The Way of the Most High Creator God and the birthright inheritance and estate He has blessed one with the day one was born.
15 | USURY - Psalm 15v5
So then, attempting to prosecute a war against The System and/or Federal Reserve Bank is not the cure that will result in peace. Such ignorance of this fact perpetuates a continuance of the Public Trust, and those IN and OF the PUBLIC, of being administrated under the rules of bankruptcy. War happens because of bankruptcy on many levels, not just financial. In short, war, no matter the form, will not solve anything and return peace as an everlasting result! Think about it. War only ends up making one an enemy and does not truly result in peace. Since when has there ever been an everlasting peace on the surface of this Earth after a war has been concluded, and a so-called peace treaty signed and sealed in agreement? One thing has been proven absolutely for sure throughout the history of Mankind…men do not know the way of peace. In addition, and just as important, the law absent equity will never-ever result in peace of any substantial and significant kind, because it OMITS that which is needed to bring about and ensure an everlasting peace…equality, justice, mercy, forgiveness and righteousness. All law alone and absent equity has none of these qualities, for law absent equity is in fact negative equity. Therefore, even the law of a so-called peace treaty is just worthless as it is formed without Equity.
070 | The law is incomplete at its best without Equity

So then, the one who makes war, and is not a Peacemaker, and is in fact correctly deemed to be a belligerent hostile to that whichever they make war against. That in turn perpetuates and exacerbates the problem, as all war is a reflection of the FIRST rebellion against The Will and The Way of the Most High Creator God and Father. That rebellion continues even unto this day, unfortunately. Why do you think the world is in the ungodly mess that it is in? That’s just the way things are, right? Really? If one has not yet been revested with their God-given birthright inheritance and estate then the first war has not been settled as one has not yet accepted the Peace that has in fact been offered. This is why that war, the first war, is the only war that matters. For when one settles for peace and ACCEPTS THE PEACE THAT HAS ALREADY BEEN OFFERED, then one will become known to be a Peacemaker. From then on, all war shall cease and desist for the Peacemaker.

16 | Swords into Plowshares - Isaiah 2-4
Commerce is the primary form of war that all of mankind is engaged in. Commerce is also the primary religion of ALL the world, no exceptions, that all worship at the altars of when engaging in buying and selling, knowingly and/or unknowingly. This folly comes as the result of an arrogant egotistical pride of wanting to OWN things that one has never needed to own.
17 | All that I have is yours - Luke 15v31 (MiniMEME)
All the evidence of this on going war of commerce is all around us everyday. Mankind has not yet left the old man of war behind to show that he knows the difference between the first man Adam, who fell as a Prodigal Son being of the flesh and war-like, to become the second Adam, a Living Spirit as the Beloved Son, the Son of Man, born from above, a peacemaker having the Mind of Christ, knowing that one is Co-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek able to self-govern, and an Ambassador for Christ representing the Heir of ALL things wherever they are, and wherever they may go. This is the one who is no longer of the traditions of men; no longer in and of the world of the dead operating under the rules of bankruptcy for the folly of conducting commerce. A world drowning in commerce is only pleasing to the eyesight of men, as in that world of folly, all things are for profit and gain at the loss of others, which is why such things are of the world wherein the flesh profits nothing.
18 | The Flesh Profits Nothing - John 6v63
I cannot emphasis this enough that ALL forms of war are deemed to be against The Will of the Father and The Way of the First and Highest Estate. For this cause, instruction and lessons were deemed to be need to teach mankind how to conform to Christ, the Heir of all things, as Co-Heirs. (Galatians 4:1-7) Therefore, all governments of men function by the ordination of God to aid in carrying out this purpose. I will show how and where this is a bit later. For now, just know that the governments of men are ordained for the purpose of teaching and training the children of God in the way that they should go, and why it is so, so, so, important for them to seek peace, and to pursue it earnestly.
46 | Seek Peace Earnestly - Psalm 34v14

Many claim that governments of men are evil and wicked. Indeed, there are government agents that do abuse their office and power. However, look in the mirror. Is not government a reflection of the people? If one does not like what they see in government, then perhaps it is the people that should change so there is a change in the government. Is not the government populated by the very same people? What do you think the reason is for the symbol of a reflecting pool in every government city of power? Do you really believe in coincidence?

Commerce, war, is in fact a prosecution of war against The Way of the First and Highest Estate. For commerce is a rebellion that is postured itself against The Way of the First and Highest Estate, and how it is governed without money. Nonetheless, the need to teach The Way of the Peacemaker was authorized through the giving of law in a form that would get the point across even to the most stubborn of mankind. In other words, law was given in a negative equity form to accomplish this purpose. Or, as I like to say it, “LAW ABSENT EQUITY.” You are already familiar with negative equity as it always employs what one cannot do, or imposes some kind of restraint and/or limit upon one’s liberty to be self-governing, as in, “Thou shalt not.” Through the negative it was purposed that mankind would learn the righteous way to go, as the negative is riddled with curses for both right and wrong doing. That is what happens when one is involved with a rebellion. However, the way of Peace does not have any kind handicap as that. It only has blessings upon blessings.

Now, in conjunction with this, there are two covenants of trust; Old and New. Contrary to many beliefs, both are still in full force and effect. So, there are also two administrations of governance, one of pure Equity for the self-governing, the other of Law Absent Equity for the those of folly and foolishness. However, this does not mean that there are two governments. No, there is STILL only One Government over All, but two administrations, one of reconciliation, and one of peace and self-governance. The Government for both administrations is on the shoulders of the Heir of ALL things. (Ah, can you hear the choir singing this in Handel’s Messiah? I can! Been there, done that. As a matter of fact, I’ve been on both side of the baton for this master choral work).
47 | GOVENMENT ON HIS SHOULDERS - Isaiah 9v6One Trust/Covenant is administrated of law absent equity, and the other Trust/Covenant is the administration of Equity, where law is not needed as it has been fulfilled, and Equity can stand upon its own, without law. Equity is the “law” if you will of the First and Highest Estate. This is why is it said that, “Equity is King, and the maxims are its essences.” Since mankind abandoned the first and highest estate wanting to do things his own way, the Most High Creator God in His wisdom and forgiveness, deemed it necessary and merciful to give mankind a chance to experience what life would be like outside of the Kingdom with the rest of the dogs and sorcerers.
54 | DOGS AND SORCERERS OUTSIDE OF THE KINGDOM - Rev22v15Therefore, this physical existence was commissioned for the testing of one’s faith, and it shall continue until one has made their final decision as to which Will and Way they elect to follow.

It was never the preferred purpose and Intent for government to administrate and overlord one’s private life and private estate. To administrate the private lives and estates of the people goes well beyond the original scope and intent of what government was designed to be in the first place, which was to serve the people, “Let him who be great among you be your servant.”

Government in its true form, was never intended to rule over the people, but to serve the people in service to their needs, along with the duties they are commissioned to perform in the many Public Offices that they only occupy. Rule over one’s life and liberty has always been intended to come from the inside. However, if one abandons this post, this responsibility, then rule shall come from an outside source just as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said it would. (See previous quote above from Jamestown Exposition Speech given April 26, of 1907).

So then, because of the folly of mankind acting in rebellion against The Will (Equity) and The Way (Trust), the administrators of earthly government do have a God-given power and authority to do whatever is necessary to maintain the integrity of “The System of Government” against all belligerent hostiles. (See: General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code, Articles 31-39, which, by the way, is still in full force and effect.

Now, some of you may not like this, or even agree with this. But, if one has to be disciplined for acts and/or actions of rebellion against The System, there is no doubt it is because of an ignorance and/or incompetence stemming from a lack of understanding for HOW to settle a matter peacefully. This is one of the most important things the Most High Creator God and Father is looking for because, such a path of action indicates change in ones heart and mind. ( This means that true reason why one is being disciplined for rebellion against the Most High Creator, and contrary to a lot of opinions, once again, is actually motivated by compassion to instruct the Children of the Most High God in the way that they should go.
49 | The Lord Disciplines Whom He Loves - Pro 3v11-12 & Heb 12v5-6So then, the consequences for such indiscretions and folly, are issued in the form of various punishments by government officials. These punishments are in fact authorized by the Most High Creator God and Father Himself for the sake of the correction of the Prodigal Sons.
50 | Resistance Will Be Punished - Rom 13v2Again, all such rebellion ultimately is against the Most High Creator God and Father as it does not conform to His Will and His Way. If you do not like this, or do not agree with this, then all I have to say about that is, your argument is with the Most High God, and not with me. For it simply is the way things are, and in that, you and I have no power, or even say-so to oppose, rebuke, or change it. Therefore, one can only accept it, and enjoy the ride, or not, and thereby create for themselves their own living hell.

Everyone who has been born was in fact, “Born of a woman UNDER the Law.” (Galatians 4:4) This is the law-form that is administrated absent Equity. This is the default condition for all mankind, no exceptions. Were you aware that, “The law is nothing without Equity, and Equity is everything, even without the law?”
21 | The Law Is Nothing Without Equity.jpg
So then, if one does not learn how to bring in Equity, The Will of the Father, to bring balance for the sake of justice, fairness, and righteousness, then the law shall remain unbalanced in its negative form. Perhaps this is why so many people have claimed to have been railroaded by the Courts. They are after all, Courts of Law, are they not? Where’s the Equity in a Court of Law going to come from? Is it possible that one may be in the wrong Court if it is a Court of Law absent Equity and one wishes to follow the Will and Way of the Creator and Father? Did you know that you needed to bring Equity into a matter in order for Equity to take its natural superior position and jurisdiction? How else is a matter going to be settled peacefully if not IN Equity? By the law absent equity? Certainly Not! For the law alone and absent equity can result in no justice, righteousness and peace. So, as the old lady once said in the Wendy’s commercial from some time ago, “Where the beef?” 
08 | Wheres the Beef - Wheres the Equity
But, in this case, “Where’s the Equity?!” Isn’t she really asking, “Hey! Where’s the fairness in this?” So then, I ask you, “Where is the Equity going to come from if you do not bring it into the matter,” as a peacemaker, Co-Heir, Royal Priest and Ambassador for Christ? Is not the Beloved Son FROM Equity? Are not the Courts of the Law absent any form of fairness/equity? So then, we do now know who is in fact responsible for making sure that a Court, any Court, is fair and equitable, do we not?

So then, take a quick moment and consider how well Courts of Law and justice has worked throughout history. Go ahead! Take a quick moment. Have you ever considered that the law absent equity is the cause of so much injustice in those so-called Courts of Justice? Have you ever considered that injustice is allowed to take place because of your lack of knowledge and understanding of Equity? Yes, you are being taken advantage of, but whose fault is that really? If it is not your fault, then whose is it, and can you justifiably prove such a claim with honor, and in honor? Do you recall what Teddy Roosevelt said about this? “A Sovereign cannot make excuses for his failures. A Sovereign must accept the responsibility for the exercise of the power that inheres in him.” Would that be worth something to you to consider? How about this thought as well. Why are all the Judges of Courts of Law lower than the Supreme Court titled/called as, “Judge,” but at the Supreme Court level they are called/titled, “Justice?” Things that make you go, hm.

Have you ever considered why one who is under the law is deemed to be under a curse? Perhaps this is why the law absent equity is, a curse, hm, yes?
23 | The Law is a Curse - Gal 3v10-13.jpgSo then, for all of you who are on the bandwagon of, “The Law, The Law, The Law,” and/or this is a, “Nation of laws,” do you have any idea of what it is that you really are saying, much less what you are asking for, hm? Tell me, you who have bound yourself to the law, do you not know that you have bound yourselves to a curse as it is impossible to be found righteous and receive justice and equality through the law? Do you really want the law alone and absent Equity, or are you just repeating what you heard someone else say, like a Teacher/Professor, or Pastor/Priest, or Politician/Pharisee, or some Patriot-for-Profit-Guru? Would this be worthy of your time to consider?

Perhaps this is why so many do not know and understand how it is that one IS NOT justified by the law, but by faith, hm? (Galatians 3:11) So, take a moment and consider this for those of you who seek to be justified by the law. You know who you are; you probably charge money for your seminars and/or so-called private conference calls. Have you not fallen short of fulfilling ALL the requirements of the law? Or, do you claim to be keeping the law the best that you can? Now be honest! Perhaps this is why the law is ONLY to be a tutor that brings one to into their God-given birthright inheritance and estate AS a Co-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things.
51 | You Are Son and Heir - Gal 3v24-25 , Gal 4v1-2, Rom 8v16-17
In a little bit, I will show how faith is connected into how one is justified, and why it is the ONLY thing that will please the Most High Creator God and Father.

The authority of all of the governments of men to administrate all of those who have not elected to return to self-governance under of the first and highest estate, the first-love which mankind abandoned, is in fact ORDAINED of the Most High Creator God and Father in the following:
19 | ROMANS 13v1-7.jpg

One can disagree with this all that they want to. However, the real question is, how will they prove that this is not so and how will they prove that this is not exactly what has been going on? One can even argue, fuss and fight, against this, but again, how is this not the authority for governments of men to do what they are doing? One can even dare to claim that God does not exist at all if that is what they want to do; further saying, that governments can only govern by the consent of the people. Well, this true, but, it still does not change the fact that government is ORDAINED of God.

On another aspect of this, if one says that God does not exist, and all of this does not matter, or make any sense, or whatever excuse they want to make up, then how are you going to righteously claim to be an Heir according to The Will? How are you going to inherit your birthright, if it not given to you by someone else? Well, you say, “That’s easy, there is no such Will.” Okay, if that is what you say and believe, then you do not have any inheritance at all. For how can one inherit without a Will that appoints and proclaims who the Heir is, and to whom all property in The Will is to be bequeathed too? Far to many are now claiming that there is no God, and many of them are seeking revestment of the Estate through some patriot/sovereignty/freeman paperwork. HA! Nothing can be more benighted and silly than the reasoning behind that can of folly to find an excuse to receive one’s birthright without a Giver and a Will to go with it. You have no birthright inheritance without someone to appoint and recognize you to be the Heir, and its just plain insanity to think otherwise. One could not be more benighted than to be in this state-of-mind thinking that they can somehow find away to inherit without conforming to The Will of the One who makes the Heir. Did you know that is a MAXIM OF LAW?
23 | God makes the heir
Those of you who say, “There is no God,” how are you going to inherit now, hm? This is a MAXIM OF LAW, which means it has been challenged and challenged over and over, and every time it has been challenged it has stood firm and solid against those who have dared to oppose it. In other words, to oppose a maxim of law is not only a self-impeachment, but also a declaration of incurable insanity.
24 | Only God makes the Will, not man

So then, ALL childish and spiritually immature complaints and/or arguments will not change the fact-of-life that the governments of men (All of them, no exceptions) are following this mandate of authority given unto them, and they are doing the duties that they were commissioned to do. However, a more important question is, are you doing the duties that you are supposed to do for your estate, or is it still abandoned thereby forcing the government to those duties for you?

So then, if the people DO NOT LIKE the government that they have, and the way the government is administrating their estates and lives, then it is the people that need to change firstly, so that government will correctly reflect that change, and the people being worthy of an honorable and righteous government will receive the government that they deserve. For there is no escaping this fact-of-life…..ALL GOVERNMENT IS A REFLECTION OF THE PEOPLE! That means you do in fact have the government that you do deserve whether you like this fact-of-life, or not, whether you disagree with this, or not. Arguing about this will not change it. The people either become the change that they want to see, or they will automatically suffer the consequences for electing to act like slaves.

The ONLY solution to being administrated by the administrators of the governments of men is found in the following:
20 | ROMANS 13v8-10
Folks, I’ve got some GREAT news for you! That is, if one was not already aware of this fact-of-life. Exactly, how was the fulfillment of law accomplished? Have you ever pondered this question for yourself, outside of all of the influences of the corporation-certified-churches doctrines and traditions?
21 | Matthew 5v17 (MiniMEME).jpg
Most have elected to accept what churchianity teaches and preaches saying that how this was accomplished was by The Master keeping the law perfectly, never-ever breaking any one of them, and that was how the law was fulfilled. For the most part, one can say it is true The Master never did break the law. However, there is more to the story which churchianity has omitted concerning HOW The Master accomplished this deed. (No surprise there. Yes, that is a strong rebuke, but not as strong as I am going to get later on.) So then, if the claim of keeping the law perfectly is completely true and tells the entire story, then why is faith required at all if by keeping the law one can be justified thru the law? Furthermore, an even greater question is, why is it written that no one has ever justified by the law, but by faith? Have you ever felt that there is something missing in the context of the story for how the law was fulfilled? I did! Which is why I went looking for answers to this question, and many others. An interesting thing happens when one asks questions of this nature that challenges the doctrines and traditions of men. Pastors/Priests, Ministers/Preachers, Elders/Teachers, would not answer. Instead they would return a rebuke of some kind for me for daring to ask the questions that I dared to ask. Now, if you want to peek someone’s interest, then avoid answering obvious questions that have an obvious answer.
22 | NO ONE JUSTIFIED BY THE LAW - Galatians 2v16.jpgWow! This clearly indicates that keeping the law is worthless as there is no justification that shall come by that performance, even if it is done perfectly. Perhaps this part of the, “Curse of the law,” because, keeping the law is not what the Most High Creator God and Father is looking for in His Beloved Sons? So then, how was The Master able to accomplish fulfilling the law since the law itself cannot provide any justification? How about thru Equity? Yes, thru Equity, The Way (Trust) of the First and Highest Estate that mankind abandoned for residence in and of this lower estate under a law-form absent equity.
24 | How long to discover Equity is Missing.pngFor if the law could justify one all by itself, then why would faith be necessary at all? Perhaps this is also why the law that one was born under is absent equity. Think about it! There is so much focus on “Law and Order” (Not to be confused with the television series by the same name) that people have never stopped to consider the possibility that the law, in and of itself, absent equity, equals a curse, as the law alone can render a curse.
23 | The Law is a Curse - Gal 3v10-13Therefore, the purpose of the law is bring one from out from under the bindings of the law absent equity, and of their own volition elect to be under Equity as, “Equity is King,” because it is the Administration of the First and Highest Estate. In other words, negative equity, Law, such as in the form of the 10 commandment of the Old Covenant, was purposed to be a, “Governor and Tutor,” (Galatians 4:1-7) …
25 | Galatians 4v1-526 | Galatians 4v6-7…to teach mankind what life is like outside of Equity. That is to say, outside of the administration and rule of the Kingdom of Heaven, which is administrated IN Equity. For the Most High Creator God and Father does not judge the people with law absent equity, but with Equity!
28 | JUDGE THE PEOPLE WITH EQUITY - Psalm 9v8 & 98v9
This is part of the gospel message, (The Good News – not to be confused with the Magazine Publication by the same name), that is not taught and preached in the corporation-certified-churches, because Churchianity is limited to teaching only the elementary principals of Christ, and that is it! They can teach and preach nothing of Equity. For if they did, their pews would become empty, and eventually their for-profit corporation, dissolved.
27 | Hebews 6v1-2

It was thru this great accomplishment that allowed for every jot and tittle of the law to pass away, and opened the door wide open for Equity, The Will of the Father, to be the paramount and tantamount way one lives their life! (Matthew 5:17-20) Christ, the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, revealed to mankind that which nullified the harsh penalty and curse of the law, Equity. By living his life FROM Equity he kept the law perfectly, because he not only was FROM Equity, but he also did all things according to Equity; therefore, IN Equity. That is what fulfilled the law and allow it to pass away. This is what pleases the Most High Creator God and Father. To be from Equity and to live Equity results in equality, justice, forgiveness, mercy, fairness, righteousness, and compassion, whenever and wherever it is needed, and for whatever what one is doing.

So then, if one truly desires to be self-governing, and free to do the greater things that one will do when they are in and from Equity,
29 | Greater Things Shall You Do - John 14v12…and no longer found to be lacking in Equity, and because of that lack, being in need of being administrated by an outside source, just as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt pointed out. For if one is still abiding in this form of benightedness, then they are bound to all the requirements of the statutes, codes, rules and regulations of men, as the election to ascend into Equity has not yet taken away the rule of men by their so-called laws.
31 | THE LAW DONE AWAY WITH ONLY IN CHRIST - Colossians 2v13-15For until one reaches the time appointed of the Father and elects of their own volition to follow The Will and The Way of the Father, one will be bound to the requirements of negative equity, which is the law absent, stripped, and bereft, of equity. So then, do you see how one cannot escape being governed one way or the other just as President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt said? Therefore, I say unto you the choice boils down simply to this, “Do you want to be self-governing, or, do you want someone else to govern you?” If self-governing is elected, then one has much to learn, but has to start with much unlearning.

Now, in connection with all of this, and how Equity works, and why it works the way that it does, consider for example the story of the woman taken in adultery.
32 | The Woman Taken in Adultery - John 8v1-8
Did anyone of her accusers throw a stone? Why? What “triggered” their “Court of Consciousness,” not to condemn her? Was it because none of them knew and understood the Equity that The Master brought in to settle the matter? So then, how was it that they were convicted of their own hearts not to cast a stone? Perhaps it was because equity was written upon their hearts, even if they had not yet recognized it?
33 | God's Covenant with Israel - Hebrew 8v10-12Yes, none of them knew and understood how to apply the maxims of equity, “Equity delights in equality,” and, “Equity delights to do justice not by the halves,” and, “Equity will not allow a statute to be used as a cloak or fraud.” Nevertheless, their own hearts could not condemn the woman taken in adultery (With Whom? Does it not take two to tango? Where was the other involved? Could it have been one of the Pharisee’s?), as that act would have condemned themselves, and that would not honor equality that equity delights in. Can you see how these maxim’s applied to that situation and dissolved the injustice that was being sought through the LAW OF MOSES? A law-form, by the way, that is negative equity. Can you also see that with whatever was written on the ground, no doubt dealing IN Equity, caused those who were ready to stone the woman taken in adultery, to reconsider the consequences of that deed to themselves? What if The Master simply wrote on the ground, “Hey! Where’s the other dude?” “Bring the other dude, and then we can proceed.” Think about it. If the other dude was one of the Pharisee’s, which I highly suspect, the Pharisee’s where NEVER going present him as, “The other dude.” CNN would have a filed day with that kind of smut.

Do you think that if it is needed for Equity to be brought into a Statutory Court of Law it would have the same affect? What do you think that was in the middle of the Temple if it was not Court? Was it not a STATUTORY proceeding under the Law of Moses as presented by the Pharisee’s UNTIL The Master brought in Equity? Perhaps the door open to the statutory law side does need to be closed and sealed BEFORE the door to Equity can be open in order to preserve the peace and not commingle the two, hm, yes?
34 | The DOOR that God Opens no man shuts - Rev 3v7-8For Equity is SUPERIOR to the Law in every way, shape and form. This is why Equity can stand alone and be right, honorable and just, and the law can never stand alone and be right, honorable and just. For law can be twisted and turned to suit anyone, or anybodies purpose, or idolatry. Need I point out the leaven of the Pharisee’s that even after proof of how the former blind man (John 9) sights was restored they still expelled him from the Temple.
35 | The Former Blind Man Kicked Out of the Temple - John 9v34Pure law without Equity can easily be adulterated and commingled with any personal agenda leaving only a path of unjust destruction in its wake. Do you see this?

When one is, “Born of a woman under the law,” (Gal 4:4) they are born as a Prodigal Son by default. (Luke 15:11-32) This is not to condemn the Prodigal Sons. Nor is it meant to be a perpetual state of living life unless the Prodigal Son does nothing to change their mind about the Life that they are living, and “The Way” and “Will” that they are living their Life under. This is how life can be an experience of one curse after another, and this is part of the lesson that the Most High Creator God wants us to learn and understand.

36 | The Parable of the Prodigal Son - Luke 15v11-32
Therefore, I say unto ye that the Prime Directive for the Prodigal Son is,
38 | SEEK the KINGDOM WITHIN First - Matt 6v33
For it is known that the Prodigal Son has yet to realize, acknowledge, and accept, that the Most High God has in deed already kept the Word of His Promise,
39 | BEEN GIVEN EVERYTHING FOR LIFE AND GODLINESS - 2 Peter 1v3-4This is where some have heard me say this, “You’ve been given everything you need for Life and Godliness.” For as The Master proclaimed,
40 | The Kingdom of God WITHIN - Luke 17v21This very proclamation means that one has indeed already been given EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING that was promised by the Word of the Most High Creator God and Father. This is the Word of Promise fulfilled, and this promise you have full possession of right here, right now, at this very moment! IF one does NOT agree with this, or, even dares to flat out deny the fulfillment of this promise, then one is saying that the Most High Creator God and Father has not kept the Word of His Promise. What else is one saying other than the Most High God is a liar? Now, do you really want to say that?

This is why Faith is the ONLY way that One will come to KNOW that the promise of the Most High’s Word, is true. For it is written that, “Faith is the only thing that please God,” (Hebrews 11:6) and, since Faith is the evidence of things NOT SEEN, because it is executed by the Act of one TRUSTING in the Word of a Promise given, then no other evidence need be given for the one trusting in the word of that promise. In other words, the Promise/Word is all one will get and nothing else. The only way one will know that the Promise has been kept is for them to come into KNOWING by experience what was promised has indeed been given. There is no other way for one’s faith to be validated. Again, because…
37 | FAITH IS the evidence of things NOT SEEN - Heb 11v1So then, if you are waiting to see the Kingdom of God with eyes of
OBSERVATION, then one still rightly is in need of being administrated by one of the many governments of men, as they have not yet ascended into acceptance of what they have already been given, ultimately pledging their trust in that promise, and accepting all duties, obligations and responsibility of Self-Governance for the undertaking of that acceptance. This is only possible when one accepts that they are in fact, right now at this very moment, a Co-Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things. How else can one be righteously revested with their God-given birthright inheritance and estate, hm? If one says that they ARE NOT an Heir WITH the Heir of ALL things, then what inheritance does one have? An inheritance from men? Don’t kid yourself! For one to inherit, one must be an heir, and if one is an heir, there must be a will one has to conform too, or else one is not an heir. I have another blog in draft wherein I will show HOW this is so, and exact why the Creator of a Will does have the right, power and authority to require of the Heir anything He wants.

Once one has discovered, acknowledge and accepted that the Kingdom of God truly is already given and within them per the Word of Promise, and they are no longer waiting for a Second Coming Return Future Event, as Churchianity teaches and preaches it. Then they will know and understand what The Master meant when he said,
41 | OBSERVATION - Noah Websters 1828 Dictionary Defintion
When one comes into this realization, and one is no longer looking outside of themselves for what is already within them, they will indeed have they have the power and authority to manifest that Kingdom of God, “On this Earth, as it is in Heaven.” For this is the intent of The Will. Then, when this recognition and acceptance takes place, THE PRIME DIRECTIVE NOW CHANGES from having to seek the Kingdom of God within first. For indeed the Prodigal Son has RETURNED and can no longer be presumed to be dead, or, “DEAD BEYOND THE SEA,” as some have been known to call it. This is what is intended to be the fulfillment of the desire of the Creator and Father through the PROMISE of the Second Coming Return of the Beloved Son in Whom He is Well Pleased. It happens with you and IN you. This will not happen anywhere OUTSIDE of you.
43 | This Is My Beloved Son - Matthew 3v17

This is when the Prodigal Son is no longer, prodigal, or, “One that expends money extravagantly or without necessity; one that is profuse or lavish; a waster; a spendthrift.” Did that word, “Spendthrift” catch your eye? It did mine. Perhaps this is why the Trust one’s Estate is being held in is called a, “Spendthrift Trust.” Were you aware of that? Now, do you find that interesting? Yes, they actually do call it a, “Spendthrift Trust.” I cannot speak for you, but I for one do not believe in coincidences. So, there is no accident in that Trust being called a Spendthrift Trust. Or, should I call it a, “Prodigal Trust?”

So then, because of a change in heart and mind the prodigal son is no longer prodigal, but IS BECOME a, “Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased.” Now, the Prime Directive becomes, “Love One Another As I Have Loved You.”
44 | Love One Another As I Have Loved You - John 13v34 & 15v12
Notice that this is the New Commandment that was given. Something new displaces something old. As the Beloved Son is new, so also the Prodigal Son is old. The New Commandment goes hand-in-hand with a New Covenant of Trust, and that New Covenant displaces the Old Covenant of Trust and all of its commandments formed of negative equity to teach and tutor mankind to desire pure Equity.

Now, the Prime Directive is carried out by the Two Greatest Commandments to, “Love the Lord your God with all your Hearth Mind and Soul,” and the second is like unto it, “To love your neighbor as yourself.” Only the Beloved Son in Whom the Father is Well Please can keep and do this according to The Will (Equity) and The Way (Trust) of the Most High Creator and Father.
45 | The Two Greatest Commandments - Matt 22v36-40Now you know the truth concerning the return of the prodigal son and how it fits right into the second coming return of the Beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased. Thus, you have the journey of the prodigal son ending when the prodigal son is no prodigal, and elects of his own free will and volition to ascend into his expected and anticipated God-given birthright inheritance and estate, as a Beloved Son. When one journey ends, a new one beings. And so, a new volume starting with a new chapter, begins. The end?
The Prodigal Son Returns

======= EPILOGUE =======


Corporate-Christianity, or as I, and a few others like to call it, “Churchianity,” because it is ultimately under Vatican control, has failed miserably! For churchianity has only taught the pew-dwellers (membership of all the various “Congregations” of denominations and/or non-denominations) only HALF of the Gospel message. That is to say, your corporate Title 26, 501(c)(3) and/or 508(c)(1)(a) certified church has only delivered HALF of the GOOD NEWS message and not ALL of it! (Gospel means GOOD NEWS). In this blog, I delivered the rest of the good news message of how the law was fulfilled and where the Kingdom of God IS right now at this moment. Corporate-Christianity does not teach and/or preach anything like this at all. As a matter of fact they avoid it as if it were a plague because they are afraid if the people knew and understood the truth, they would no longer have any power over them, and that is exactly what would happen.

Brethren, “A lie of omission is still a lie,” and by only preaching and teaching HALF of the Good News, corporate-churchianty has in fact, OUTRIGHT LIED! They have only taught the pew-dwellers about the need for one to change their mind (REPENT), and not the need for one to recognize, acknowledge and accept the gift of the promise ALREADY FULFILLED and given to the Heir of all things. This also includes ALL Co-Heirs who have accepted that the Word of the Promise has been kept just as PROMISED! Only a Co-Heir who has pledged their, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” to the Heir of ALL things will know and understand this and why it absolutely has to be this Way, as there is ONLY One Way and that is to make one’s calling and elections sure by electing to follow and live The Will, which is express in Equity by its Maxims, and The Way, which is of Trust, for Trust allows the Covenant to be SEALED in honor and perpetuity.


  1. Nothing about the true nature of why repentance is necessary in the first place other than to appease an angry god.
  2. Nothing about the rebellion, accompanying the abandoning of the First and Highest Estate and its Covenant.
  3. Nothing about Equity at all and what it is in its pure form as the administration of Trust.
  4. Nothing about Equity & contrasting it with Law absent Equity & how the law of men is in a negative equity form.
  5. Nothing about how the law absent equity is a curse for it cannot be kept because proving a negative is impossible.
  6. Nothing about how pure Equity fulfills the law and releases one from the curse of the law absent equity.
  7. Only mere belief is taught, “Believe and you shall be saved,” and that is all that one has to do, which leads to the violation of the maxim of equity that states, “Equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber oan their rights.”
  8. Nothing about trust is taught as Trust and Trust Law is administrated from Equity.
  9. Nothing about what it means to be a Co-Heir is WITH the Heir of ALL things.
  10. Nothing about what it means to be a Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek, Self-governing one’s Estate by the Way and Will of the Father IN Equity.
  11. Nothing about what it means to be an Ambassador for Christ, and doing ALL things in the name above all names, as His Name the Name all things are to be done by and thru.
  12. Nothing about the duties, obligations and responsibilities that one automatically undertakes upon acceptance of one’s birthright inheritance and estate.
  13. Nothing about the fact that everyone does have a birthright inheritance and estate bequeathed to them through their parents the day they were born by the Most High Creator God and Father.
  14. Nothing about the enemy that wants to kill the heir so they can steal from the inheritance as Qualified Heirs.
  15. Nothing about if one is an Heir, then there is in fact a WILL, and the Heir must conform to that Will.
  16. Nothing about already being given everything one needs for life and godliness the day one was born.
  17. Nothing about the KINGDOM OF GOD WITHIN right here, right now, at this very moment.


  1. Couldn’t sleep tonight and was praying for the wisdom I need to understand properly the issue with the Trusts. Prayer answered. You are truly a Godsend. Should you ever decide to mentor on a “one on one” basis, I would be most humbled and grateful to learn from you, as a student. Blessings to you and thank you so much for these pearls of wisdom. I look forward to your future writings and I am sharing this and one other article from your blog with my facebook groups.

  2. amg consulting says:

    love it when i see new post by born in equity ;o)

  3. dianedaughteroffran says:

    This post is awesome. I’m a little confused about exactly how one goes about ” coming out of her” as limited suretyship? If Christ is the surety? Thanks

    • should be obvious, isn’t it? if the Christ is “heir of all things”, and we are ‘co-heirs’ in the Christ… the Christ is the bridegroom, and we are the ‘wife’… if the Christ is our surety, and we are his bondsman…. if we do all things in the Christ’s name, as our “head”/leader/high-priest/king-of-kings as his ambassador’s from equity… how can we do anything ELSE but limit HOW we ‘strike hands’ with our neighbors in all agreements? certainly we can’t be a ‘surety’ for another’s debts, but isn’t it our duty under the ‘will’ to be ‘peacemakers’ (i.e. be surety to end commerce), to forgive our trespassers/tortfeasor and debtors by claiming the ‘deed’ as a mortgage under the Christ’s feet? didn’t the christ purchase ‘all things’ in his sacrifice, and purchase all debts? if we do a grantee-acceptance of the ‘charges’ in his name, and make him the ‘zero’ as well as the dominion over said ‘deed’ than is there any ‘debts’ outstanding to harm our neighbors?

      • Tis a great and tremendous gift in the giving of this post. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, there is a wonderful mystery revealed herein above. The question is, do you have the sight-beyond-sight to see and know it?

        • Because it has been given to you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it has not been given . . . . And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says: ‘Hearing you will hear and shall not understand, and seeing you will see and not perceive, for the heart of this people has grown dull. Their ears are hard of hearing, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, lest they should understand with their heart and turn, so that I should heal them’ (Matthew 13:11,14,15).

      • DM Trust says:

        Thanks for all the wonderful posts. I’m curios as I read thru the past replies folks were having trouble recording. Can anyone tell me if they have been successful and what exactly has that done for you . Thanks

  4. Irish Lakota says:

    i am Always appreciative for your work and love hearing your latest update – many more blessings of love light peace and prosperity to you, may you continually shine your light through the darkness!

    • bbk1492 says:

      what do you actually take away from this post?
      how does it change your perspective on the subject matter presented, if it does at all?
      why can’t you express anything specific about the post?
      why just idle praise, platitudes, and banality?
      one is left wondering, what did you really gained from this article?

  5. Excellent!! I’d like to add a couple more suggestions for the LIST OF INDICTMENT OF THE FAILURES OF CORPORATE-CHRISTIANITY:

    18. Nothing about if we suffer with him, we shall also reign with him…
    19. Nothing about them that overcome getting a new name…
    20. Nothing about giving true diligence when you go before your adversary to the magistrate…
    21. Nothing about determining which ones are able to kill both the body also kill the soul…

    • 18-a – but how does one ‘suffer with him’? doesn’t that require one ‘come out of her (babylon) plagues, and leave the slavery of Egypt? Can you imagine walking into a mega-church and hear them talking about the whoredom of seeking benefits from the state for their ‘money’, ‘security’, health, welfare? The slavery of being a surety for the debts of their government to a foreign bank?
      19-a. can you image any corporate church advocating anyone change their relationship to the publically registered name, thru merger and new trust expression? How many talk about a ‘new name’ that was written on a ‘white stone’ and only known to our Father in Heaven (never to be revealed in ‘public’/common affairs of men)?
      20-a. what is ‘true diligence’? is it answering magistrates as Christ answered the pharisees and Pilate? who is our adversary, anyway? one putting themselves in place of the Christ as our advocate, surety, redeemer, savior, lord, king?
      21-a – do you mean ‘fear not’ those who kill the body, but fear of YHWH (the spirit of truth) that can kill both body and soul?

  6. iamthelight0 says:

    Truly gratful my brother. in deed

  7. Alex Forbes says:

    Thank you for the light you are shining on the dark things of the world.

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