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  1. dianedaughteroffran says:

    Can you reach out to me to discus ? Thanks

  2. kenson says:

    Onlashuk, What happened to your posts detailing how you got tickets dismissed without making an appearance?

    • Onlashuk says:

      As far as I know they are still there. I have not removed any blogs. Although, things have changed for me in my understandings, knowledge and approach to life. So, perhaps it is time to remove some of the posts that are of the old nature, so to speak. But, then again, they do serve as a testimony for the journey that I have been on. I need to ponder this a bit more.

  3. macks Barber says:

    Interesting read. Glad I found this website today. Last week I took an original copy of my FS-240 [Certificate of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America] and I endorsed it. I did a “pay to the order of” on the back, dated and signed it. Sent it to the secretary of the treasury.
    Under my signature I put: “grantor, settlor, Indemnitee”

    By doing this, we are establishing a trust as the grantor. We are giving our “everything” to the trust known as “United States” for the benefit of the whole. They are now the trustee…trustee is liable for the debts as the property [trust res] belongs to the Trust.

    So we are giving them “legal/dead” title…rendering back to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s and rendering back to God what is God’s.

    That leaves us with equitable title….title of the living.

    I didn’t do this for my own benefit…I can only benefit if everybody else does. How can anyone be free if they are living in a society of slaves?

    Would like to hear any questions or comments.

  4. THis is a Talkshoe recoring (recent) regarding the Birth Certificate, which goes into more detail. If these links are not active, send me an email grege21@hotmail.com put recordings in the subject line and I will forward those to you….this is a great addition to BC information and it’s connection to a registered state organization and how you can take control.

    EPISODE 246 – Ken W Topic: the Birth Certificate

    He also references listening to lawyers and judges talking about the birth certificate. The links for those two Youtube videos are below.

    Bankruptcy and Revised Article 9 (Part 1)

    Bankruptcy and Revised Article 9 (Part 2)

  5. coubit says:

    OK I can understand you just want to blog about what you know and not get involved. If you would like to be entertained just go here and see if you can figure out what we have done. Thanks any way. http://thestateofflorida.x10.mx/

  6. coubit says:

    Hi there Been following your blog for some time now. Have some things in common to talk about. Would you be willing to email me privately? I have studied the Law of Nations for 3 years now and have made some moves to repoupulate the State of Florida. You seem knowledgeable about the subject matter and I would like to to run some things by you, and tell you what I have done so far. Robert. mrinkspot@windstream.net

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