Preterism, Equity, and Trust!

Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2018 in Born Without Money
Preterism + Equity + Trust = THESE THREE ARE ONE! Trust is the only way to express that which Equity fulfilled completely; thus, taking away all the heavy burdens of mankind nevermore having to be under rules of bankruptcy as incompetent-decedents. For such a thing is the result (Resulting Trust) for being without the necessary knowledge and understanding of what the Parousia accomplished for them. For such knowledge can lead one to the, “…gate at the end of the strait and narrow path…” and from there as a “bondservant” involved directly in putting and end to the war (commerce – buying and selling of LEGAL TITLE just like the moneychangers were doing in the Temple) that resulted in mankind being kicked from the Garden of the First and Highest Estate that is still in perpetual abundance, and shall always be in perpetuity. Nothing can change that, for it is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Yes, that does mean that very Kingdom is present, right here, right now, at this very moment, but only for those with, “Eyes to see and ears to hear.”

When one agrees that the Word of Promise as given, has been kept, (“…has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us…”) and fulfilled accordingly leaving NOTHING undone. Then one knows not only who the appointed Heir of ALL things is of a New and Better “Trust” called a Covenant and/or Covenant of Trust, but also and especially who is rightfully and righteously the one and only beneficiary… as, “Equity regards the beneficiary as the true owner.” To quote a certain motion picture, “There can only be one!” Who claims to be beneficiary and attempts to make a profit off of that claim in and of the statutory commercial world under the rules of bankruptcy?

In other words, who dares to trespass on the appointment of the Heir and Beneficiary of All things for their-own personal private profit and gain? If this be the case, then how does such an act and deed reveal that one is trustworthy of the full return of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and Estate? If one is engaged in such deeds, does one truly, “Know thyself,” and thus also know who they are in relation to thee appointed Heir of all things, who redeemed them WITHOUT money, as well as why and how that DEED connects them to their God-given Estate? IF one is engaged in deeds/notes/securities/bonds of a bankrupt nature appointing themselves as beneficiary, then how does that show that one knows and understands what Kingdom Banking is all about, and what it accomplishes? One here can only hope that so-so many in the many-many patriot-sovereignty and/or freeman groups are NOT making claims of this very kind of outlandish nature which, in-turn glorifies only themselves, and not the one who redeemed them WITHOUT money. What is interesting to note is the fact that none-of-those who have engaged in such DEEDS have had their God-given Estate returned them. For a DEED is not of Kingdom Banking. Now, at the risk of sounding redundant, why is that?

So then, let this Author make one heck of a very-very bold, and even dogmatic statement… there is ONLY one way one will ever experience the return of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate, and be granted and recognized to be the source of money, no longer needing to use and/or borrow it from any other source, and end up becoming a surety for that very ill-advised debt, as a volunteer slave of men, and even worse literally electing a man as their king and god. I should not have to expound on the depth of this trespass and violation. For this very unconscionable act and deed is what is at the core of the war against the Will and Way of the Creator-God and Father as Grantor and Testator of a New and BETTER Covenant of Trust. For, “…narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.”

Consider for a moment the underlying message of the motion picture, “The Ultimate Gift.” The Estate is given and gifted through the Will of a Testator. The Grandfather, one, Howard “Red” Stevens as Testator, bequeaths to his appointed heir and Grandson (Maxim: “Heir of one of law, Son is one of nature), Jason Stevens as Beneficiary, the bulk of the Estate over and above Howard “Red” Stevens first born, and second born sons. There is a catch. Jason Stevens had to complete 12 tests/trials/gifts to the satisfaction of the Executor of the Testators Will/Trust, a one MR. HAMILTON, Esq. (That’s Attorney-AT-Law for those of you in LARGO, FL, ROFLOL!) Does that thought make you sick to your stomach? Does that curl your toenails? Why?! It really should not! WHY?! Because, it actually reveals a clue for what one might need to consider doing, or not. (But, I do not know what I am talking about either… so go away!) Hm, lets see… could the Executor of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and Estate actually be a government official(s) who occupies an Office within said government? —– Nah! Never mind! That is not even possible. So, just forget I even mentioned it, and go about your business in commerce.  NOTHING TO SEE HERE FOLK! By the way, there is a supersized happy meal waiting for you at McDonalds!

Consider the ramifications of Jason Stevens appointment as Heir over and above his two Uncles. How do you think they liked that? They are the first and second born sons of Howard “Red” Stevens. Nonetheless, even though they received a “little” something from Dad, they were PASSedOVER for the more desirable Grandson… IF the Grandson would undertake the lessons/gifts/trials that the Grandfather desired for him to learn and thus prove himself TRUSTWORTHY of the bulk of the inheritance.

Now, how many times is there record in The Holy Bible wherein the firstborn son was passed over in favor of the second born son as the desired Heir? Does, “That He pleases, that He does,” come to mind? If such a thing does not inspire one to consider the return of one’s Estate and how it is accomplished very seriously, as well as what is necessary to comply with in accordance with the Will of the Testator who gives and gifts the inheritance in the first place, then why would one even think that they could accomplish the great and tremendous deed of its return? No-matter-what, agree with this or not, like this or not, the Testator of a Will is the One who Grants and Estate to His appointed Heir and Beneficiary, and is with the authority, power and right not only to demand of the Heir, but also to require of the Heir, and well as the Co-Heirs, what they will comply with to be found to be “Trustworthy” (pleasing) BEFORE receiving the full inheritance through the appointed Heir of ALL things.

So then, to be bold and even dogmatic again, it is required for One to recognize, acknowledge and accept the appointed Heir of all things as their Redeemer, or one can absolutely forget being a co-heir WITH the appointed Heir of all things. For it is the duty of the One and Only appointed Heir of all things (The first of the firstfruits) to distribute the inheritance to all of the rest of the Co-Heirs. Now, who would be so stupid to contest the Will of the Testator and claim to be the Beneficiary? By the way, how shall one prove that?


IF one claims to be the Heir and Beneficiary to their God-given Estate then how is one going to righteously express eschatological fulfillment of all the law and the prophets via TRUST without lying, as well as for the sake of gratitude, as well as for the honor to pledge one’s, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” for being found to be worthy of such a gift in the first place, even though the rebellion resulting from playing in commerce (Trading, Buying, Selling LEGAL TITLES) deserves death, which is why all who are playing in commerce are doing so through DEAD ENTITIES/CORPS. (The World of the Dead… the THIS WORLD that is spoken of in, “If my Kingdom were of THIS WORLD my people would fight.” THIS WORLD = a world of the dead, a world of the LIVING-DEAD, who are under rules of bankruptcy and administrated by an outside source, thereby experiencing lack and limitation due to the curse of remaining in ignorance as a belligerent hostile playing commercial games with the rest of the DEAD. Is that blunt enough? Far to many people think that “THIS WORLD” applies to Terra-Fir-ma/Planet Earth. Well, to be blunt… NO! It does not! Why would The Master teach one to pray, “Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done ON EARTH as it is in Heaven? Because, it was fun to do?! Come on! He did not literally mean this Earth did he? Okay, so then, why would it be written that, “Heaven is my Throne, and the Earth my footstool,” if Earth is not to be converted and transformed from its current debtor-surety traditions, customs and rituals in to, “Paradise Restore,” right here, right now, at this very moment?

What exactly is the, “Dominion” that the Creator-God gave to mankind but passed-over to the Son-of-Man? Could Man be the firstborn son that was passed over in lieu of the 2nd born Son-of-man? Is that why the Son-of-man, the 2nd Adam is the appointed Heir of ALL things, and not the first man ADAM? Is that why, “All in ADAM DIE,” but, “ALL in Christ are made alive?” Is that the difference between the world of the dead (THIS WORLD) and the world of the living?

Is one paying attention to right here, right now, at this very moment….. on this Earth… or, is one distracted by potential events so they do not focus on what one needs to be doing right now? How well is the conversion of all things on Earth from bankruptcy and into abundance working out? Is there something wrong with Earth? Or, is there something wrong with those who dwell on the Earth? Have those on Earth gotten the message for why one needs to complete the delivery of the ultimate gift? How come so many Estates still appear to be in need of having its abandonment cured and thus prove that they know and understand what, “Equity will not complete an imperfect gift,” requires of them to DO?! Yes, the gift has been given AS PROMISED. However, how can its delivery be complete if there isn’t an expression that recognizes, acknowledges and accepts it? Have you ever given a gift that you were not thanked for at the very least? Is it not considered to be rude at the least to not acknowledge a gift given to one? So then, how can there be any Trust between the Creator and Grantor of the gift, as well as with the Heir and Beneficiary who gave himself AS The Ultimate Gift, and the Bondservant/Trustee’s/Co-Heirs of the gift, if there isn’t a deed of acceptance made by one’s own hand that completes the gift, thus making it PERFECT? How much more plain does one have to be in expounding upon this? How else is one going move on with the gift of redemption resulting in them being found to be worthy of being redeemed WITHOUT money, even though they were, “…born of a woman, born under the law?” How else is one going to ascend and transfiguring from being found “worthy” and  into being found to be “trustworthy,” if one does not know and understand why and how one needs to express their Trust? Is one beginning to see why, “That which is expressed extinguishes that which is implied?” Is not silence acquiescence? From such silence, is that not one way for how an implied/constructive Trust is formed? Is this not how men are deemed to be available to be under the rule and administration of other men, under rules of bankruptcy?

Is not, “That which is expressed extinguishes that which is implied,” how one seeks to be found to be trustworthy of self-governance? How else is one going to prove that they have returned to competency and are no longer in need of being governed by an outside source? Who shall express the trust? No one else can do this “deed” for anyone else. Such a “deed” is strictly a soloist act. For each one has been given the Ultimate Gift directly for their own folly. So, one can can either correct the mistake that caused them to experience death and, “Make their call and election sure,” or not and continue in, “Equity will not complete an imperfect (abandoned) gift.” IF so, then one can only be under the law, and thus, subject of another man as their king, administrated under rules of bankruptcy. For all laws governing and administrating commerce are ALL absent of equity. There are NO EXCEPTIONS! Yes, even the famed, and in some cases desired, common law, is of bankruptcy as it is absent of equity. Equity is the key component that fulfills law and where one who was formally under the law ascends too that displaces the need and requirement of law to govern over one.

The only way that one leaves the administration and rule of men over men under law absent of equity, justice, fairness and mercy, which constitutes all of the rules of bankruptcy is through an expression of Trust. (In whom do you trust and serve with your Life?) Make no mistake about this. Trust requires an expression of Trust if one is going to dissolve an implied and/or constructive trust to correct the mistake of allowing an implied/constructive trust to be formed because of one failure to express the Trust in the first place. Moreover, and IF one is without an expression of where one has lodged their trust, then one is deemed to be without knowledge and understanding of this very important fact-of-life, and thus is also known to be without a King and Master. This means that one is fit to be a slave. As a slave, one shall endure all of the heavy burdens of other men who were intended to be, and were naturally created to be, their equal. In other words, ruled over by another man, and the man is not even the appointed Heir. Just how easy do you think that will be? If one does not know what that would be like, then read 1 Samuel chapter 8. That chapter show exactly how it will be.

President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt attempted to warn the American people of the impending results of their folly saying, “…it behooves us to remember that men can never escape being governed. Either they must govern themselves or they must submit to being governed by others. (Note: there is ONLY ONE WAY that one is recognized to be with the ability to Self Governing) If from lawlessness or fickleness, from folly or self-indulgence, they refuse to govern themselves, then most assuredly in the end they will have to be governed from the outside. They can prevent the need of government from without only by showing that they possess the power of government from within.” Wow! He even gives a great big hint of what the solution to being governed by an outside source, such at the UNITED STATES, is. Imagine that! What did Teddy Roosevelt know and understand about the matter? And, what did the American people NOT know and understand about the matter?

“Men can never escaped being governed.”  This is a fact of life that many will have a very-very-very difficult time with. Nevertheless, without an expression of Trust, by that very inaction one literally abandons themselves out on the open seas of the commercial world of dead. This is how all have found themselves to be under the rules and administration of the commercial (dead) world of commerce buying and selling legal titles, which rightfully belong ONLY to the appointed Heir and beneficiary, who by default of His appointment as Heir of ALL things, is with the One and ONLY Pure Title for ALL things.

Since one cannot be both dead and with life at the same time, one therefore is known to not know how they have been redeemed from being in and of the world of the dead and bankrupt. How else could that be made known if has never expressed, and has no record of said expression of Trust, in the One that redeemed them from bankrupt world of the dead? Like this or not, agree with this or not, the fact is that every single Judge/Magistrate/Justice takes SILENT JUDICIAL NOTICE of this. For until one learns how to express Trust and thus knows WHY one needs to express Trust to redeem debt of “property” back into the “things,” as all property once was originally, which ALL belongs to the appointed Heir of ALL things… one can only be deemed to be a beligerant hostile making war with commerce in and under bankruptcy as a debtor, suffering from a vain imagination attempt for making personal private profit and gain stealing from the appointed Heir of ALL things, and not making peace as a meek peacemaker and bondservant to eliminate debt and thus eliminate commerce as well as the world of the dead.
  1. Jerrod says:

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    get advantage from it I am sure.

  2. what if…. people truly desired “equity” as the “choice of law” by which to be “judged”?  where would they get the “maxims” and “doctrine” for that?  books written by men?  isn’t the best man can ever do is a counterfeit “creation” of what already exists?  or generate a commentary on the perfect example of “righteousness” by the one, singular, example who’s “finished work” is the standard by which the world is judged?

          so if people truly desired (i.e. chose) the world judged with righteousness, and the people with equity (Ps. 98:9) how would they define the “conflict” between “law” and “equity” for demanding “complete justice” from exclusive equity?  what one “doctrine” is proof of such complete separation (fulfillment) of law that honor’s the maxim “Equity follows the law” (i.e. follows after law ‘closes’)? …especially when “common law (is) utterly incapable of doing complete justice”? -see quotes in postscript

          what about “preterism” as the “new covenant doctrine” as the source and authority for equity maxims?  — i.e. proof the Old Covenant Law has been 100% fulfilled by the righteousness of the christ, which forever closes every “jot and title” of the “law”, making it no longer governing over those who’ve been “purchased” out of it by a “redeemer” who “paid” with a higher priority than “money” and the empty/bankrupt traditions of their forefathers?

    what if there’s a community coming together for learning how to apply the exclusive equity choice in their own lives? would one want to participate? what if one could no longer be “double-minded”, and must “choose” only one “choice of law” to live and serve by? would one be willing to “die” to all beliefs in, ways learned, and defenses developed from the bankrupt traditions of their beloved “common(er) law”?

    what if that was an absolute requirement before one could learn the ways of a royal priesthood expressed thru private trust(s), and only defined exclusively by an equity made possible by a preterist view of the new covenant spiritual kingdom that came in 70A.D., now, and is forever?

    and, most importantly: could one commit to rising out of all victimhood & complaining from a lifetime of PTSlaveryD, and develop the skills and habits to ascend into the liberty of complete wellness? would one use such a gift, this new spiritual life, by accepting the “stewardship” of the “special deposit” of this “paradise”, here on earth, already come … and work to further same out of a gratitude for, and trust in, the “way” of the promise-maker / creator?

    Set Apart, Way Shower Missions: (defined in three parts:)

    pt. 1 – …greater things you will do… the “royal priesthood”:

    pt 2 – without a vision, people perish: but one who listens to instruction will be happy:

    pt 3 – paradise restored: rehabilitation of (PTSD) post-traumatic slavery disorder thru separation from church & state:

    This maxim, “equity follows the law”, unlike equity’s remaining maxims, is limited in its application and operates within very narrow limits. Adverting to Pomeroy (1 Pomeroy’s Equity Jurisprudence [4 t h ed], § 427, pp 796, 797):

    The maxim is, in truth, operative only within a very narrow range; to raise it to the position of a general principle would be a palpable error. Throughout the great mass of its jurisprudence, equity, instead of following the law, either ignores or openly disregards and opposes the law . As was shown in that portion of the introductory chapter which deals with the nature of equity, one large division of the equity jurisprudence lies completely outside of the law; it is additional to the law; and while it leaves the law concerning the same subject matter in full force and efficacy, its doctrines and rules are constructed without any reference to the corresponding doctrines and rules of the law. Another division of equity jurisprudence is directly opposed to the law which applies to the same subject matter; its doctrines and rules are so contrary to those of the law, that when they are put into operation the analogous legal doctrines and rules are displaced and nullified.”

    §5. Equity ignores fictions: The common law was then utterly incapable of doing complete justice in many cases; and, in not a few cases, it furnished no remedy or relief whatever. It had certain rigid molds or formulas, into some one of which every cause of action had to be cast; and if the cause could not be run into any of these molds, there was no redress; and if it could be run into one of the molds, only such redress as the formula gave could be had, regardless of the equities of the case, and the real rights of the parties. The fictions, formalisms and arbitrary technicalities of the common law, and its dialectical refinements, were inexplicable and incomprehensible jargon to the public, and often a costly mockery of justice to the litigants. Those who asked for bread were often given a stone, and those who applied for a fish sometimes received a serpent. Equity, on the other hand, disregarded forms, ignored fictions, subordinated technicalities to the requirements of justice, and indulged in no dialectical refinements. Its pleadings were simple and natural, and its doctrines were founded upon the eternal principles of right as interpreted by a lofty Christian morality. Its great underlying principles, the constant sources, the never failing roots of it s particular rules, were the principles of equity, justice, morality and honesty, enforced according to conscience and good faith, and so adapted to the requirements of each case and the complications of business affairs, that the rights and duties of all the parties were fully determined.

      Please give your most intense and focused attention as you possibly can to this comment!

      For those with eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit says, this comment will be found to be a blessing.

      I do encourage one not to be thin skinned about the matter presented, but to consider what is presented for encouragement and edification, keeping in mind that everything presented herein this comment most certainly is intended to drop bread crumbs along a pathway that to the best of my knowledge at this moment no patriot-sovereignty guru is even close to presenting in such a way, shape, or form.

      I would be absolutely fantastic if someone would take the time and actually go through all of these questions and give an answer for each and every one of the questions posted, FOLLOWING the line of thought to its natural intended end. Who would dare to take such a journey? Certainly those that claim to have “faith” will know how, “Worthiness,” “Trust,” and, “Trustworthiness,” are all connected and how these things apply resulting in not only the return of the prodigal son to competency, but will also result in the return of one’s God-given birthright inheritance and estate. There is in fact a natural, “Order of Things,” that cannot be avoided, usurped, or manipulated. But, nevertheless, do not get mad at me for saying this very dogmatically. I am not the Testator of the Will. Be mad at the Testator; and likewise, take all of your grievances to Him. Good luck with that, too. Let us all know how that works out for ya.

      What might someone learn from such a journey?
      What might someone benefit from such an exercise?
      What might someone DO after carefully considering, and even pondering where answers to these questions might lead one?