The Biggest BIG Lie Ever Told

Posted: Saturday, July 17, 2021 in Born Without Money
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There have been those that have said that, “The BIG Lie,” has to do with the 2020 Election.
“No. That lie is not even close to what the biggest lie is.”

The absolute BIGGEST LIE is much more devastating than a mere election wherein voters unwisely elect to turnover the ‘Natural born’ ability and gift administrate the natural-born estate from their Creator who originally granted it through the 1st Man Adam. The Creator granted each one born of a woman (Galatians 4:1-7) the ability to chose by “election” whom they will serve. But, if you created yourself, then you are exempt from having to serve somebody. If not, and one knows that they are a created soul, then perhaps knowing about the doctrine of election may be important to you.

“Therefore, brothers, strive to make your calling and election sure. For if you practice these things you will never stumble, and you will receive a lavish reception into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ.” 2 Peter 1:10-11

IF one accepts that it is true that either serve another man, or you can serve the Creator through His Beloved Son whom He appointed and named the ‘Heir of all things,’ then the natural question is, who do you wish to work for? Whose will do you desire to be bound to by your own word of promise? Do you wish to govern self under the Will of your Creator, or do you wish to be governed under the will of other men? Those are the only two choices that everyone has, and they do have to make an election whether they know it or not. And, since silence is acquiescence, what hint does that give to one since Galatians 4:1-7 lets one know that they are born after the condition of their Mother?

So, guess what? You’re a slave no matter who you serve, whether it’s man, or it’s the Creator that created you. That’s right! The only difference is the Creator is loving, merciful and forgiving, and mankind has proven himself to very brutal in a lot of cases. After all, the Creator has said through His beloved son, “For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Whereas mankind’s disposition is, “Make your bricks without straw and the same quota is still due at the end of the day.” How loving is that? You get to work overtime hours, but for half the regular pay.

Who offers you the gift of righteousness for absolutely nothing, and who offers you just a mere paycheck that barely keeps one’s head financial above the waters of the commercial world which operates upon the rule and rules of bankruptcy? Who gave one the gift of their natural-born estate? Did men do that? Or, did the Creator do that through the first man, Adam? Again, if you know yourself to be a created soul you won’t have a problem with this. However, if one does not know, or agree that they did not create themselves, then it is very possible they will have a problem with this line of reasoning.

Was it the Creators wish that one in accordance with His Will learn to govern self, as well as learn to administrate the estate they were blessed with and bequeathed the day they were born of a woman; and, not to abandoned it to a foreign power to administrate? Do you think the Creator that created you wants you to do that? That foreign power is any form of government absent the Redeemer as one’s King, who is the named beneficiary to the Estate that you administrate which when you do that, proves by action in whom one has placed their Trust thereby pledging their life, liberty and labor and accepting the appointment as Executor for the administration of the estate, to administrate it under your Kings Will and Rule as if He were doing it Himself personally. Or, is the idea of that to far beyond the possibility of reason for you? Let me ask you this. Since the estate is insolvent by default, how do you plan on resolving that insolvency? With a credit card? With gold, silver, oil, platinum, some sort of commodity? Really?! And, can you claim to own any of those things righteously because you created all of those things? You know that’s a trick question, right? How about blood? Yes, your blood. Will that bring the estate out of insolvency? Will that be acceptable for payment unto purchase? IF so, then let me ask you this. Who purchased your Life, Liberty and Labor? How was that purchase made? Again, do you have ability to purchase the estate with some form of credit that will accomplish solving its insolvency? I pretty certain your blood cannot make that kind of a payment.

Who did the Creator that created all of creation name as the, ‘Heir of all things?’ (Hebrews 1:1-4)

Are you beginning to see that the failure is the people’s mistake caused from not desiring to learn, know, and understand the truth no matter what the cost is to them personally? Where is the desire? Where is the passion? Where is the enthusiasm for this knowledge? This is why the solution is for one to, “make their call and election sure,” (2 Peter 1:10-11).

Now, how is that accomplished? This can only be accomplished after one has been born again, born from above, born anew creation (John 3:3-8). This not a mere bath in a bathtub. This is one very, very, very serious deed. The most important deed that anyone can accomplish while they are dwelling in this physical body. This deed is totally done in complete symbology of one literally being BORN again, as when they were born from their physical Mother’s womb. But, this time, it is not your physical Mother’s womb, but the womb of the, ‘Spirit of Truth.’ It only when one is born again, born from above, born anew, that one is free to make a “new election” that can separate one from the rule of men and their wicked-unrighteous traditions, customs and rituals, all the result of a commercial system that enriches the MERCHANTS, whose god is money. This cannot be accomplished any other way.

Otherwise, IF one does not accept and agree with the One Man that the Creator appointed to be Mankind’s King, and made High Priest and Judge of all Righteousness because He perfected equity, how then will the ‘Judge of all Righteousness’ see and perceive the one that does not see and understand these things? “Equity see done what ought to be done,” right, because, “One who seek equity must do equity,” right? Are these maxim’s of equity a lie, or do they hold part of the key for those that know how to ask, seek and knock? Life Eternal only comes through the Beloved Son because He is the first born among many, and His finished work, which perfected Equity, (His Way of Rule – John 13:34-35 & Romans 13:8-10) accomplished the purchase of everything including all life, liberty and labor, by his sacrificed blood, which forever more proves His love for us proving he lived what he said, “Greater love has no one that this… than he lay down his life for another.” If that is not proof, then no one can make the purchase that redeems our lives from eternal separation from that love to eternal life in that love.

How then can one be free from the rule of unrighteous men without accepting the Father’s Will carried out through His beloved Son? Are you beginning to see why this LIE of lying about the 2nd coming is a much bigger LIE than any mere election wherein men vote for another man to be there President, King, and/or Prime Minister, or whatever Title. Have you read the folly that Israel engaged, willingly engaged in by asking for another man to be their King? Take special notice of the text when it starts with, “This will be the manner of the king who will reign over you…”

It matter not whether its a king, a prime minister, or a president. It’s still a rejection of the Will of the Father to be King of the creation He created for Himself. What is even more important about this is the fact that mankind was created as an inheritance unto Himself. Now, do you see why the Creator our Father can righteously be jealous of us? Or, would one dare to reduce His desire for us to an unjust physical emotion? How could our Creators jealous ever be anything but unrighteous, and who would ever dare to make just a foolish claim? The truth of the matter simply is, we are His creation. We belong to Him and we everything we are and have to Him. Our Creator has every right to be jealous of whom we pledge ourselves to obey.

The biggest lie that I am speaking of has deceived many over the centuries. Yes, centuries! This Lie has many sitting on their butts waiting for an event that has already been fulfilled as Promised. So, this lie calls the promises the Redeemer has made lies. In other words, they are lying about Him keeping His word and in that claim, they prove themselves to be the liars. This is the very same case that is being experienced right now in the world. Those that are seeking to take and steal power through unrighteous means and method call everyone else liars for just about everything, while if one pays close attention to what they accuse others of doing, they are themselves doing that very thing, while the other who is being accused is not. Therefore, revealing who in fact truly are the liars. It’s the very same thing when it comes to the 2nd coming of the Messiah. The incorporated church corporations have outright lied to everyone teaching and preaching that event is still a future event when it has already been fulfilled? WHY? Why would anyone feel it necessary to lie about that event? What do they have to gain by telling, teaching and preaching that lie?

Think about that for a moment, and think about that in relation to the question, “Who benefits from this lie?” Do you benefit from this lie?Or, do you just agree with what you’ve been told, or have heard others repeat to you without ever having check into it for your own edification and encouragement? Isn’t that the way a lie is perpetuated… no one ever checks into it to either validate the claim, or nullify the claim?

So then, think, who would benefit from lying to the people about the 2nd coming of the Messiah, and what how do they benefit from that claim? How has that lie survived for so long? It all comes down to keeping the people blind, and especially distracted, therefore ignorant of the truth about that lie. Keep the people distracted and they will be to busy to ever know, and even worse, even want to know. If the people choose to distract themselves with the bells and whistles of the commercial world, then who is responsible now for that action of inaction to find what the truth is? Can you not see that is exactly what has been done, and has been so very effective?

Nevertheless, the people are still with the final power of choice to either allow themselves to be distracted from the truth. Or, to ignore the distraction and focus on wanting/desiring to know, understand, and live the truth no matter what the cost is to them personally. Do you desire this? Don’t kid yourself! Be real about your answer, because the answer will only have an effect on you and your life. Or, do you desire the many distractions that the commercial world offers you? (Sports, Politics, Church activities, video gaming, television, etc.) I am not saying that one should not have recreational activities. Everything must be done in moderation to bring about a healthy balance in all things.

The truth about this ginormous LIE completely upends all the commercial world, its merchants, and their poisonous leaders (Men who self appoint themselves to be king, such as the Deep State, Communists, Socialists, Fascists, Capitalists, Monarchists, etc., THE SYSTEM LORDS) who administrate this worlds commercialized, monetized and collateralized SYSTEM. The entire purpose of the commercial system is purposed to keep one trapped within the matrix of the commercial world. Do you like the thought of that? I certainly did not. This is why I have asked why are people choosing to study the private copyrighted statutes, codes, rules and regulations of the commercial world wherein no relief, no rest, and no way out can be found in those private copyrighted codes. Does it make any sense at all to look where no relief and rest can be found, and especially no escape? It seems highly illogical and very emotional to me to continue to look for a way to rescue oneself from a world that simply will not allow for that to happen, or provide a way for that to happen. Does it make any sense to you?

The solution is for one to learn what the Creator’s way out of the commercial world is, and what He has offered, and what one has to do to conform and comply to that offer, and thereby properly and righteously enter into the Trust of the Covenant He created for His beloved Son by fulfilling, “…make your call and election sure,” and in so doing, accept and receive the, “Gift of Righteousness,” which is the ONLY thing that mankind needs to make him acceptable to the Creator. That lacking quality is provided for ONLY through the finished work of the beloved Son in whom the Father is well pleased.

Now, do you see the Trust? It is a Trust you know! Maybe, that is also part of the reason why the so-called ruling elite have used Trust knowledge against all the people, while withholding that same knowledge from all of the people. A Trust can only be administrated in Equity. No Trust can be righteously administrated under any kind of commercial law private or, public. It’s all about Trust and Equity, and equity is what the Redeemer delivered to all of mankind. His Equity is perfected equity because He perfected it by His sacrifice. It’s not about the Common Law, or any other form of law. If you do not know Trusts then how will you ever prove you are Trustworthy of the Trust that the Father (Grantor/Trustor/Creator) created for His one and only begotten and beloved son, in whom he is well pleased? The time is now. If you think it is tomorrow, when does tomorrow become TODAY?! So, it is NOT later, but now! All the work has already been done to bring the reality of that moment into NOW! All one has to do is accept what has already been done and do the work necessary to make that acceptance acceptable, now. No more waiting is necessary. There is no line that one has to get into; no number that one has to take. It’s now! If it is not now and you are still intent upon waiting for something that has already been done and fulfilled for you, then how can one not be calling the One who promised and fulfilled his promises a liar? How can one ever be a partaker of the offer of Eternal Life by and through Him, if one insisted on persisting that they have to see it first? For…..

Now, where is the Kingdom of Heaven if it is not within you, and will your demand to see it before you believe endear you to the Creator?

Do you see with eyes of Equity? Or, do you see with only your physical eyes and physical vision? All I can do is to encourage you to learn to see with, “Sight beyond Sight,” to see the redemption and kingdom as already delivered as promised and do what is necessary to make your call and election sure.

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