A “Special” Post For ALL Of Those That Have Sent Messages of Hate, Discontent and Despise

Posted: Saturday, September 7, 2019 in Born Without Money

For the insane to think and worry about as they plot and plan their visceral childish nonsense, lol. “Men plan, God laughs.” There is a very good reason why the instruction is written, “Work out your own salvation with reverence and awe.” But, apparently, some of you just do not know how to do that. So, you attempt to manipulate and guilt trip one into doing that for you. Silly children. Have you not yet learned that all of your efforts are not only frivolous, but also powerless?










  1. Ari Aranka says:

    Thank you always!
    No puedo expresar de manera adecuada todo mi agradecimiento por encontrar este sitio y tus artículos y escritos!
    Estoy lejos de ti. Estoy en la península ibérica. Estoy en España.
    He nacido en Rumanía, mis padres eran húngaros.
    Siempre me pregunté – porque todo esto?

    Big hug my friend!
    I love you!

    • Onlashuk says:

      Gracias siempre, Ari.

      Es bueno volver a escuchar sus bondadosas palabras de aliento.
      Habrá otro blog publicado más tarde esta noche. Creo que será de gran interés para usted. Especialmente, por su sinceridad, honor y honestidad en estos asuntos, lo cual es muy apreciado. Esta publicación comunicará cómo uno puede involucrarse más en lo que estamos logrando, si así lo desean.

      Sinceramente y con gran honor y filo,

  2. Fathers son says:

    How are you my brethren, the book of Enoch tells us,
    Those wicked of hearts days will be long and they will have no inner peace.
    When you look to help those ignorant they will attack you

    I appreciate you.
    You have the armour of the lord

  3. Max says:

    I wish i could contact this writer.
    I have had several findings in equity.
    Several successful cases in equity too.
    If you would like to know more, drop me your number at mlb3rd@gmail.com

    • Onlashuk says:

      Hahahahahaha! Equity… accomplished in and of the PUBLIC. Yeah, right! Hahahahahahaha!
      You do not know and understand the difference between,

        Equity by Characteristic

      ,” and,

        Equity by Nature

      You’re funny, and you’re very disingenuous too, lol.
      Please, do not waste any more of my time, and I will thank you in advance.

    • Max, Christian Walters left his own group NTT (New Trust Technology) to get away from people like yourself. So why, if one appreciates WHY he did this and started a new trust and equity study called “Kingdom of God with Equity Eyes,” would any one be interested in what you have to talk about unless they want to waste time in the land of the dead (courts)? it isn’t a ‘victory’ to ‘win in court’, it is only proof of a glutton for more punishment. why “win” in a “court of equity” if equity can NOT award monetary damages?

      if one has to have more than ONE victory, then does one have any solution worth listening to? there should only be the need for a single “victory” to be “out” of all man-made traditions of church, state and money. and it should NOT have to be done “in” court, but rather will only have lasting effect if it is down administrative OUTSIDE of any “court”.

      its amazing how the court-cowboys can’t let go of that banana in the coconut… i.e. their hand is forever stuck in the monkey-trap.

      • Onlashuk says:

        Indeed, I completely concur and emphasis one exceptional statement, It isn’t a “Victory” to “Win in court,” is only proof of a glutton for more punishment.” To many think that it is necessary to go into a statutory court to obtain and/or gain a “Victory.” But, look at what you loose, just to gain that hollow victory? How much time did you lose? How much effort did you lose? How much energy did you have to surrender into it? Would that time, effort and energy NOT be better spent/invested in your family? So, you did not get to spend it on them because, you allowed that time, effort and energy to be stolen from them and you, and for what? A frivolous court room victory that actually was already won, before the foundation of this bankrupt, insolvent and destitute world of the living-DEAD was laid? Was that really worth all the time and trouble you went through?

        Yes, I did say hollow victories. For, there are no victories in the statutory commercial courts. There is only a STAY OF EXECUTION until one has to return back to that Temple/Court again and do it all over again, even if it is not for the same issue. The only “Victory” that one will ever really have and experience will never-ever come inside a Court room with a Judge sitting on a Bank. The only real “Victory” is possible outside of a statutory court room wherein no money is worshiped, and that “Victory” was secured and guaranteed by the blood of the living sacrificed lamb, that paid the price for yours, mine and everyone’s redemption, redeemed us all from the penalty and curse of having to be a volunteer surety-slave to another man.

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