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  1. J Harris says:

    Quote. Preamble to the D.C.CODE.
    No new laws are created none are repealed its PRESUMED(implied) to be the law until it is rebutted.
    By not expressing the trust YOU are presumed to be under the law.
    Lack of election defaults one into at-law status. As you mentioned in 1st Samuel 8.
    Expressing the trust to elect yahveh as your king redeemer abba results in a change of status.
    For yahshua will plead our cause before Yahveh on our behalf. Count your friends and ask yourself do i need more friends?
    If so ponder who will be your next friend.
    But, what do i know I’m just an idiot.
    Praise yahveh yahshua and the ruach kodesh

    • The D.C. CODE, law absent of equity.
      The law that one is born UNDER by default, and administrated under bankruptcy, not of cash, but of being bereft of the things of the Spirit and compliance with the Will of abba-father.
      A Judge does take silent judicial notice of such a matter as it is his/her duty to do so. Even more importantly is the Clerk who directly represents the Governor of the STATE.

      Yahshua is Redeemer and High Priest forever as the First King and the First Lord (King of kings and Lord of lords) of all kings and lords, who are all co-heirs WITH yahshua as the one and ONLY appointed Heir of all things. Expressing Trust in what He has done for one personally by deed, which was completely finished in A.D. 70 honors accepting and keeping of the Will and satisfies compliance for one to move out from under the Old Covenant administration of mankind and into and under the New Covenant of Trust administrated with pure unadulterated equity. It is not so much about status, which is statutory, as it is about being pleasing to abba-father. “When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs, a very equitable book. No wonder it is a book for teaching one how to be kingly.

      Why does one call oneself an, “Idiot?” If one recognizes that they, “…have already been given everything they need for life and godliness,” then does the giver of that gift call that the one who have been bequeathed that gift an, “Idiot?” If so, then I would concur. But, if not, then why would I judge and condemn myself so harshly?

      “While He was still talking to the multitudes, behold, His mother and brothers stood outside, seeking to speak with Him. Then one said to Him, “Look, Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, seeking to speak with You.” But He answered and said to the one who told Him, “Who is My mother and who are My brothers?” And He stretched out His hand toward His disciples and said, “Here are My mother and My brothers!” For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.”

      Peace and Long Life IN Christ

  2. J Harris says:

    to go into the at-law Courts knowing that they operate by the letter of the law, is self defeating. equity aids the vigilant; equity takes jurisprudence in one matter it TAKES IT IN ALL MATTERS! equity will HELP THOSE WHO CANT HELP THEM SELVES, i.e. if one cannot do it but has the love of yahshua in his heart then equity (love, justice, mercy, forgiveness, grace, intervention) will come to YOUR AID! to believe is to live by faith, faith is accredited to righteousness, and the believer shall not be put to shame….romans10:11
    Quote, “Until you study trust law you will ever dwell in the land of the dead.”

    under the blood in trust international

    enter his (yahveh’s) gates with thanksgiving and his(yahveh’s) “courts” with praise..
    shabot shalom

    • A new and better covenant. It is my opinion that people do not really know and understand the difference between the Old Covenant, simple contract, and the New and Better Covenant, a Trust, much less how to apply the difference right here, right now, at this very moment for relief from bankruptcy, and rest from debt as volunteer surety and debtor. The corporation churches have much to answer for in keeping the people blind to this and thus are aiding in maintaining them as good-slaves of men to perpetuate debt and bankruptcy so those that benefit from that folly can monetize that sin as a, “Qualified Heir,” of their God-given Estate.

      For all in Adam die, but all in Christ are made a alive. This explains what is at the heart of the difference between the Old Covenant and the New and Better Covenant. While one is still in Adam, one is destined to be administrated by and outside source. This is the world of the dead. However, when one corrects the first mistake of not expressing in whom they have placed and lodged their Trust, then they are no longer in and of the world of the dead, but are In Christ. This is why it is said, “Life is in Christ.” For Christ is thee appointed Heir and beneficiary of ALL “things” (property = legal / things = equity) This fact-of-life is made very clear in the Will of the Testator. Through the Redeemers completely finished work and fulfilled eschatology, a New and Better Covenant is established for ever and ever, and it is in-fact a very real and present tense reality. It is not a future event down the road, or else the Word of the Promise has not been fulfilled, and the giver of that Word of Promise is a liar. Would one want to be known to question the Promise of the Word and the fulfilled deed unto redemption for all mankind? Certainly Not! The New and Better Covenant is a Covenant of Trust. And so, one entering into such a Covenant of Trust must do so by and through acceptance of the Will of the Trust just as any Trustee/”Bondservant” would acknowledge and accept the same for any Trust.

      In as much as, “Faith without works is dead,” so also, “Trust without Deeds does not exist.” Many do ‘claim’ to have faith, but what “deeds” (works) do they have to back up the pledge made in a vow of promise to serve no other than the Redeemer of their, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?” What deeds do they have created by their-own hand that express their faith unto Trust? A corporation baptismal certificate? Certainly Not! How can anything in and of the world of the dead righteously express faith and trust of the living? How can any part of the world of the dead invade, conquer and/or overthrow the living? “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith (Trust) without your works (Deeds), and I will show you my faith (Trust) by my works (Deeds).” Indeed, it would appear that a Deed that expresses righteousness is necessary to express one’s own personal will and intent, and especial to separate from the world of the dead. Do you see the connection between Faith and Trust, and between Works and Deeds? Just as you pointed out, “Until [one] studies Trust Law [one] will ever dwell in the land of the dead.” I would also add that Equity must also be studied, because Equity fulfills the law, and it is the Administration of the First and Highest Estate of Heaven above. “For He is coming to judge the earth. With righteousness He shall judge the world, And the peoples with equity.” Indeed, for lack of having a Deed that Expresses wherein one has placed their Trust, then who is one’s King and Lord? Or, should I put that, “HALT, who goes there? In whom does one Trust and Serve?”

      How can one enter into the New Covenant of Trust if the Old Covenant contract/agreement is not completely put away? Could it be that the Old Covenant is of the, “Childish things,” that need to be put away so that one can move on into doing the, “Greater things shall you do,” as a ‘returned’ (2nd coming, in and with Christ) prodigal, who is now a Co-Heir WITH the appointed Heir of all things, and an adopted beloved Son in whom Abba-Father is well pleased? (Maxim: “The Heir is one of law, Son is one of nature.”) How can one enter into the New and Better Covenant of Trust if one does not know and understand why and how to Express their faith and trust and their complete and full acceptance of it? Perhaps a Deed of Trust is needed that expresses that one is, “Born Again?” That is to say, “Born from Above,” and thus no longer one of the, “…all in Adam die,” but one of the, “All in Christ are made alive?,” as Co-Heir WITH the appointed Heir of all things, hm, yes?

      The deed for one being, “Born of a woman, born under the law,” exists by and through the STATE OF NATIVITY; headquarters, for the world of the dead and the execution of law absent of equity. How else is law fulfilled if not by and through Equity? Can anyone say that law was fulfilled by any other means? Certainly NOT! For if one is absent such an expression is this not how one ‘falls’ UNDER the administration of the statutes, codes, rules and regulations of bankruptcy, and not the natural abundance of the Kingdom of Heaven on this Earth, right here, right now, at this very moment, as it is in heaven? What if the deed of the infant-decedent needs to be foreclosed, liquidated and dissolved (collapsed via merger) so that one is no longer counted among the world of the dead as a surety for the debts of other wicked men, which perpetuates bankruptcy? If this is done, would not one need a deed showing their new-birth thereby proving that one has simply not abandoned their duties to escape their responsibilities to settle and close all accounts having a foothold in and under bankruptcy?

      Perhaps the maxim, “That which is Expressed EXTINGUISHES that which is implied,” sheds some light on why a New and Better “Birth Certificate” is needed to express the fact that one has pledged their, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,” to the Creator-God and Grantor AS Abba-Father of the New and Better Covenant honoring the consideration of thee one and only payment that righteously took away all the sin of the world, and thus redeemed all without money? Could such a thing actually be a lawful deed that separates one from the World of the Dead, and thus separates one from Babylon, Egypt and Roman Administration of their God-given birthright inheritance and Estate? Could such a deed express one’s faith and trust in this payment and also be the consideration to settle and close all debt/sin in the PUBLIC world of bankruptcy? If so, how could one achieve such an accomplishment if one does not have the deeds proving their faith and trust to show to the kings and princes of this Earth? How else can one prove their appointment and that they are duty bound to redeem all debt in the name above all names and by the blood of the Redeemer himself? If the blood of the unblemished lamb cannot accomplishes these things and more, then are we not wasting out time with everything one is doing, has done, and will do?

      peace and long life in Christ

  3. russell mathis says:

    So how exactly does one go about correcting the long form birth certificate? I just got back from SS office to put in letter of intent and express intent of duties obligations and grant conveyance of trust to me the grantee. Wasn’t able to do anything. Told them we need to update and correct the grantee and trustee relations. They said it was not a trust etc. Does anyone know what needs to be done?

    • Please give your attention to this example folks.
      I want this post to serve as NOTICE of what NOT TO DO.
      First, do not ever attempt to commingle anything of a private nature with the common, profane things of the PUBLIC venue.
      Second, it is not about correcting the birth certificate, long form, or short form. It is about dissolving that infant-decadent by the expression of a new Trust.
      Third, do not ever take the knowledge posted on this blog site and commingle it with any patriot-sovereignty and/or sovereign-citizen guru paperwork malarkey.

      So, MR. MATHIS, you went into a PUBLIC corporate venue, namely a SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION office and you attempted to settle a private matter through that PUBLIC OFFICE? Do you NOT SEE what the problem is with this kind of benighted thinking? Do you realize that you have created a reputation for yourself that is going to make it all the more harder for you to correct the first mistake and thus settle, close, and exit the from PUBLIC venue honorably, righteously and peacefully? Those Social Security Administration Officers in that PUBLIC OFFICER did not do one single thing wrong to you. They did not harm you, and they did not lie to you? They told you EXACTLY what you needed to hear just like what Morpheus said to Neo on top of the building after he and Trinity rescued him from Agents of the SYSTEM. Now, why is it that you do not have, “Eyes to see and ears to hear,” the meaning behind and in-between those words? Perhaps your so-called patriot/sovereignty guru that can help you determine what exactly it was that you were told?

      • russell mathis says:

        NOTICE: MR. MATHIS has responded exactly as anticipated and expected. Therefore, he has unwittingly, and yes, even unknowingly served MY PURPOSES for allowing his shenanigans to be USED for a purpose beyond his ability to conceive much less understand. In my responses, I do explain why have allowed for this event to take place, and for what purpose I have deemed it necessary. My apologizes to those of a thin skin as this post will not sit well with them. Nevertheless, at the very least one can thank MR. MATHIS for being a willing pawn to further serve the purpose and direction of this blog and its Author. With this, and contrary to the childish complains of MR. MATHIS, I DO and have taken pain staking time to help this wayward soul by opening one very intense can of whoop-ass in response to his very benighted mindset and ego-tripping due to his willful blindness.

        My responses to MR. MATHIS sottish comments are in-between the brackets, flanked with ellipses [… …], in bold lettering. MR. MATHIS’ diatribe is the lesser and ordinary non-emphasized text.

        Perhaps your so called gurus. I don’t recall having one of those that you mention!

        […I redacted the name of the guru you mention because, this blog site is not about promoting any of them. For I have no such tradition, but you indeed do. How sad and how convenient that one should have no recall of the deed one has done and/or is doing. This appears to be a constant and consistent theme of your disposition. How unfortunate…]

        I’m just sifting through bullshit finding answers to the puzzle.

        […An atheist will never find the gate at the end of the strait and narrow path much less even know how to find, “Answers to the puzzle.” For the atheist refuses to recognize, acknowledge, and accept the Creator-God and His one and only appointed Heir of ALL things according to His Will. No wonder your so-called journey has been such a failure and are seeking help. Well, the help actually is within the pages of this blog, but, it is very clear that you cannot see it, or hear what the Spirit says to guide you to it. Oh well. This is not my fault, but that will not stop you from being mad, angry and cantankerous, as you have so well put on display for all to see within the context of all of your comments…]

        It seems i struck a nerve with you…(redacted nonsense of the belligerent hostile ilk)

        […No, MR. MATHIS, tis I that struck your nerve, and this why you have had such a nonsensical emotional reaction, while attempting to place blame saying that is what has been done to you. This is simply childish and foolish, but it is what is expected from those of an atheistic mindset. What I have done is simply tell you the truth by and through all of the questions and points that you do not want to hear nor face. For if you really did, that is what you would be focused on, not responding with a frivolous ego-tripping gobbledygook diatribe such as you have done herein, unfortunately resulting in having several childish tantrums redacted as such a belligerent disposition has no place within the boarders of this blog…]

        Sovereign person or whatever you claim to be.

        […LOL, how silly of you, MR. MATHIS, “Sovereign person.” Are you really that ignorant? What a major contradiction in terms. One that I have never-ever used and will never-ever use, as it does not apply to the proceedings of these blogs. Do you know, MR. MATHIS, just how benighted and contradictory those two-terms are when put together? It most certainly does appear that you do not. No SIR! I am not a sovereign as you have so quaintly put it. But, I DO have a Sovereign, and I am EXCLUSIVELY under His Authority alone leaving and making room for no other. This especially includes the likes of you, MR. MATHIS. For I have no need of making such a frivolous claim because, “[I] have already been given EVERYTHING I need for Life and Godliness.” It is very clear from the tenor and tone of this very benighted and failed attempt at a pot-shot, that you are in denial of this very fact and promise and how it applies. How most unfortunate. So be it! No MR. MATHIS, I say again, no SIR, I have no need to make claims of any kind, fashion and/or ilk. For IF you have been reading my blog, and have studied the things posted to understand what has been presented you would know this, MR. MATHIS. So then, MR. MATHIS, you really do not know what you are doing or talking about, and that is because you really do not know who you are and how you fit into the bigger overall picture as a Co-Heir WITH the One and ONLY appointed Heir of ALL things. THAT point is the central fulcrum point of this response. For this is a record of the foolish to give NOTICE to the foolish to cease and desist from being foolish anymore. Therefore, MR. MATHIS, STOP BEING FOOLISH AND LOOKING TO PLACE BLAME SO YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK AT YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU AVOIDING. Nevertheless, and no matter what… again, this is still a good example for others letting people see and know what not do, and how not to be. For that much, MR. MATHIS, you can be thanked…THANK YOU! And, unlike you are your meaningless-worthless thanks at the end of this post, my thanks are indeed sincere.]

        I didn’t mention anything about SS office harming me.

        […I never said that you did, lol. Apparently, you have no idea what is meant and intended by the use of this. No matter. Let us continue, shall we…]

        Why do you presume I was harmed?

        […Why do you presume at all? No facts is a waste of time, and it only used to distract from dealing with facts. Moreover, if you do have to presume/assume then why do you do that incorrectly, and thus completely misunderstand what my intention is for saying this? Is it because you really do not know what was said, why it was said, and how to received it correctly? Yes, it is! Uh huh, yep!…]

        I’m just looking for helpful tips along the way.

        […Well, you have said this before but what you words do not match your doings. Case and point, “Sovereign person,” what is that malarkey all about aside for demonstrating one’s pitiful ignorance because, of being unstudied? This is who you have exposed yourself and what your true intentions are. Your comments, MR. MATHIS, have exposed your blatant contradictions for all to see. For they are full of blame placing, ego-tripping, and outright non-compus-mentus declarations. Such a deed is only done to completely avoid the main issue of this blog. Let me say that again. MR. MATHIS, YOU HAVE COMPLETELY AVOIDED THE PURPOSE AND INTENT FOR THIS BLOG. Such acts and deeds of blame placing demonstrates the classic textbook example for one who has lost all control over their emotions and is become significantly controlled by their wayward ego…]

        And when people of assumption…

        […MR. MATHIS, you are the only one that has used assumption and/or presumption. This constitutes more evidence of your blatant contradiction. You are confused. You are benighted. You are angry, vindictive and cantankerous. And, you are willfully and negligently irresponsible of the things that you are in fact actually doing hoping that you can avoid the consequences and responsibility for your irresponsibility. Not to-day MR. MATHIS. Not now, not ever, never…]

        …answer’s in a way that shows clearly they’re not into helping but rather into putting down a man…

        […Only those with, “Eyes to see,” and, “Ears to hear,” what the Spirit says are able to see and hear the things which the Spirit has inspired me to write about. Why is it, MR. MATHIS, that you are bereft of these things? Why, MR. MATHIS, is it that you are bereft of, “Sight beyond sight?” Ah, yes, that’s right… to dare to have the audacity to say such an audacious thing, is to put a “MAN” down by your definition, correct? How pathetic! By your own testimony, MR. MATHIS, you are a MAN. I do most certainly agree with that conclusion, lol, you are a MAN and do not disagree with it, nor shall I. Now, when are you going to grow up and ascend and transfigure from being a mere MAN in to the Son of Man being born from above? You see MR. MATHIS, it can easily be seen that what you would much rather do is argue, fuss and fight because of being smacked around a bit for correction. That is the result of your being sottish belligerent and benighted, so it is not unjustified. A wise MAN accepts correct and is improved because of that. Do you have the balls to do that, MR. MATHIS? Huh? Look and listen very-very carefully to this MR. MATHIS. If this is the worst of the correction for you, and you are so easily moved to childishness and anger, then you ought to count your blessings, because this is extremely ease to deal with. However, you have proven by your cantankerous disposition that you will in fact make it much more difficult for yourself. So be it! That is unfortunate, but if you have go that route, then by all means, I will not stand in your way. My duty is done…]

        …that’s trying to figure out what he needs to do…

        […Actually, MR. MATHIS, you have no idea what you are doing. Moreover, you have no idea of what you really need to do, and that is sad. Claiming that you are “trying to figure out what [you] need to do,” is completely perfunctory and is the result of a vain imagination attempting to give the illusion that one is really working hard seeking answers. In all truth, MR. MATHIS you just want to be told what to do, and given paperwork and told how to go and use that paperwork. In other words, you just want someone else to do all the work that you should be doing for yourself, for you. That truly is the definition of pathetic and lazy. Even more unconscionable is the fact that you are claiming to be seeking the knowledge that you want while attempting to play the victim when given correction for your self-imposed benightedness. Well, MR. MATHIS this actually reveals that you are motivated by a more diabolical purpose. One that is inconsistent and non-conforming to the requirements of the Will of the Testator. This is why you have to use misdirection tactics to confuse and muddy the waters in the hopes that you will appear to being damaged willfully from being told strait to your face that you are a fake, fraud and phony. So, MR. MATHIS, take a word of advice and cease and desist from your folly. For you are only deceiving yourself and no one else who is with, “Eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit says.” In short, MR. MATHIS, victim-hood does not cut it here, as such a flippant disposition and claim clearly is for the purpose of wanting to appear righteous while having been wronged when in all truth you are actually the wrongdoer. For such gestures, it is impossible for anyone to aid another in finding the gate at the end of the strait and narrow path. Therefore, this is why you shall remain surety for the infant-decedent…]

        then in my past experience their information is worth to me as much as they’re worth to me… of no value period.

        […So then, MR. MATHIS, why did you comment at all? By your-own judgment you have determined that everything you have said and done here is completely worthless (I couldn’t agree more, YET, I turned it into something worth-while), and a complete waste of time. Yet, you still posted comments seeking more information? MR. MATHIS, take your time before answer this, have you actually read my blogs? Have you actually taking what is shared in them and gone and studied and researched the knowledge presented for a benefit of your-own edification? Certainly, MR. MATHIS, you can see that once again you have cornered yourself by your-own benighted contradiction, lol, yes? Therefore, your frivolous claim of what these blogs are revealing is a gross-negligent ego-tripping prevarication, done completely out of unrighteous anger having no merit whatsoever…]

        Now you may take this as a put down…

        […No. ROFLMAO! I do not take anything that you say, have said, or will say, as having any kind of value whatsoever. For it is all non-compus-mentus benighted nonsense. Notice how I have taken everything you have said from the foundation of your unrighteous anger, and have put it to GOOD USE? That act and deed alone speaks volumes about where I stand with the things that you spew. That’s right MR. MATHIS, I have USED YOU for my purposes. And, you MR. MATHIS, responded exactly and precisely as anticipated for the fulfillment of my purposes. You are a downright classic textbook example of a beligerent hostile. (Don’t take this too harshly, for everyone, no exceptions starts that way, lol.) Furthermore, and even better yet by your own declaration you have deemed your words herein all to be worthless. Yes, this is true. Nonetheless, know this, MR. MATHIS, I have allowed your diatribe to go this far only for my purposes to allow people to witness the folly of what a beligerent hostile looks, sounds, and smells like. This is for the purpose of allowing people to see and know what not to do, what not to be like, how not to approach this very special and sacred journey. Therefore, this example is formed from your negative equity approach. More importantly, if one thinks they can put one past the Author of this blog, they are indeed very-very sadly mistaken…]

        […This example will be used to point others to so they can see what a very benighted states of non-compus-mentus looks like, MR. MATHIS? So, do yourself a favor, and cease and desist from deceiving yourself about this matter. Cease and desist from attempting to convince yourself that you are seeking what you need to know for other than the selfish purposes you think apply, which actually go directly against the Will of the Testator. You will do far-far much better when you actually start to accomplish this. Until then, you shall say exactly where you are at, and with the status and standing that you have so rightly been deemed to have by default…]

        because of your ego and lack of control over “your” ego…in which in no way am i intending …I’m just looking around for more of the puzzle…I’m just looking around for more of the puzzle…And any help is appreciated.

        […Really?! The blatant contradiction of this is funny, but more extremely sad and pitiful than anything else. As I have already pointed out folks this MAN is full of contradictions. Is there not a better example of this in this MAN’s entire diatribe? Such malarkey of the ginormous proportion presented by in the very benighted disposition of this MAN needs no further explanation. Thank you, MR. MATHIS. You’ve been a wonderful example. I assure you, I will put this to good use. This example will be used to point out to others, so they can see what a very benighted state of non-compus-mentus looks like. Do yourself a favor, MR. MATHIS, cease and desist from deceiving yourself about this matter. Cease and desist from attempting to convince yourself that you are seeking what you need to know for reason other than for the selfish reasons and purposes you think apply, which actually go directly against the Will of the Testator. You will do much better when you actually start to accomplish this. Until then, you shall say exactly where you are at, as it is where you belong, with the status and standing that you have so rightly been deemed to deserve, by default…]

        But you can keep your arrogance and your bullshit.

        […Very good, MR. MATHIS. Then you shall not respond or have anything more to do with this blog, it’s content, its Author, and/or the comments posted by other commenters. GOOD! Even so VERY GOOD! I ACCEPT YOUR OFFER in good faith without exception for you to go away and not return so that you will no longer create a disturbance of the peace. This, by far, is the only honorable thing you have suggested doing…]

        Thanks again

        […Like I said, MR. MATHIS your posts and disposition are full of contradictions. You should not so easily lie to yourself, and until you learn how not to do that to yourself any longer, you shall remain under the loving care of the law absent of equity with the administrators of that bankruptcy administrating you and the life you are living. This is exactly where you belong, at least for the time-being. {smirk} Hopefully, in due time MR. MATHIS, you “Will” learn what you really need to do know and do to lawfully, honorably and peacefully correct the original mistake that is the justifiable cause for one being under the law in the first place. OH! By the way MR. MATHIS, this is a blessing, not a curse! Nevertheless, it is a foregone conclusion that you will not agree, or know and understand why this is a blessing and not a curse. Therefore, as Embassador for Christ under the rule and administration of the appointed Heir of ALL things, as a Royal Priest of the Order of Melchizedek this conforms exactly with the “Will” I have willingly pledged to keep and obey for all eternity. Be sure to keep the peace where you are and wherever you go, MR. MATHIS…]

      • MR. MATHIS is an interesting character to say the least, but not one so different from a lot of others who also, “Kick against the goads.” Therefore, let his posts, and especially this one, serve as an example of what other belligerent commenters have been like that have received posts from in the past. Far too many to count. Such posts have all been justifiably terminated for cause before being allowed to be published, and righteously so in honor of Equity keeping the peace.

        In the future, when someone submits an unkindly post that sounds and reflects this poor example of a post, I shall redact the entire message, post a link to this comment and admonish the one so posting to read and re-read this post until they get that this adopted son and co-heir with the heir of all things of the Creator-God Most High Abba-Father is not a fool. Now, this post creates a RECORD and NOTICE of the fact; and furthermore, that I do not have to sit-down and take the malarkey of anyone who has a disposition of ugliness for whatever they think is a justified reason.

        MR. MATHIS has served my purpose for the posting of this RECORD, and that is all that he was needed for. Thank you for volunteering, MR. MATHIS. MR. MATHIS’ services are no longer needed, or required, and he has been summarily dismissed and discharged in all the self-glorification of his own earned unrighteous dishonor. For this blog sight, he shall never be seen, nor heard from again. Unless, somehow…one can prove by deed a changed and repentant heart.

  4. Chicago LC702 says:

    Fun fact regarding the red number on the back of the ss card: If you take the letter off and add a Luhn check digit on the end it becomes an EIN. I believe it also achieves diplomatic immunity. Still working on that one.

    • Chicago LC702 says:

      It is an address, though. I do know that much.

    • M. says:

      The Red Number is a “private” account number, I don’t believe it is an account where funds are withdrawn from…but rather where deposits are made.

      • Over the years, there are a lot has things that have changed in the direction, perspective, and perception of the Author of this blog. This perspective has long been left behind as it is actually a, “Rabbit hole,” and does not serve the seeker well for being returned to self-governance, and their god-given birthright inheritance and estate. There is a LOT unlearning that needs to be done and replaced with a lot of valid knowledge and understanding of what does need to be learned and done so that one can accomplish honorably and peacefully being returned to one’s estate, firstly.

        MARK MY WORDS… this journey is NOT about MONEY! For all of mankind was, “Redeemed WITHOUT Money,” and if one is doing this for the, “Love of money,” and it is known and agreed that, “No man can serve two masters,” one master being one’s Creator, and the other being MONEY, this conflict alone is proof that the, “Love of money is the root of all kinds of evil,” and one still has much to unlearn and replaced with what one needs to know.

        A recent conversation between a friend of mine and someone else, posed several questions to aid, encourage, and exhort one to look at things differently than how they were looking at them. I shall use the bases of the questions he posed herein this reply for the very same purpose. For the questions and thinking encouraged by these questions most certainly aid one in the journey of seeking to return to one’s estate.

        Therefore, it should not have to be said; but, I shall say it anyway… this Author very strongly agrees with the direction that these questions point one in and furthermore, encourages one to think about for the redemption of one’s own, “Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” For all of these things done are done in the name above all names.

        So then, TAKE YOUR TIME with these questions! There is a lot here, AND there is a lot to some of these questions! Moreover, dare I say boldly that it will take you at least a year before you will begin to see the big picture that all of these questions paint so very brightly, as a light shining into darkness. Nevertheless, the choice is yours. I admonish one to choose wisely.

        ==========…end preamble…==========

        What if one can put to an end to the “LEGAL” world… that is to say, THIS WORLD of the DEAD under the rules of bankruptcy, by merger of trust, with an order ordering, “Let the dead bury the dead,” when one is ready to Express a New and Better Trust in a New and Better Covenant and fulfill, “Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins[/debts], and lest you receive of her plagues.” (Plagues = inflation, deflation, suretyship for the debts of another, etc.)
        (Yes, I know, that is a huge question. Nevertheless, take time and answer every part of it.)

        In other words, what if the INFANT DECEDENT is not recognized and acknowledge to actually be DEAD until both the “LEGAL” and “EQUITABLE” titles of the IMPLIED/CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST that the STATE OF NATIVITY was forced to “presume” for the lack of an Expressed Trust, are merged together to form one Perfect Title?

        How else is one going to perfect title if returning the bifurcated titles back into one perfect title does not accomplish deed?

        What is it that one is seeking if is not an Estate?
        Does Estate precede Trust, or does Trust precede Estate?
        Can an Estate stand along without Trust, or is a Trust needed to express one’s intent for the Estate?

        What is that one is looking for if is not to return to their God-given birthright inheritance and Estate?
        Do you think it is a Trust?
        If so, who is the Grantor of that Trust, and why do they not have the power and authority right now to order the Trustee’s to take care of the beneficiary as they are supposed to do by the law of the Trust? (Think about this one)

        Who else could have given, gifted and bestowed one’s birthright inheritance and estate unto them the day they were, “Born of a woman, born under the law?”
        Mom and Dad?
        The Church?

        Who do you say created you and gave you life?
        Which came first, the Spirit, or the flesh?

        Now, with all of this laying a foundation, how is one going to correct the first mistake that got one involved in THIS WORLD and subject under the administration of the rules of bankruptcy as surety for the debts of other men, their corporations, and other such foreign fictional entities?
        Know ye not the maxim of equity, “Equity ignores fictions?”
        How does that strike you?
        Where in the statutory world of the dead under the rules of bankruptcy is it written and acknowledged that world can and does ignore fictions?
        If one cannot find such an edict, maxim, and or law within the statutory world, which by the way includes the common law, then why would one continue to look to those things that deals only in fiction to return one unto that which is REAL, as in Real Estate?
        Is any of this making any sense to you?

        Since, “Equity ignores fictions,” then why would one even dare attempt to use law that is absent of equity, which includes common law, international law and treaties, and functions completely under rules of bankruptcy to obtain the return of a gift given and bestowed unto one IN, WITH and FROM pure unadulterated equity?
        How could such a thing ever be accomplished with two such diametrically opposed perspectives? If one does attempt to use a diametrically opposed thing/method/law to obtain something that is pure, special, and sacred, would they not righteously be considered to be insane for attempting to do so, much less even thinking it would have a chance of accomplishing such a deed?
        What do you say?

        How else is one going to collapse the IMPLIED-CONSTRUCTIVE TRUST presumed by the STATE OF NATIVITY for the failure to express trust for the estate of the newborn offspring thereby completing delivery if one does not see, know and understand the difference between that which is negative (law, common law, treaties, statutes, codes, rules, regulations, etc.) and that which is positive (Equity and all of its doctrines and principals expressed in the New and Better Covenant)?

        IF one should do something like this, would there be any place for the, “LEGAL” (law absent of pure unadulterated equity) anymore to interfere with one’s, “Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness?”

        How could this be accomplished if not by a, “Deed?”
        Does one know and understand what is being referred to by, “Deed?”
        Is not the accomplishment of such a thing accomplished by, “Deed”?

        What if there IS consideration with said Deed that automatically requires merger?
        Would that make such a doing an, “Absolute Deed?”
        What can an, “Absolute Deed,” be declared as?

        IF the “MORTGAGE” that is against one’s “LEGAL ESTATE,” that allows it to be held in abeyance from them is extinguished (VOIDED) by subrogation thru the merger and the consideration that made purchase to redeem oneself from debt/sin WITHOUT money, and by which one is, “Called,” does that not correct the original mistake to express trust for the estate of the newborn offspring’s estate; and thus, end one’s voluntary indentured servitude to be surety for the debts of another as an adverse trusteeship, when one thru expression of that trust expresses a new beneficiary and resulting new agencies created?
        (Yes, this is yet another huge and ginormous question. Take a month or two, or three, or even a year to answer it, if there is need).

        When an implied trust (by registration… which is to surrender a “thing” for others to administrate AS Property) is merged, all property (defined by legal title) in that “ESTATE” must be passed on to the new named beneficiary by trust doctrine.

        The Trustee does not have any power of discretion to withhold anything from the Beneficiary. For it is a mandatory right of the Beneficiary that the Trustee serves the Beneficiary for all things concerning the Trust. When a Trust is merged, that OLD Trust collapsed by the merging of the bifurcated titles into one pure Perfect Title. Now, all proceeds must be trust special deposited in to a New Trust expressed to replace the OLD trust, with a New named Beneficiary, and a notice given to the appropriate appointed Trustee’s OFFICE, wherein if they fail to acknowledge one automatically obtains signing authority for that OFFICE regardless of who the occupant is.

        Will one claim that property then?
        Is one the beneficiary? CAREFUL! That is the danger, is it not?
        Who is the appointed Heir of ALL things, and by what Will is He appointed, and who are you in relation to that appointment and Will? (One had better get this right if they want to return).

        IF one does not declare a new agency, will one get stuck under the law of nature, the common law, the statutory law, and lose all that was given, gifted and bestowed upon them the day they were, “Born of a woman, born under the law?”
        Who is the appointed, “Heir,” of ALL things by the “Will,” and who do you say you are in relation to that appointment?
        Where is your appointment?
        How can you prove that you even have an appointment?
        If you claim to be the Beneficiary, then how are not acting as a thief?

        IF probating of one’s Estate is to be closed then, where is it to be done?
        IF not in the uncommon court, where is “Common” (non-contentious) probate to be found?
        What other court has the power to close all accounts, and prevent the estate from being trespassed by all QUALIFIED HEIRS (STATE AGENTS AND PRINCIPALS) who are looking for a volunteer surety for the debts they charge against the estate?
        What OFFICE has the power to make sure/assure/certain that there is no remainder left unaccounted after merger and expression of new agency?
        Do you even think it possible that such an OFFICE exists?
        One had better hope so. Otherwise, one is just plain screwed!

        Who is the authorized representative for the OFFICE OF GOVERNOR in the COUNTY?
        Who is the CHIEF PROBATE JUDGE that is NOT found in the statutory “PROBATE COURT?”
        IF this CHIEF JUDGE is their own CLERK, where could he/she be hiding?
        Tis a mystery, yes?
        Not for those with, “Eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit says.”

        To be point-blank-blunt, what I am saying is there is a whole lot more to be considered than what you have presented in your couple of small posts for one to, “…achieve diplomatic immunity.” And, the direction that one is headed is going in the direction of a, “Rabbit hole.” Consider all of these questions and then re-think how you are approaching this journey. Do it on your own. Do it without outside influence. That includes all of the so-called commerical/commerce guru’s geeks and nerds. They are also not looking at things in this manner and as such will result in some successes, but those so-called success will be few, far between and will never-ever work for everyone, everywhere, all the time. “Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to DEATH, and there are many who go in by it. Because, narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it.” Are you truly ready to one of the few that find such a gate, or will you say yes, simply because you think that is the answer that one is supposed to give, whether they are actually preparing themselves according to the Will, or not?

      • russell mathis says:

        I have a black number on one ss card. And ared number on second ss card i got. Different numbers

      • How does this fit into one being born again, born from above, born into pure unadulterated Equity?

  5. bhaaslaw says:

    What happened to your “Guilty to the Facts” Link? It’s gone???

  6. bhaaslaw says:

    Just came to me. Forgot about the Pope. Haven’t tried that rout yet. 🙂

  7. bhaaslaw says:

    Where do I find that man/woman with high enough rank? Been looking for a long time. All I ever encounter is incompetence and ignorance or lies and I have no fake frn’s to pay any kind of court fees. Been there done that. Not even allowed to speak to a judge. I knock. The door never opens. The rub to all of this is I have to put faith and trust in another and it’s always misplaced.

    It’s all been corrupted from where I stand.

  8. bhaaslaw says:

    I think I have an answer for the parable of Jesus flipping the tables on the bankers. Consider any form one fills out. That’s the table. Most all forms have boxes and its been alleged that anything in a box doesn’t exist and if something doesn’t exist it must be dead.

    The FORM is the table. Flip the FORM (table) over and go private. Write your will and intent on the back. There’s 50 ways to leave your lover and one is to “Slip out the back Jack” Was Paul Simon trying to tell us something?

    • Nothing of Equity can be recognized in the commercial world of commerce. Equity is private, special, sacred and of the Spirit. The PUBLIC is common and profane. So then, one has to literally be UNCOMMON using NEGATIVE EQUITY in the negative equity world so that Equity can be seen and recognized. A negative plus a negative equals a positive. There is no other way for the commercial world of commerce to recognize that Equity is being sought for relief, which the world of negative equity cannot give. This is when the maxim of law, “What’s excluded is not included, what included is not excluded,” can be used to exclude all profane and common benefits and privileges offered. Once all public offerings are excluded there is only left that which is private and equitable, and the all the administrators and agents of the PUBLIC can go no further. So then, this where the end of their administration finishes, and the beginning of one’s self-governance begins.

      • bhaaslaw says:

        I’ve been trying to get into equity for quite some time. Brought a will to the health dept where I got my COLB and they said they’d just shred it if I left it with them but did tell me I could void it before asking me to leave. Same at the SSA but I did get the supervisor to admit the name wasn’t mine. It was assigned to me. That was about 3 or 4 years ago. Gonna try the commissioners office or a private banker next. This isn’t for the faint of heart that’s for sure. Been looking into this for decades and getting no where fast. Have you had any success with becoming an heir of the estate granted by god, most high creator? Thanks.

      • One does not, “Get into Equity.” One is FROM Equity, and that takes place only when one truly knows and understands why they are changing their mind from doing their own will and way, to doing the will and way of the one who appointed the Heir of ALL things. “Faith without works is dead.” But, I like to say it, “Faith without DEEDS is dead,” because it by one’s deeds that they are known.

        Yes, the record is one’s deeds is known by the administrators of the lower estate. (Those with a high enough rank that NEED TO KNOW) A Judge does in fact take silent judicial notice of this BEFORE any statutory court proceeding. When one corrects the record of the original deed with a deed of their own volition proving where their heart stands, then the known record of their deeds shall be irrevocably changed to reflect that pledge made in a vow of promise to obey the will and way of their Creator and not the will and way of mankind, which is to make constant and perpetual war through commerce.

  9. dianedaughteroffran says:

    Can you reach out to me to discus ? Thanks

  10. kenson says:

    Onlashuk, What happened to your posts detailing how you got tickets dismissed without making an appearance?

    • Onlashuk says:

      As far as I know they are still there. I have not removed any blogs. Although, things have changed for me in my understandings, knowledge and approach to life. So, perhaps it is time to remove some of the posts that are of the old nature, so to speak. But, then again, they do serve as a testimony for the journey that I have been on. I need to ponder this a bit more.

  11. macks Barber says:

    Interesting read. Glad I found this website today. Last week I took an original copy of my FS-240 [Certificate of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States of America] and I endorsed it. I did a “pay to the order of” on the back, dated and signed it. Sent it to the secretary of the treasury.
    Under my signature I put: “grantor, settlor, Indemnitee”

    By doing this, we are establishing a trust as the grantor. We are giving our “everything” to the trust known as “United States” for the benefit of the whole. They are now the trustee…trustee is liable for the debts as the property [trust res] belongs to the Trust.

    So we are giving them “legal/dead” title…rendering back to Ceaser what is Ceaser’s and rendering back to God what is God’s.

    That leaves us with equitable title….title of the living.

    I didn’t do this for my own benefit…I can only benefit if everybody else does. How can anyone be free if they are living in a society of slaves?

    Would like to hear any questions or comments.

  12. THis is a Talkshoe recoring (recent) regarding the Birth Certificate, which goes into more detail. If these links are not active, send me an email grege21@hotmail.com put recordings in the subject line and I will forward those to you….this is a great addition to BC information and it’s connection to a registered state organization and how you can take control.

    EPISODE 246 – Ken W Topic: the Birth Certificate

    He also references listening to lawyers and judges talking about the birth certificate. The links for those two Youtube videos are below.

    Bankruptcy and Revised Article 9 (Part 1)

    Bankruptcy and Revised Article 9 (Part 2)

  13. coubit says:

    OK I can understand you just want to blog about what you know and not get involved. If you would like to be entertained just go here and see if you can figure out what we have done. Thanks any way. http://thestateofflorida.x10.mx/

  14. coubit says:

    Hi there Been following your blog for some time now. Have some things in common to talk about. Would you be willing to email me privately? I have studied the Law of Nations for 3 years now and have made some moves to repoupulate the State of Florida. You seem knowledgeable about the subject matter and I would like to to run some things by you, and tell you what I have done so far. Robert. mrinkspot@windstream.net

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